ATWT Update Friday 5/25/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/25/07


Written By Dani

At the Lakeview, Lucinda is drinking champagne enjoying herself. Dusty walks over; it is nice to see her smile. She has a new outlook; she thinks they will be working together again soon. Is this wishful thinking? No, a little planning can go a long way, Lucinda offers mysteriously.

At Worldwide, Meg is trying to revive Craig, who is unconscious on the floor in his office. She yells for the secretary to call 911. He is unresponsive and his breathing is shallow. She starts to administer CPR, which doesn’t seem to help so she pulls out an EpiPen out of her purse and injects it into him.

At the Lakeview, Emily and Allison prepare to meet Susan and Dusty for dinner. Emily is worried how she looks. Why is this a big deal and why are they all dressed up? Susan saw her and Dusty kissing outside her room at the Lakeview and thinks they are a couple, so they let her think that.

At the cottage, Vienna rushes in and ecstatically tells Katie that she and Henry are back together. Katie is very happy for her. Is the wedding back on? Not at this point, but she is thrilled with this for the time being. She apologizes for her life being so wonderful when hers is not. She wants to help her though. She has heard about Carly and Simon being back. Katie corrects her; Carly is back alone. Vienna gasps; that is even worse. Katie nods. Vienna urges her not to let Carly steal her man.

At the station, Carly is talking with her court appointed lawyer. He talks about the charges against her; there is aiding and abetting, flight with a fugitive and assault on a police officer. He understands that officer is her ex husband? Carly is preoccupied and hardly hears him asking questions. She needs to check on her kids. They need to prepare for court because their time is limited and the charges are serious; if she is concerned about her kids, then she better help him prepare.

At the farm, Jack and the kids walk in. Why did they need to go for a long drive like that? They needed to talk about things. Parker angrily states that there is nothing to talk about; his mom is back and going to jail where she belongs. Sage cries out and runs out of the room. Was that necessary, Jack bites? Parker feels it is, but he is going to go out to the barn. As he is heading out, he bumps into Brad. What is going on, he asks noticing his huffiness? His mom is back and his dad is going to lock her up, as she rushes by. Brad looks surprised and then watches from the porch while Jack talks with JJ. Jack tells JJ that he wishes he could make things better. He can if he gets their mom out of jail and brings her home.

Carly tries to explain to her lawyer that her kids have been put through hell; they just found out she is back in town after a long absence. She needs to talk to them personally before she can focus. He is adamant that this is serious. How serious, Carly wonders? If she is convicted on all charges, she faces 25 years to life. Carly’s face drops.

JJ admits that he misses his mother and it won’t be all right until she is home. Can’t he talk to the judge? Jack looks at his son’s pleading eyes and tells him that he needs to step out and he needs to look after Sage. JJ leaves and Jack heads for the door; Brad steps into his path, as Brad tells him that he hopes that he is not heading to the station because JJ is too young to understand how this works. He can’t get her out. She is bad news; she stole jewels and then abandoned her kids. Jack just stares at him. Why does he keep going back to her? Jack answers him that when he wants his advice on this he will ask, but he shouldn’t hold his breath.

Vienna is adamant that Katie fights for her man. Carly isn’t going to try to seduce Jack while in custody. Vienna disagrees; you have a small room, a hot man and a cagey woman and that adds up. She needs to go see Jack. Katie thinks that she should hang back and let Jack call her. Doesn’t she want Jack? Yes. Then she should go fight for what she wants. Katie realizes there might be something to what Vienna is thinking, as Vienna shoves Katie out of her own home.

Emily explains to Allison that she was inside the hotel room sick from the withdrawals and Susan saw them outside the hotel room, so Dusty planted a kiss on her to throw her off. What are they going to do? Emily explains that Dusty is going to break up with her a dinner. This bothers Allison; why does Dusty get to break up with her? Emily doesn’t think it matters, but Allison feels it does. She is smart, funny and pretty and he breaking up with her is unlikely. Emily laughs; many men have broken up with her. Besides, this break up is fake. Allison promises that after everything she has done for her, she will be an amazing person one day to prove her that she was worth it. Emily assures her that she doesn’t have to do anything to prove it.

Emily and Allison walk into the Lakeview lounge and see Dusty and Lucinda toasting their soon-to-be new work relationship. He tells her that he is having dinner with them and Susan. Lucinda teases him by saying it is like he is meeting the family. Dusty grins; he is not anyone’s boyfriend. Lucinda thinks that Dusty needs to find someone to settle down with; she knows Jen would want that for him. Dusty smirks and excuses himself. He heads over to their table; he asks if Allison is ok? She is achy and tired. When will it get better? Dusty thinks it will be soon. Allison excuses herself to go to the bathroom to splash some water on her face. As she is getting up, she almost faints. Allison teases Dusty when he goes to hold her up; she is ok, but if he wants, he can marry her sister and they can all be one big family. Dusty grins. After she leaves, Emily asks him if he wants to break up before or after dessert? Dusty answers that they should definitely do it before.

Lucinda asks the waiter to wrap up a bottle of the champagne she is drinking so she can take it with her to celebrate in her limo. As she is waiting, she mumbles to herself the word soon.

Meg is performing CPR on Craig. Why isn’t this working, she wonders? Suddenly, Craig starts to come to; he mumbles Meg’s name. The EMTs arrive and Meg fills them in. They are going to get him to the hospital to figure out what happened to him. Meg hangs back after they leave and sees Craig’s coffee cup nearby. She picks it up, takes a sniff at the contents and scowls.

Allison comes back to the table; she is actually going to leave because she is not feeling better. She is going to head over to a meeting and then home to bed. Emily offers to go with her, but Allison jokes about staying for the break up dinner. She is about to head out when Susan arrives. She explains she is not feeling well. Susan is worried, but she is assures her mom that it is just a bug. After Allison leaves, Susan thinks it is better that she isn’t there because she is not a romantic like she is and she wants to know the whole story of how they fell in love. Emily and Dusty stare at one another.

Allison is heading out of the Lakeview when Lance grabs her from behind. She is taken aback. What is he doing here? She can’t hang out because she has plans. Lance pretends that is fine; he will have to just hang out and party with her sister and mother. This stops Allison in her tracks.

Meg comes and finds Lucinda at the Lakeview as she is heading out. She is going shopping and asks Meg to join her. She wants to talk about coffee, as she holds up a plastic bag with a cup and a vial of coffee. It has been mixed with something, but she would know about that, wouldn’t she?

Katie arrives at the Farm and sees Brad. Is Jack around? No, Brad says coyly. He is at the station. Did he pick up another shift, Katie asks hopefully? He is there because of Carly, Brad answers. Katie looks crestfallen. Brad simply says that she should probably kiss what she has with Jack goodbye. Why, did he say something? The fact that he is with Carly right now should say it all.

Jack arrives at the station and asks Carly’s lawyer to talk with her. The lawyer hesitates, but finally gives in. How are the kids, she asks? He answers that every morning since she has left he figured this would be the morning that he would be enough for the kids. He is a wonderful father, Carly assures him. He used to think that, but now he sees all he doesn’t know and what he isn’t in tune with when it comes to their kids – like she was. They miss her, he admits. That is a nice thing for him to say. Carly admits that she knew they needed her, but she still left because the thought of jail terrified her. She tells Jack that she always knew that he was more then enough for their kids though. Does the lawyer want her to cop a plea? She has no leverage she answers with a smirk. If she ends up behind bars for 25 years, does he think Parker will have forgiven her by then? They both giggle sadly. She had to come back because even if she were in jail, at least her kids would know where to find her. He thinks that he can help her after all. Carly’s eyebrows rise. He can start by getting her Tom as a lawyer. He can pull strings for them. They have evidence and him as a witness, Carly reminds him. He reminds her that he is the only witness. He would do that for her, Carly asks in disbelief? He is not doing it for her. Carly looks sad; she realizes this. He needs her to do something first though; she needs to make an official statement that Simon coerced her into skipping out.

Brad tells Katie that she may think she knows Jack, but she doesn’t. Carly left him, but she sill gets to him. He is going to make sure things are over with her and Simon, then he will get her off and make sure she owes him. He hasn’t told Carly about her. He is going to sit back and let Carly fight for him. He really thinks she should run, but Katie thinks he is simply trying to mess with her head again. It didn’t work when he tried to keep them apart before and it isn’t going to work now. He can take his advice and go to hell, as she stomps out.

Susan is pressing; when did they realize how they felt for one another? Dusty asks her if she wants the truth? Susan interrupts; she knows that he always had his eye on her. Dusty explains that they only spent one night together, and that will be it. Susan wonders if they are going to hold off to they get married. They both chuckle. It was just one night that they shared, and that will be it, Emily reiterates. Susan looks confused. She thinks that Emily can lie to Dusty, but she shouldn’t lie to herself. Dusty explains that he is not on the market for a relationship. Emily explains that they are friends that let an attraction between them get carried away. They work together and it isn’t a good idea, Dusty adds. Susan wonders if he used her? Emily tells her that they don’t want to complicate things; also, Dusty is still grieving Jennifer. Susan sighs; she is disappointed in them both, as she leaves. After she leaves, Dusty assures her that they did the right thing by not letting Susan get invested in something that is never going to happen. He had Emily all the way until that last statement. She puts down her wine glass; what does he mean by they could never happen?

Upstairs at a room at the Lakeview, Allison is trying to convince Lance to leave, but he is only interested in her. He tries to hold her around the waist, but she snaps for him to get away. She is not going back to Vegas with him. That is not the whole reason why he came for her. He misses her. Does she remember their weekend in Vail? Allison smiles; she does. Why would she want to stay in small town USA when she is a star? She doesn’t want to be that person anymore! That is a pity, as he kisses her neck. Allison gives in and kisses him back after a moment.

Lucinda feigns ignorance; what is she holding? It is poison and she knows all about it. If she hadn’t shown up when she did, she would be facing murder charges. Craig survived someone trying to kill him, Lucinda asks? He is too ornery to die. He stopped breathing and needed to be rushed to the hospital. Why did she do this? She didn’t do anything. Meg understands how devastated she is and many times, she has wanted to kill Craig, but it isn’t the answer. Lucinda snaps that she doesn’t know how she feels. For arguments sake, if she had done what she said, she would not be trying to kill him but rather scare or incapacitate him. Meg is worried; she doesn’t even seem sorry. She isn’t, and she is glad someone finally gave Craig what he had coming. Meg assures her that she is going to make sure it never happens again. Lucinda wonders if that is a threat? Yes, it is. Lucinda scowls; she better not align herself with her enemies. She is very fond of her, but if she chooses to side with Craig… Meg picks up her cell; whom is she calling? Paul? Jack. He will be interested in Lucinda’s choice of coffee. Lucinda doesn’t say much other then she shouldn’t do that. She isn’t bluffing. Killing Craig is not going to get her what she wants; this is not worth her freedom! That is worth more then her Company. Lucinda gives in; she will back off, but she will take the coffee and toss it. Meg isn’t biting; she is going to keep it. She wants her to promise to leave Craig alone. Lucinda growls; is she keeping it for Craig? No, she is keeping it for her.

Carly sadly tells Jack that Simon didn’t coerce her. Does she want her kids back? Simon loves her and he was the reason she was able to come back, she explains to a frustrated Jack. She is forgetting that Simon was the reason she was forced to leave town to begin with; he stole the necklace. The justice system only works when someone takes the blame. The kids have paid enough, as Carly grimly answers that she needs to think about it. She can stop her kid’s pain, Jack reminds her. She worries that if Simon gets caught and she has signed something that said he coerced her, and then he will get in trouble for kidnapping? She couldn’t stand that he would go to jail for something he didn’t do. Jack glares at her and then throws his hands up. He almost made a huge mistake and he thanks her for stopping him and bringing him back to reality. She is right; the kids will know where to find he – in jail, as he stomps for the door. Carly frantically calls out for him to please stop!

Allison wants Lance to stop, as she pushes him off of her. She needs to stay focused. Lance apologizes and then gives her a shoulder massage. She is stressed, but he knows just what she needs, as he takes out a vial of Meth. Allison eyes it longingly.

Emily asks why Dusty is so clear that nothing will ever happen between them? Dusty wonders why she is surprised; that was the plan. She gets that he broke up with her for Susan’s benefit, but when they were alone, he dumped her for real. He doesn’t get it. It just didn’t feel good how definite he sounded on how he would never want her. They work together; that would complicate things. Is that the only reason? He just doesn’t feel that way. She gets that is how he feels now, but how would he be able to predict the future with such assurance? Can’t she drop this? She just wants the truth. Dusty doesn’t answer, so she continues. He was married to Jen, who was a Saint, so she gets how he could never go from that to her the ex hooker. Why are they talking about this? She just wants to know how he feels. He doesn’t think about her and him in a relationship even though she is beautiful. Emily wonders when friends sometimes have a moment where they reach for the other, if he could reach for her because she could see herself reaching for him. Dusty reiterates that he is not in the market for a relationship. Emily stares for a moment and then finishes what she thinks his thought would be; he just isn’t in the market for a relationship with an ex hooker. She is suddenly not hungry, as she gets up and walks away. Dusty calls after her, but she keeps going. As he sits back down, he chides himself for how he handled her.

Allison tells Lance that she can’t. She doesn’t want this? She wants it so bad she can taste it. She needs to do this for her family. She doesn’t even like her family; he hid her from her sister in Vegas. That was then and this is now; she has done a lot for her. She owes her. Allison heads for the door as Lance holds up one of her movies. He would hate to have to show this to her mom. He would do that? He would break her mother’s heart? Lance doesn’t answer. Allison growls that he is really the sleezeball everyone said he is. Stay away, she orders!

At the hospital, Meg stops by to see Craig. Susan tells her that he didn’t have a heart attack. They are waiting on the toxicology report. Craig stirs. He asks Susan what happened? She tells him that Meg saved his life. Meg walks over closer to his bedside and Craig warmly takes her hand.

Jack and Carly are sitting ready to sign papers. She knows Simon would understand that she has to do everything for her kids. Jack is sure that Simon knows this may be coming and would be long gone. She just wants the kids to be ok. Jack thinks this is a step in the right direction. Katie comes into the station and sees Jack and Carly sitting very closely in the Interrogation room, as it looks like her heart sinks. Jack tells Carly he will call Tom. Carly thanks him deeply. He reminds her that he has made some mistakes himself. He is glad she is home. He heads out and then turns around to look back at Carly through the window. Katie walks over interrupting this. She tells him quietly whatever Carly is asking him to do, can he please not do it!

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