ATWT Update Tuesday 5/8/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/8/07


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(Lakeview)  A worried Emily asks Dusty to help her figure out what Paul is doing with Alison.  Emily worries that Alison might be involved in something dangerous and she could get hurt.  Dusty agrees that if Alison is doing something with Paul it canít be anything good.  Emily and Dusty decide that he will go talk to Paul and she will talk to Alison to see if they can get any information on Paulís latest scheme and why Alison is involved in it. 

(Alís Diner)  Alison tries to drink her coffee and take a break but a waitress comes and tells her one of her customerís orders is ready.  Alison tells the waitress she doesnít care and she will give them their order after she finishes her coffee.  Alison calls Jesse the drug dealer and asks him to come to Alís and bring her some more drugs but Jesse tells her that if she wants her candy she always knows where to find him.  Alison screams to her boss that she will be back and leaves the diner to go meet Jesse and get her drugs. 

(Lakeview)  Paul tells Lucinda about Emily seeing him leave with Alison and that he assured her that Alison was doing a job for him and it wasnít illegal.  Lucinda thinks that Emily wonít stop digging until she discovers the truth and she could ruin the plan.  Paul thinks that Craig is about ready to break and the plan could be over by the time Emily can tell anyone about it. 

(Lakeview bar)  Craig tells Meg that he isnít rattled by a few crank calls because he is almost sure that a Rosanna imposter is trying to get under his skin to try and get revenge on him.  Meg thinks that Craig isnít upset by the calls but by the possibility that Rosanna is out of her coma and on her way to Oakdale to make him pay for an accident Rosanna thinks is his fault.  Meg tries to get Craig to admit that Rosannaís accident was his fault so she can get his confession on tape but he keeps saying it wasnít his fault even though he gets more and more nervous every time he says the words.  Meg sees that she wonít get anything more out of Craig now so she pretends to be angry at Craig for refusing to open up to her and help him with a problem.  Meg stomps out the door with Craig calling her name to stop

(Brad and Katieís hotel room)  A crazy Lynn holds a gun on Brand and Katie and explains to Brad that she wants to shoot him because he ruined her life.  Lynn explains that she left her husband because Brad said he loved her and all he did was sleep with her and leave the next morning.  Lynn gets even angrier when Brad doesnít remember her name.  Brad tells Lynn that he is sorry and he has changed since the time he knew her because back then he was young and stupid.  Lynn wonders if Katie was responsible for the change in Brad.  He doesnít respond but looks at Katie.  Lynn tells Katie some of the lines Brad used and Katie discovers that they are the same things Brad has been telling her. 

(Lakeview)  Paul tells Lucinda he has a back-up plan to get Craig in case the original plan doesnít work.  Lucinda is still worried that both Alison and Emily could ruin the plan.

(Alís Diner)  Emily arrives to talk to Alison and a waitress tells her that Alison left again.  She goes on to say that she does that whenever she wants to and leaves her with all the work to do.  Emily decides to stay and wait for Alison.  The waitress smiles and tells Emily she could be waiting a very long time. 

(Street Corner)  Alison gets her drugs from Jesse and is about to go back to work after she takes some drugs.  Her phone rings and she doesnít answer when she checks the caller ID and sees that Emily is calling her. 

(Lakeview)  Paul is about to leave to talk to Meg when Dusty arrives and wonders just exactly what scheme Paul is up to that requires Alisonís help.  Paul explains that he is paying Alison to do a job for him and the job canít be done without her.  Dusty explains that Alison has a drug problem just like Jennifer did and she is probably using the money he pays her to buy drugs.  Dusty wonders if Paul has ever seen Alison take drugs and Paul responds no to that question.  Dusty tells Paul that Alison is off limits to him and he canít use her anymore.  Paul tells Dusty that if he allows Alison to finish her job, Craig will finally pay for his crimes.  Dusty tells Paul that Alison can finish the job but Paul must promise to watch her closely and make sure she doesnít do drugs.  Paul promises to keep an eye on Alison and not allow her to do any drugs. 

(Brad and Katieís hotel room)  Brad tells Lynn that if he knew her now, they would have a different relationship and he would never hurt her.  Brad apologizes to Lynn for hurting her and ruining her life.  Lynn doesnít believe Bradís apology and tells him she lost everything that was important to her so now its time for Brad to lose something that is important to him.  Lynn points the gun at Katie and before she can shoot Jack tackles Lynn to the ground from his position behind her.  The gun goes off but nobody is hurt.  Once the police take Lynn away, a grateful Katie thanks Jack for saving her life after she makes sure he wasnít hurt.  Jack explains that he had a gut feeling he shouldnít get on the plane.  Jack tells Katie that he is just glad he got there in time to help them.  Brad also thanks Jack for his help and jokes that from now on the only crazy woman who can point a gun at him is Katie. 

(Alís Diner)  Alison is surprised to find Emily waiting on her so she tells Emily she had a bad cut on her finger and left to go to the drugstore and buy band-aids.  Emily doesnít believe Alisonís story and Alison is very hurt because Emily doesnít trust her.  Alison screams at Emily to stop stalking her and let her have some dignity.  Emily tells Alison that Paul told her the plan but Alison knows better.  She makes up a story that she is helping Paul with some letters and when Emily confirms the story she knows she is lying.  Alison screams at Emily once again because its okay for Emily to lie but it is forbidden for Alison to lie to her.  Emily apologizes for lying to Alison but Paul didnít tell her anything and she is very worried she is involved in something dangerous.  Emily warns Alison that if she is involved in one of Paulís schemes it will come back to haunt her later.  Alison is once again angry and hurt that Emily doesnít trust her but assures Emily that she wonít let anyone hurt her again.  Emily admits to Alison that, despite everything he has done to her, she does believe that Alison is working for Paul because, for once, he isnít the person lying to her. 

(Lakeview)  Meg plays the tape for Lucinda and Paul and agrees with Paul that Craig is close to a breaking point and their plan is going to work very soon.  Lucinda thinks that they should stop Alisonís part of the plan and just use Meg to keep Craig nervous until he breaks.  Lucinda explains to Paul and Meg that she is very worried about Alison and Emily.  Paul stands his ground and tells Lucinda that they must follow his plan and do it now.  Lucinda agrees against her better judgment and they all go over the details for the next part of the plan. 

(Brad and Katieís hotel room)  Jack calls Kim and tells her what happened with Lynn and she tells Jack to inform Brad and Katie that they must deal with the local press.  Jack relays the message to Brad and Katie who both agree they shouldnít talk to the press.  Brad leaves with the policeman to give his statement and Jack and Katie are left alone to talk.  Katie is grateful that Jack has some ability to be on the same wavelength with Brad because that instinct made him come back to save them.

(Lakeview)  One of Craigís men informs him that someone saw someone matching Rosannaís description get on a nonstop flight to Oakdale. 

(Brad and Katieís hotel room)  Jack tells Katie he also came back because he didnít want her to lose another person she loves.  Katie laughs because she is surprised that Jack thinks she has feelings for Brad.  Katie asks Jack directly if he thinks she has feelings for his brother.  Jack nods his head and tells her that is what Brad told him.  Katie shakes her head no and confirms to Jack that she doesnít have romantic feelings for Brad. 

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