ATWT Update Tuesday 5/29/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/29/07


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(Lakeview)  Brad toasts Henry and Viennaís reconciliation and wonders if the two have set a wedding date.  Henry tells Brad that they are not getting married and have agreed to be happily in lust with each other.  Brad asks Henry to call Katie so she can join the celebration and he (Brad) can console Katie because Carly is back in town and she and Jack will no doubt have their own reconciliation soon.  Vienna tells Brad she had a talk with Katie and told her to fight for Jack and Vienna thinks that Katie will win the battle because she loves Jack very much.  Vienna gives Henry a kiss and explains to Brad that when you find the right person you fight for them and win. 

(Police Station)  Margo refuses to tell Carly who Jack is dating but does tell her to leave Jack alone because he deserves to be happy after everything she has done to him.  Margo blasts Carly for leaving her children to run off with a man and berates her for giving her children such a ďfineĒ example to follow.  Margo also tells Carly the person whom Jack is dating could be a much better mother to her children then she could ever hope to be. 

(Katieís house)  Jack and Katie begin to make love but Jackís phone rings he and Kate ignore it.  The phone stops ringing but then Katie stops things and tells Jack this is a mistake.  Katie explains to Jack that this time she wants to be careful because she has made too many mistakes with men in the past.  She says that she is too impulsive and doesnít look before she leaps into a relationship.  Katie admits to Jack that when she looks at him she thinks of him as Carlyís husband.  She goes on to say that she is very scared that now that Carly has returned home, he will want to reconcile with her.  Jack makes it clear that he isnít Carlyís husband anymore and if Carly had stayed in Oakdale he would have taken her back but she left and he had time to adjust to the fact she wasnít going to be a part of his life anymore.  Jack tells Katie that he wants the normal relationship he has with her and would never go back to all of Carlyís drama.  Jack tells Katie he is happy with her and while he canít give her a guarantee of anything, he wants to see where this relationship can go.  Jack promises Katie that he wonít go back to Carly no matter what Carly does to try and get him back in her life.  Katie doesnít want to be a way for Jack to get past his feelings for Carly because she tried that with Mike and it didnít work.  Jack insists that Katie isnít a substitute for Carly and he isnít with her by default. 

(Police Station)  Tom informs Carly that all the charges have been dropped against her.  He reminds her that she is still on probation from her previous charge and warns her not to step out of line again because she wonít get any more second chances.  Carly wants to go thank Jack in person for his help but before she leaves, she reminds Margo that her son is in jail for grand larceny so she must have been a wonderful example to him as well.  Margo admits to Tom that she is angry that Carly is free after committing a worse offense then Casey and he is in jai.  She laments that life just isnít fair. 

(Farm)  Carly arrives looking for Jack and Parker tells him Jack isnít home.  He walks to the phone to call the police.  Carly explains to her son that the charges have been dropped against her and she is home for good.  An angry Parker reminds Carly that doesnít mean that things will automatically return to the way they were and they can be a happy family again.  Parker also tells his mom that he doesnít need a mother anymore because he has his aunt Emma who loves and worries about him.  Carly tells Parker that she came home because she loved and missed her children and couldnít live without them.  Parker tells his mom he doesnít love her anymore and he wishes she would just leave his family alone.  Carly tells Parker that she is sure he will remember how to love her again.  Carly leaves and Emma arrives looking for Parker who tells her all the charges have been dropped against Carly and she wonít have to go to jail.  J.J. and Sage walk in and Emma tells them that Carly wonít have to go to jail.  J.J. and Sage smile because now they can be a happy family again. 

(Katieís place)  Katie tells Jack not to leave because she is crazy about him and doesnít want to let him go.  The two share a kiss and begin to make love on the floor.  Brad leaves a message on Kateís answering machine telling her to come to the Lakeview.  She wants him to cheer her up because he knows she is sad right now.  Carly calls Jackís cell phone and leaves a message thanking him for all of his help. 

(Lakeview)  Brad runs into Carly and asks her how she could be so happy about Jack dating someone else.  Carly pretends to know the name of Jackís new girlfriend to try to get some clues from Brad.  Carly tells Brad she just wants Jack to be happy.  Brad wonders how Carly could be happy about Jack dating the woman who ruined her life.  Bradís clue helps Carly figure out that Jack is dating Katie but she laughs because that is ridiculous.  Brad tells Carly that if she doesnít believe him, she can go as Katie.  Vienna and Henry talk after making love and Vienna tells Henry that she turned down an offer to visit her friend because she doesnít want to leave him.  Vienna tells Henry that she loves him and he says the same to her.  She tells him she doesnít want him to feel any pressure to say the words.  Henry insists he doesnít feel pressure and gets out of bed to give Vienna a surprise.  Henry returns with a little cactus bouquet and a pink candle to symbolize friendship and passion.  Henry and Vienna both promise to love each other and be loyal for as long as they choose to live together.  Henry gives Vienna a button that was on the suit he was wearing the first time they made love in the limo. 

(Katieís place)  Katie comes downstairs in a T-shirt to open the door to the pizza delivery person but finds Carly at the door.  Carly wonders if Katie knows where Jack might be.  Katie wonders why Carly thinks she would have that information.  Carly explains that someone told her the ridiculous story that she and Jack are dating.  Katie tells Carly that the ridiculous story is true and Jack comes downstairs while still putting on his shirt.  Carly is stunned and thanks Jack for his help because the charges have been dropped against her.  Jack tells Carly he will set up a time for her to see the kids tomorrow.  Carly says good-bye and cries as she closes the door.  Katie is surprised by her reaction but Jack tells Katie that Carly was stunned by the news.  Katie is positive that Carly wants him back but Jack points out that he is taken.  Jack gives Katie a kiss and holds her but as he holds Katie he looks toward the window where Carly is watching him.  He stares at her until she is gone. 

(Police Station)  Tom tells Margo Jack refused to testify against Carly and Margo tells Tom she always suspected Jack let Carly go so his children wouldnít have to visit their mom in jail.  Tom wonders if Margo is going to turn Jack in for letting Carly go and Margo tells him that Katie is dating Jack now and his children have been through enough pain so she isnít going to turn Jack in for his actions. 

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