ATWT Update Monday 5/14/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/14/07


Written By Elayna

At the farm, Luke is making pancakes for Holden, Natalie and Faith. Faith doesn’t look all to eager to eat, as she pushes them around her plate. Luke is happy that they only have a half a day of school. They are all shocked when Lily comes waltzing through the door. Everyone gathers around her thrilled to see her, as Faith sits quietly at the table.

At the Lakeview, Emily is deflecting Susan’s questions about Allison. She did tell her that she wasn’t going to be coming home last night. She just doesn’t remember the friend’s name. Susan is a bit worried, but Emily tries her best to allay her concerns while trying hard to hide hers.

Dusty is upstairs in the Lakeview hallway when he hides after hearing the door open. Allison’s drug friend is going to get ice; he talks to her as he is leaving; he thinks she should get undressed and wait for him. Dusty picks up his cell and makes a call once the guy goes down the hall.

Downtown, Will and Gwen are studying on a bench enjoying the day. Emma walks up; what are they up to? They are studying for finals. Emma nods; she knew there was a reason for it. What does she mean? She knew there must have been a reason she forgot her plans with Sage. Gwen and Will look confused. Is Sage ok, they cover trying to figure out what she is talking about? She was inconsolable for a time, but she is better now. She wanted to thank Gwen for taking time out and getting the kids ice cream though. Will and Gwen look at one another before Will says that they were in the library studying last night, so he wonders what she is talking about?

At Al’s, Jack is sitting at a table with his kids when he sees Katie through the window. After he walks off, Parker says to JJ and Sage about them being on Jack’s date. JJ snaps that this isn’t a date. He saw them playing ‘tonsil hockey last night;’ it is a date, Parker answers. Jack and Katie walk back to the table; is it true… are they on a date? Did they kiss, JJ wonders?

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Carly is knocking on Cleo’s door. Cleo surprises her when she taps her on the shoulder from behind. Carly was wondering if she has given any more thought to how she might see Jack?

Gwen covers quickly, as she tells Emma that she left the library to meet up with the kids and forgot to tell Will. She is sorry that she upset Sage though. She has had her head in the books. Emma smiles warmly; she is glad that she spent time with them. They need their family. She will spend time with them again soon. After Emma leaves, Will wonders what she was doing? She saw her with the kids so that means Cleo was acting like her again. Why wouldn’t she tell her? She didn’t want to worry Emma. Why would she take them out for ice cream? What is the point of that, Gwen wonders? Will doesn’t care; he thinks that proves she is even more unstable. They should call the police. Gwen pleads with him to let her talk with Cleo. She is odd, but she isn’t dangerous. There has to be a reason she was impersonating her.

A giddy Cleo explains to Carly that she has been doing research; the kids have a half a day today and Jack is with them at Al’s. Carly’s face drops; he is there right now? She can go see for herself. Last night was one thing, but this is broad daylight. Cleo reminds her that she has many disguises at her disposal. Carly nods in agreement, but why does she have all of these disguises? She likes to play dress up. Carly remembers how Sage used to love that. She would design dresses for her and they would play for hours. Cleo doesn’t want her to worry, but Carly can’t see how she wouldn’t. She is supposed to be thousands of miles away with a man who is wanted by many Law Enforcement Agencies. Why is she back? Did Simon dump her? No, in fact he is a wonderful man. Cleo is confused; the police were going to arrest her and she got away with this wonderful man – so why did she come back? Carly smiles; she saw the reason last night; she came back for her kids. Cleo wonders if she really also came back for her ex husband?

Jack and Katie don’t know what to say. Jack tries this diversion tactic; he loves to kiss anybody, as he showers Sage in kisses, as she laughs. Katie explains that they are hanging out. There aren’t any labels being thrown around. Jack nods in agreement. Parker sarcastically answers that it is ok after all his wife left him. JJ tells Jack he is suddenly not hungry anymore.

Lily tells her kids that she missed them so much. They thought they were supposed to pick her up? She wanted it to be a surprise. Holden timidly asks if she completed the program? Yes! She just wanted to get home around Mother’s Day. Faith is still sitting there quietly. Luke takes Natalie upstairs. Lily goes over to Faith and kneels beside her. She wants her to know that she is never going to leave her again.

The drug dealer is back. Allison wants another hit, but he has kept her high all night; he wants more. She smiles coyly and turns on the video. He is thrilled to see it is Allison in a porn flick. They kiss and fall to the bed.

Emily answers her cell, as Dusty walks in the dining room while on the phone with her. They both hang up when they realize they are standing next to each other. Susan wonders if he has seen Allison? He has at the Diner and she looks good, he lies taking Emily’s cue. Susan looks relieved; she has to go see a patient upstairs. After she leaves, Dusty wants to know why she doesn’t tell her mom what is going on? She can’t because Allison didn’t come home last night and she doesn’t know where she is. Dusty answers her quickly; he knows where she is.

Faith tells Lily that she doesn’t know what to say. She can start by saying hi. She missed her so much. She loved her emails, but she much prefers seeing her in person. Faith is happy to hear that she missed her. She is so beautiful, Lily remarks. Faith shakes her head. If she were that, then she would be popular, thin and feel pretty. In addition, if she weren’t such a mess, then she and Holden wouldn’t have fought and then she wouldn’t have gone away. Lily reassures her that she left because she was taking pills and she was out of control. It had nothing to do with her! She was setting a terrible example. She was down on her weight and she saw that. They both were unhappy with how they looked, and they both took terrible steps to change that in their minds. She now knows how to stop that. It was very hard for her to learn to like herself again. Faith wishes she could be more normal. Lily doesn’t think it will be easy, but they will do it as a family. It is important that they lean on each other; it will take time, but they will get through it together. Everyone needs help from time to time. Faith quietly asks her if she will help her? If she wants, she would love to, as they hug.

Katie thinks the waitress should bring a plate of waffles in case. JJ repeats in a snarl that he is not hungry and doesn’t want it. Jack tries to talk to him about not acting so immaturely. JJ pulls away and they end up spilling their drink. Katie quickly picks it up and assures everyone it is fine. JJ wants her to stop acting like his mom. He has one already and he doesn’t need another one, as he takes off. Jack yells after him and goes to stop him. Katie looks upset.

Cleo apologizes for getting personal; she looks like she needs a friend. Carly acknowledges that it has been a while; she had her sister, but she doesn’t want to involve her. Simon didn’t dump her and even want to spend his life with her; she wanted that too. It was too hard to walk away from her past though. She was sad when she walked away? Yes, and she tried not to show it, but Simon saw through her. Simon helped her get back. He told her to stay out of sight until the time was right. When would that be, Cleo wonders? Carly said he told her that she would know. She had to see her kids and Jack though. A knock at the door interrupts them; it is Gwen. Cleo tells her it is the manager after she sees her through the peephole, as she ushers Carly into the bathroom. Gwen wants to know if she can come in? Cleo thinks they should talk in the hallway since the room is a mess. Why did she pretend to be her to her niece and nephew? She got Sage upset. She didn’t mean to, and she had been happy at first. She just forgot about the conversation they had. There was a good reason she forgot… Cleo didn’t have the conversation with Sage… she did. She shouldn’t take advantage of Emma; it is wrong. Cleo doesn’t know what to say. Gwen is mad; this is sick! She has a good explanation for what she did.

Jack stops JJ; after Carly left, Parker was the one that acted up and not him; when did this change? He thought he liked Katie? He did before he knew she was going to move in. Jack thinks he is getting ahead of himself; he doesn’t know what the future holds. Carly and he got a divorce well before she even left. He knows, but he doesn’t want to be forced to forget his mom. Jack smiles; he doesn’t want him to ever. He just wants to remind him how early on, he didn’t want Carly to replace his mom and in fact, he said he hated Carly, but then slowly things changed and now he considers her his mom. JJ reminds him that Carly isn’t dead. Katie isn’t auditioning to be his new mom. Change can be fun though, and he thinks having someone new around might help with that. Can he give her a chance? JJ seems to be considering this. At the table, Sage goes to pick out a muffin while Parker sarcastically tells Katie that she could end up with the step kids from hell. Katie just wants to take it a day at a time. Parker is glad because he doesn’t need another mom. Katie thinks he might need a friend though, as Parker seems slightly affected by this. Everyone comes back to the table, as the waitress brings the waffles announcing she has waffles for the ‘happy family’, as everyone looks uncomfortable.

After the kids leave to go to school, Holden asks Lily how she is really doing? She is ok, but she feels fragile, which they said would be expected. She is still in recovery Holden empathizes. She agrees; she has months of recovery to go through. Holden thinks now that she is home, things will be better. They will get through this. What can he do for her? She wants nothing; she just needs him, as she pulls him into a hug.

Emily and Dusty arrive outside Allison’s room. They can’t just shove their way in can they, Emily says. It is a good thing they got the key because if they knock it is not like she will let them in. Emily nods in agreement. They let themselves in, only to find Allison barely clad in anything in bed with her drug dealer while her porn movie plays in the background. They both jump up startled. Dusty pushes the kid out of the room threatening for him not to come near Allison again. He can’t do that, Allison yells. He just did. What is this, he asks pointing at the drug paraphernalia? A furious Emily tells Allison that she has been lying to her since day one; she never wanted or intended to get clean. She doesn’t have a problem, Allison claims. Dusty thinks Emily should call the police right now, as Emily picks up her cell. Allison can’t believe Emily would let him order them around. Dusty has a better plan; she should call their mother because they have to put Allison in rehab tonight. Emily starts to dial. Allison threatens that she will make her regret it if she goes through with this. Emily falters. Allison pounces; she will run away and never come back. Dusty thinks she won’t get out of Deerbrook, a high security treatment center. They shouldn’t doubt what she could do. Dusty tells her that he will find her and bring her back like he did in Vegas. Allison promises that was because she hadn’t really gone underground. Emily looks like she doesn’t know what to do. Allison continues; she will call their mom and let her know that Emily is the reason that she left and can’t have a relationship. Emily closes her phone; she can’t do it; there has to be another way. Dusty says that there is, but they aren’t going to like it.

Jack, Katie and the kids are finishing up their breakfast in silence. JJ says he has to get going, so the other kids get ready to leave as well. Parker is sarcastic as he leaves about making sure Katie gets Jack home by curfew. After they leave, Katie turns to Jack with a strange smile; that went well, she adds jokingly. He thinks it was great. Katie looks at him in disbelief.

Gwen wonders how Cleo can explain dressing up as her and trying to con her family? She would never hurt her or her family, Cleo promises. Does she hear herself? Noone got hurt, Cleo says. Why is she doing this? She can’t explain right now. She can’t or she won’t? The explanation is a sensitive situation. When she finds out, she will be happy though. Gwen has had it; that is it; she is out of chances, she says as she stomps off. Cleo is upset as she heads back into the room and lets Carly out of the bathroom. She should hurry up and go see Jack, as Carly thanks her and heads off in her trench coat, hat and sunglasses.

Lily admits while it is great to be home, it is also scary. Holden promises to take it one step at a time. Everyone stumbles, but he never really lost faith in her. He always knew she would find her way back to them. She missed him so much. Holden looks at her lovingly; what would she like to do on her first day home? She wants to do the one thing she missed the most – make love to her husband. Holden obligingly picks her up into his arms and carries her inside, as they both giggle.

Gwen arrives back to see Will downtown. She can’t believe Cleo; she really is a lunatic. She claims she would never hurt her or her family and there was a good reason for what she did. They both agree it is time to call Jack.

Dusty tells Emily and Allison that he isn’t going to drag her back to rehab because she is going to detox with him right here in the hotel room. They both look at him in disbelief. Emily has reservations; he is not a doctor. He has had experience with it; it will be fine. Emily worries for Allison’s safety doing this here. Allison sits on the bed; she can’t believe they are doing this to her, as she lies down and seems to go to sleep. Dusty explains that she crashed. They step outside to talk. She will sleep for a while, but then she will be dealing with a lot of demons. Emily is unsure; what is she going to tell her mother? All of the sudden, Dusty grabs her and pulls her into a passionate kiss, as Susan walks up.

Katie thinks he is in denial. Jack reminds her that they are good kids, and he doesn’t want her to give up on them. Katie just doesn’t want to be the reason for his kids being in more pain. Sage likes her; can’t she see how she tries to be like her? Parker is joking instead of being sullen and he knows JJ and he will come around. This is the first time since Carly left that he thinks the smiles can come back to all of their faces. It would be thanks to her; he wants her to stay in their lives for a long time. Katie kisses him passionately; he is going to make her cry. She heads off to the bathroom to freshen up. After she leaves, Carly walks up just outside and sees Jack sitting alone. She catches her breath, as she watches him.

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