ATWT Update Wednesday 5/9/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/9/07


Written By Eva

(Lakeview) Gwen asks Lisa if she can start her new job as desk clerk in two weeks because she has some important tests to study for that are coming up soon. Lisa is very understanding and tells Gwen to concentrate on her studies and she will find someone to fill in for her until she is ready to start the job.

(In Brad and Katie’s hotel room) Katie makes it clear to Jack that she isn’t interested in a romantic relationship with Brad. Jack tells Katie that Brad told him that they slept together at the inn and that he should go to Chicago because Katie had come to her senses and wasn’t ready for a relationship. Katie explains to Jack that they slept in the same bed at the inn because she drank too much champagne after beating Brad at a board game. Katie also tells Jack that she only saw Brad naked was because he accidentally or possibly on purpose dropped his towel after he took a shower. Jack and Katie figure out that Brad was keeping them apart because he wanted her for himself. Jack and Katie decide to confront Brad when he returns and force him to admit the truth. Brad returns from giving his statement and wonders why Jack and Katie are looking at him with such strange expressions on their faces.

(Lakeview) Cleo gives Lisa her job application and after reading it Lisa offers Cleo a job as a housekeeper.

(Al’s Diner) Gwen goes to pick up some food for her study group and sees Sage with a friend. Sage sits down with Gwen while her friend goes to order some food. Sage admits to Gwen that she misses her mom because all the other mothers and daughters in her class are doing something special for mother’s day and she doesn’t have her mom with her. Gwen offers to take Sage out once a week to do girl things with her. Sage is very happy and leaves with her friend.

(Brad and Katie’s hotel room) Brad apologizes to Jack and Katie for putting their lives in danger. Katie wants to know exactly what Brad told Jack about what happened between them. Brad admits after some coaxing that he did distort the truth a little but he only did it to protect them both because he knew they were not ready for a serious relationship. Jack and Katie both agree that he had no right to make that kind of decision about their lives.

(Farm) J.J wants to plant the potted plant, which he bought from Faith as a present for Carly when she comes home. Parker blasts J.J and tells him to stop holding out hope about Carly because she is never coming home. J.J yells at Parker that he isn’t stupid and he wants to plant the potted plant in the ground as a gift to Carly and he doesn’t care about Parker’s opinion. J.J goes outside to plant the potted plant in the ground. Parker gets Mad at Faith for giving J.J the idea about the plant because she doesn’t care about J.J’s feelings or how this will hurt him. Faith blasts Parker and tells him that J.J has every right to miss his mother and if it makes him feel better to watch a plant grow then he is entitled to his feelings and he has no right to be so cruel and yell at him. Faith thinks Parker is being stupid to deny the fact the he misses his mother as well.

(Lakeview) Will arrives after Cleo goes to get her uniform and tells Lisa that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea that she hire Cleo to work at the hotel. Will explains to Lisa that Cleo has been stalking Gwen and one day she put on Gwen’s clothes and a blonde wig and impersonated Gwen and managed to fool Barbara. Lisa decides to fire Cleo and when Cleo returns dressed for work Lisa informs her that she must fire her because she thinks very highly of Will, Gwen and Barbara and refuses to put them in danger. Cleo tells Lisa she will work a different shift or do anything to prove that she doesn’t want to hurt Gwen but Lisa refuses to hire her. Cleo wonders why Will dislikes her so much and he tells her she thinks that she is stalking Gwen an if she comes near Gwen again he will call the police. Cleo tells Will that she only wants to be friends with him and Gwen but Will tells her that he and Gwen are never going to be friends with her.

(Al’s Diner) Gwen goes to pick up some food and cuts in front of Gwen on line and places her order. Gwen tells Jade she knows that she brought Cleo Babbitt to town to stalk her and the minute she can prove it she is going to tell the police. Jade gets real nervous and cancels her food order and leaves very quickly.

(Brad and Katie’s hotel room) Brad tells Jack and Katie that if they were ready for a new relationship they would have managed to get together despite his efforts to keep them apart. Jack leaves to catch his flight back to Oakdale but tells Katie he will call her when he gets home. Katie is very upset with Brad but he admits that what he told Lynn was true and she has changed him. Brad also admits that he kept her and Jack apart because he wanted a chance with her since he is ready for a serious relationship. Katie doesn’t believe Brad and insists he just wants her to be another one night stand and she must have an adult relationship because she isn’t cut out for just a fling. Brad insists he wants a relationship with Katie if she will give him a chance. Brad also tells Katie that he doesn’t think Jack will allow himself to be happy that is why he fell in love with Carly and will never let her go because she is in his blood. This comment makes Katie even more angry and she tells Brad that he must stay away from her except for work Katie packs her bags and leaves to catch a plane.

(Wagon Wheel motel) Jade gives Cleo money to get on the bus and go home because now Will and Gwen think she is a stalker and are never going to be friends with her. Cleo apologizes to Jade for messing up the plan and thanks her for being a friend to her. Once Jade is gone Cleo takes the pictures of Will that Jade refused to give her and starts to leave but then she sees a blonde woman arrive at the motel and is sure that she has seen her before but since the woman has her back to her she can’t see her face.

Katie and Jack end up on the same plane and when Jack sees Katie he gets up from his seat and goes to sit next to her. Katie tell Jack she got very angry at Brad because of what he did and told him that they will only have a working relationship. Jack wants to stop talking about Brad and talk about them. Katie starts to talk non-stop telling Jack she doesn’t want to pressure him into a conversation if he isn’t ready to talk about a relationship with her. Jack leans over and gives Katie a kiss to stop her rambling and to make it clear that he is ready to talk about a relationship.

(Farm) Parker goes outside to help Faith and J.J put the potted plant in the ground in honor of Carly.

(Will & Gwen’s place) Gwen and Will decide not to call the police on Cleo unless she comes near them again. Gwen also wants to prove that Jade brought Cleo to Oakdale to stalk her before she goes to the police. Will and Gwen share a kiss as they try to relax and stop talking about Jade.

(Wagon Wheel motel) The woman turns around and Carly looks through the pictures that Jade gave her and knows the woman who just walked by her is Carly wearing dark sunglasses.

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