ATWT Update Wednesday 4/25/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/25/07


Written By Elayna

At WOAK, Katie and Brad are wrapping up their segment and as usual, Brad does something to set Katie off. She reminds him to stick to the script, but Brad thinks improvising is more fun. Katie changes the subject; when is Jack getting back? He doesn’t know. He needs to recover and get some space, but Katie is amazed because it was just a kiss. Brad thinks knowing his brother, he is going to avoid her. Brad is onto the next subject, which of course involves him. What is their stage manager name? Tara. How could he not know that since he has been working with her for six weeks? He needs to go talk to her, as Katie realizes what this really means… translation, he is going to hit on her. Katie reads some more letters from viewers wanting them to come do chores for them. She reads a letter from a woman hitting on Brad, so she crumples it up and throws it away. She is interrupted when she is told she has a visitor. It is Henry. She is so happy to see him; how is he? He is a cad and louse; he took Vienna’s love and threw it in her face. He needs to talk with Vienna, Katie suggests. He was going to, but she was already with another guy. Katie looks stunned.

At the Lakeview, Emma goes to see Vienna. She brought her favorite food. She also brought her wedding dress because she thinks she should hold onto it - just in case. Henry doesn’t love her anymore, and he is not going to come back, Vienna pouts. Emma is hoping that she comes back to stay with her at the farm again. She can’t, because it reminds her of the love she had and lost.

At home, Maddie arrives and surprises Casey; why is she here, he snaps? He thought she was spending the day with Henry? He went out so she came to see him. Can she come in? No, Casey answers abruptly, which stuns Maddie. His parents aren’t home. He will call her later. Maddie won’t accept this and pushes her way in the door. She is not leaving until he tells her what is going on with him? Not a moment after Maddie walks in, Gwen and Will show up with food, gifts and balloons. Casey snaps asking if she knew about this? Will explains that it was his idea. They are going to give him a send off party complete with cake for when he goes into prison, he growls? Can they please get out!? He walks out the door and stands outside, as a concerned Maddie watches from inside.

Outside of Will and Gwen’s, we see the feet of someone walking quickly up to the house. Then, we see the hands of someone hurriedly searching for a key, under the welcome mat, in the mailbox and finally finding it under the plant. They let themselves into the house and we see it is Cleo. She looks around the room from the doorway and comments about how it looks like home.

Katie demands to know whom Vienna was with? Henry ignores this; he hasn’t slept in days and he needs advice. Katie has simple advice; he needs to talk to Vienna. He doesn’t know how he can fix this; he told her that he doesn’t love her enough to marry her. Katie thinks that he can make it right; Vienna needs to know she wasn’t alone in her feelings. She made him a better person. He went to tell her this; he got all the way to her room and she was with someone else already. Who was she with? She was with him, as Henry nods in Brad’s direction. Katie is angered and amazed. How could he? Brad convinced her to move on. Katie is sure Vienna was manipulated. When he heard them together – was he hurt or relieved? Henry admits that he was very hurt. He still loves Vienna then, Katie happily declares. He needs to go to her. No, because he doesn’t want to hear about how good Brad is for her; he doesn’t want to hear about how easy he was to replace, as he walks out dejectedly. Katie asks Tara if she can speak with Brad? Once she leaves, Katie asks Brad to come in very closely, as if she is going to tell him a secret. When he gets close enough, she knees him in the stomach and pushes him down to the ground. He disgusts her, she spits at him.

Emma thinks that Henry’s problem is he is afraid to love her. She is a beautiful, sophisticated, worldly woman who can get any man she wants. He is afraid that he is going to lose her. Vienna wonders how she can fight that? Emma thinks she should let him apologize then forgive him but never let him forget how much of a jerk he was. Does she really think he will come back to her? Yes! If he doesn’t, then he is not anywhere near as bright as she thinks he is. If he doesn’t though, she needs to not forget to live her life; she is young, fun and needs to go on to have many adventures in her life. She will find someone who loves her like she deserves, whether it is Henry or not.

Casey and Maddie are talking outside; he admits that when he went into court, he thought he was getting five years, so he feels blessed at six months. His mom and dad are with the judge now though to see if they can convince him to have a couple more days. If they can’t, then he may have to go to jail today. He didn’t want them to see him like this. Maddie smiles; she thinks they are strong enough to handle it. He hugs and kisses her. She wants him to make love to her; Casey shakes him head no. He doesn’t want his last day to be his parents catching them again. They can kiss though, as Maddie willingly obliges. Gwen interrupts them wanting to know if they want some food? Casey is all for that as they go back inside. He can’t believe they even have cake, as he smiles like himself again. They also have gifts for him. He opens them; there are comic books where a guy in jail escapes at night in his mind and becomes a superhero. He also gets stationary so they can write to them. Finally, they burned him some CD’s so he has music to listen to. He is so appreciative. They truly are all the best. They are interrupted when Tom and Margo come in. Casey is immediately looking towards their expression to know what the outcome is. They slowly smile; they convinced the judge to let him have two additional days; they are all thrilled. They even arranged it so he no longer has to wear his ankle monitor. Everyone cheers. There are some restrictions; he can’t leave town and he needs to be home at 9PM. They also had to put up $100,000. Casey is amazed. Will and Gwen decide to leave to give them some time; as Casey walks Will to the door, Will tells him to give them a couple hours and then come over. They will have the place set up for them. Casey smiles; he thanks him so much for all he and Gwen are doing for him after everything. Will doesn’t want him to worry about that anymore.

Cleo opens her notebook and makes a notation for research at Gwen’s house. She wanders around the house; she stops outside the bedroom, pauses and then goes in. Where would Gwen sleep, as she looks at the bed? She figures Will sleeps closer to the door to protect her. She heads to the other side and lies down; she pulls the other pillows from Will’s side near her and pretends as if he is in bed and she is talking to him.

Margo is on the phone with the Police Station trying to Casey’s monitor deactivated. Maddie tells Tom that she is thankful that she is being welcomed back into their home. Tom smiles; he realizes that they are going to want alone time in the next couple of days…he knows she has her own room at the Lakeview. Maddie corrects him; she did until Henry broke up with Vienna. Maddie smiles nervously, if they want them to promise not to do anything they will, but Casey interrupts them and answers that they could just promise that they will be safe. Tom smiles slightly. Margo hangs up; it took forever, but it is done. All she needs to do is take scissors to it and cut it off. She rushes over and set him free with pinking sheers. Casey wants to know where they got the money they put up? Margo explains that they took out a second mortgage. Casey looks upset upon hearing this.

In her room, Vienna is holding up her wedding dress while looking in the mirror. She remembers times with Henry. He might just come back, she whispers to herself. There is a knock and Vienna goes to answer it thinking it is Emma back because she forgot something; she is shocked to be face to face with a contrite looking Henry.

An annoyed Brad comes into Katie’s office; she doesn’t want him to mess with her right now. He would love to humiliate her like she just did to him when she blindsided him; he is too much of a gentleman though. She scoffs at this remark; that word does not go with him. What did he do now? Was it because he didn’t remember Tara’s name? No. He slept with Vienna! Who told her that, a frustrated Brad asks? She is going to protect her source. Her source doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about. He did take her to her room, and he did want to sleep with her, but he put the brakes on. Katie bites back, that he is a liar. Doesn’t she think he wouldn’t want to be seen as the stud that bedded Vienna? He did the right thing; she was ready, willing and able; she came onto him, but she wasn’t really into him. She was just hurt and sad. Katie’s face changes; she actually believes him. She was wrong. She also realizes Henry was wrong too about this. Vienna still wants to be with him. Brad yells that she is a fake; she probably did a happy dance when Henry dumped Vienna. She secretly wants Henry to only be in love with her.

Cleo seems to have dozed and wakes up with a start in Will and Gwen’s bed. She quickly gets up and fixes it up. She goes to the bureau and opens it; she sees a dress of Gwen’s and holds it up to herself. As she is doing this, Will and Gwen arrive outside. Gwen comments about how quiet he is being; is he worried about the money they spent on making the house look nice for Maddie and Casey? No. He also realizes he lost his house keys. Gwen goes for the house plant to get the extra one, which is now inside with Cleo unknown to them, but before she gets there, Will finds his set. He actually was thinking about when he was in the hospital; it really changed him. People control everything about your life; they tell you when to eat, sleep and shower. Once you get out, then all your subsequent decisions revolve around making sure you never go back. Gwen thinks Casey will be lucky to have him to empathize. They kiss and then go inside. Cleo has now tried on Gwen’s dress when she hears them come in; she races to hide. Will and Gwen start to arrange things around the house; Will heads for the bedroom, near where Cleo is, but them is diverted by Gwen, who wants him to light the candles in the livingroom. Gwen realizes she left some of the candles they bought at the store, so she has to head back. She leaves Will there to light the fire and finish up, with Cleo hiding close by.

Katie is adamant that what Brad is saying is not true! Henry is her best friend and she wants him happy. Who is she going to call when she breaks a nail or gets a flat? She can’t call Henry because he is happy living his life. What he is spewing is garbage, Katie assures him. She is going to call Henry now to give him the good news that they didn’t sleep together. No, she has a better idea; she is going to get them back together. She is going to create a romantic setting and then tell them the news. She will prove to him that she only wants Henry to have happiness.

Henry babbles a bit about how beautiful Vienna looked as a bride. He is so sorry that he wasn’t brave enough to tell her what he was feeling before the last minute. Vienna is now looking at him through hopeful eyes, which then turns into a smile. He wishes he were the man she thinks he is. Vienna interrupts him; she accepts his apology, as she hugs him tightly. Henry is surprised, happy and overwhelmed it looks. He is so happy that she accepted his apology. He has something for her, as Vienna looks excited. He pulls out a checkbook. He has this and the credit cards, as he puts them down on the table. Vienna’s face drops as fast as it became hopeful. She is sad; she takes it back, she says. Henry thinks she is talking about the money and he is glad, but she corrects him; she is talking about her forgiveness. She will never forgive him! Henry looks confused.

Casey is concerned about the $100,000 that his parents had to put up for him. They tell him not to worry about it because the only way they lose it is if he takes off. Once he reports, they get their money back. Casey breathes a sigh of relief. They remind him of his rules before he leaves, but then they send him on his way. Margo and Tom watch them rush away happily hand in hand. She remarks about if he knows what they are going to do? Did they do the right thing? Yes, he knows what they have planned, but he said they would be safe. The way he sees it, they just did the last nice thing for their son they are going to be able to do in a long time.

Will is finishing lighting the candles and the fireplace when Gwen comes in with Maddie and Casey in tow. Gwen and Will let them know the place is set up for them, as Casey and Maddie smile broadly. They will see them later. When Will and Gwen are saying their goodbyes, Cleo takes the opportunity to sneak out the bedroom window. Once everyone has left, Maddie and Casey find comfort in each other’s arms, but Maddie admits that she is confused now. They had waited so long to make love the first time, when it came time, it seemed natural and they were able to take their time. They have so little time together, she feels like she doesn’t know if she should just rip off her clothes and get into bed. Casey doesn’t want her to worry about it, as he kisses her softly. There is no reason for them to rush this time either. They are going to pretend they have today, tomorrow, next week and next month to make love, as he takes her in his arms. She steps backwards and nervously asks him if he will come back to her? He steps backwards and swallows hard before he asks her if she will wait for him? They both nod and hug each other in relief to hear the words of assurance again.

Henry wants Vienna to take back her money; she only gave it to him because the Prince was trying to get it from her. He must have gotten over it by now. Vienna swats the money out of Henry’s hand, surprising him. Does he think this is going to mend her broken heart? Henry alludes to what he knows when he answers that he thinks her heart has plenty to keep it busy. What is he talking about? He heard her… Vienna looks confused. Henry continues; every person on the streets they walk down knows that she can have any guy she wants. He knows she is already taking steps with that. Vienna doesn’t understand, as Henry asks what she wants from him? She wanted him to be different, as she pushes him to the door. She grabs the money from the floor and hurls it at him; she yells for him to take the money because she never wants to see him again! Henry is standing in the hall confused by her outburst after she seemed so happy. He heads for the door to knock again but stops when he hears Vienna sobbing on the other side. Both Henry and Vienna lean up against the door neither opening it but both standing next to it.

Katie asks Brad what he thinks about her plan? Brad teases her; it sounds like a rockin’ time. She needs his help to make it work. He reminds her that playing Cupid is not his thing. Katie is determined to fix this; they are both miserable and they need to get back together. They belong together, Katie adds for emphasis. Brad decides he will help so he can have a front row seat for this disaster.

At the Lakeview, Katie catches up with Henry, who is trying to drown his sorrows with shots. She thinks he has had enough, but he begs to differ because he is still conscious. She needs a favor, but Henry isn’t up for it because he made Vienna cry and that makes him a horrible person. Katie continues; Oakdale Now wants her to rate an Inn upstate. It is a long ride and she wants him to come keep her company. They will have a blast on this road trip. Henry isn’t sure he is up for it. Katie reminds him that they are still best friends and will have tons of fun. This is a perfect time for him to get out of town. Henry finally relents. Katie gives him a peck on the cheek and promises it will be ok.

Brad arrives at Vienna’s suite; he is here to offer her an adventure. He has to go rate an Inn upstate, and he was wondering if she wanted to go? He adds that the Innkeeper supposedly makes the best Swedish meatballs around. Vienna mumbles the word ‘adventure’ to herself and then says outloud how smart his Aunt Emma is. Brad is confused, but Vienna eagerly tells him she will go. Brad being Brad even though he knows this is not the plan tells her that they can share a room, but Vienna smiles and tells him that she isn’t ready for that. She expects him to pay for everything though, as she rushes off to get ready.

Casey and Maddie awaken in bed when his cell phone alarm rings. He has to go. Maddie starts to tear up; they were right because it is much harder. Casey hugs her wanting to make this alright. He explains that today was the worst day of his life; she stayed with him, made him laugh and even danced with him. He loves her so much. He will cherish her for the rest of his life. No camera could capture any picture better of them that he holds now in his heart, as he kisses her passionately.

At the Wagon Wheel, Cleo has returned. She puts on Gwen’s clothes again, as she looks in the mirror. In Gwen’s voice, she says, “Hello my name is Gwen Munson.” She says it repeatedly. She adds, that is exactly who she is, as she stares intently at herself in the mirror.

At Al’s, Gwen smiles and tells Will that today was a good day. He jokes about her being happy that they threw a ‘going away to jail party.’ She just liked how they worked together. She is reminded again that she not only loves him, but she likes him too. They laugh, and Will gets up to get them some more drinks. Gwen opens her computer and pulls up her email. She opens it and sees an email from Carly supposedly. Gwen’s mouth drops open.

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