ATWT Update Tuesday 5/22/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/22/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Alís Diner)  Susan is excited about the dinner she has planned to give her official blessing to Dusty and Emilyís relationship.  Emily and Dusty look around for Alison because they are worried about where she might be when Emily canít find her anywhere in the restaurant.  Alison talks to Lance outside and he is trying to persuade her to do one more erotic film and do a twenty city tour before the industry awards.  Alison tells Lance that her mother, sister, and Dusty are inside and she must get back to work because she is straightening out her life.  Lance promises that she will only have to do this one last movie and she can retire with a lot of money.  Alison tells Lance she will meet him inside the restaurant later after her mother and sister have left.  Lance leaves just as Dusty walks outside and finds Alison.  He asks her if Jesse, her drug dealer, was bothering her.  Alison tells Dusty it was just a customer and he is gone now so she and Dusty go back inside the restaurant.  Alison tells her boss she canít cover for the sick waitress like she promised because she has an important appointment.  Alison explains that she needs to go to a meeting and she would like them to walk with her to the meeting in old town.

(Lakeview)  Maddie arrives to get Viennaís style advice about what she should wear to her prom.  Maddie explains that although Casey canít be with her, she feels she shouldnít miss her prom.  Vienna thinks Casey wouldnít want Maddie to miss her prom.  Vienna also tells Maddie that it appears the stolen necklace will soon be returned to the Prince and he will forgive her and stop asking for all her money.  Vienna admits to Maddie that she doesnít want her old life back but she will leave Oakdale unless Henry tells her he loves her and wants her to stay in town.  Maddie doesnít want Vienna to leave because for the first time she feels like she has a sister whom she can talk to when she has a problem.  Maddie makes Vienna promise that if she leaves town she wonít leave without saying good-bye to her. 

(TV Station)  Henry explains to Katie that the stolen Leonean necklace mysteriously appeared around Viennaís neck and he assumes that Simon snuck into her room to return the necklace.  Henry tells Katie that Vienna advised him to warn Katie that if Simon is back in town, Carly is either with him or will soon return to Oakdale.  Henry tells Katie that no matter what has happened between Jack and Carly in the past, they shared a deep love and will always be connected by their children.  Katie insists that Jack wonít just allow Carly to hurt him and his kids again and there shouldnít be any reason why Carly should interfere with her relationship with Jack.  Henry thinks that Katie is in denial and she may be setting herself up to be hurt by Jack.  Henry also tells Katie that Jack is in Mill Town talking to a realtor about selling his house and Katie considers that a positive sign that Jack is ready to move on with his life. 

(Carlyís house)  Jack is stunned to see Carly and he asks her why she returned and if Simon returned with her.  Carly explains to Jack that she realizes how much she missed her children and that she couldnít live her life separated from them and pretending to be someone else.  Carly tells Jack that she and Simon had a great relationship but he saw how miserable she was with their new life and he allowed her to leave him.  Jack is surprised that, despite everything Simon has done to ruin their lives, in Carlyís eyes he is still a hero.  Carly explains that Simon is planning something to make things okay for her to live her life again.  Jack explains about the necklace being returned to Vienna and doesnít believe that Carly didnít know what Simon was planning to do.  Jack also quickly points out that the necklace being returned wonít magically make the charges of grand larceny and aiding and abetting a fugitive against her go away.  Carly tells Jack she understands and she doesnít intend to run anymore.  This time she is going to stay in Oakdale.  Carly wonders if Jack is going to let her see the kids and Jack tells her he wonít allow her to hurt the kids anymore as they have had enough pain.  Carly tells Jack that she has also been hurt because she hasnít been able to call or see her kids in so long.  Jack and Carly both cry as Jack tells Carly how much Sage has been hurt by not seeing her and how she once asked him if her mommy remembered what she looked like and still loved her.  Carly tells Jack that she left because she knew that he would teach the children right from wrong.  Jack places Carly under arrest and drivers her down to the station. 

(Lakeview)  Maddie sees Henry outside Viennaís door and tries to persuade him to tell her how he feels about her so she wonít leave town.  Maddie advises Henry to stop being scared of how he feels and tell Vienna what is in his heart.  Henry knocks on Viennaís door and all he can manage to get out is that he appreciates her very much and then he thanks her for advising him to warn Katie about Simon and Carly.  Vienna cries as Henry once again leaves without telling her how he truly feels about her. 

(Police Station)  Katie arrives to find out if Margo has arrested Carly and Simon yet but Margo tells her the lab said the necklace is an extremely good reproduction containing most of the jewels from the original necklace so now she must call the Prince and see if he wants to continue to press charges against Carly and Simon.  Margo also warns Katie that Jack and Carly have a very deep connection and he wonít just forget about her. 

(Old Town)  Dusty and Emily drop Alison off at her meting and sit on a bench and talk.  Dusty thinks they should tell Susan the truth before she plans an engagement party for them.  Emily explains to Dusty that she and Alison have always kept secrets from Susan because they want to avoid disappointing her yet again.  Emily tells Dusty she must try to protect Alison from any more pain.  Dusty and Emily walk to Java and sit down to talk about the plan to keep Susan from getting too excited about their relationship.  Dusty tells Emily he will pick a fight with her and cause their break up at dinner. 

(TV Station))  Luke is upset that the new intern, Noah, didnít show up leaving him more work, which he canít do by himself.  Maddie is excited about prom until she remembers Casey wonít see her in her dress.  Luke suggests that she take a video of herself in her dress and at the prom to send to Casey so he wonít miss anything. 

(Police Station)  Katie calls Jack to warn him about Carly but then she notices Jack coming with Carly whom he has placed under arrest. 

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