ATWT Update Thursday 5/10/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/10/07


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(Lakeview)  Paul wants Alison to stick to the script for her latest phone call to Craig but she wants to read the script get the general idea and ad-lib the call.  Paul disagrees and tells Alison since he is her boss, she must do things his way.  Paul wonders why Alison is so anxious to leave so she tells him that she has an important meeting with a friend.  Paul wonders if Alison’s drug dealer is her friend.  Alison swears to Paul that she is not doing drugs and wonders where he got that crazy idea.  Paul goes in the other room to get Alison’s script and Alison snorts some drugs.  Paul notices the trance like state she is in but Alison covers and tells him she likes to meditate before a big acting job. 

(Fairwinds)  Craig remembers what Rosanna told him the last time she called.  When Meg arrives and calls his name a few times, he is so startled by her voice that he drops the drink he is holding on the floor.  His new maid cleans up the spill and the broken glass. 

(On the plane)  Jack and Katie continue kissing until Katie pulls away from the kiss.  Jack apologizes because he doesn’t think Katie wanted him to kiss her.  Katie tells Jack to stop apologizing because she wanted him to kiss her and it was a nice kiss.  Jack wonders why Katie pulled away from him and she explains she just needed to take a breath for a minute.  Katie kisses Jack this time and they continue to kiss each other for a few minutes.  Jack explains to Katie that he has wanted to kiss her again since the first time he kissed her but he held back because he thought she wanted to be with Brad.  Katie explains that she thought that he kissed her the first time because she was there and she didn’t want to ruin their friendship. 

(Wagon Wheel Motel)  Carly drops her things and Cleo takes that as a sign from God that she should stay in Oakdale and not go home.  Cleo goes outside in the hallway and tells Carly welcome home and helps her pick up the things she dropped on the floor.  Carly explains to Cleo that her name isn’t Carly and she must have confused her with someone else.  Cleo tells Carly she has a very god memory and since she is a friend of Gwen she knows all about her situation.  Carly tells Cleo she is leaving and again screams at Cleo not to call her Carly because that isn’t her name.  Carly panics when she hears Dallas talking to the hotel manager asking to search the rooms because he is looking for a man who beat up his neighbor.  Carly asks Cleo for help so Cleo pulls her into her room and tells her to go hide in the bathroom. 

(On the plane)  Jack tells Katie that he can ask Emma to watch the kids one more night and they can go straight from the airport to her place to be alone.  Jack and Katie are both surprised at how suddenly this all happened so Katie wants to take things slowly because she doesn’t want to ruin this relationship like she has ruined other relationships in the past.  Jack tells Katie he is tired of being cautious and for once in his life he wants to take a risk in a relationship.  Jack thinks that he was running from a relationship with Katie because he was scared of being happy.  Jack kisses Katie’s hand and tells her she makes him happy.  

(Fairwinds)  Craig tells Meg that he is upset with her because she thought he killed Rosanna.  Meg apologizes for assuming Craig killed Rosanna and Craig makes it clear to Meg that he would love Rosanna even if she came back and tried to put him in jail.  Craig wonders if Meg would be happy if Rosanna came back because Paul would more than likely go back to her.  Meg tells Craig that she knows that if Paul left her she would still have him (Craig) because he still loves her.  Meg tells Craig she is ready to listen to his side of the story about Rosanna’s accident.  Craig wonders if Meg really likes him and Meg responds she has moments when she likes him.  Craig asks Meg to stay so he can change her mind about him.  Meg asks Craig if he is ready to tell her what happened with Rosanna but Craig refuses to tell her anything about that night.  Meg makes up a story that a former patient wants to hire her to be a private nurse but she is scared to take the job because she still feels guilty about causing the death of a patient.  Meg asks Craig how a person deals with that kind of guilt.  Craig tells Meg he knows it’s hard for her but she can’t allow one mistake to stop her from doing what she loves to do the rest of her life. 

(On the plane)  Katie tells Jack that it wouldn’t feel right being intimate with him until she is divorced from Mike.  Katie tells Jack she hurt Mike when she slept with Simon and broke a promise to him.  She says that it wouldn’t feel right to be with someone else while she was still marred to him.  Jack tells Carly he also broke a promise to Carly because he shouldn’t have left her even though she lied to him. 

(Wagon Wheel Motel)  Carly wonders how Cleo will handle Dallas and Cleo tells her not to worry as she puts on her blonde Gwen wig.  Carly is shocked that, with the wig on, Cleo is the exact double of Gwen.  Carly hides in the bathroom while Cleo impersonates Gwen and tells Dallas that Iris broke her probation.  She got drunk and is embarrassed and afraid to go back to jail.  Dallas tells Gwen/Cleo he understands and he won’t say anything to the police.  Carly is relieved nobody caught her and thanks Cleo although she is more then a bit freaked out at how easily she impersonates Gwen.  Cleo explains that she is a fan of Gwen’s music and came to Oakdale to meet her and as a surprise she decided to impersonate her.  Carly once again thanks Cleo and quickly leaves the room. 

(On the plane)  Jack wonders why Katie never got a divorce from Mike.  Katie explains that she didn’t think it was important because she thought Mike would eventually do it.  Katie also tells Jack she never thought she would be in a relationship with anyone again.  Katie also admits she was hoping Mike would return but her feelings have changed and that isn’t the case anymore.  Katie wonders if Jack still loves Carly and he explains to her that he will always love her because they have three children together and he sees a part of her in each of them.  Jack makes it clear that he isn’t in love with Carly anymore and he is ready for a new relationship with her.  Jack and Katie agree to put off making love until she is divorced from Mike and his children get used to them being a couple.

(Fairwinds)  Meg tells Craig that when you cause someone’s death you should pay for that death in some way.  Craig wonders if Meg is talking about herself or him and she, of course, responds herself.  Craig’s phone rings and he hesitates to answer it and asks Meg to stay in case it is Rosanna again.  Craig answers the phone and Rosanna tells him that his free ride is about over because she has proof that he switched the babies and the proof comes straight from the hospital.  Alison messes up her last line, which is supposed to be you won’t get away with your crime.  Alison hesitates and says you won’t get away with “this one” instead of “this time, Craig.”

(WOAK)  Jack asks Katie to go on a date with him and, though she hesitates at first, she makes a date with him for later that night. 

(Lakeview)  Alison begins to laugh because she messed up her line and then she hangs up the phone. 

(Fairwinds)  Craig hangs up the phone and when Meg asks him if that was Rosanna on the phone he has a very confused look on his face.

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