ATWT Update Monday 4/30/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/30/07


Written By Elayna

At the police station, Jack is distracted as he tries to do his paperwork; he thinks of the kiss he and Katie shared. Margo notices this and asks where his mind is? Jack evades her question by asking about Casey? They are quietly counting down the hours until Casey’s life blows up. They try to live in denial that this isn’t about to happen. Jack can empathize with living life in denial; Margo doesn’t want to talk about Casey right now, so she steers the conversations back to if he has Katie on his mind? Jack nonchalantly explains that she is out of town at an Inn, with his brother of all people. Margo is surprised to hear this, but she is more interested in the fact that Jack sounds jealous.

At the Inn, we see Katie and Brad asleep on the bed with champagne bottles strewn around. In her sleep, Katie takes a hold of Brad’s hand, but it turns into Jack’s. They exchange a kiss, and then she awakens and realizes it is Brad whom is next to her; she jumps back.

At home, Will sees Gwen sitting on the couch, seemingly miles away. Has she gotten any more emails? No, and she realizes that it was not Carly because she would have emailed her again. She really wanted it to have been Carly; she misses her. If she had needed her help, she would have given it to her no questions asked, and whoever sent that email to her knew that. Whoever sent that email to her was a sick person, which certainly could mean it was from Jade or Adam.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Jade is knocking outside of Cleo’s room. She has checked her out and is waiting to pack the car. There is no answer, so Jade lets herself in and finds Cleo busy getting ready at the mirror wearing Gwen’s outfit, the wig, the teeth and make up. She looks just like Gwen. Jade is freaked out. She told her that the plan is being scrapped because Will found out; it is over and it is time for her to go home. Cleo finally stops applying her make up and addresses her; she has thought about it and she is going to stay. She doesn’t need her anymore to continue being Gwen, as Jade looks stunned.

Katie jumps off the bed, as Brad reassures her that it is ok because they both have their clothes on; Katie relaxes. She remembers through a hangover fog that her plan for Henry and Vienna blew up in her face and they stayed instead. She is upset because she knows Henry really loves Vienna, and she thought this romantic setting would help them realize that. She notices Brad’s face; is he realizing she is not as selfish as he thought? He saw how hard she worked to try to make this perfect; he also realized last night that she can have fun. She was actually laughing, drinking and playing games. Then they both have the same thought about how they have to get back to work. Brad claims the shower first. As he is walking into the shower, he wonders what made her wake up with such a smile? Katie remembers, but only explains that it was a good dream. Brad, being his usual cocky self, thinks it is his effect. After he goes into the shower, Katie recalls kissing Jack again. Brad races out holding his chin; he has cut himself. Katie is squeamish, so she doesn’t want to look, but in the process, Brad drops his towel by ‘accident.’ Katie smiles and tells him that his ‘little secret’ is safe with her, as they both giggle.

Gwen is worried that they will always have to wait for the other shoe to drop with Jade and Adam; they will always being plotting against them. Will reminds her that Adam would not risk coming back here and ending up in jail. Speaking of jail, Gwen is feeling guilty that she never paid for her crimes. Will thinks Adam tormenting, stalking and almost raping her is punishment enough, but Gwen isn’t sure. Will reassures her that she has nothing to worry about. Gwen tells him that something good has come out of this last couple of months; she realizes how much she can always count on him no matter what. He smiles appreciatively; he really just has a feeling that the bad stuff is finally all behind them.

Jade reminds Cleo that this was her plan. Cleo reminds her that she has studied, worked hard and is not about to throw this chance away. Jade doesn’t understand because there is nothing in it for her. Cleo answers that this is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Jade realizes this is about Will. She can’t pull it off, she warns, because she didn’t tell her everything she needed to know about Gwen – for insurance purposes. Cleo doesn’t care, but Jade reminds her that the plan was only going to work if she got Gwen out of town and she couldn’t. There can’t be two Gwen’s running around town. Cleo doesn’t have all the details worked out, but she isn’t leaving because she feels in the end, it will be worth it. Jade reminds her nervously that she isn’t Gwen. This crush she is nursing could land her in jail for fraud. Jade is interrupted by a message from Luke. She has to go get Natalie. She wants her to go return the clothes to Will and Gwen’s house before they notice them missing and blame her. Then she wants Cleo to meet her by the bus station right after. After Jade leaves, Cleo looks at the picture of Will and Gwen and touches Will’s face longingly.

Will gives Gwen a bagged lunch he made for her. He tells her that his class was canceled so he doesn’t have to go until later in the day. After she leaves, he calls a friend and asks him to cover for him in class today and get him the notes. He has something he needs to do. Cleo arrives at the house, sees Will still there and quickly ducks out of way, and she waits until he leaves. After he is gone, Cleo lets herself into the house. She walks carefully around and winds up in the bedroom. She opens her bag and starts to pull out the wig.

Brad comes over to Katie after they are all showered and apologizes for earlier when he dropped the towel. She has been married a few times so it was no big deal, as she gives him that teasing look when she emphasizes “no big”. She is not dumb and knows it was intentional and now he is fishing for compliments. She will say this, like the Michael Angelo sculptures, he has a sculpted look as well. She eyes the negligee; last night turned out to be a waste. Brad detects that there is something else bothering her. She can’t shake the feeling that when Jack came to the farm, he had something to tell her, but then they were interrupted. Brad pretends to be sorry for that, but he doesn’t want her to give it that much thought because he doesn’t see his brother pouring out his heart to her. He isn’t the type to share his feelings. It is too soon as well. Carly was his one true love. He isn’t ready to move on. Katie disagrees because he wasn’t here when Carly screwed up and burned all her bridges. She doesn’t doubt that Jack will always love her because they share children, but he isn’t going to go back to her even given the chance. She crossed a line. Brad disagrees; he knows the bond between Jack and Carly because he tried to get in the middle of it. Brad is going to pack the car; as he is leaving, he pretends to be sorry for having told her this. Katie looks sad after he leaves.

Jack tells Margo that he did take her advice and tried to talk with Katie, but Brad called and told him they were at the Inn. He even heard Katie’s voice in the background, and then Brad pretended he was Emma and practically hung up on him. Margo thinks that Brad is being his competitive and jealous self. Jack doesn’t believe he is jealous because he and Katie don’t even really get along. Margo thinks the ice has thawed between them more or less recently. Jack thinks she might be onto something when she says he was being competitive. She suggests he talk with Brad, but Jack scoffs at that. Then he should try something different and talk with Katie, she sarcastically answers.

Cleo has put on her wig, teeth, Gwen’s clothes, makeup, perfume and jewelry. She daydreams about Will coming in and telling her how beautiful she looks, and then he kisses her. She is so into this daydream that she doesn’t hear Barbara calling Gwen’s name. She turns around and looks startled but tries to hide her panic look at being caught.

Margo pleads with Jack to call Katie; that is the only way he will get the real story. He is a great cop, father and friend, but since Carly left, he has shut down. He doesn’t need to suffer in silence because he is a male. He should talk with a friend or professional. Jack admits he has been tongue tied when it has come to Katie. Suddenly, he asks about a suspect’s son in a prior case; does he still work in the same building as WOAK? Yes, Margo says with a smile. Jack winks and tells her that he is going to go over there now. He thanks her for being a friend.

Brad comes back into the room and asks Katie if she is ready to go? Katie explains that she has some things she has to take care of and she will take a taxi back. Is she sure? Yes, and she promises to be in the makeup chair at the appointed time. After he leaves, Katie looks around the room and picks up a bottle of syrup. She says to herself that beggars can’t be choosers.

Downtown, Will sees Jade. He demands that she stop the emails and stunts. Jade claims that she didn’t do anything. He doesn’t believe a word out of her mouth. It is a shame because they used to be friends. That was before she faked a pregnancy and brought Adam to where they were hiding out. She explains that she didn’t know he was a psycho. That doesn’t explain why she helped him torment Gwen beforehand. Did he forget that she was the one that helped pull Adam off of Gwen and got hit doing it? Besides, she isn’t the only one who did things that were not on the up and up. Did he conveniently forget that his wife buried his brother alive? He doesn’t want to hear it; she knows why that happened. She isn’t going to do anything to Gwen, even though she would be well within her rights, but she wants him to leave her alone!

Barbara tells Cleo (as Gwen) that the door was open; she called out to her. She must not have heard her. Doesn’t she have class? An anxious Cleo answers that she had a test and got out early. She knows that they asked her not to interfere, but she couldn’t help this. She brought clothes, as she unzips the garment bags to show her, to Cleo’s sheer delight. Barbara explains she is trying to get into a younger market. Does she like what she sees? Cleo is thrilled; yes, she does. They are beautiful; Barbara is a real designer, she answers. Barbara assumes that comment was said because Gwen didn’t know her when she was doing BRO designs. She designed these dresses with her in mind, as she lays them out for her to see them better. Cleo picks them up and caresses them. She remembered how she didn’t have anything to wear to the Commemorative ceremony for Hal. Noone would have cared anyway. Cleo, trying hard to remember Gwen’s mannerisms, apologizes for not going; she really wanted to be there especially with how Will feels about Hal. Barbara appreciates the sentiment. She wants her to pick out her favorite dress from these. Really? She quickly picks the long flowing purple one. She twirls around with it in a giddy way, which makes Barbara smile but look at her kind of strangely. How are she and Will? Cleo tells her that they are finally in a great place. She is so happy for them. She has to ask though; has she heard from Adam? Cleo answers without missing a beat that she hasn’t heard from him recently. Barbara looks stunned by her cavalier attitude. After everything he did to her, how can she be so casual? What is wrong?

Outside the front door at the farm, Katie stalls; she talks to herself as if she is talking to Jack. She is making excuses as to why she is here with syrup; she knows how he makes his pancakes. She can’t believe she is doing this; he probably doesn’t he like her anyway and this is all for not. The door swinging open and Natalie being there surprises her. Is she there to see her dad? Yes. He isn’t here; does she want to leave a note? No, and she doesn’t have to tell him that she was there even. She came by to give her and Emma this syrup from her stay at an Inn. She knows how she likes Jack’s pancakes. Natalie is thankful, and Katie excuses herself quickly. She shakes her head as she is leaving knowing how silly she is acting.

At WOAK, Jack arrives and asks an assistant if she has seen Katie? Brad enters this exchange quickly and tells the smitten woman that he will handle it. Brad, of course, draws this behavior to Jack’s attention. All the women here love him, he boasts. When Jack doesn’t jump at this show of attention because he is more interested in finding Katie, Brad tells him that she is busy running errands; he will tell her that he stopped by. Jack explains that he will leave a note and that way he will know Katie will get the message. Brad wonders what he is implying? Jack snaps that he didn’t appreciate him hanging up on him while calling him Emma. Brad laughs it off; they were in the middle of something, he says with a look. He was trying to protect Katie. Jack can’t wait to hear what he means by this. She needs distance from him. Jack thinks they should be the ones to decide their personal life. Brad alludes to the fact that her life is complicated…now. What is he getting at? Brad pretends he doesn’t want to get into it to spare everyone’s feelings, but then he opens his mouth. Things have now changed between he and Katie. They have taken their relationship to a new level, he hints. Jack is all ears; what is he talking about?

Outside of Al’s, Jade sees Gwen walk by; can’t she go anywhere in this town without running into her? She already went rounds with Will about how she shouldn’t be able to breathe the same air as her. She saw Will? Yes. He keeps taking on the role of her personal protector. He acts as if she is so innocent, Jade spews. Gwen reminds her that she isn’t innocent; she has done so much to her. Jade snaps that she is sick and tired of being everyone’s scapegoat. Things will come back to bite her. She won’t have to do anything to her; she has negative energy around her because of what she has gotten away with. At some point, she will pay for all of this big time.

Barbara explains that she was hesitant to bring up his name, but she is shocked by her not batting an eyelash. He attacked her, let her think she had killed him, stalked her and had Jade help set her up. Cleo covers; she realizes what he has done, but she can’t let the negativity overwhelm her anymore. If she acts like it is no big deal then maybe it will become just that. Barbara apologizes for opening old wounds, but she is impressed by her attitude. She doesn’t want to spend her life revolving it around Adam and Jade. Will is taking this hard, Barbara remarks. He always is set to protect her though and she loves that in her son. She is so happy they are as close as they are now. She hadn’t been in her corner in the beginning, but she was patient with her. Then she was her rock after Jen’s death and then they let her in on their secret. She is so thankful for that. Cleo answers that she just wants things left in the past from now on; they should be focusing their energy on the positive in the future. Barbara comments about something being different about her. It is like a new Gwen, as Cleo smiles sheepishly. Barbara explains she has to go see her lawyer for a meeting about her designs, but they will talk later. Barbara admits that she is so thrilled that her son fell in love with her and that they are family.

Brad taunts Jack; it is so strange, how one night can change everything. What happened? Brad stalls to build it up; it all started when he was naked in front of her. Jack’s mouth drops open. Brad adds that he thinks she liked what she saw. Jack’s mouth continues to stay open. Katie walks up to the both of them wondering what she liked?

Jade is leaving a message for Cleo telling her that she is late. She hangs up and Barbara is calling to her. Jade mumbles about her day getting worse. Barbara is different to her; she isn’t going to apologize for the past stuff she has said, but she is sorry about her personal family issues with Lily. She thinks that from now on when their paths cross, they should try to be civil though. Jade is confused as to what brought this on? Barbara explains that it was Gwen at the house. She explained that they should leave the past in the past. Jade immediately looks nervous. She saw Gwen at the house? Yes. Barbara is then on her way. Jade realizes Barbara just had a conversation with Cleo.

Cleo is shoving some of Gwen’s items back in her bag; she worries how angry Jade will be after this. She is rushing to the door when Will walks in stopping her dead in her tracks.

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