ATWT Update Tuesday 5/15/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/15/07


Written By Eva
Proofread By Fran

(Lakeview)  Susan is happy to catch Dusty kissing Emily outside the hotel room where Alison is in the middle of treatment to detox from drugs.  Dusty pretends he didnít notice Susan standing there.  Susan just smiles and tells Emily to get a room instead of kissing in the hallway.  Susan hears glass break inside the room and wonders what is going on.  Dusty lies and says they are talking to scary Harry who is a source for a story.  Dusty tells Emily to go have coffee with her mother while he takes care of scary Harry.

(Police Station)  Gwen and Will arrive to talk to Jack about Cleo but Margo informs them Jack doesnít start his shift for another three hours.  Margo offers to help but Gwen tells Margo they must speak to Jack.  Margo calls Jack who is at Alís Diner with Katie and informs him that Gwen and Will asked to speak to him.  Jack doesnít want to leave Alís because he and Katie were planning to go some place more private and spend some time alone.  Katie tells Jack its okay because she needs to speak to Margo anyway and she must get used to interruptions if she is going to be dating a cop.  Jack tells Margo that he will be at the station in a few minutes.  Nan, the waitress, tells Jack she thinks she saw a drug dealer hanging around the diner so he tells her that he will send a cop by later to get a description of the guy.  Nan also notices Carly in her disguise looking through the window and points her out to Jack.  However, when he goes outside to check things out, Carly hides behind a wall and Jack doesnít see her. 

(Lakeview)  Alison screams for help but Dusty goes back inside and tells her she isnít going anywhere until she is clean and he isnít in the mood for any of her crack head attitude.  Alison tells Dusty she is scared of him and he responds itís about time she was scared enough by something or someone to stop doing drugs.  Dusty locks the door again and the next few minutes are scenes of Alisonís drug withdrawal symptoms to give the audience the feeling that hours are passing as Alison continues to feel worse.  Alison tells Dusty she doesnít need his help and he has no idea what she has been through and why she takes drugs.  Dusty tells Alison that he thinks itís a shame that a girl who has a family that loves her and has had every chance in life chose to take drugs.

(Java)  Susan tells Emily that Dusty is a good man and she is happy that he and Emily are becoming more then friends.  Emily tells her mother not to assume things because she and Dusty are just friends.  Dusty calls and tells Emily Alisonís detox is going right on schedule and she is craving sugar so she should bring her cake or cookies when she comes to stay with her. 

(Lakeview)  Alison begs Dusty to let her out but he stands his ground and doesnít let her go.  Alison kisses Dusty to try and get him to let her go but he just gently stops her and doesnít let her go.  Dusty tells Alison she has to stop using sex to get what she wants from a man.  Alison takes off her clothes to try seducing Dusty again but this time she also adds blackmail.  She tells Dusty if he doesnít let her go she will tell Emily she slept with him.  Dusty picks up Alison and takes her to the bathroom and places her in the bathtub and turns on the water.  Dusty tells Alison once again that Susan and Emily love her very much and if she loves them half as much, she should stop breaking their heart. 

(Police Station)  Jack and Katie arrive and are very disappointed they canít schedule a time to have a date.  Katie agrees to go with Jack to Parkerís soccer game and the two begin to kiss so much that they donít notice Margo enter the room until she interrupts them.  Jack thanks Katie for spending time with him this morning and goes inside to talk to Will and Gwen.  Margo and Katie go to Alís to have lunch together and talk.  Gwen and Will tell Jack that Cleo has been impersonating her and that she took the kids out for ice cream that is why Sage thought she forgot about their plans for the summer.  Jack asks one of his men to check on his kids and calls the school to tell them that only he and Emma are allowed to pick up the children.  Jack is angry with Will and Gwen because they let a crazy woman near his children.  Will and Gwen apologize and tell Jack they never thought Cleo was crazy.  Will and Gwen give Jack the information that he needs to arrest Cleo at the Wagon Wheel motel. 

(Wagon Wheel motel)  Carly is upset because she didnít get to talk to Jack so she asks Cleo to pretend to be Gwen and go talk to Jack to find out what he is thinking about her situation.  Cleo points out that this could be dangerous because Jack is a cop and she may not be able to fool him.  Carly hadnít thought about that but Cleo agrees to do it anyway.  Carly is grateful to Cleo but she is increasingly freaked out because she feels Cleo is starting to think she is Gwen.  Carly coaches Cleo on what to say to get him to talk about her and what he would do if he saw her again and sends Cleo out to see Jack. 

(Alís Diner)  Margo advises Katie to take things slow with Jack because he is thinking about a serious relationship and she might not be ready to be a mother figure to his children just yet.  Margo also thinks Katie should wait until her divorce from Mike is final because the last thing Jack and his children need is to be hurt again.  Katie admits to Margo that she still had feelings for Simon when she married Mike so she promises Margo she will be very sure of her feelings before getting serious with Jack. 

(Lakeview)  Emily arrives for her shift with Alison and remains tough on her and refuses to give her any drugs.  Emily holds Alison as she sings her a lullaby and Dusty walks in and is moved as he watches Emily sing Alison to sleep. 

(Wagon Wheel Motel)  Cleo is about to leave to talk to Jack when Jack knocks on the door and demands that Cleo open the door.  Carly quickly hides in the bathroom and Cleo pretends to be Gwen but Jack tells her he knows she is Cleo and demands to know why she is pretending to be Gwen.  Cleo tells Jack that she has a good reason for pretending to be Gwen and if he wants to come in she will explain everything to him. 

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