ATWT Update Wednesday 5/30/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/30/07


Written By Elayna

At Al’s, after the prom, Luke and Maddie are sitting at a table continuing to record the events of the evening on Maddie’s phone for Casey’s benefit. Luke teases her about the fact she has recorded every detail. She just wants Casey to feel as if he went to the prom with them and that he is still a huge part of her life.

At home, Will and Gwen awaken; Gwen teases him about being her hero since he is still lying beside her, but she smells French toast and coffee. A knock interrupts them and they are slammed back to reality that Cleo is staying with them. She walks in with a tray declaring that she made them breakfast in bed to thank them for their hospitality. She is going to get ready to go job-hunting so she can get the money she needs to start fresh somewhere else as she promised. She was wondering if she could ask them for a favor? She wonders if she could leave her suitcase at their house so she doesn’t have to lug it on interviews? Will and Gwen look at one another uncertain.

At the Farm, Paul has come by to talk with Holden about Meg. Holden isn’t too receptive. He doesn’t understand why they are keeping their relationship a secret? Paul reiterates that all he needs to know is that he loves Meg and there is nothing to worry about anymore. Meg makes him happy and the only one for him. Holden recognizes that he seems to want his blessing to marry Meg – again. That blessing isn’t going to be forthcoming. Paul prepares himself because he knows that Holden is going to have all these reasons why they shouldn’t do this, but he has all the reasons why they should. Holden thinks Paul is getting ahead of himself.

Downtown, Lucinda bumps into Susan; she is concerned for Craig after what she heard – is there anything she can tell her? Susan explains that she really can’t. Lucinda reminds her that he took her Company from her and is running it into the ground, but besides that Sierra is still holds a special place in her heart for him; they share a child – her grandchild. She will tell her something, but she is not going to like it. Lucinda cautiously asks if he is dead? No, he survived, Susan answers simply.

At the hospital, Meg brings in Craig’s tray of food. He jokes about if there is anything lethal in his oatmeal? She didn’t come here to joke. Did she come here to give him an answer to his proposal? The answer is no, Meg bluntly tells him. He is disappointed, but he gets that he is still married to Rosanna, which would interfere. Marriage is not a bargaining chip, Meg reminds him. Craig continues; he will have the papers drawn up to terminate his marriage. There is not much left there anyway considering her state. He is going to walk away from the money, Meg asks suspiciously? He is not going to walk away empty handed, but it will get settled. She has no reason left not to marry him once he does that. Meg reminds him there is one major obstacle; she doesn’t love him.

Gwen finally talks; she agrees to let Cleo leave her stuff at their house while she looks for a job. Cleo is very appreciative. She leaves to go get ready. After she does, Will wonders why she said yes? She only wanted a safe place to leave her stuff. She teases him that he started this when he played hero and brought her here. She knows he is a softy for giving people second chances. She is living proof, as she kisses him. She needs to go get ready and go see Lisa about that job.

Susan relays how Craig was in full cardiac arrest. Lucinda listens intently. That is impossible she says, and then jokingly adds that his heart stopped beating years ago. Susan recognizes that she despises him, but it was serious. Lucinda gets that, but she is impressed that Susan is able to treat him after everything that Craig did to Emily. The care she is giving him is strictly because of her profession; she took the Hippocratic oath. Susan tells her that she needs to go, but as she is leaving, Lucinda coyly poses one last question; do they know why he ended up in the hospital? Susan explains that in order to get a definitive answer they have ordered a toxicology report, which will tell them all they need to know.

Paul understands Holden’s reluctance to get onboard; they have been through a lot, but every couple has their ups and downs. He loves her and that is the most important thing. Holden gets that, but all the sneaking around and scheming tells him that this is not good for his sister. Paul understands that and even tells him that he was the one that pleaded with her to pull the plug. Meg did tell him that, but he doesn’t trust him still. The best thing for everyone involved would be for him to walk away. He can’t because Meg gave him another chance and he is taking it; he never wants to lose her again.

Craig admits to Meg that Lily called him the saddest man that she ever knew. Meg sarcastically thinks that is impressive since she was his friend. That is what happens when you put your needs first. Craig continues; he fell in love with her and because of that, he now wants to be a better person; he wants to make her proud. He knows he can make her happy. Meg reminds him to truly be happy, you don’t look to someone else; you have to find it in yourself. That is when you find peace. Craig doesn’t dance around this; he knows she has some feelings for him, and he knows they both want a fresh start, love and a family. Meg doesn’t think he knows the sacrifices it takes to achieve that. His priorities need a major overhaul. He understands that and he can make that happen. Meg explains that he can’t simply talk her into this proposal. Craig’s face hardens; then he wants her to hand him the phone. She knows what that implies; he can get it himself. He intends to, and then he can tell the Police about what Lucinda did. Meg angrily tells him that he can’t bully her into a decision; he is showing that he loves her a real lot. Besides, what makes him think that she will bargain her life for Lucinda’s? Craig smirks; he will sweeten the deal; if she marries him then he will give Lucinda Worldwide back.

At the Lakeview, Gwen meets with Lisa, who is a bit frazzled since she is short staffed. Gwen is here to help because she is ready to work. Lisa is thrilled. Does she know anyone else who can work there because she is short a chambermaid? Gwen apologizes about what happened when they found out Cleo was applying for a job there. Lisa understands and reminds her not to worry because they are like family to her, so it wasn’t a difficult choice. Gwen changes her tune in the next moment; how would she feel about hiring Cleo for that position? Lisa is confused. She thought they said that Cleo posed a threat to her and Will? She thought she did at the time, but since then, they have gotten to know her. Will she give her a chance, Gwen asks? Will arrives to hear the end of this and pipes in that he has a problem with this.

Maddie and Luke are talking about how Luke is handling being friends with Kevin and seeing him at the prom. Luke dances around this, but ultimately thinks they are fine. Kevin and his date, whom is hanging on him, come over and make small talk. Kevin remarks about the sweet ride Luke procured for the prom thanks to Lucinda. After a short awkward moment, Kevin’s date exclaims that she needs to sit down because she is exhausted, thanks in part to Kevin, she says coyly. They go to sit down and Luke and Maddie roll their eyes at the implication. She hopes he is not still into him after that. He is done chasing after things and people he can’t have.

Paul understands Holden wanting to protect Meg; he wants that too. Holden thinks their idea of protection is different. Paul tries another tactic; he protected Ethan, Faith and Parker. Holden realizes that and appreciates that. He can’t forget though what he did to Rose or the look on Meg’s face when she called of her wedding. He should talk with her because it is a brand new deal with them now; they have no more secrets or agendas between them anymore. Their relationship is good and healthy now.

He realizes that she wouldn’t marry him with the thought of him having torn her family apart hanging over them. Why does he put marriage on the table? Why wouldn’t he just give back the Company and that is that? He likes strings; he is a businessman after all. So the choice is she says yes and he gets to make her happy, or she can say no and Lucinda will go to jail. Susan interrupts; she has his results. There seems to be a very high level of a high blood pressure medication, Propanol, in his blood. She wasn’t aware he was on this medication because it wasn’t in his chart. Craig comments that he was fuzzy when asked. Susan explains that the amount in his system was life threatening though. Does he have any idea how that happened? Craig stares at Meg, who looks back at him nervously. Yes. Meg takes a breath, and then she cuts him, he might still be hazy, she offers. Susan awkwardly wonders if this overdoes was…Craig interrupts to explain that it was his fault. He was put on it when he got shot and Lucy left with Johnny. It was an oversight. Susan wonders how his stress level has been since he took over Lucinda’s Company? He snaps that it is his Company now. This reaction proves her point. He needs to reconsider his lifestyle. He thinks they are all being dramatic. After she leaves, Meg wonders why he lied to her? He wanted to give her time; there is a deal on the table. Meg doesn’t think he earns points for offering to give back something he stole to begin with. He excels at business and he is all about deals. Meg snarls; she needs time to think about this. He happily tells her that is fine with him and she knows where to find him. After she essentially stomps out of his room, her cell phone rings; it is Lucinda. She wants an update. Meg snaps that nothing has changed. Lucinda demands that they meet to discuss this; Meg doesn’t want to, but after Lucinda summons her, she hangs up quickly.

Holden poses a question to Paul; what happens when they get married and Craig figures out that she played him? Paul explains that he told Meg to stay away, but there is still some unresolved guilt and other feelings going on; he will protect her though. Holden doesn’t feel any better; he didn’t protect Rosanna or Jen. If he loved her, he would stay away from her until this mess is resolved. Paul thinks that could possibly be a very long time. Then that should tell him something, Holden thinks.

Will restates the obvious; Cleo will always be around. By getting her this job, it is like feeding her fantasy. She realizes he wants Cleo gone, as does she, but this is the best way to do that. Will is worried that Cleo will misunderstand what these favors mean. Lisa comes back after having put out another fire; does he want a job with her? Will explains that he has a job at the bookstore in Old Town. Lisa sighs. What about hiring Cleo then, Lisa wonders? Gwen explains that she is ok with it as long as Will is. Fade to next scene where Will and Gwen are coming home to tell Cleo the news. She greets them holding a Devils Food Cake. She figured she would make this in celebration. Everyone loves chocolate, so she thinks she is safe. Will wonders what they are celebrating? They finished their first year at college. Will and Gwen try to look appreciative. They wanted to tell her that they spoke with Lisa about getting her that job at the Lakeview. Cleo is overjoyed; she can’t thank them enough. When does she start? Tomorrow. Cleo looks down. What is wrong? She realizes this is a lot to ask, but she has another favor to ask. Gwen and Will almost instinctively take a breath in to prepare themselves.

Could she stay one more night? They had a deal – one night. She understands that, but she really has no money and that would mean she would have to sleep on a bench, which is ok, but she really wants to look nice for her first day on the job. They are unsure. When does this end? What about where she will sleep the night after that? She will ask Lisa for an advance and then she will go back to staying at the Wagon Wheel. Will and Gwen very reluctantly agree; she has to remember that this is to make money so she can get on with her life somewhere else. She also should know that they asked Lisa to make sure their schedules don’t overlap because she promised to keep her distance from Gwen. She understands, as she practically skips out of the room. Gwen is a little worried; she is strange and they need to get that ball rolling with getting her out of their lives. She is going to go to the police station and pick up her purse to start with.

Luke seems to be staring at Kevin, as Maddie calls him on it. She thought he was over him? He is, but he just can’t help wish that he could have what Kevin has. He would love to have someone who gets him and who you can be close with. He feels lonely. Maddie hopes that the prom didn’t make it worse for him? He forgot to do this when he first picked her up, as he leans over and kisses her on the cheek. He appreciates that they went together so he didn’t miss out on anything. She is a beautiful girl and she cracked him up all night with her recordings. He teases her how she even followed the two girls around who were wearing the same dress and trying not to be seen near each other. She laughs; she thought Casey would get a kick out of it. She seems lost for a moment. She explains that every so often it hits her that Casey is locked up in prison. He must be so upset, not to mention having to live life being told when, how and where you do everything. Here she is enjoying herself. It feels wrong. Luke reminds her that Casey would want her to be happy and to live life to the fullest. He is proud that she made the most of the prom. She smiles sadly; she misses him so much, as she starts to tear up.

Susan comes back into Craig’s room to tell him that he is being released today. There is a list of restrictions and she wants to talk with his Internist. Why? His blood pressure was fine today and they should confer. Craig quickly changes the subject; has she seen Meg? No. Susan changes the subject back to him; given the amount of medication in his system, she thinks that an accident is unlikely. The rest is inferred. Craig jokes that she sounds concerned almost. Was it a mistake, Susan finally asks? It was absolutely; he had no idea what he was doing. He will be more careful. He smiles, as she wonders what he is thinking? He was thinking that yesterday he almost died and today he feels like he has everything in the world to live for.

Meg walks up to Lucinda, who is impressed with her speed in getting there. She wants to know where they stand with the coffee? She hasn’t done anything because she said she wouldn’t as long as she plays nice with Craig. Meg tells her that Craig knows. She told him? No, it wasn’t hard for him to figure it out since she was the last person he was with. He told her that he wouldn’t go to the police as long as she did what he wants. What does he want, Lucinda asks? He wants her to marry him, she answers bluntly. Lucinda is stunned; why would he do that? Why would he ever imagine Meg would take him up on that? Why would he put himself out there by making himself vulnerable? He must have offered something in return? He did, but she isn’t going to do it. Lucinda presses; what did he offer her though? Meg pauses for a moment and then tells her that he offered to give back Worldwide. Lucinda looks stunned again.

Luke and Maddie are exhausted and decide it is time to get going home. Luke goes to ask the driver to bring the limo. After he leaves, Maddie looks at her phone, picks it up and starts to record herself as she leaves a message for Casey. She doesn’t know if he will ever get this, but she wants him to know that being with him makes her life complete and perfect. She thinks of him all the time and is counting down the days until they are together again. She blows him a kiss and signs off. She sadly closes the phone and seems lost in her thoughts.

Cleo is doing the laundry, as she happily walks into Will and Gwen’s room, she is surprised by Will still there, getting dressed. She freaks a bit and drops the basket. She profusely apologizes; she did not know he was still here. It won’t happen again. Will isn’t thrilled with her over the top apology; she can just knock next time. He asks her to throw his shirt in the laundry if she is doing it anyway. She agrees and leaves the room, but soon she is leaning up against the wall trying to catch her breath. She has a dream of the same scenario, but this time, Will is happy she is there and comments about how wonderful of a job she does with his laundry right before he takes her into his arms and kisses her passionately. She has to shake herself back to reality.

Lucinda wonders if Meg is considering his proposal and that is why she came here and told her? She is most certainly not. She was summoned there. Lucinda tries another tactic; she thought she was going to see this through? She didn’t intend on putting herself on the line this way. She also most certainly did not agree to be a party to murder. Lucinda explains that her intention was to simply incapacitate him. Either way, this proposal (pardon the pun) brings them new hope. She does not want to get in any deeper. Lucinda is sure Meg has him where she wants. She corrects her; Lucinda has him where she wants. She is in love with Paul; she can’t marry Craig. Lucinda thinks it would only be temporary. She now has the power.

At his Lakeview room, Paul comes through the door with a skip in his step. He nervously takes a ring box out of the desk and opens it; he takes out the intertwined wedding rings. He is suddenly racked with a vision though. He sees a couple, from the torso down, who are getting married. The groom puts the ring on the bride’s finger and suddenly a woman’s shrieks the word, no, in a blood curdling way. Paul jumps up in response.

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