ATWT Update Monday 5/7/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/7/07


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Emily is stunned to find Allison and Paul standing with each other after having gotten off the elevator together. She thought she was going to meet Will and Gwen? Why is she with him? Paul and Allison shift nervously, but Paul regroups and wonders what the big deal is? Emily thinks they know the answer to that. Allison asks to speak with her sister. After Paul leaves, Allison feigns frustration at the fact that Emily is grasping for straws trying to find something where there is nothing. She didn’t lie to her about Will and Gwen. As she was leaving though, she saw Paul and she followed him onto the elevator. They had unfinished business. What was it about? Allison simply answers that it was about her.

At Al’s, Meg is waiting on Lucinda. She wonders if Lucinda doubts that she is up to the task with Craig? Lucinda narrows her eyes; women tend to do dumb things around him. Does he trust her? He still tests her, but she lets him so he becomes more comfortable with her.

At Fairwinds, Craig is staring at the shattered picture of Rosanna as the maid apologizes profusely, while trying to pick up the glass pieces. Craig gruffly tells her not to worry about them and to leave. He thinks about Allison/Rosanna’s words about how she knows what he did, and then the smashing of glass.

At the Georgia hotel, Jack is standing alone with Katie. She wants to talk about them, but he doesn’t think they need to rehash anything. He will talk when he has something to say; Katie explains that she has something to say then about how she feels. Jack cuts her off; she obviously made her choice. Katie in turn cuts him off; she didn’t make any choice. Brad interrupts them just then. He sees their serious expressions and jumps at the chance to stir the pot. What did he do, he asks Jack? When he last saw Katie she was smiling and happy and now after talking with him, she is in a bad mood. He reminds Jack in a matter of fact way that he is here for security and not to upset the talent. Another thing, when they start filming, can he stay out of sight? Jack glares at Brad; he is here only because Kim asked him. Katie asks him if he feels forced to be here? That is not what he meant, Jack tries to explain. Brad focuses on Katie; he needs her to be the bubbly part of the “Dream Team.” Is that what they are calling each other now, Jack snarls? Katie tries to explain that one reporter called them that and now Brad has latched onto it. Brad reiterates that Jack is here only to keep away his screaming fans.

Allison lies to Emily about how when she saw Paul walk in without a care in the world, and she got mad. She had to tell him off because he is a selfish and sick psycho. Don’t they teach her impulse control at her meetings? Furthermore, she doesn’t like to be played. Allison pretends to be annoyed that Emily doesn’t believe her when she is defending her. Emily reminds her that she has been home for days and has not once asked her how she felt about losing her baby. Does she even know her baby’s name? Allison quietly claims that she wasn’t sure if she should open that wound? Emily tries to explain that seeing them get off the elevator threw her. Allison angrily tells Emily to call Will and Gwen if she doesn’t believe her, knowing that odds are in her favor that she won’t. Emily shakes her head no. She doesn’t want to humiliate her. It could have fooled her, Allison snaps. Emily explains that she just wants her better. Allison doesn’t want to hear anymore; her shift starts soon; she is welcome to check up on her, as she stomps off. After she does, Emily makes a call.

Lucinda hangs up her phone and tells Meg that Craig just arrived at the Lakeview. She needs to go work her magic. Meg makes plans to switch shifts with the other waitress. As she is about to leave, Lucinda subtly hands Meg a bug. Meg is a little put off; she doesn’t even know how to use one of these. She just needs to tuck it in her bra and go because it is activated already. Does she really think Craig is going to open up this soon? She isn’t sure, but why not be ready? Is this going to cramp her style, Lucinda asks when she sees Meg’s unsure look? She is just bothered by the fact that Paul will hear everything. Lucinda smiles sympathetically, but then reminds her it is for a good cause.

In the Lakeview bar, Craig is having drinks with his investigator, Zeke. He is relaying the information to Craig that he has ascertained; Rosanna disappeared from the clinic two days ago. Noone saw her disappear and no cameras have caught her leaving. They checked the airports and so far, only one baggage handler thought he might have seen someone who looks like Rosanna boarding a private jet. They are checking the passenger records. He will get back to him when he finds out more information. Craig demands that he stay on this and get back to him immediately. After Zeke leaves, Craig is noticeably distraught.

Katie and Brad are in their rented car driving to Brookfield, GA. Brad teases Katie about how he can’t believe they received 25,000 entries and how they all must be for him. Katie laughs over this. Katie explains that they are meeting Robin O’Malley and her husband. He is lazy so she needs their basement cleaned. Katie and Brad arrive at the modest house; they jump out dressed in “Oakdale Now” coveralls with cameramen in tow. They meet the contest winner and then the husband, who is taking a nap downstairs in the basement, which is a mess. The women concur that it is dirty, but Brad and the husband claim that it is clean for a man. Speaking of dirty, Katie takes this opportunity to ride Brad about the dirty little secret this town holds for him. Brad smiles strangely.

We see the bottom half of a woman letting herself into Brad and Katie’s unoccupied hotel room. She heads over to the desk and sees a bunch of headshots of Brad. She picks them up, rips one in half and tosses it in the trash. She then opens her handbag and takes out a gun.

The O’Malley’s aren’t sure what Katie is getting at, so she explains it is a joke. She tells them to leave so they can get started. At first, Katie is doing all the work as Brad plays video games. She bemoans the fact that this was his idea and she is the only one working. Then he starts to help, but only seems to create more work.

Finally, they get on the same page and work like a team to clean up. They finish and collapse on the couch thrilled with their success. The couple comes downstairs and is ecstatic with the results. They make some small talk and then Katie and Brad are ready to head out. As they are, the husband wonders if they are forgetting something?

Downtown, Emily meets with Paul; she wants him to be straight with her because he owes her that much. What were he and Allison doing together? Didn’t she tell her, Paul asks fishing for information? Emily explains that Allison claims she was reading him the riot act. She doesn’t buy it; what is he doing with her? Does she think they are involved personally, Paul stalls? Emily glares; she is hardly jealous. She knows Allison wouldn’t be interested in him. However, when she saw them together they looked guilty and desperate. Paul hints that there is something going on, but he didn’t share it with her because he knew she would react this way. Emily warns that he needs to stay away from her sister. Allison has the right to live her life as she sees fit, Paul defends. He doesn’t understand what is going on with her; she knows they are linked romantically, but there are up to no good. How can she be so sure, Paul quickly asks?

Meg prances into the Lakeview bar dressed to the nines pretending that she was there innocently enough to unwind after her shift. Craig asks her to sit and they make idle chat. They touch on Paul, and Meg claims that her pride did her in with that relationship. Will her pride allow her to accept a drink from him? Meg smiles flirtatiously. She asks him why he isn’t at work in the middle of the day? He explains that he had some thinking to do. Meg pretends to be impressed with a reflective Craig. Does he want to get specific? For now, he will keep it private. Meg tries not to push; when he is ready to talk, she will return the favor and be there for him. Craig picks up his newly topped off drink and can’t seem to hide his hands from shaking. Meg takes this unintentional cue and pushes him subtly to talk. She can’t ignore how rattled he seems. What is going on?

Craig pauses for a moment and then admits it has to do with Rosanna. She has either recovered or someone is setting him up. Meg plays dumb; she woke up? Craig answers simply, maybe. Meg pretends to be asking curious questions, as if she has no idea what is going on. Did the clinic call him? No, he just got threatening calls from someone that sounds like her. Did he call to check up on her after? Yes, and all they could tell him was her bed was empty. Does he think they are lying? Craig doesn’t answer. What about cameras and witnesses, Meg asks still pretending to be clueless? There are none so far, Craig answers. She would need money and clothes, so she would need help, Meg offers planting the seed. He also wonders if there has been no change at all and the staff is being paid to lie. Then someone was hired to impersonate Rosanna. Meg plays dumb; who gains something from that? Craig admits that there is a list of people who would want to see him cornered and vulnerable. That someone would have to be very bitter and have a lot of time on their hands. Meg agrees with him so he thinks she is on his side.

Allison is messed up and in the middle of a crisis, Emily tries to explain. Paul promises that he has no agenda with her sister; she is in no danger. Emily wants to know what he is keeping from her? She can’t get into it, but Allison is lucky to be alive. Did her name come up on his silly Ouija Board? She knows that it doesn’t work like that. He tries to stop bad things from happening to people, not the other way around. Emily pleads with him to stay away from her. Paul takes a deep breath; he does respect her, so for that reason, he will tell her the truth.

Brad and Katie are standing outside the O’Malley’s with them. Brad, with a wide grin on his face, walks back over holding a giant check for $5,000. They take a bunch of pictures, say their goodbyes and then get in the car to head back to the hotel.

The woman is sitting casually in Brad and Katie’s room smoking a cigarette brandishing her gun. She hears Brad and Katie’s voice approaching in the hallway, as she quickly gets up and races out of the room. Brad and Katie come into the room, thrilled with their successful venture. Brad hugs Katie and then lifts her off the ground and swings her around. A hotel manager and Jack walk in at this moment and Jack finds it hard to hide his displeasure at seeing this. He snaps that he didn’t mean to interrupt. Katie assures him awkwardly that he didn’t. The hotel manager needs Katie for a few minutes. As she leaves the room, she comments about smelling smoke. Was someone in their room smoking? It is a non-smoking room, the manager responds. They assume it is Brad, but he explains that he doesn’t smoke. They blow it off and decide to simply air out the room. After she leaves, Jack and Brad make small talk. Brad comments about how Jack’s time was wasted because nothing happened. Is he asking him to leave? This is the part where he should be thanking him, Jack suggests. Brad thanks him, but then theorizes that he and Katie will be fine and that he won’t let anything happen to either one of them. The threat was probably a joke. He will just see him at home, but he shouldn’t wait up because he and Katie will probably take the long way home, he adds with a wink. Jack struggles to hide his frustration; he is thrilled for him, he snaps. Jack heads quickly for the door, opens it and runs into Katie, who is coming back.

Paul admits that running into Allison was not by accident. She knew it. Why is Allison lying to her? He asked Allison not to tell her. That is comforting, Emily answers sarcastically; he is getting her sister to lie to her. They are working on a confidential project; it is for a good cause, and her sister won’t get hurt, he promises. Emily is not impressed. He can’t promise her that, and furthermore, he doesn’t know what she has been through. What has she been through, Paul asks? She can’t tell him. Paul explains that Allison is involved in something crucial that will benefit a lot of people in the end. Emily isn’t concerned with all the people this will help; she is only concerned for Allison’s well being. Paul thinks it might do Allison good to have a purpose. Emily explains that what Allison is going through makes her an unreliable person. Will he please let Allison out of this for her sake?

Meg pretends to see Craig’s side when he points out the obvious person who has the most to gain this scheme – Lucinda. She does have a lot of clout, but she can’t see how even she can revive a comatose patient halfway around the world. Craig reminds her that she has the resources to buy silence and cooperation. Meg agrees again. For arguments sake though, what if this wasn’t a trick? How would it affect him? Craig sneers; is she asking him if he would feel good if his wife were to have woken up finally or is she wondering about something else? Meg feigns ignorance. Is it that she is just afraid to ask him what she is really wondering?

Allison arrives back at Al’s, where Lucinda is just heading out. She proudly informs her that she made another call for Paul and it went even better then the first one. Lucinda reminds her that they shouldn’t be talking about this in public. Allison nods, but also wants to explain that when she and Paul were leaving, they ran into Emily. This bothers Lucinda. Allison plays it off explaining they covered, but Paul had to leave before their business concluded, she says with a knowing look. Lucinda reminds her that she has already been paid for her initial services. If she wants her to keep doing this for them, then she might want to reconsider that. Lucinda stares at her for a moment and then hands her a small wad of cash. She obviously fancies herself business savvy, Lucinda asks sarcastically. Allison answers that she managed to learn survivor skills when she was on her own. Lucinda smiles and walks away.

Paul reiterates that Allison won’t get hurt. Emily explains that he doesn’t know her sister like before. Why is she being so tough? Emily pleads with him to stop this. He wants her to trust him. That is all he can say now, as he walks off. After he leaves, Emily makes a call to Dusty. Paul is up to something and Allison is right in the middle of it, Emily warns.

Meg admits that she has heard rumors about the fact that he forced Rosanna’s car off the road. Craig ‘corrects’ her; she was driving like a crazy woman and he was trying to get her to slow down and stop. She has heard many times, how Paul blames him for the accident. Craig suggests Paul simply never could get past the idea that he took Rosanna away from him. Besides, what proof does he have? None that she knows of. He is not worried about what Rosanna might say? It is her word against his. Would her version be different then his, Meg pushes? Is there anything she could say that would help his enemies? Craig stares at her not talking, as the camera closes in on the bug tucked just inside her dress.

Katie wonders where Jack is going in such a rush? He is trying to catch the next flight back to Oakdale. He is not going to stay for dinner? Jack succinctly and rather snappy answers that he just wants to get home to his kids. He is sure he can’t stay? No. Brad jumps in; he should get going then. Jack agrees; he doesn’t want to be here one more minute then he has to, as he brushes by Katie quickly and leaves. Katie is shocked. Was it something she said, she wonders sadly? Brad supports her in a sneaky way; it is Jack’s bad manners, he hints. Katie doesn’t agree; it isn’t like Jack to be rude. She thought they were past this. He obviously doesn’t want to go any further. She looks really down, as she promises herself she isn’t going to be the type of girl that feels sorry for herself because a man doesn’t want her. Brad walks up close beside her and tells her that he wants her. Katie jokes it off; he wants everyone. Not anymore, he responds. Wasn’t that he who was flirting with all his female fans? He did, but that is just to show them how much he appreciates their support. He is honored by them. Katie thinks he sounds sweet. She has made him a better person, as she looks as if she doesn’t know if he is setting her up for a punch line or not. He continues; they are getting along great now. Katie teases; they had nowhere to go but up from their first encounter. Brad pours it on; he realizes that he loves how she handles herself, her passion and energy. He respects the fact that she says what she thinks. He feels he can be more like himself when he is around her. Katie realizes he is not kidding and is moved by his words. When he is not around her, he hears her voice and sees her smile. He doesn’t know when or how, but he can’t think of any other woman but her. Katie doesn’t know what to make of this, but before she can give it too much thought, Brad moves in for a kiss. They are just about to kiss, when the door slams open and a crazed angry looking woman with a gun yells at Brad, “Lay one hand on her and you are dead!”

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