ATWT Update Tuesday 4/24/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/24/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(College)  Jade rushes Cleo outside before Will, Gwen, or Elwood can see her and tells her to stay outside until she can straighten things out.  Elwood insists that Gwen is trying to mess with his head when she tells him that she hasnít changed clothes today.  Jade starts to flirt with Elwood to get him to change the subject and the tactic works.  Gwen arrives and tells Jade to leave poor innocent Elwood alone and asks her to stop flirting with him.  Elwood senses a tense situation coming and leaves everyone alone to talk.  Jade tells Gwen she doesnít have time to hear her insults and rushes outside to take Cleo back to the Wagon Wheel and scold her for having such a close call with Gwen.  Will gets a call from Maddie informing him that Casey is going to spend six months in jail so Will has an idea to cheer Casey up before he leaves for jail.  Once Jade hears the news about Casey she calls Cleo at the motel to tell her its time to put their plan in motion. 

(Farm)  Lucinda arrives to check on Holden and the family while Lily is away.  Meg gives Lucinda a glass of water to take her medicine and tells her not to worry because Faith had a very good session with her doctor and Holden took her to Java for some Daddy-daughter time.  Meg takes the opportunity to talk to Lucinda and apologize because she feels Craig taking the company away from her was partially her fault.  Lucinda tells Meg it wasnít her fault at all and Craig has always wanted the company.  Meg explains that Craig wouldnít have taken the company from her (Lucinda) if she (Meg) hadnít gotten back together with Paul.  Meg vows to do whatever is necessary to get her company back for her and teach him a lesson.  Meg asks Lucinda to be part of the plan but Lucinda refuses to be in on the plan because she doesnít think Meg can succeed with Craig when many others have failed.  Lucinda does, however, ask Meg to poison Craig, something which Meg refuses to do.  Lucinda explains to Meg that she doesnít want to kill Craig but to incapacitate him just long enough for her to be able to get the company back from him.  Meg again refuses to do this but Meg does manage to persuade Lucinda to think about teaming up with her and Paul against Craig. 

Paul sits on a bench in old town still astonished at how much Allisonís voice sounds like Rosannaís voice and an idea of how to break Craig begins to take shape.  However, in order for his plan to work he needs Allisonís help. 

(Outside Alís Diner)  Allison tells Rob and Jesse to give her a phone number where she can reach them when she gets the money for the drugs.  Emily and Dusty arrive and insist that Allison introduce them to her friends.  Allison introduces Jesse and Rob as two friends from high school.  Once Jesse and Rob are gone Dusty knows that both Jesse and Rob were high so he checks Allisonís purse for drugs.  Allison tells Dusty to stop interfering in her life because it isnít his duty to save every drug addict.  Dusty tells Allison that he wants to help her because he and Emily are friends and Emily cares about her very much.  Dusty notices a help wanted sign and Emily forces Allison to take the job.  Allison isnít happy at first but then she remembers she can use the money she earns to buy drugs so she allows Emily to think she has won this battle.

(Wagon Wheel Motel)  Cleo is confident that she can fool everyone, even Will, when she pretends to be Gwen.  Jade isnít sure that she can do it but she knows that they must speed up the plan or it will never get done.  Cleo forces Jade to tell her what the plan is or she wonít help her.  Jade tells Cleo that they are going to break up Will and Gwenís marriage.  Cleo cries and tells Jade she doesnít want to hurt Will and Gwen because they love each other very much.  Cleo makes Jade promise that she wonít hurt Gwen and even after Jadeís promise, she still doesnít want to go through with the plan.  Jade persuades Cleo to go through with it by telling her that if she does it Will is going to tell her he loves her and will make love to her.  Cleo imagines Will making love to her and gets a smile on her face.

(Gwen and Willís place)  Will plans a ďgood-bye for nowĒ party for Casey to reassure him that his friends are going to be there for him when he gets out of jail.  Gwen thinks Will is so sweet she gives him a kiss and they end up making love.  Once they are finished making love, Gwen admits to Will that she canít stand the fact that he has been and may someday be with other women.  Will assures her that she is the only woman he loves and he could never be with anyone else, and the two lovebirds make love once more. 

(Stewart house)  Allison arrives home and tells Susan she got a job at Alís diner, a fact that makes Susan very happy because that means she will stay in Oakdale for a while.  Once Susan has left for the hospital, Emily makes it clear to Allison that she will come straight home after work and show her all the money she has earned and she will check her purse and her room once a day.  Allison gets angry and decides to leave to go back to Vegas.  Emily tells her that if she walks out that door, she will tell Susan she is a stripper.  Allison gets angry at the blackmail and tells her that she can tell Susan.  She goes on to say that she doesnít care and she just canít stay there anymore.  Emily tells Allison that she will give her one thousand dollars if she can strip for her and then she can go back to Vegas.  Allison begins to strip but is unable to finish, so that makes Emily realize that a little bit of the old Allison is still in there somewhere.  Emily and Allison both cry and hug each other and they tell each other that they love one another. 

Meg meets with Paul and they go for a drive.  Meg explains to Paul what Lucinda asked her to do and he tells her she did the right thing to refuse Lucinda.  Meg also tells Paul she tried to persuade Lucinda that he had changed but Lucinda didnít believe her.  Paul drives by the spot where Rosanna had her accident and he explains to Meg the painful memories it causes him.  Paul tells Meg he may have a new plan to break Craig but only hints to Meg that Craig might relive his past.  Once Paul has dropped Meg off, he calls Allison to find out if she is interested in a job.  Allison says yes, hoping to get money for drugs.  Paul tells her that he will get in touch with her soon and asks her not to tell anybody they have spoken to each other.  Allison agrees and hangs up the phone.  Paul smiles because he knows Allison is interested in helping him and his plan to defeat Craig just might work.

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