ATWT Update Thursday 5/24/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/24/07


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(Lakeview)  Henry meets with Vienna to sign the papers for her to get her money back from him.  Henry wants Vienna to be happy and have the life she deserves with a man who truly deserves her love.  Vienna tells Henry that she will never truly be happy because she canít have him.  Vienna gets flowers from her friend Sebastian who has invited her to the Riviera.  Henry is surprised that Vienna looks so sad and really doesnít care that she is a rich woman again.

(Gwen and Willís place)  Gwen admits to Will that she is worried about Cleo and now understands that Cleo just pretended to be her because she was lonely and wanted to feel like she had family and friends.  Will is surprised that Gwen went from being mad at Cleo to feeling compassion for her so quickly.  Will tells Gwen that he loves her because she is so kind to other people, even those who hurt her.

(Old Town)  Cleo tries to sell the things that Jade bought her so she can get enough money for a bus ticket to go back home.  A woman arrives and warns Cleo to pack up the things she is trying to sell or she will call the police.  Cleo does as she is told and sits on a bench wondering how she will get money for the bus. 

(Farm)  Meg admits to Holden that she and Paul staged their break-up as part of a plan to get revenge on Craig for stealing Lucindaís company.  Holden is angry with Meg because he doesnít want Craig or Paul hurting another person that he loves.  Meg also tells Holden that Paul is probably going to ask her to marry him and she is going to accept his proposal.  Holden worries about Craigís reaction once Meg and Paul go public with their relationship.  Meg tells Holden that she gave up her plan against Craig.  She is worried about what Lucinda might do to Craig because she wants revenge against him. 

(Police Station)  Craig tells Margo that he will always lover her even if she argues with him.  Margo gets very angry with Craig for having a part in Danielís kidnapping, which in turn caused Tomís heart attack. 

(Hospital)  Bob walks in on Lucinda trying to break into a locked cabinet with medicine in it.  Lucinda lies to Bob and tells him she is under a lot of stress and feels like her life is out of control.  Bob tells Lucinda he will prescribe a mild sedative for her and will recommend another doctor for her to visit and make sure there is nothing physically wrong with her.  Once Bob leaves to get a prescription for Lucinda she takes a bottle of pills from the medicine cabinet and leaves Bobís office.

(Old town)  Cleo gets mugged and the little money she does have is stolen from her.  The mugger hits her on the head and leaves her lying beside the bench where she was sitting.  Will arrives and offers to help.  Cleo tells him she doesnít want to go to the hospital because the hospital will call the police and she will go to jail.  Cleo explains to Will that she was trying to sell her things to get enough money for the bus.  Will also figures out that Cleo spent the night sleeping on the bench.  Will takes Cleoís things and tells her she is coming to his house with him. 

(Montgomery Enterprises)  Lucinda arrives and asks Craig to see a client report and Craig refuses because she no longer owns the company.  Craig makes it clear to Lucinda that he only allows her inside the building because he respects their past business relationship.  Lucinda taunts Craig by playing mind games with him to make him think he is a failure in every aspect of his life.  Lucinda also implies that Craig had to resort to stealing her company because he canít make it in the business world on his own.  Lucinda makes Craig so angry that he leaves the office to call the police and Lucinda takes the opportunity crush the pills into Craigís tea.  A few minutes later Craig returns and Lucinda leaves before the police can arrive to arrest her.  Craig toasts to Lucinda with his tea and starts to drink the tea. 

(Police Station)  Gwen arrives to talk to Margo and ask her if she thinks Carly will go to jail.  Margo tells her the truth and says she doesnít know the answer to that question.  Gwen admits that she is worried about Carlyís kids.  Margo assures Gwen that no matter what happens, Jack will make sure the kids are okay.  Gwen hears a policeman say that Cleo was mugged in old town.

(Gwen and Willís place)  Will puts band aides on Cleoís wounds and they talk about his report that he hasnít finished yet.  Cleo guesses that Will went to old town to get coffee because he didnít want to work on his report.  Cleo starts to talk about Carly but Will stops her and reminds her she canít get involved in Gwenís life.  Gwen arrives and is surprised to find Cleo sitting on the couch.  Cleo gets up to leave but she is dizzy and falls down so Gwen tells Cleo she is staying with them for tonight. 

(Farm)  Bob arrives to talk to Holden because he is worried about Lucinda.  He says that she came to his office and said she was feeling stressed and felt like she had no control over her life.  Bob tells Holden Lucinda left his office before she could get her prescription from him.  Bob advises Holden to watch Lucinda closely and let him know if he notices anything strange. 

(Old Town)  Meg runs into Lucinda who tells Meg she is waiting for deliverance.  Meg wonders what she meant by this statement.  Lucinda tells her itís best that she doesnít know anything because she didnít want to be part of the plan against Craig anymore.  Lucinda waits for the clock chimes to sound and tells Meg she will know everything soon.  Meg figures out that Lucinda is planning something against Craig and wonders what Lucindaís plan might be. 

(Outside the Lakeview)  Henry arrives to give Vienna a ride to the airport as well as finally tell her how he feels about her before she leaves town.  Henry explains to Vienna that their relationship moved way too fast and he wants a chance to get to know her better and try to make her happy.  Henry tells Vienna he doesnít love her but he does care deeply for her and doesnít want her to leave him.  Vienna smiles and agrees to stay and give Henry another chance to make her happy.  Henry takes Vienna in his arms and carries her back inside the hotel after the two share a kiss. 

(Montgomery Enterprises)  Craig finishes his tea and suddenly starts to sweat and feel tightness in his chest.  Craig gets dizzy when he gets up from his chair and falls to the floor unconscious.  Meg arrives and tries to revive Craig but he doesnít respond to her efforts to revive him. 

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