ATWT Update Tuesday 5/1/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/1/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

At WOAK, Jack is astonished as he repeats what Brad said to him.  Brad told him that he was naked in front of Katie and he was pretty sure that Katie liked what she saw.  Katie walks over with an irate look on her face and asks what she was supposed to have liked.  She tells him that she thinks their conversation is more appropriate for a locker room and asks them why they donít share this conversation with the rest of the staff while they are at it.  Brad and Jack try to back pedal on how this looks.  Katie doesnít want to hear it and tells them that they donít need to be talking about her behind her back.  She scowls at them both and remarks that Brad was bragging and Jack was asking for details.  Jack tells them both that he doesnít need this and takes off in a huff while Katie stomps into her office with Brad right behind her.  She grabs a small book from off the desk and holds it over the shredder.  Brad pleads with her not to shred his Ďlittle black book.í

At the Lakeview, Maddie and Casey are dressed to the nines, as they talk before they head into the dining room.  She tells him that she doesnít need to play dress up with fancy dining and dancing on their last night together.  She tells him that all she needs is him.  Casey smiles and kisses her.  This is not their last night; it is just their last night in a while and he doesnít want to spend it being sad.  Maddie cuddles up to him, as a hotel employee interrupts them.  She apologizes for interrupting but says that Maddie had asked him to give this to her as soon as it came in.  He hands her an envelope.  Casey knows what it is, but Maddie tries to blow it off.  Casey takes the envelope announcing that this is her future, but Maddie snatches it back. 

Downtown, Jade is leaving a furious message for Cleo saying that she had better be here shortly.  As she hangs up, Gwen is walking by.  Jade rushes to stop her from going home. 

At home, Cleo (as Gwen) quickly regains her composure and asks Will if he is hungry.  He tells her that he is and he sits down, watching her closely.  She says that she will go get some milk quickly and then make him something to eat.  Will stops her by the door and says that he wants to know one thing.  He asks her who she is.  Cleo looks like a deer caught in headlights, as she tries to figure out how to answer this.  Will answers that she could try to make a run for it, but she wouldnít make it.  Cleo realizes that the jig is up, as she takes off her wig.  She asks him if she gave herself away when she said she was going for milk since Gwen is lactose intolerant.  He tells her that he knew the second he laid eyes on her.  She admits that she fooled his mom so she mistakenly thought she could keep it up.  She nervously babbles about how elegant his mother is and not at all snooty as one would think.  She was nice, but she is sure that is because she thought she was Gwen and everyone loves her.  He asks her who else she has tried this with and she tells him no one else.  She figured she is batting 500, she continues to babble.  Will wants her to cut the ditzy act, but Cleo explains that it isnít an act; she gets like that when she is nervous.  She tells him that she thinks it was sweet that he knew right away that she wasnít Gwen.  They are so sweet with one another and he even likes to watch her eat her eggs.  Will realizes where he has seen her and recognizes her as the girl from the diner.  Cleoís face lights up because he remembers her.  She didnít think he saw anyone else but Gwen.  He asks if she is stalking Gwen and she tells him that she just wanted to feel what it was like to be Gwen.  He finds it unusual that she has a wig that looks just like Gwenís hair but she tells him that she is a big fan of Gwen.  Will looks unconvinced and says that he thinks she is in this with Jade.

Jade explains that she isnít trying to start something, but Luke just called to tell her that there was an accident on Rte 51, so it would be dumb to try to head home.  Gwen snarls that she is just going to the bookstore, so she isnít too concerned with traffic.  However, she would sit in hours worth of traffic if that meant she didnít have to see or talk with her.  Gwen walks away and Jade glares at her back. 

Casey and Maddie sit down in the lounge.  He wants her to open the letter right away, as if they donít know what it says.  Maddie starts to read the acceptance letter, as Casey cuts her off announcing to the room that she got into Wesleyan College.  Maddie shushes him.  Casey looks at the pamphlet and pictures and tells her that this college looks like it is right up her alley.  She will be right at home there.  Maddie looks at him sadly and says that she doesnít want this night to be about her.  He tells her that no one deserves this more then she.  He asks her if she should call Henry.  When she says no, he agrees because he would want to join them and he still wants her all to himself.  He says that she can tell him tomorrow.  She says that there is nothing to tell him because she isnít going.  Casey looks shocked.

Katie yells at Brad asking what he was saying to Jack.  Brad explains slowly that he just happened to mention to Jack that he was naked in front of her.  Hearing this, Katie lets out a huge angry sigh.  Brad pleads with her not to destroy his little black book.  She asks why he would tell Jack that since he never shares things with him.  Brad says that he is trying to change that.  He just thought it was an amusing story.  Katie tosses the book at him saying that she wouldnít have thrown away his lifeís masterpiece.  He asks her why she is so upset and she tells him that she is mad because he is always messing with Jackís head.  Every time they spend time together, Jack pulls away.  Brad mentions that ever since the kiss, Jack has been running in the other direction.  Katie disagrees saying he was here to see her at the studio and that is not running in the other direction.  She knows why he does this and it is because people can have sane, mature conversations with him.  Brad thinks that Jack is no fun, but Katie thinks he is.  Furthermore, she thinks he is jealous of him because he is handsome, funny, charming and nice Ė all the things he isnít.  Brad recoils, but then jokes that it would be the equivalent of being jealous of a turtle if he were jealous of Jack.  Katie doesnít want to talk to him anymore so she stomps out angrily.  Brad looks down at his recovered little black book, but then he glances after her, looking a little lonely.

At the Farm, Jack joins Emma in the kitchen.  He just had a slight disagreement with Sage about her homework.  He found her playing computer games when she was supposed to be writing a report.  He tells Emma that when he asked about the report, she said she was just warming up her fingers to prepare to type.  They both get a chuckle out of that, as Emma almost says whom she reminded her of.  Jack realizes she means Carly and he sadly comments about how Carly was so sure with the kids and he wishes he were the same.  Emma recognizes that he doesnít know whether to come down on her or not because of everything.  Carly would know what to do, Jack laments.  Emma tries to lighten the mood by talking to him, as she thinks a cop would.  If he needs back up, they can team up as partners and Jack laughs.  Emma says that she will watch Sage since she has some work to do herself and she will make sure she does her report.  A knock interrupts them and it is Katie wanting to talk.  After Emma subtly excuses herself, Jack isnít sure it is a good time.  Katie asks why he came to WOAK.  He tells her that he was on a case.  She smiles and says that she isnít trying to get him to say something that isnít true, but she knows they have always been honest with each other.  She just wants him to tell her what is going on with them and then she will leave.

Casey wants to know why Maddie doesnít want to go to college in Connecticut.  It is too far away, she answers sadly, and she doesnít want to go to school in September when he is coming home in October.  He is not trying to be bossy, but there are all sorts of way to keep in touch Ė mail, phones, IM, planes. She says that it is not the same and she wants to be here waiting for him.  He tells her that it doesnít matter where she waits.  Casey tries to explain that she is so smart and loves the idea of college and challenging herself intellectually.  He doesnít care as much about school.  He is going into the music industry so it isnít as important.  He wants her to thrive at college.  She pleads with him to understand; she can do this from Oakdale.  He thinks she will be more at home there.  She sadly answers that home is with him.  He tells her that he has made a mess of all of the homes he has lived in.  She snaps at him that it is not his decision to make.  He tells her that he has already made a mess of his parentís home and he doesnít want to mess up hers as well. 

Cleo tries to pretend that she doesnít know Jade and she tells Will that she didnít take any jewelry but only took clothes.  He tells her that Jade is a person who lies at the drop of a hat.  He goes on to say that they know about the email to get Gwen out of town, and now Cleo is here and this is too much of a coincidence.  She starts to blubber saying that she did not mean to hurt anyone.  Will tells her that Jade is setting them up and they are going to stop her.  He wants to know what the story is.  Cleo starts to get upset, as Will gets angrier.  She gets flustered when she is nervous.  She will tell him the story.  She wasnít put up to this; she did it on her own.  She thought Gwen would enjoy seeing someone who looks just like her.  She says that she couldnít help herself and wanted to wear Gwenís clothes because her style is so cute.  She realizes this is creepy, but when she fooled his mom, she thought she was onto something.  She will leave everything she touched and get out of his house.  Will doesnít think that is enough and he reaches for the phone.  He is going to call the police but Cleo starts to cry.  Jade has arrived outside and hides and nervously watches Cleo with Will.  Will assures Cleo that the police will respond to him quickly because of his dad.  Cleo starts to explain that she first saw Gwen in LA at open mic night.  She says that she wanted to be a singer, but after hearing Gwen, she knew she would never sound as good.  On her way to Chicago, she passed through town and saw a flier for Gwenís performance at Crash.  She wanted to be like Gwen so people would like her and that is when she started to mess up.  Will explains that she is exhibiting strange behavior and he needs to protect his wife.  She wants to prove she is not a danger to Gwen.  Will asks her what her full name is and she responds, Cleo Babbitt.  He wants to see her license to copy down her information.  He says that he will not hesitate to go to the cops if he sees her near his wife.  She realizes she seems crazy, but she would never hurt anyone with a voice like that. 

Maddie is upset and asks why he is acting like this.  She tells him that she wants to stay with him and he is acting mad.  He says that he isnít mad, but he learned a few things from his parents.  They live their lives to the fullest, and always want the best for the other.  He doesnít want her to put her life on hold for him.  Maddie doesnít see it as that way and says that she can defer and wait a year.  While she waits, she can work and save money.  He tells her that he learned something else from his parents and that is never to use each other as excuses not to do something.  He doesnít want her to blame him if she is afraid.  Maddie isnít happy with Caseyís words.

Katie is frustrated; she doesnít get what is going on with them.  They are friends, then they kissed and now she feels like the IRS.  Jack jokes about nobody being as cute in the IRS.  She asks why he seems to wince when they have to talk about the kiss.  He starts to explain that he and Sage were watching the show and they saw her and Brad.  Katie interrupts saying that she knew this was Bradís fault.  Jack tells her that it isnít Bradís fault but that he just saw something.  They were yelling at one another and her eyes light up.  What he sees in her eyes when she looks at him is more like concern.  She shakes her head and says that is not true.  He tells her that he knows he is not exactly fun right now.  Katie reminds him that they had fun the night her face met with a hockey puck.  They were both trying to get over failed marriages.  She is young and free and he has three kids who need him.  She is pretty and fun and he realized he is an Ďanchorí after talking with Brad.  Katie is frustrated that he and Brad talk about her and decide how their relationship should go and how she feels.  She tells him that they should email her to let her know.  He says this is just a bad time.  Katie tries to leave with some dignity because she doesnít think Jack is into her and tells him that it is fine with her.  She understands that she is flighty and he is an anchor.  As Jack tries to explain, Katie leaves.  He throws the dishtowel down angrily, as he growls, ďDamn it.Ē Katie is just outside the door, leaning up against it saying, ďDamn itĒ too.

Jade is back at the Wagon Wheel Motel trying to remove any sign of her or Cleo.  She grabs things and throws them in the trash bag. 

Cleo is heading out; she hands him the clothes.  She thinks it is great it is that he looks after Gwen and tells them that they are both lucky.  He just wants her to understand that she says she isnít in cahoots with Jade, but she is bad news.  She helped someone who tried to rape Gwen.  If he finds out that she is working with Jade, all bets are off, and the police will be involved.  He never wants to see her again and she says that she is sorry.  Right after Cleo mopes away, Gwen walks in.  Will explains that they had a visitor and Gwen asks him if it was the girl that just left.  She tells him that he had better have a good explanation.  He shakes his head and says that there is nothing about this that is good and Gwenís smile fades. 

Emma walks into the kitchen, only to find Jack fighting with some construction paper.  She recognizes that is not the root of his problem but Jack doesnít want to talk about it.  Emma reminds Jack that Katie was sweet to come all the way out here to bring her real maple syrup.  Jack is trying not to pay attention because he doesnít want to talk about him and Katie.  Emma tells him that he had a good thing going and he blew it.  Jack looks at her in disbelief.

Katie comes stomping back into WOAK and tells Brad that he and Jack can go to hell!  They had better never talk about her behind her back again.  He guesses she just came from seeing Jack because she always seems hurt and angry after she visits him.  He asks what happened and she says that there is nothing to talk about because she is not talking about an anchor.  Brad is happy that Jack took his advice but he is sorry that they broke up.  They were never together, Katie snaps.  Brad wants her to be mad at him if she needs to.  Katie stops for a moment and realizes that it is not really his fault.  Jack would never fall for a girl like her who cheated on Mike and ran Carly out of town.  Brad thinks that Jack is an idiot (even though he pretty much set it up like this).  Katie laughs and says that he just has standards.  They both joke to lighten the mood.  She doesnít want to do something she is going to regret while in this state of mind, as she and Brad sit closely together.  She admits that waking up next to someone was nice.  Suddenly, she starts to cry.  Brad looks uncomfortable and seems to look as if he feels bad.  He gently pats her on the back to try to comfort her. 

An annoyed Jack wonders if Emma is on Katieís side too.  She tells him that she is always on his side.  He wants stability and he knows he canít get it with Katie.  Emma thinks he has all the stability he needs since he has a good job, home and family.  Katie would add something warm and casual right now.  He admits that he doesnít do casual.  Emma wonders if he is afraid to go one-on-one with Brad.  Frankly, she thinks Brad needs to be knocked down a few pegs, and he is just the guy for the job.  Katie and he had something special and Brad deliberately interfered with it and Emma says that she doesnít like or appreciate that.  Jack admits that he is not sure he can go through this again.  Emma looks at him stunned and tells him that she never knew he was such a stubborn man.

Brad says he is sorry that Katie is feeling so bad.  They are looking at one another when an assistant interrupts them to tell them that they have made a decision about the contest winner.  He presents the information and says that they are wanted in a meeting pronto.  Brad takes the letter to read it, and as he does, his face changes expressions.  He asks Katie if she is sure that the information is correct.  Katie asks if he has been there before.  Brad admits cryptically  that he has abut that it was a long time ago.  Katie jokes that he was probably run out of town, as she is walking off.  Brad continues to stare at the letter strangely.

Maddie is very upset that they are arguing and Casey explains that there isnít enough time for him to express himself.  He doesnít want her to give up on her dream just so that they can be together.  Maddie has been staring at him sadly as well as angrily.  She canít believe they are going to spend their last night together with him practically yelling at her.  It is not their last night together, Casey reminds her.  Maddie stands up and says that it is starting to feel like it.  He tells her that he just wants her to be happy but she counters that he has a funny way of showing it.  She says that she is going upstairs because she wants to be alone, and she walks away.  Casey talks to himself after she leaves saying ďhappily ever after Ė just not tonight.Ē

Cleo comes back to the Motel where Jade is feverishly cleaning up.  Cleo wants her to stop it, but Jade isnít interested in what she has to say.  Jade asks if Will called the cops and Cleo says that he didnít because she protected her by not telling him about her.  He thinks she is just an obsessed fan.  Jade is sure that Will is going to be coming after her but Cleo disagrees.  Jade wants to make a quick exit, but Cleo begs her to stay.  Jade makes it clear that Cleo canít stay because Will will never look at her, especially if she isnít looking like Gwen.  Jade tells her to have a nice life, as she tosses the trash bag down. 

Gwen wonders if Will thinks that she wonít come back because he has her license information.  He doesnít think she is dangerous, but she seemed eager to please.  Gwen asks if he thinks that this means that she could easily be manipulated by Jade or Adam.  Will doesnít know, but her cover was blown so he doesnít want her to worry about it.  Both of them look nervous, as they sit quietly on the couch.

Cleo fishes the wig out of the trash bag.  She remembers Willís face when he walked in and saw her.  She picks up the phone and calls the front office.  She wants to extend her stayÖindefinitely. 

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