ATWT Update Monday 5/21/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/21/07


Written By Elayna

At the Lakeview, Allison is asleep in the bed while Emily sleeps curled up next to Dusty, who is awake watching out for them both. Emily awakens, as Dusty assures her that Allison is still asleep and fine. Dusty tries to lighten the mood; her mother was right when she said they would be spending the night together. Emily smiles sadly; little did she know that it would be in a chair while her sister goes through detox nearby. Dusty grins, but she slept like a baby next to him, as Emily can’t help but smile.

At WOAK, Katie walks in and starts to look at her paperwork for the day. Jack surprises her and comes up behind her hugging her. She is thrilled to see him, as he offers the same sentiment to her. They can barely keep their hands off one another. He keeps thinking about their date tonight; Katie feels the same way, as they kiss again. Brad walks up and sees this, as his face drops, as does his hand that is holding a present.

At the bus station, Carly is curled up sleeping on a bench. She is roused by a police officer. Carly jumps up with a start not knowing what to do.

At the Lakeview, Vienna rushes into the dining room area clutching her coat around her and hurries over to where Henry is; she needs him desperately. He understands that feeling, but he teases that he doesn’t think the patrons of the dining room would appreciate that. She is being serious; she woke up this morning with something around her neck. Henry looks confused. Vienna satisfies his curiosity when she subtly opens her coat to show the Crown Jewels of Leonia adorning her neck.

Emily admits that what he said is true; she is very grateful to have not gone through this by herself. He has been so wonderful to them. He is glad to have been able to help. They tease each other about what they are going to say to Susan about the real state of their relationship; they are going to have to say they broke up, Emily thinks. Dusty’s solution is they just won’t break up, as Emily holds his stare. Allison, who is having a bad dream and crying out, interrupts them. They rush to her side, as she is sobbing. Allison explains that she was on the set of one of her films and Lance was trying to get her to do something she didn’t want to do. Emily is devastated to hear these things; she is safe now. Dusty adds that Lance is far away in Las Vegas. Dusty holds Allison close as she shakes. He is moved by her vulnerability. He holds a cold face cloth to her face and helps her drink some water. Soon though, Allison has toughened up and becomes angry again prompting Dusty to not feel the same empathy as he just did. She was just trying to have fun. Dusty snaps that she was in a hotel selling herself to a drug dealer. Emily reminds her how she almost killed herself on the ledge; she was trying to get away from them. Emily pleads with her to take a long hard look at herself; she is strung out; this is not the real her. She needs to let them help her or they will tell Susan and put her in a real rehab.

Henry is distracted by Vienna’s negligee before he really sees what she is referring to; she tells him to look at her neck. Henry then notices the necklace. He remarks about the great copy of the necklace she has. It is not a copy; she knows her diamonds, she explains. Henry doesn’t understand because Simon broke up the necklace and fenced it. She doesn’t understand either; she went to bed and there was nothing on her neck, but when she woke up it was there, she says nervously. She hugs him tightly. He wants to hold her, but he pulls away. If the prince sees these then he will leave her alone. She is adamant that the prince will think she was lying and simply hiding them all along. She pleads with him to believe her. He stares at her anxious looking face; he knows poker and she isn’t bluffing. She hugs him again; she is scared and Henry realizes she has a right to be since someone broke into her room. What are they going to do? Henry tries to deny his feelings as Vienna holds him close. There is only one thing for them to do, Henry says with assurance.

Brad walks away slowly unnoticed by Katie and Jack. Jack tries to pull back from Katie considering people are going to be arriving for work soon. She doesn’t care. He has to go anyway and tie up some loose ends before tonight. Why did he come by? He wanted to let her know that he made reservations at La Fortuna in Chicago. Katie is thrilled; she has always wanted to go there. Jack coyly reminds her that it is a long drive and Emma is taking care of the kids tonight so he thought they might consider staying over. Katie happily agrees. She loves that he is making this night so private and special, as she hugs and kisses him again. They are interrupted by Jack’s cell phone ringing; it is Henry, and he tells Jack there is an emergency and it is a matter of national security. Jack agrees to meet him in 20 minutes at the station. Jack and Katie leave after multiple more kisses. After he leaves, Brad comes out from around the corner. They make small talk about the day’s show and surprisingly Brad agrees with every suggestion Katie makes. She starts to walk away; is there anything else she wants to tell him about? No. He has something for her then, as he holds up the present to Katie’s surprise.

Carly tries to back pedal after being caught sleeping on the bench by the officer, saying that she just drifted asleep waiting for her bus. She needs to go though, but he is not convinced; she is not going anywhere. They don’t allow vagrants in this town, as he points to the sign next to her on the pole. She realizes that, but she isn’t one. She simply missed her bus last night and then the ticket window was closed and she didn’t know when the next bus was coming, so she stayed put. The officer doesn’t look swayed; there is no bus and she has no ticket he is convinced. Does she know what they do with pretty ladies that lie to law enforcement? Carly smiles coyly and suggests they buy them a cup of coffee, she says weakly. Yes, he could go for a cup of coffee… down at the station; she is arrested! Carly is stunned.

Allison is sitting on the side of the bed now looking weak, cold, scared and sick as she relays the story. She didn’t mean to get hooked. She just wanted to have some fun and forget after Aaron dumped her. Then she lost her job and she used to make herself feel better, but then she couldn’t pay and the dealer had this way for her to pay him back; he turned her onto Lance; there was all candy all the time. Then she needed it to do what she was doing. Dusty assures her the worst part of the physical aspect is over, but mentally she needs to toughen up. She has to go to her meetings, to work and go home. She can’t hang around with the people that are bad news anymore. Allison nods; she feels sick again so Emily and Dusty suggest a shower. She actually teases Dusty about taking one alone this time without his help. After she leaves, Dusty wonders how Emily is holding up? She is better now thanks to him. Does he think she will make it? He doesn’t know, but she has a good shot because she has her. Emily starts to break down. They talk about how Emily carried Allison for Susan; he knows all her secrets, Emily notices. He has seen her at her worst… and best, he adds. After she lost her baby, Jenny, she took out old photo albums to see Allison as a baby and see how she looked. She realized that Allison would probably be the only daughter she truly ever has, as she sobs and Dusty takes her into his arms.

Katie opens the box and finds Swedish Fish - why? He knows they are her favorite. He owes her an apology. Why… she eggs him on because he lied to her and Jack? She tries to walk away, but he stops her. He wants her to hear him out. He is sorry, and even more so because they had become friends. He blew it; they were having fun and working well together. They were listening to and supporting each other. He misses that. Katie seems slightly affected by his words, but she won’t let the wall down because he lied to her and she can’t believe anything else out of his mouth. She stomps away; Brad talks to himself; how is he going to get her to trust him?

Henry and Vienna are showing Jack the necklace; she woke up and it was there, she swears. She didn’t steal it. Jack thinks it is a practical joke, but they remind him that it is an expensive practical joke because they are real. Jack is disbelieving. He tells Dallas to get the necklace to the lab and rush the results and to call Leonia and tell them only that they may have something they will be interested in. He assures a nervous Vienna things will be fine; she cooperated and he believes her story. They wonder what this means? Jack explains that Carly and Simon are still wanted for Grand Larceny. Do they have an idea who did this? They don’t want to bring up a sore subject, but they all know who had to have done this…Simon and if he is back then so is Carly, as Jack scowls.

She is not a vagrant… she just missed her bus, Carly tries to reassure the police officer. The man doesn’t seem interested so Carly starts to pretend to sob uncontrollably. He can’t arrest her because then she will never see her kids again. The officer isn’t sure what to do with her so he hands her his handkerchief. She weaves this story; she was trying to do the right thing; her ex husband is deliberately keeping the kids from her. She came to town and he promised he would bring them to the motel she was staying in. He never showed and she went to see him and he had already shipped their kids off to his parents home. She didn’t know where to turn and couldn’t afford another night at the motel. She was just trying to get back to Chicago. The man finally sympathizes with her; he wants her to get on the next bus back home, get a job, find a lawyer because kids need their mothers. Carly thanks him profusely and agrees that kids need their mothers. She will be on the next bus. After he leaves, she sits down exhausted after that encounter. She talks to herself; now what, she says. She hears a beeping and she takes out a phone and opens it; there is a text message and it simply says, “It is done.” Carly smiles; she wraps the phone in the officer’s handkerchief, places it in the trash and walks over to the ticket window. She needs to purchase a ticket to Oakdale.

Jack thinks if the diamonds are real, then Vienna will be in the clear with the Prince now. Carly and Simon are still fugitives though. He doesn’t think they would risk coming back, but just in case, he puts out a new APB on them. Jack is interrupted by a call from Rachel Cohen, his real estate agent. He has to go see her about selling his house. Vienna is still nervous, but Jack assures her that she can’t do anything until they get the results back on the necklace and until then, she has to sit tight. He heads out; Vienna feels sorry for him, as Henry thinks it was tough to put another APB out on Carly. Vienna empathizes; it is hard when you love someone that doesn’t love you back. Henry feels horrible, but Vienna wants to pretend she didn’t say anything. He needs to go see Katie and warn her. That is nice of her, Henry notices. She has grown fond of Katie and he is her best friend; she will need him and as Jack said, she is fine now. He doesn’t have to worry about protecting her from the Prince…. especially if the necklace is the real thing. She wants him to go to Katie. Henry smiles warmly, thanks her for being understanding and heads off slowly.

Brad pleads with Katie to hear him out; he was not messing with her and Jack for fun. He couldn’t stand to see them get close, as he starts to stutter and pause between words. He was… jealous. He more then likes her. Katie’s eyes widen from surprise, but she stops him. She realizes it is hard for him to admit something like that and to come clean with a woman but it is not going to happen, she says defiantly.

Dusty, Emily and Allison arrive at Al’s for breakfast. Dusty explains how she needs to really be careful whom she associates with. Her dealer showed up looking for money the other night, but he set him straight. If he comes back, he will break his neck. Allison and Dusty share a joke after he says that and Emily looks relieved to see this. The manager of Al’s walks over and asks Allison if she can fill in for a waitress who is sick. Allison eagerly accepts, but Emily has her reservations. She explains that Allison hadn’t been feeling well. Allison cuts her off; she is fine and she wants to keep busy. Emily smiles and defers to her. Dusty reminds Allison to keep drinking water to flush her system. After Allison heads off, Emily asks Dusty the same question as before; does he think she has it in her to make it? He thinks she will be fine, knowing that is what she wants to hear. They are laughing when Susan walks up excited to see them together in the morning having breakfast. She sits down; she is so happy to see them happy. She wants to do something for the two of them, as Dusty and Emily can’t help but smile over her excitement. She is happy that Emily is finally with someone who is good for her. They tease her about pressing them on their relationship. After everything they have been through, she is pleased they have such a special connection. Allison interrupts and Susan is happy to see her, but is concerned she hasn’t seen her recently and that she looks sickly. Did she have fun last night with her friends? She actually didn’t; she doesn’t think she will be spending any time with them again, she says with a knowing glance towards Emily and Dusty. Emily grins. Susan is concerned; selfishly she wants Allison to have fun with her old friends so she sticks around. Emily thinks that Allison might stick around. Did she say that? No, but she has a feeling.

Katie explains that she knows his type; he is sweet, funny and good looking; she has dated many like him, and she now knows she doesn’t want that. She wants a guy who is going to call when he says he will and one who listens. She wants… Brad fills in the blank... she wants his brother. Yes, and if he was any kind of friend or brother, he would be rooting for them. Henry interrupts the tense moment. Brad is just leaving, but he tells Henry his advice was terrible. What advice did he give him? Henry explains he suggested the truth. He assumes there was no sparks… not with him she says with a smile. She is excited because she and Jack are going to dinner in Chicago tonight and staying over and his kids are coming around. She is so happy. Henry frowns; he is sorry but he doesn’t think the date is going to happen.

Jack is telling the real estate agent about the updating work he has done on the house. The woman flirts subtly; he needs someone to come clean for him, as if the implication is he needs a woman around. He wants the place shown tomorrow so he will get a cleaning crew in here ASAP. What is the rush, she wonders? He just needs to move on, he answers simply. She has his numbers, so she will be in touch. Jack stands in the middle of the room and exhales deeply. He sees a picture of Carly on the mantelpiece and picks it up. He looks at it for a moment before he places it face down. He gets the number and starts to make the call, but he misdials. He starts to make the call again, but then changes his mind. Exasperated he leans back on the couch and closes the phone. He thinks back over the good and bad times they have shared. He seems to be struggling to keep it together.

Susan continues to worry about how Allison looks. Dusty tries to change the subject; what does she want to do for them? Susan smiles; she wants to take them out to a nice dinner. They both are happy with that, but they tease her about leaving her PI skills at home. She will unless they want to offer up anything; they all laugh. She just has one question; with their history, how did they end up together? Allison is standing nearby when she hears a knock on the window. She looks up and sees Lance. She immediately is scared and tries to look away, but he is persistent. He knocks again wanting her to come outside. Allison knows she can’t ignore him so she quickly heads outside. What does he want, she immediately asks? Is that a nice way to greet the man who made her a star, he answers?

Vienna walks into the Lakeview bar; she is on the phone with Dallas. She expects him to tell her when the lab results come in. She hangs up and asks Brad to order her a mimosa. He looks down and she wonders what is bothering him? Before he can answer, she is not sure she wants to hear it because she doesn’t want to be brought down. What has gotten her in such a good mood? The Prince maybe dropping the charges against her. Brad thinks it is goodbye then? Why? He assumes if she can get her money back then she has no reason to stay in town. Vienna looks upset as she considers his words.

Katie is amazed after hearing Henry’s story; someone snuck into her room and put the necklace on her neck, Katie repeats incredulously? Then Katie realizes what he is saying; Simon is back! Henry jokes trying to lighten the situation; that is the rumor. There is an APB out on them both. Katie realizes he is saying that if Simon is back, Carly is not far behind. They can camp out in the middle of Oakdale for all she cares, but they are not going to ruin it for them. This is not going to change a thing, but as she is saying this, she sees Henry’s face. Why does he look like he feels sorry for her? Henry doesn’t answer her. Katie defiantly says that neither her nor Jack are going to let them ruin this for them.

Jack finally leans forward and opens his cell phone back up. He makes the call to the cleaning company, but seems to be really exerting a lot of energy to simply make this call. He tells them he wants the house cleaned top to bottom so it can be on the market tomorrow first thing. He will leave them the key because he doesn’t plan on coming back to the house again, he mumbles under his breath. After he hangs up, he heads for the door, but feels a presence behind him. He turns around and is shocked to come face to face with Carly.

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