ATWT Update Thursday 4/26/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/26/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Alís Diner)  Gwen gets an e-mail from Carly asking her to go meet her in Muscle Shell, Montana because she needs her help and she is the only person that she can trust right now.  Gwen hesitates about showing the e-mail to Will but remembering her promise not to keep secrets from him, she finally shows him the e-mail.  Will is very suspicious and persuades Gwen not to do anything until they figure out if the e-mail was really sent by Carly.  Maddie arrives to thank Will and Gwen for allowing her and Casey to use their house to say good-bye.  Will asks Maddie to look at the e-mail and help them figure out if Carly really sent it to Gwen.  Maddie notices that the Internet provider address looks like one a person might use to set up a fake e-mail account.

(Wagon Wheel Motel)  Cleo practices singing like Gwen and begins to imagine Will in the room with her and he is about to kiss her.  Jade arrives and interrupts her thoughts.

(Outside on some picnic tables)  Faith and Parker sneak away from the pep rally.  Parker admits he really doesnít like pep rallies but he invited Faith because he wanted to hang out with her.

(Lakeview)  Henry gets a call from Katie who persuades him to come to the town of Woodley and meet her at a country inn.  She insists he needs to get away for a day or so from all his problems.  Henry hangs up the phone and sees Vienna leaving the hotel with suitcases and is curious to know if she is leaving Oakdale.  Vienna tells Henry she isnít leaving town, she is just going to do a favor for Brad.  Henry gets a little jealous and tells Vienna to go meet Brad because, after all, she seems to have more fun with him.  Henry also thinks that when Brad is around, Vienna forgets all about him.  Vienna is puzzled by Henryís words to her and he finally tells her that he heard their conversation the day after their almost wedding when he came by to apologize to her.  Vienna makes it clear to Henry then that she isnít interested in Brad and letís it slip that the only man she is interested in is him (Henry). 

(Farm)  Katieís back is turned when Jack arrives home and she thinks he is Brad.  She asks his opinion on the basket of romantic goodies she packed for Henry and Vienna.  Jack tells Katie that what he is looking at now is a 10+ and then Katie turns, startled, to see that Jack is home.  Katie feels awkward and quickly tells Jack that he was right.  They should forget about the kiss they shared and just continue to be friends.  Brad arrives and Katie explains to Jack that she and Brad invited Henry and Vienna to a country inn in Woodley in hopes that the couple will reconcile.  Katie tells Jack that Brad thinks that Katie wants Henry to be in love with her always.  Jack agrees with Katieís opinion that it is a ridiculous idea.  Katie explains to Jack that she has to believe there is hope for Henry and Vienna and that is why she is helping them get back together.  Katie quickly gathers up the boxes and takes them to the car.  Jack stops Brad before he leaves and asks her if Katie is acting distant but Brad tells him she has been acting friendly with him.  Brad tells Jack he overheard the conversation between him and Katie and he should take her advice and remain a friend because she isnít ready for a serious relationship. 

(Lakeview)  Henry quickly figures out that Katie is trying to get him and Vienna to reconcile by sending them both to the inn, which is in Woodley.  Henry persuades Vienna to go with him so as not to hurt Katieís feelings.  Vienna asks Henry if he loves her and he responds that he misses her.  She tells him she wonít go to the inn with him because she wonít settle for less then his love. 

(Outside on picnic tables)  Parker brings back some food and sodas for both himself and Faith even though she didnít want anything to eat.  Parker asks Faith to share the food with him but Faith tells him to eat it all.  Parker tells Faith he figured out her problems with food because he has seen how sad she gets in the lunchroom.  Faith is surprised that Parker watches her and Parker admits that he likes Faith.  Faith tells Parker that she is trying to fix her problems with food but itís hard to talk to a therapist to help her.  Parker tells Faith he knows itís hard on her with her mother being away but she will be back soon.  Faith gets angry when Parker mentions Lily so she tells Parker that her mother is away getting better and she didnít run off with some guy.  Parker gets angry and tells Faith that he knows his mother is never coming back and he has accepted it.  Faith apologizes for her remarks to Parker.  Parker tells Faith a secret that sometimes he doesnít mind talking to the therapist because it helps to talk to someone who isnít family.  Faith and Parker agree that they are happy that they are not alone or the only kids who go to therapists. 

(Alís Diner)  Gwen, Will, and Maddie try to figure out who would want to get Gwen out of town and Maddie has only one answer.  Jade is the only person who wants revenge on Gwen.  Will calls Jade and tells her he knows that she sent Gwen a fake e-mail from Carly to get her out of town.  Will warns Jade to stop whatever she is planning to do because it wonít work.  Gwen canít believe she almost fell for another of Jadeís schemes. 

(Wagon Wheel Motel)  Jade is scared because Will and Gwen figured out the fake e-mail and decides to stop the plan.  Jade tells Cleo to pack her stuff because tomorrow she is going back home.  Once Jade is gone, Cleo is still determined to make the plan work despite the snag and she doesnít care what Jade told her to do. 

(Police Station)  Jack tells Margo that he took Bradís advice and gave Katie some space.  Margo tells Jack to stop listening to Brad because he is putting words in Katieís mouth.  Margo tells Jack that the last thing Katie wants is to have distance from him.  Jack admits to Margo that he is very confused about his relationship with Katie.  Margo encourages Jack to try a relationship with Katie because she needs him now.  Margo wonders if Jack is ready to be needed by someone again and Jack still isnít sure if he is ready for a relationship. 

(Woodley Inn)  Katie and Brad arrive to set up the romantic evening for Henry and Vienna.  Katie is busy working and Brad starts to pretend to be Henry and Katie is Vienna.  Brad does a very funny impression of Henry that makes Katie laugh.  Brad throws her on the bed and they almost kiss but Katie gets up saying that she has a lot of work to do.  Katie tells Brad to leave so she can work but before he leaves, Brad admits that sometimes he is very jealous of Jack and Henry.  Katie thinks itís because they both had a chance with Vienna but Brad corrects her and says he is jealous of them because they both had a shot with her.  He lightens up the serious moment by saying it was back when Katie was fun.  Once Brad is gone Henry calls and tells Katie he and Vienna arenít coming because a few candles wonít fix their relationship. 

(Will & Gwenís place)  Gwen is still angry and insists she has to find a way to stop Jade before she has a chance to hurt her.  Will assures her that Jade can never hurt them because their love is too strong and nobody can hurt them.  Gwen worries about Carly and Will promises Gwen that if she does contact them they are both going to help her. 

(Lakeview)  Maddie arrives and asks Vienna if she can stay with her tonight because she doesnít feel like facing Henryís questions tonight.  Vienna asks her to stay and tells her that she was about to give herself a facial and now Maddie has to join her and tell her everything.  Maddie tells Vienna everything and once the facials are done, Vienna is about to put on an old movie but Maddie has fallen asleep.  A worried Henry arrives looking for Maddie and Vienna tells him Maddie was in bad shape when she arrived but she is better now and he probably shouldnít waken her.  Henry is grateful to Vienna for being so kind to Maddie despite everything that happened in their relationship.  Vienna points out that Maddie saved her tonight and she is grateful to her for the visit.  Vienna tells Henry good-bye but he stays at the door and watches Vienna cover Maddie with a blanket and makes sure she is snug and safe in bed. 

(Woodley Inn)  Katie informs Brad when he returns that Henry figured out the plan and he and Vienna arenít going to the inn.  Katie begins to pack things up and Brad persuades her to relax and do something for herself for once in her life.  Brad gives Kate a neck rub, which she likes but then she suddenly moves away.  Brad pours some champagne and they toast and then Katie tries to find a board game to play.  Brad calls Jack and tells him that he drank too much and he will be staying at the hotel with some good company.  Katie tells Brad she found her favorite game and Jack hears Katieís voice.  Brad says good-bye to Emma because he doesnít want Katie to know he is talking to Jack on the phone.  Brad gives Katie another glass of champagne and tells her she made a good decision to stay and relax for the night. 

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