ATWT Update Thursday 5/17/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/17/07


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(Montgomery Enterprises)  Craig gets a report about Megís whereabouts from the man he has following her.  Craig is happy to discover that Meg went to the farm as she had told him she would since she would be crazy to lie to him.

(Avalon Hotel)  Meg arrives to spend some time alone with Paul but tells him she must call Craig because he probably has somebody following her.  Paul kisses Meg a few times and tells her to forget about Craig for a little while so they can concentrate on each other.  Meg agrees and they make love. 

(Tom and Margoís house)  Katie arrives to talk to Tom about filing for a divorce from Mike.  Tom asks Katie to be sure a divorce from Mike is what she wants to do and that she isnít just doing it for Jackís sake.  Katie tells Tom that isnít the reason she wants a divorce.  She tells him that being with Jack just made her realize that the divorce is something she must do in order to move on with her life.  Katie signs the divorce papers and is sad that her marriage could end just by putting a signature on a piece of paper.  Katie calls Jack once she has finished talking to Tom and leaves him a voice mail to call her when he isnít busy. 

(Farm)  Jack questions Parker, J.J., and Sage about what happened when they went out to have ice cream with Aunt Gwen.  The kids all say that Aunt Gwen (Cleo) just took them out for ice cream and they didnít notice anything strange about her.  Jack is relieved that Cleo didnít hurt the kids and Parker and Sage go upstairs so he can show her his new game.  J. J. asks Jack if they can talk because he doesnít think he can be a friend with Katie.  Jack explains to J.J. that just because he is a friend with Katie that doesnít mean he will forget about or stop loving Carly since people have a huge capacity to give love.  Jack reminds J.J. that when he began to accept Carly as his mother he didnít forget about his other mom, Julia.  J.J. wonders if Carly still loves him and Jack assures him that wherever Carly is she will never stop loving him or his brother and sister.  J.J. asks Jack if he still loves Carly and he tells J.J. that no matter what mistakes Carly has made he will always love her because she has a kind and loving heart and has done many good things.  Jack also tells J.J. that just because he loves Carly that doesnít mean that he canít let Katie into his heart and move on with his life.

(Gwen and Willís house)  Carly explains to Gwen that Simon told her to stay in Oakdale and lay low until she knew it was safe and that she would know as soon as it was safe to see her kids again.  Carly asks Gwen for her help and is surprised when Gwen tells her she will do anything for her.  Carly wonders what happened and Gwen explains that she also was in a situation where things got out of control and she had to ask Will to help her even though the situation wasnít his fault.  Carly asks Gwen to get Cleo out of jail because she only pretended to be her so that she (Carly) could see the kids from a distance.  Carly also tells Gwen that Cleo has been her only friend since she got to Oakdale and despite being in jail she hasnít turned her in to the police.  Gwen tells Carly that Cleo was stalking her and that she is a little strange.  Carly admits that Cleo is strange but she truly believes Cleo has a good heart.  Gwen calls Jack and tells him she must meet him at the police station.  Carly tells Gwen she is going to get on a bus and leave town until she knows it is safe to come home.  Gwen asks Carly to find some way to keep in touch with her so she doesnít worry. 

(Montgomery Enterprises)  Lily arrives to plead with Craig to return the company to Lucinda.  Lily tells Craig that they could agree to pay him a fair price for the company.  Lily asks Craig not to make her mother pay for a mistake she made and do the right thing.  Craig tells Lily he may have considered her offer before Lucinda teamed up with the son of Steinbeck to make him believe Rosanna was alive and he will never forgive Lucinda for that betrayal.  Lily then tries a different tactic and asks him to give the company back because of his long friendship with her.  Lily reminds Craig that she has been his only friend through the bad times when everyone else hated him.  Craig also feels betrayed by Lily because of the awful things she said to him before she left for rehab.  Lily reminds Craig that she felt angry and betrayed by him and he shouldnít hold the things she said while on drugs against her.  Lily tells Craig that he may have the company but he is a lonely sad man and, at the end of the day, he has nobody to share his victories with because he has lost his family and friends.  Once Lily is gone Craig recalls the words she said to him and calls Meg to tell her he must speak to her. 

(Avalon Hotel)  Paul thinks that he and Meg must give up the vendetta against Craig because he is afraid that he will lose her.  Meg assures Paul that he will never lose her again but she must make Craig pay for manipulating her and hurting her family.  Meg tells Paul that Craig stole her trust and now she is unable to trust anyone because of him.  Paul wonders when, exactly, Meg turned into him.  Meg and Paulís conversation is interrupted by a call from Craig who wants to speak to Meg right away. 

(Police Station)  Gwen tells Jack she wants to post Cleoís bail once the judge has set it.  Jack is puzzled and angry by Gwenís change of heart especially because he thinks Cleo is a danger to his children as well as Gwen.  Jack tells Gwen he wonít notify her once Cleoís bail is set unless she tells him why she changed her mind. 

(Farm)  Katie arrives looking for Jack who isnít home but J.J. apologizes to Katie for treating her badly at the diner.  Katie accepts his apology and J.J. takes Katie to the barn to show her a baby foal that was just born.  Carly arrives and watches Parker and Sage through the kitchen window.  Carly then opens the kitchen door a crack to hear what they are saying to each other.  Carly is hurt when she hears Parker tell Sage he doesnít miss her and doesnít care if she ever comes home.  Carly hears J.J. return with Katie and rushes to hide behind the porch swing. 

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