ATWT Update Monday 5/28/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/28/07


Written By Elayna

At the hospital, Meg is sitting by Craig’s bed holding his hand; he has fallen asleep so Meg tries to quietly get up and leave. Craig slightly rouses and mumbles for her not to go.

At home, Will is working at his computer, as Cleo is sneaking up behind him with a mug of hot chocolate so as not to disturb him. As she approaches him though, Will realizes someone is near him and he jumps in surprise, causing Cleo to wind up with the hot drink all down her front.

At the station, the officer brings Gwen in to see Carly. She hugs her tightly. She is sorry that Simon couldn’t fix this for her. He did all he could; the necklace is back where it belongs and those charges have been dropped. Gwen looks hopeful, but Carly goes onto explain that there are additional charges she forgot. Gwen wonders if her jail time is more like six months now? Carly’s face changes; she is facing 25 years, as Gwen swallows hard. There is a charge of assaulting a police officer – Jack. Simon did that though, Gwen reminds. It is complicated, but Jack said he was going to try to help. If he doesn’t, she will wind up in jail for a long time.

At Al’s, Katie is sitting with Jack. She is glad they came here to talk rather then the station. Jack starts to explain that he needs to do whatever he can to get Carly home to her kids. Katie pleadingly asks him not to get involved this time. She knows it is partly for her, but mostly it is for him.

Craig repeats to Meg that Susan said she saved his life. A humble Meg corrects him; it was the doctors and nurses. What happened? His heart stopped. He doesn’t remember. She stopped by Worldwide and he was unconscious on the floor; she did CPR and then called 911. Why did she help? He wasn’t breathing. He doesn’t get why she bothered because he thinks she would have been happy finally to be rid of him. That is why they are so different, Meg snaps. She is not like that. That is why they aren’t friends. She heads for the door. Craig stops her; why was she at his office if they are not friends?

Will is helping Cleo clean up a bit. She can make him another cup, but Will doesn’t want one. She is sorry she messed up. She will leave. She can’t do that because her clothes are in the washer and her ID and purse is at the station, Will reminds her shortly. He will make up the couch and she can go put something on of Gwen’s. Cleo is adamant that she can’t put anything of Gwen’s back on considering what happened before.

Carly explains that Jack is setting it up that she was coerced to do the things she did, even though that wasn’t the case. She hates to do that, but that is the only way she will get to be with her kids again. By the look on her face, Gwen wonders if she is worried that Jack won’t do this because of what she did to him? No, she knows that Jack is not about revenge. She is scared that he no longer thinks that she should be with their kids. She is so worried because she isn’t sure she can live without them. The officer comes in and tells Gwen that her time is up. Gwen will keep her fingers crossed; they hug and then Gwen leaves. After she does, Carly asks the officer where Jack is? He doesn’t know. Carly mumbles that he must be with the DA. The officer knows that much he isn’t because she is with the mayor. Carly’s face becomes concerned; where is he?

Jack assures Katie that this is not about getting Carly back. What happens when Simon comes back to town because he will, she asks? She wouldn’t hurt her kids like that a second time, as Katie smirks; Simon has a way. Katie tries another tactic; she doesn’t want him to have to lie under oath. She wishes she had just stayed away. Jack reminds her that his kids need her. She knows that but… as her voice trails off. She is worried because she thinks he is going to get hurt again. Jack doesn’t have a lot of time to get into this with her right now because if he doesn’t get to Tom before an indictment is handed down then they are sunk. Katie sighs heavily and tells Jack that she can’t do this, as she rushes away from the table. Jack calls after her, but she doesn’t stop. Outside, Katie watches through the window as Jack takes out his cell phone quickly and calls Tom.

Will is making up the couch when Cleo comes out in a robe of Gwen’s. He snaps asking her what she is wearing? She should put some clothes on! She is only wearing this she claims because there was nothing else. She doesn’t want him to be mad. Will tells her that he needs to finish his paper, as he goes into the bedroom and closes the French doors behind him. Cleo curls up on the couch; the door opens and Gwen comes home, and looks none to happy to see Cleo on the couch wearing what she is wearing.

A nurse is tending to Craig while Meg and waits. She tells him that the doctor will be in once the toxicology report comes back. Once she leaves, he asks again, what she was doing in his office? Meg indignantly tells him that he should be thanking her instead of giving her the third degree. He thanks her; he does care about her. Meg tells him that she cares about him as well, even though he makes it hard. She wants him to get some rest, as she heads for the door. He will do that as soon as she tells him what she was doing in his office... she did this! What, a shocked Meg responds? He knows her better then that. He also knows that she is hiding something. She doesn’t want to fight with him about this. Why are they running a toxicology screening? Meg feigns ignorance, but Craig calls her on this. They are probably checking for allergies. Craig doesn’t buy that because he is not allergic to anything. She knows how this happened but she won’t tell? It was Paul? No! Craig thinks for a moment; it was Lucinda. Meg says nothing.

Katie comes home and walks by her dress that she was going to wear on her first date with Jack; she sadly touches it. There is a knock, as Katie looks hopeful for a split second before she sees that it is Margo. She got a call from Tom. Katie exclaims that is that. Margo doesn’t think that is necessarily how it goes. Tom told her that Jack sounded conflicted, but he is doing this for their kids. It doesn’t mean they are going to get involved again. Katie isn’t so sure with three kids and the history they have. Will Carly walk? Margo nods after a moment. Katie thinks it is better that it happened now then later. She was right; she should have never gone at this so quickly. She lost him before he was even hers.

Outside at the station, Tom wonders if Jack really wants to intercede on Carly’s behalf? Yes. It is for his kids. He realizes this may hurt his credibility at the station. Tom meant after everything she has done to him. Yes. Tom agrees to make the call then. They walk into see Carly, who immediately thanks Jack and Tom, if he is willing to help? Tom asks her shortly if she is going to sign a statement saying Simon coerced her? She is going to do that. Jack has explained that he won’t be testifying. Without his testimony, the state will be reluctant to move forward and with the city already embarrassed by this and wanting it to go away, they have good odds. He still needs present this case to the DA though. Tom explains that he wouldn’t be doing this if Jack hadn’t asked him. Carly understands. If Jack hadn’t stepped in, she would be going to jail. After Tom leaves to go make his call, Carly thanks Jack again. He didn’t do this for her, he answers quickly. Carly smiles because she can’t wait to see the kids. Jack worries that she thinks everything is going to go back to as it was. She didn’t steal the necklace and she knows the real crime was leaving her kids. She hopes they give her a second chance as he did. They can raise them together. Jack explains that things have changed on that front. She understands, but he goes on to explain what he means; he is seeing someone.

Gwen listens to Will and Cleo explain why Cleo is wearing her robe. Cleo asks if she can spend the night since Will already made up the bed for her? Gwen agrees. She needs to talk with Will though because she has seen Carly. Cleo pipes in wondering how she is and if she asked about her? Gwen looks at her funny. She is fine, but she is going to talk with Will alone in the bedroom. Cleo gets the hint; she is going to take a nap. Once alone, Gwen explains about what happened at the station. She is back for the kids, and for Jack she thinks, but she is facing charges that could put her in jail for 25 years if Jack doesn’t help her. Will wonders if he will help? Gwen is not sure.

Carly stutters the question; he is seeing someone? She then adds that she is not surprised because he is wonderful. Jack wants her to save the compliments. What is her name? It isn’t any of her business. Is he happy? She gave up the right to ask about that a long time ago. What is he mad about? Is he mad that Simon made her happy or is it that she is back? When she left, he picked up the pieces. Here we go again, Carly says, annoyed. He started wondering why he helped her? He needed closure and he thought he was no longer going to see her. She was never a straight arrow, but for her to be a felon… he had lost respect for her, and it was easier to let her go and for her not to be around the kids. Carly admits that she had lost respect for herself and that is why she came back. He may not care about her anymore, but she still cares about him and she wants to regain his respect. Jack sadly answers that she can’t have it. Tom interrupts; be spoke briefly with the DA and they seem to be interested, but they need to sit down and go over the charges one by one. Jack tells them that he is going to leave now, as he rushes out. Carly rushes after him telling him thank you. Jack leaves without a word.

Margo wonders if Katie needs her to stay? She is ok; she will find someone eventually and she will be able to finally start a family, but she will always wonder in the back of her mind, if Jack was the one? She knows it is better now then later after they had sex, moved in or gotten married.

Craig is upset and angrily talking about Lucinda poisoning him. Meg wants him to calm down. He is going to call the police, he yells! She wants him to relax so he can recover fully. Is she her partner in crime? Meg glares. Why was she at the office then, Craig snarls? An emotional Meg growls back that she was afraid for him. Why? She had seen Lucinda and she was acting strangely. She was overly confident that she would be getting back Worldwide. She went to check on him just to see if he was ok and that is when she found him. Why was she there because she felt guilty and responsible, Craig grumbles? She was there because she is tired of the fighting. He wants to go to the police. Meg wants him to stop because he was the one that started this. He doesn’t care; he has proof – his coffee. Meg shakes her head. She took it. Whose side is she on? Why is it always about sides? She is on her own side. This is escalating and getting everyone involved nowhere. It needs to stop! Brave words, Craig hisses. Lucinda tried to commit murder. She won’t do it again because she spoke with her and told her that she would turn the coffee in if she did. He sarcastically thanks Meg for containing Lucinda so he can finish her off. Why? He wants what she wants; he wants her dead. She stole his son. Is this how this is going to keep going – this back and forth? She does something and then he does something. She could die from draining herself from the fact she had cancer and chemotherapy without his help. Craig doesn’t have sympathy. When and where will this end? Next, is he going to go after Holden and Lily? Then Faith and Luke will go after Lucy and Johnny? He says that he wants his children back, which makes her think there is tenderness in him still somewhere, but if he keeps fighting Lucinda that will die. She wants the war to end. Craig has softened after listening to her appeal. He wants that too, he realizes, as he touches her face.

Gwen and Will are folding laundry, as they talk about Carly’s predicament. They wonder about if she is hoping she can get Jack back? Will mentions that he has seen him around town with Katie. Gwen acknowledges that, but admits that she didn’t mention to Carly. She doesn’t get how people could love each other that much, have kids and then fall apart. Will reassures her that isn’t going to happen to them, as he hugs her tightly. Gwen notices the towels that Cleo folded nearly; the Lakeview could have used her. She teases Will thinking that he is getting to her; he feels sorry for her. He saved her from the mugger and now he feels responsible. No, he doesn’t; she is leaving tomorrow. Gwen tells him that he did a good thing, as she kisses them and they fall onto the bed.

Tom is telling Carly that he is going to see the DA, but she needs to write a thorough, credible statement showing the threat was imminent. She will do that. She knows he was doing this for Jack, but she wanted to thank him anyway. He was not kidding her when he told her that without Jack’s help, she would have gone to jail. He is forgiving, Carly comments. Tom wonders if this time he was too forgiving? Carly nods. Does he have any idea where Jack was going by chance?

At the cottage, Jack knocks at Katie’s door. She answers it and it is obvious that she has been crying. Jack immediately apologizes for that. She tells him not to worry. She understands why he did what he did. She may not agree, but she respects it. She needs to go, but Jack stops her. He did it for his kids. She hopes things work out for them all. He refused to testify. Katie is happy that means that he didn’t have to lie. Carly and he are through though. He didn’t do it for her. Carly may or may not be in love with Simon, but he is not in love with her anymore. Unless he has scared her off, he would like to see where this goes. He realizes Carly coming back is going to cause a headache and it will be hard on the kids, but he still wants to go to Chicago with her and attempt to make her happy. Katie smiles.

Will and Gwen are in bed about to make love, but she pulls back. Will assures her that Cleo won’t hear them; she is asleep and frankly one of the only times that she is harmless, he adds with a smirk. Gwen gives in and they start to kiss. Meanwhile unknown to them, Cleo is just outside their bedroom doors.

Craig assures Meg that he won’t go after Lucinda; it will stop right here. Does he mean that, Meg happily asks? Yes, but she needs to do one thing for him. Meg listens; he wants her to marry him. Meg looks stunned.

Tom surmises that Jack might be with the kids giving them the good news? Carly doesn’t think he would do that until it was definite. He needs to take a call from the DA. Carly sits down to wait at Jack’s desk. She picks up his nameplate and touches it. Margo comes in and is unhappy to see Carly up there. Carly explains that she is waiting for Tom, who is taking a call. Margo is about to go on her way, but Carly stops her. She knows that she is unhappy with her. Margo smirks; that is an understatement. What she did to Jack and the kids was dead wrong. She is sorry about that, as Margo sarcastically tells her that she can see that. Carly breezes over that and tells Margo that Jack informed her that he was seeing someone. Margo is pleased to hear this. She needs to go though, but Carly stops her. Does she know her?

Jack is looking at Katie with pleading eyes; what does she want? He hopes it is he because he wants her. Katie tells him that, of course, she wants him so much. Jack pulls her into a passionate kiss, as they fall backwards into the house starting to take off each other’s clothes, as they fall to her couch.

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