ATWT Update Friday 4/27/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/27/07


Written By Dani

Emily runs into Dusty in Old town while she is happily shopping for a gift for Allison. Dusty is pleased to see Emily smiling again. Emily tells Dusty that she and Allison had a “break through” conversation last night and she feel she finally got through and Allison is understanding. Dusty tells Emily that he is glad to hear things seem to be turning around but cautions her not to set her hopes too high. Allison may be away from the bad influences but she is not completely saved. Dusty advises Emily to take a firm hand and use a loving heart in dealing with her sister. Emily is defensive at first but sees dusty has a point . While Emily is singing the virtues of Allison Paul has met with the youngest Stewart woman to offer her a proposition as a means to fattening her wallet a bit. Allison assumes he wants to have sex with her for money. Paul is amused that Allison would jump to such a conclusion then questions how casual Allison is about the subject and acknowledges she was prepared to go through with it. Allison becomes defensive seeing that is not what Paul is after and he is getting too close to her secret. Paul is vague about the details but tells her he needs her to do a little acting of sorts. Unsure about getting into business with Paul who doesn’t have the most trustworthy past Allison doesn’t want to be involved if he won’t tell her more. Paul reels her back in by giving her a $100 bill as a deposit for her services and tells her he will be in touch when everything is set up.

With money in hand Allison can score some meth and calls her local dealer. After arranging a meeting she is stopped by Emily. Emily lays down the law with Allison then smoothes the subject over by giving her the new dress she bought for her and invites her out for a girls night out. Allison changes into the new dress and they head out to talk and share a laugh or two over drinks. The mood turns grim when one of Emily’s formal clients and an avid fan of Allison’s approaches the table in disbelief that they are sitting together “it’s every man’s dream” he says Allison yells at him to explain what he means. Emily is stunned and sits shaken in silent. Luckily Dusty hems the guy up and pulls him out of the room. Dusty threatens him and warns him to never speak to either of them again. When Allison notices Emily is upset she asks her about the guy. Dusty reappears by Emily’s side with a good excuse that they had been having a problem with that guy who has been stalking Emily. Allison accepts the lie and leaves giving them time alone. Allison meets her dealer and gets meth from him ordering him from now on he will treat her with more respect and jump when she calls and says jump.

Paul meets Lucinda in her limo and presents his plan to bring Craig down to her. Each put their feelings about each other aside and Lucinda listens with interest. Lucinda agrees to get on board . Paul heads for the farm pleased that his plan is falling into place nicely. Lucinda phones the clinic Rosanna is at to check her status then heads for Al’s to check out Allison.

Meg waits at the bar dressed to kill when she is approached by Craig who assumes she is waiting for Paul .Meg gets up set that he will not believe her that her relationship with Paul is really over. Acting, Meg acts hurt and storms off. Later when she comes to the farm to check on things she finds Craig waiting in Emma’s kitchen. Startled Meg becomes a little uneased but puts her game face on and continues her act to convince Craig to trust and love her again. Craig confesses he knows he shouldn’t but he can’t resist her. They kiss wildly and Holden walks in, he orders Craig to leave and never come there again. Then Holden turns his anger on Meg, not understanding how she could have anything to do with Craig after all he has done to their family. Paul listens from the doorway as Holden blasts his sister for her behavior. When Holden leaves disgusted Paul tells Meg to back off, she is out of the scheme.

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