ATWT Update Friday 5/4/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/4/07


Written By Dani

Craig calls a board meeting that he is very late for. Lucinda sits patiently reading the paper as other board members look at her for the meeting to get under way. “What, this is Craig’s meeting.” and she goes back to reading her paper. Allison sits shaking her leg and loading her coffee down with sugar and not eating her breakfast. Emily tries to make small talk and Allison tries to be nice and get along. Paul calls asking for another performance. Allison lies and says that Will has called and asked that Allison meet him and Gwen for coffee. Emily has doubts at first but when she Allison acts hurt and agitated Emily tells her to go and have a good time. Before getting away completely Dusty has a run in with Allison wondering why she is wearing sunglasses indoors. Sarcastically Allison answers I’m inside now but on my way outside and last time I checked it was sunny out. Allison makes a line for the elevator and joins Paul in his suite. They wait for Lucinda to give them the okay. Allison eats candy bar after candy bar needing a meth fix. Dusty believes Allison is still using but Emily doubtful because Allison couldn’t afford it.

Craig is nervous and furious at the same time trying to get some kind of or any lead on Rosanna’s whereabouts. Craig arrives at his meeting and tries to conduct business but his mind is obviously elsewhere. Lucinda sends Paul a text to proceed as planned. Allison makes another call on Craig’s personal line at Montgomery Ent. Craig snaps at his assistant for interrupting the meeting but quickly takes the call when he is told that the caller is a woman who will not leave her name. When Craig reaches the phone there is silence unnerving Craig more than he already is. Craig cancels the meeting and goes home to regroup. Pouring himself a drink Craig sees a framed photo of Rosanna laying in the floor with the glass broken. Craig interrogates the maid about who has been in the house since he left for work. No one that she knows of the maid tells him. Craig mumbles to himself believing Rosanna has returned to Oakdale. Paul and Allison exit the elevator at the same time as Emily is leaving the Lakeview.

After Allison had made her exit from breakfast Dusty and Emily go over some articles. Emily is smiling and confident once a gain but her mood is squashed when Sherrie approaches the table and asks Emily to come back to hooking, she has had so many requests for Emily. Emily refuses. Dusty returns to the table and Sherrie leaves them to get back to work. Dusty inquires about why she was sitting in his seat. Emily is truthful and for the first time calmly and truthfully tells Dusty how it all began and where it took her emotionally. Dusty listens with compassion not judgment as Emily tells him when she saw Allison’s movie it saved her from herself. Now that is why Emily must save Allison.

Katie and Brad fly to Georgia to meet the Oakdale Now contest winner. Katie tries to work on the plane but Brad guzzles mimosa’s and jokes with Katie. While in route Kim gets a call at the station from a lady that lives in the town of the contest winner and threatens if she ever sees Brad again she will kill him. Kim becomes concerned and sends a security team but still the call doesn’t sit right with her so she goes to Jack. Jack thinks it’s funny and brad probably deserves an angry woman on his trail but doesn’t believe Brad is in any real danger. Kim asks just to be on the safe side if Jack will go to Georgia and head up the security detail . Reluctantly Jack agrees. Katie and Brad settle into a two room suite and prepare for the publicity meetings and conferences and meeting the contest winner. Jack arrives and tells Brad why he is there. The whole thing is a joke and Brad doesn’t take the caution serious at all thinking it is just a scorned woman who he left wanting more, wink, wink. Jack tries to get Brad to take this seriously but the jokes just keep on coming.

Katie is surprised to come back to the suite and find Jack there talking to brad. Brad is needed in hair and make-up and leaves Jack and Katie alone. Both are nervous trying to avoid the other but Katie finally asks Jack to stay so they can talk about what is going to between them .

Jack finds a book in the trash that Carly had given to Parker. He figures out that Parker had thrown it away and asks him about it. Parker reacts in his usual angry fashion and throws the book away again after Jack leaves. Faith asks Parker about the book. He tells her about the story and how his mom used to read it to him in different voices. Parker talks to her about upgrading his music system. When she says that he might get it for his birthday, Parker wonders if Jack will even remember.  Parker opens his backpack and finds that Faith has put the book back in it. He turns and looks at her, but her back is turned.  He doesn't say anything, just smiles.

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