ATWT Update Wednesday 5/16/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/16/07


Written By Elayna

At the Lakeview, Emily is watching Allison sleep; she is beautiful, as she caresses her cheek. Dusty doesn’t want her to wake her up. Emily sadly notices that even asleep, Allison is shivering. Dusty reminds her that crystal meth is nasty. How could she do this to herself? It stopped being her choice a while ago. She just can’t believe how this drug has stripped away any recognizable part of her sister. Dusty thinks she should try to sleep because they are going to be here for a while. She can’t sleep; she doesn’t know what to say to her mom when she calls – maybe she won’t call hopefully. Dusty is sure that she will think of something. Emily smiles; if they are missing in action, her mother is going to assume they are shacked up together. The kiss worked? Yes, it worked too well. They are interrupted by a knock. The drug dealer, Jesse, is back. He wants to talk with Allison because she owes him a lot of money; Dusty doesn’t want to hear a word out of his mouth, as he pushes him back out the door. If he comes back, he will be sorry.

At the Lakeview, Henry approaches Katie, who is sitting there with a faraway but happy look on her face. Where is she? She answers simply that she is looking towards her future. He is happy to hear that because he had heard about her brush with a crazy woman and a gun. Katie’s smile fades; just another problem thanks to Brad. Henry adds that he was happy to hear that Jack saved her day. Katie smiles warmly, as Henry realizes what is going on. Is he the reason she looks so dreamy? He knows her so well. She has a chance to be happy again. Why is it only a chance, Henry asks? If she goes for it, then she will ruin Jack’s life.

At home, Gwen is anxious to find out what is being done about Cleo. Has Jack even arrested her yet? Will is sure that he has; she is probably being booked and fingerprinted as they speak; it is all over. Gwen doesn’t think it is. He doesn’t know what it feels like to have someone pretending to be him running around town fooling people. She needs to see for herself that Cleo is locked up. They need to go to the station. Will is unsure, but he will do what she wants; he just thinks they are giving Cleo somewhat of what she wants – she gets off when Gwen has a reaction. Gwen is adamant that she has to do this.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Jack is pacing around Cleo’s room, as she glances nervously towards the bathroom door where Carly is hiding. Why is she going around town pretending to be Gwen and why would she be crazy enough to go near his kids? Carly is listening from the bathroom looking very nervous awaiting Cleo’s response.

At WOAK, Maddie is walking into an office with Kim. She is glad that she is back interning this summer with the station. There is going to be one more intern yet to come; his name is Noah; he is from out of town and will be here in a day. Maddie smiles sadly; she has to keep herself busy, as Kim acknowledges what she is talking about. Has she heard from Casey or gone and seen him? No one is allowed to do that yet. It apparently is the prison’s way of getting them adjusted easier without outside influences. She sadly talks about how during the days there is always stuff, even small things that she finds herself wanting to tell Casey about, but then she remembers that she can’t. Kim talks about how in the old days, which have since been forgotten or replaced by email etc, people used to write letters. They can’t do that either yet. Kim thinks she should still write to him and keep them until he can get the letters. It can still be romantic and he will stay caught up on her life. Maddie thinks that sounds like a great idea. Luke, who is also an intern, walks up to them; he is ready for any assignment. Kim grins; his first assignment is to pick up lunch for the staff at Al’s. Luke tries to keep smiling, as he makes a joke about what important work he is doing. After Kim walks away, Luke says to Maddie that they are obviously going to be spending a lot of time together this summer and he hopes because of how she feels about Jade that she won’t hold that against him? Maddie rolls her eyes. He really doesn’t want it to be a problem for them. Maddie thinks they should just concentrate on getting lunch, as she walks off.

Henry laughs; Katie could never ruin Jack’s life; he has survived all his marriages to Carly. Katie wonders if it is weird for him to talk about this? It is fine; he thinks she should take Vienna’s ‘advice’ of kiss more and talk less; she kept her life simple. He should have done that, but he got swept away and in the end did not know what he wanted. Katie nods; she doesn’t want to get swept away. She is impossible when she first gets into a relationship; she is impulsive and acts before thinking. Henry teases her about taking it slowly since she is thinking about getting in a relationship with someone involved in Law Enforcement. Katie smiles, but seriously, she has to think things through this time because Jack has kids. She was the one that helped push Carly out of their lives. She can’t afford to leave her mark on them again. Henry thinks that kids are resilient. She recalls how Margo told her to go slowly since there are more them two people involved in this. Why would she go to Margo with this? She just suggested that Katie really take a hard look to see if she is really over Mike. Is she? She feels she is, but she can’t trust her feelings because she swore up and down that she was over Simon, and then when the opportunity arose, she betrayed Mike.

Will and Gwen arrive at the Police station, but Jack is not back yet. Dallas explains that he is still at the Wagon Wheel. He needs to ask her something, which he thinks he now knows the answer to. Was she at the Wagon Wheel the other day helping her mother sober up? No! He figured as much now, but the girl was a dead ringer for her. Dallas has to run, but he is sorry. After he leaves, Gwen is even more upset; when is this going to end? Who else has she pretended to be her to? Now more then ever, she needs to see Jack bring her in.

Why did she need to be with his kids, Jack barks? A timid Cleo answers that they are family. They are not her family! She knows that; she was just feeling lonely. They are a window into Gwen’s world. After everything she has done, there are at least three charges that he can slap on her. She sniffs back tears; she is a good person. She was trying to do something nice; she wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. He doesn’t want to hear it, as he puts handcuffs on her and leads her out the door. Carly, who has been listening in the bathroom, slowly comes out and nervously opens the motel door looking down the hall after them.

Emily comes into the hallway after Dusty; is Jesse gone? He is, but he is more concerned that Allison may still need to go to rehab. When someone is getting themselves off of drugs, it can be unpredictable. Emily wants to just take it day by day. It looks like they will be spending a lot more time together. Dusty smiles; her mother will love that. They stare at each other for a moment before Emily suggests they get back inside so Allison doesn’t wake up alone. They walk back into the room, only to find no one in the bed and the room empty. Emily rushes into the bathroom only to find it empty too. Dusty notices the window open. That was not open before. He rushes to it and finds Allison perched on the ledge. He pleads with her to come back in, but she doesn’t want to. This is not the answer! He has no idea how good she feels when she is high as opposed to when she isn’t. Life is worth living; her feelings about drugs will change after a while. Allison looks at him and realizes he wonders if she is thinking about killing herself. She isn’t trying to die! She is not Emily, as she starts to laugh. Is this funny, Dusty asks? Allison stands up and heads back towards the window, but she loses her footing and falls from the ledge, as Dusty lunges forward to grab for her.

Katie admits that she has stopped thinking it is Mike every time the phone rings. He did leave a lot of his stuff behind though. She knows that he isn’t coming back for his shirts, right? Mike was really angry when he left and the only way to see him again and see about their relationship is to track him down and force him into marriage counseling. Katie answers that Mike would never go for that. If she wants to move on, she needs to end things with Mike first.

Carly is pacing around Cleo’s room talking to herself. This is bad; Jack is going to interrogate her and she is never going to keep their secret and Jack is going to know why she is back. She hurriedly leaves the room only to run into the manager in the hallway. What is she doing? That is not her room.

Will suggests to Gwen that they make this quick; they will press charges and leave. Just then, Jack walks into the Squad room with a handcuffed Cleo dressed up and looking just like Gwen. Cleo begs Gwen not to be mad at her. How can she not be? She is running around dressed up like her. She is doing everyone a favor by making sure she is behind bars. She didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Gwen realizes she is wearing her shirt; she stole her shirt. What else did she take? Nothing, she just wanted something to remember her by; she wanted to feel special and pretty. Do you know the meaning of word boundaries? She will give it back; she didn’t realize she would miss it since she had so many shirts. Gwen snaps for her to take it off; she needs to start with the ridiculous wig, as Cleo takes it off somberly. She didn’t want Gwen to hate her. She wanted to be her friend. That is not going to happen. She admires her more then anyone in the world. Is that supposed to flatter her, Gwen yells? She is one of the sickest people she knows. Cleo admits that she is not perfect, but she is better then she used to be. That comment doesn’t help her cause. An emotional Cleo is telling them that she read that sometimes when you want to improve yourself, you should use a role model. Use someone that inspires you. Gwen is furious; that is not an excuse for her behavior. You are supposed to be yourself and not pretend to be someone else. She should be considerate of how this makes her feel; this is pathetic. Will asked her to stay away and leave them alone and she didn’t do what she was asked. She never wants to see her again and she better not go anywhere near anyone she loves again, as Gwen stomps off and a distraught Cleo watches her go and then calls out to her.

At Al’s, Luke is glad they talked and that Jade won’t be a problem. Maddie is too, and she likes him, which is more important. She doesn’t think it is a good thing when people judge those whom they are related to. She would hate if people did that with her based on whom her sister is. She smiles; Casey will be happy that she is letting go of her grudge against Jade. Will she get to see him before she goes to college? No, she sadly answers. A bubbly brunette from their school, who is way too excited for the prom, interrupts them. She tells them how everyone who is anyone takes a limo and she has found the perfect dress, not to mention she needs to think about makeup, hair and nails. She had to make sure Kevin got fitted just right for his tux also. Luke’s face drops and he lowers his eyes. Maddie mentions that she is not going for obvious reasons, as Luke chimes in that is the same for him. She looks like she feels sorry for them – after all they are missing the best night of their lives. Maybe there will be a good movie on TV. Maddie and Luke smile and then roll their eyes after she skips off. Luke comments about how he didn’t know Liv was going to the prom with Kevin. Is he ok with that?

The Manager then asks what the police wanted with Cleo? She doesn’t know. What is she doing in her room? Carly tries to divert his question. How is it he is asking all the questions when she should be wondering what kind of place this is with two felons being seen in this place within a few days. The man apologizes; it isn’t usually like that. It doesn’t explain what she was doing though. Carly covers by claiming she was looking for her purse. Did Cleo take it from her? No, she had dropped it outside the door when she went to ask Cleo about having any change for the vending machine. The Manager seems to accept this. Carly breathes a sigh of relief.

When Gwen is famous and they need someone to play her in the movie, she will be all set, Cleo offers. In the billion to one chance that happens, she would be the last person she would want to play her, Gwen spits. Her life is so romantic and she would play it so well. Look at what they went through; they ran away to New York. They were too young to marry, so they eloped. Gwen is stunned; how did she know that? She did research. How dare she? When she was pretending to be her that was bad enough, but the minute she involved her niece and nephews, she crossed a line. Jack tries to pull Cleo away so she can get processed, but Cleo wants them to wait.

Dusty has grabbed Allison’s wrist and is holding onto her. He wants her to hold on, as Allison pleads with him to not let go. He struggles to lift her, as Allison tells him that she is getting tired. Dusty wants her to pull herself up at the same time he pulls. She does and he is able to lift her back to the ledge. He ushers her back in the room to a horrified but relieved Emily. Thank God she didn’t fall. She wasn’t trying to kill herself; she lost her footing. Anything is better then being imprisoned in this place. Dusty saved your life, Emily snaps. Allison sarcastically comments how she doesn’t know what she would do without their heroics; he saved her from her life in Las Vegas and now here. Emily tells her how lucky she is that he was there. They are interrupted a knock at the door. Through the door, Dallas says that he is there responding to a 911 call about a jumper on a ledge. Emily and Dusty look nervously at one another. Dusty opens the door and explains that they are all ok. No one is in danger. Allison pipes up that what she did was bad joke. She wasn’t thinking; she was mad at her sister and she was trying to get back at her. Dallas is amazed; she could have been killed. If everything is ok now, then he will head out, but he has to write this up. Dusty says that it is a family matter and it is handled. Dallas nods; he will let it go, but he better not have to come back. Dusty assures him that he won’t. Dallas tells Allison not to play with her life like that. After he leaves, Dusty bites at Allison that if she ever does something like that again, he will throw her off the ledge himself.

He thought the thing with Kevin was ok, but he never really handled it. Kevin was grateful that he saved him, but being gay was something he couldn’t really accept. Maddie thinks that Kevin isn’t worth it because he is insensitive. He shouldn’t waste his time thinking about him. He isn’t, but now he is thinking that Kevin will be going to the prom and they aren’t. She understands, but it isn’t like you were going to go together. He realizes that, but it doesn’t seem fair that he gets to go and he doesn’t. Maddie understands; she has a boyfriend and she can’t go either. Luke quickly adds that it isn’t the same because her boyfriend is doing time as opposed to one that doesn’t exist. He realizes how that came across and he starts to apologize. Maddie stops him; it is ok. Then suddenly they both start to laugh.

Downtown, Henry brings Katie a Latte. He wants her to keep her focus on the divorce… unless she isn’t ready? She is; she has been thinking a lot about that recently; it is just scary to make it official. Henry teases her about Elizabeth Taylor and all her divorces. Does that mean he is trying to insinuate she has a lot of those in her future? He just means that she should keep the dream alive of happily ever after. Katie wonders if her and Jack have a future, and then he leaves her. She can’t go through that again. Jack is a keeper; he doesn’t leave. He left Carly. She maybe a lot of things, but she isn’t her. He loved her though. If this is her last chance at love, then she shouldn’t hold back, but if it doesn’t work out, she always has him. If she wants Jack though, she should go get him. There are no guarantees, but everyone deserves a fresh chance.

Cleo promises Gwen she would never so anything to hurt the kids; she was not doing anything illegal in her mind. She is a liar, thief and phony, Gwen yells. She had her reasons, Cleo yells back. Gwen wants to hear them. She can’t tell her, but she needs Gwen to trust her on this one. She will be able to tell her one-day. Gwen smirks; she figured as much that she wouldn’t tell her. She wants Cleo to go back to her own life and stay out of hers!

Allison remarks about how freezing she is and how much her arms hurt. Emily leads her back to bed and tucks her in. She sits next to her, as Dusty closes the window. Allison tells her that she doesn’t need to stay, but Emily assures her that she is right where she wants and needs to be. If she had fallen, she doesn’t know what she would have done. Emily promises that she will get through this; things will look better in the morning. Allison wishes she could quit, but she isn’t strong enough. Yes she is. Then she tells Emily to leave her alone. Emily whispers to her that she will be here as long as she is needed. She then walks over to Dusty and tells him that he has gotten himself in deep with this when he told Dallas it is a family problem. It is and she shouldn’t let him get involved in this mess. She would understand if he walked away. Dusty stares at her; he is not going anywhere.

Luke suddenly says he thinks they should go. Maddie doesn’t understand at first, but then realizes he is talking about them going together to the prom. They both bailed on the senior trip, Maddie acknowledges. The prom is like a rite of passage. They would definitely give people something to talk about, Luke says. Maddie jokes that the couple in their class that is making their outfits out of duck tape probably have that market cornered. They both laugh and then Maddie tells him that she sees his wheels turning. Luke smirks; he is handy, but he won’t be someone’s date while looking like the Tin Man. They both realize that they are looking forward to this.

Will and Gwen are back at home, but he has to go back to the library. He isn’t sure that he wants to leave her, but Gwen practically pushes him out the door; she is fine now that Cleo is in custody. Will relents and heads for the door; he was right about Cleo, and she should have listened to him from the beginning. Will teases her; she should know by now that he is always right. He is glad that Cleo is out of their lives for good.

Jack and Cleo are in the interrogation room; what she did carries serious jail time. Cleo is weepy. She didn’t know what she was doing was wrong. He doesn’t believe that. There are three charges to start with; they are fraud, obstruction of justice and kidnapping. She is sorry. He doesn’t buy it. She thought he would be nicer, she remarks. He doesn’t want her to push him because he is very close to ordering a psych evaluation. Cleo mentions that in the movies they get a phone call, does she? Jack pushes the phone towards her and tells her that she has one call and then he leaves. He watches her through the window until Katei comes up behind him. Is it a good time? It is never a bad time when it comes to her. She just wanted to tell him that she is getting ready for their adult date, she says with a coy look and wink. There is one thing she has to do first. Jack smiles broadly; she should call him when she is done with that; he will be waiting. Katie turns and heads out happily.

Inside the interrogation room, Cleo is calling Jade. She needs her help because she has been arrested. Yes, she was dressed as Gwen when it happened, but she has a good explanation. Jade hangs up and Cleo is sitting there sadly holding the phone.

Gwen has walked out of her bedroom and into the living room. There is a knock at the door and she sees Carly through the window. She gasps in shock and rushes to answer the door. She opens it and Carly stands there smiling from ear to ear at her.

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