ATWT Update Wednesday 5/23/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/23/07


Written By Elayna

At the Lakeview, Paul and Meg are getting ready in the morning with a bounce in their step because they decided to spend the night together. There is a knock at the door, as Paul relays that he ordered champagne and strawberries, but Meg is worried about needing to get going. Her cell phones rings as she is saying this; it is Craig. He needs a nurse he jokes. Why? She broke his heart last night when she blew him off. Can she come to his office to tend to him? Meg isn’t ready to go running, but Craig pleads with her; he has something he wants to tell her. She will see him in a short while she gives in. Paul is standing there with a rose in his teeth and a platter of strawberries in his hand. She has to go, but he thought things had finally changed for them last night when she stayed over; the vendetta is over. Meg scowls; she can’t let this go.

Downstairs at the Lakeview, Lily is meeting up with Lucinda. She has something for her, as she hands her a folder. What is it? It is a prospectus; there is no more room for schemes, and Craig is not going to simply giver her back her Company. Therefore, she would like them to start a Company together from the ground up. Lucinda looks down at the folder then up at Lily and smirks; “the hell they can,” she answers!

At the Farm, Emma is getting the kids ready to go on camp since it is such a warm day. Where is Jack, JJ asks? Emma explains that he is going on a date and won’t be home tonight. JJ asks nervously if it is with Katie? Emma nods, as Parker expresses that it is about time. JJ snarls at him.

At the station, Jack is bringing Carly in, as he walks by Katie, who has just hung up from leaving him a message. Jack directs Carly into the interrogation room and sits her down with her back facing the window. He quickly goes back out and meets up with a stunned Katie. He restates the obvious that Carly is back… or she found him. Is Simon with her? Simon is still at large because apparently they broke up and she came back alone. Katie’s face drops. How long is she back for? She is apparently here for good, Jack answers flatly. Is she under arrest? Yes, but he has a lot of untangling to do with all of her legal issues. He also has to find out if the necklace is real. Katie pipes in quickly that it is; she was here when Margo got the news; it is an almost flawless reconstruction. Jack sighs. He apologizes, but it looks like their plans are on hold tonight while he sorts through this mess. Katie tries hard to hide her growing disappointment. Margo interrupts them to tell Jack that they have to talk because she just got off the phone with the Prince. Before Jack leaves, he quietly tells Katie to try not to worry. Jack and Margo head off while Katie stands there stunned at the turn of events. She slowly walks over to the window of the interrogation room and watches Carly’s back through it.

Lily pleads for Lucinda to use imagination and courage in starting this venture. She will, but just not when it comes to this. Lily reminds her that she had told her that if she had to, she would start a new Company and swallow Craig’s up whole. She did say that, but that was in the heat of the moment; he is not getting her Company. Lily reminds her that she tried to appeal to Craig and Lucinda has tried to manipulate him with letting him think Rosanna is back and nothing has made him falter. She needs to take a step back and reassess her life. Lucinda is happy that rehab is giving her a new sense of herself, but she needs to forget about how she handles this and focus on her family. She should really get going to meet Holden and the kids. Lily slowly gets up and starts to leave worried still about her mother.

Paul tries to explain to Meg that he is worried that this is going to cause him to lose her. She is adamant that she is finally where she wants to be for weeks with Craig; she has tried to get him to confide in her and he finally seems ready to do that. He might even tell her what happened the night of Rosanna’s crash. He thinks she is dreaming, but if she doesn’t wear a wire then they won’t be able to prove any of this. She should be able to see that if she wasn’t obsessing over him. Meg isn’t happy to hear him say this; it feels as if he is trying to control her again; she thought things had changed? They have, but she has become consumed with this vendetta. He wants her to stay with him for a moment and breathe. He wants her to think about how long it has been since they were finally able to let their guard down with each other. It has been a long time, she confirms. It felt like they were starting over last night. There were no more schemes, plots or games around them. He wants them to really start over. They will soon, but Paul tries to slow her down again and get her to think about his words. Meg is definitely affected by them. He is going to take a shower and when he comes back, they can talk. Meg agrees. After Paul is in the shower, there is a knock at the door and Meg goes to open it. It is Lucinda. Doesn’t she look stunning she compliments Meg. Craig wouldn’t be able to resist her if he saw her. He actually called and asked to see her. Paul has pretty much talked her out of it though. What he said about the cost of this makes sense. Lucinda is adamant that they can’t stop this now; they are too close. Paul has convinced her that it is better to leave Craig alone. This isn’t about Paul; what about what he did to them and their families? Don’t push this, Meg warns. Lucinda adds that Craig just wants to humiliate her, but with Paul, he wants his life. He is in danger. Meg now reconsiders upon hearing this. She rushes out the door. Paul comes out of the shower to find Lucinda eating a strawberry.

Carly asks Margo, who has now entered the Interrogation room, if she has spoken to the Prince? She has and he has decided to drop the charges. The case is closed for her and Simon. They are holding a news conference to the sorts in Leonia now. They are coming to get the necklace ASAP. Margo smiles; she is going to go try it on before they do. Margo leaves. Carly smiles widely; she is so relieved that it is over. Where will she go, Jack asks? She has checked out of the Wagon Wheel so she could go back there, but she was really wondering if she could stay at the house for a day or two to figure out where to go from here? Jack frowns; the Prince dropped the charges, but that doesn’t mean that she is free to go. She is still under arrest. Carly looks upset, as she looks back at him.

Paul is frustrated; he spent all morning trying to convince Meg to drop this and she came along and ruined it. Craig could hurt Meg if he finds out what she is up to. Lucinda thinks that he is being transparent and is simply acting like a jealous lover. He does love her and he respects her as a smart and resourceful woman, but none of that is going to matter, if she is dead.

Meg arrives at Worldwide; Craig holds out a bouquet of flowers for her; it is to new beginnings. He got to thinking about Paul, Lucinda and her. Why is he lumping her in with them? It is not for a bad reason, he promises. It is to draw the line between treachery and loyalty. If he confesses something to her, can they start over? Meg looks as if she is trying to keep it together thinking this might be the moment of truth. Instead, he admits that he had his PI follow her last night. Meg looks nervous; she went to the Farm like she told him. Meg realizes that the PI missed her leaving to spend the night with Paul and she becomes indignant. Did he report back to him what she ate for dinner or what time she brushed her teeth? Craig tries to calm her down. He explains that he saw how mad she got with Paul and Lucinda and he had to make sure that it was real. Meg feigns fury. How could he do that to her? What kind of friendship is this? He tries to explain that he finally realized that kind of deceit is not in her, as Meg’s eyes lower. He didn’t have to tell her this, but he wanted them to start with a clean slate. She has been honest with him and he keeps acting as if she has not been. He is done with that; he believes she is on his side and really is his friend. Meg snaps that he could not be more wrong; she is neither on his side nor is she is his friend! Craig looks shocked.

At the cottage, Katie is tossing aside dresses, as she mumbles that she won’t need these. Margo knocks at the door. She is here because she knew she would be freaking out. She is just accepting that it is over. Margo reiterates that the date may have gone by the boards, but this doesn’t translate in Jack going with it. Katie is frustrated; why did Carly come back? Why isn’t Simon with her? Margo teases her; it probably has something to do with her three kids and all. What did the Prince say? Margo hedges, but finally tells Katie that he dropped the charges. Katie’s mouth falls open.

Carly asks Jack if this is personal? She knows him better then that. There are still charges against her on aiding and abetting a fugitive and escaping custody. He let her go, she reminds him. She wasn’t supposed to come back. He has to do this. Is this about his career, Carly asks? It is about the kids, he snaps. They went through hell and he paid for all of this as well. She is grateful for all he did. He doesn’t want her gratitude. He can’t get thrown off the force; the last time was really a close one. The four of them have been living on his one paycheck and he can’t afford to lose his job. Since he is the arresting officer, he needs to do this by the book. She understands, but she needs a favor. She came back for one reason – her kids. Please can she see them?

A frustrated Craig wonders what is going on with Meg? She has been going out of her way for months to convince him that she is his friend and on his side. He starts to raise his voice angrily, was she part of the plan with Lucinda and Paul, he bites? Paul sneaks up outside the door and listens in on their conversation. That is just like him, Meg snaps back. She says she doesn’t want his friendship any more and he is cold and mean. She yells, as she reminds him that he demanded she come clean the other day, he had her followed to the Farm and she is forced to strip down to nothing to again prove herself to him. Games, traps and manipulations are not a part of friendship. Why did she defend him to Lucinda and Paul? She did it out of instinct; her nurse and underdog radar went up. She is going to be on their sides now? Why does it have to be about sides? She is taking her own side. She saw good in him, but then while he was pretending to care about her, he was swindling this Company out of her family. She didn’t care about that the other day. She lost her head, but she can’t forget or get past that. She can no longer stand by and be a part of this. Does she know how long it took him to get to this spot of being someone’s friend? He has been betrayed and left by everyone in this town. He knew this was too good to be true – the two of them on the same page. Meg lowers her face, as Craig tells her to go. She heads for the door, turns and offers an apology. Craig, more firmly this time, strongly suggests she leave.

Katie angrily states that Carly lies, steals and abandons her kids and she gets a free pass. Margo thinks it sounds to her that she wants the mother of Jack’s kids to be locked up? No, of course that is not what she wants. Margo gets that she is flipping out because she cares about Jack. Katie nods; she finally was looking forward to things. She was buying new dresses in hopes that this date would lead to many others with Jack. Margo reminds her that this doesn’t mean that things are over. He isn’t going flying into Carly’s arms. Katie thinks that Carly will use their relationship to her advantage. Margo reminds her that Carly still has other outstanding charges against her. She may very well still go to jail. Katie is upset really because she was there when Jack brought Carly into the police station. He marched her by and put her in a chair with her back facing the Squad Room. He didn’t want Carly to see her; he must not want her to know that they are together. Margo thinks she is reading something into nothing, but Katie seems convinced.

Jack doesn’t think seeing the kids is a good idea. She is still their mom, she strongly reminds him. He knows that. She wasn’t there when Sage cried herself to sleep for weeks, or why Parker is sullen and suspicious or why JJ sits vigil by the mother’s day plant as if it has magic. Seeing them might be good for her, but is wouldn’t be for them. He doesn’t want them to see her for a moment before she gets hauled down to lock up. She needs this. That won’t change the fact that she chose Simon over them. She didn’t; she needs them to see that she never stopped thinking of them or forgot how much she loves them. He told them that. She knows that if the roles were reversed, he wouldn’t walk away from his kids. She needs to tell them that herself. Then she will turn around and say goodbye? No matter how angry they are with her, they can say it to her face. Does she think she is ready for that? Is he insinuating they don’t love her anymore?

Parker taunts JJ about the fact that they know why Jack is not coming home. JJ looks crestfallen, as Parker tells him to grow up. They head back inside and Emma is finishing up so they can head out. The phone rings interrupting them. Emma answers it and is Jack. He needs her to bring the kids to the station right away. Is everything alright? He will explain when they get there. Emma agrees and hangs up. The kids want to know what is going on? She doesn’t know, but Jack would like them to come by.

Jack explains to Carly that the kids are coming, but he would like to talk with them first to prepare them. Carly thanks him intensely; she takes a hold of his hand and holds it warmly as she does. Jack and Carly stare at one another.

Paul comes back to the Lakeview room and finds Lucinda still there. She wanted to make sure he didn’t push his way into Craig’s office and ruin things. Paul smiles because Craig is no longer a problem. What does he mean? Meg walks into the room and Lucinda asks her what is going on? She couldn’t pretend to be his friend anymore. Lucinda frowns; she was the key to getting back Worldwide. Meg admits that she no longer has the stomach for this manipulation. She can’t change what he did with dirty maneuvers. She needs to start to focus on the positive in her life. It is ridiculous that she is sneaking around with the man she loves to be with a man she hates. Lucinda just thinks it is a pity because they were so close. Her quality of life has become bad and she couldn’t take it anymore. She nursed Lucinda through cancer and she should know above everyone else to grab what is precious in your life and not let go of it. Lucinda smiles wryly. Paul adds that it is over. Is she going to let Paul speak for her? Yes! Lucinda heads out in a bit of a huff. Paul holds Meg close; they are finally on the same page. Meg smiles strangely; Craig said the exact phrase. Was he… he finishes her sentence; he was there to make sure she was ok, but left before anyone noticed him. She grins. Paul is happy because he thinks she did such a good job that Craig would never suspect they were in cahoots. She is so relieved; she feels as if a heavy weight was lifted off of her. It is over, she says. No, Paul beams… it is the beginning.

At Worldwide, Craig is tossing papers around his desk angrily. He gets up and paces. He looks at the phone and picks it up. He makes a call and Margo picks up. What does she say to a dinner with her brother? Margo cuts him off; she is busy with their sister. It is a bad time. Craig tries to apologize, but Margo snaps at him about the fact he should quit pretending he gives a damn. Craig tries to tell her that he does, but Margo has already hung up. Craig looks hurt.

Katie comes back into the room; she knows Margo is right because she feels this thing with Jack could still work out regardless of the turn of events. She gets that there are some adjustments that have to be made, thanks to Carly’s reemergence. The kids might be more distant now, and she gets that Jack holds a special place in his heart for her. Margo explains that it would be the same for her. Katie looks confused. Margo explains; if Mike walked through this door right now, she would run back to him.

Emma ushers the kids into the station; she tells Jack that based on his words they were worried. What is going on? Jack starts to explain, but Sage sees Carly through the interrogation window staring back at her. She yells out for her mother and goes racing into her arms with JJ right behind her. Emma looks stunned, Jack looks concerned and Parker looks dumbfounded. Carly hugs them both tightly. She is thrilled to see them, and it shows, as it does with her two kids. She tells Parker from across the room that it is great to see him. He says nothing, as Emma stands beside him looking concerned.

Meg and Paul are in bed together at the Lakeview. They look very happy, as Paul is excited about the possibility the future holds. He can’t wait to go out with her in public. Meg agrees; she hated to pretend to fight with him. She realizes that she should have called this off way back when he first asked her to. Paul laughs; most wives don’t do what their husbands say. Meg asks coyly how they are talking about wives? Paul explains that he is dreaming of when they first almost got married and how if she gives him a second chance, he wants them to get it right.

Lucinda hangs up her cell phone frustrated. She mumbles to herself that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Craig will get what is coming to him.

Craig is pacing around his office and then he angrily tosses the flowers he bought for Meg in the trash.

Mike is gone, Katie remarks, but so was Carly, Margo counters. Katie doesn’t feel it is the same. The doorbell interrupts them, as they both look at each other strangely. Katie comments that it is not Mike because life wouldn’t be that cruel. Hopefully, it is Jack. She opens the door and receives a certified envelope. She opens it and looks at Margo. It is her signed divorce papers, she says quietly. She is free to be with Jack, as she realizes the bitter irony.

Sage is happily telling Carly about her pet turtle and JJ is telling her about the fact he plays shortstop on Little League. She is happy for them. Is she back for good, JJ asks? Carly avoids the question, which is not lost on Parker. She is not back for good; that is why they are seeing her at the police station, he snaps. Why did she bother coming home? She is a thief and a liar and she should have left them alone, he bites. They were all getting better and starting to be happy again, even Jack. She should have stayed gone, he yells at a distraught looking Carly. He rushes off and Emma goes after him, as Jack stares at Carly sadly.

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