ATWT Update Monday 4/23/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/23/07


Written By Elayna

Downtown, Allison walks up to a group of guys; she calls on of them by his name – Jesse. He will be whoever she wants him to be, as he eyes her up and down. She went to High School with him. He didn’t look at her like that back then, she recalls. He was probably too busy because he was in the ‘candy business’, she adds. He and his friends look suspiciously at her. Could they still hook her up? Paul walks over interrupting her; when did she get back to town, he wonders? Allison returns his question with a glare.

At the police station, Casey is talking with Margo in the interrogation room. She is nervously making small talk. Daniel says hi, and he still is laughing over the joke Casey told him a while back about the fact he attends a Boarding School and not a Boring School. Casey doesn’t want her to try to make this better; he appreciates her trying to cheer him up, but he doesn’t want her to worry anymore. Margo tries to think positively; he could get probation or Community Service. She reminds him that Tom wrote a brief including Adam’s role in this. Casey wonders what is taking the judge so long? Margo offers to go find Tom. She leaves and Casey heads straight to the phone, but Tom interrupts him. He wants to call Maddie because he knows she is worried sick. Tom gently tells him that he can’t do that right now, as Casey slowly puts down the phone.

Maddie shows up at Will and Gwen’s; she didn’t know where else to go. They are sentencing Casey today she tells them. A surprised Will and Gwen wonder why she isn’t there? Maddie explains that ever since they caught them, they have not wanted her near Casey, as if she is a bad influence suddenly. Will thinks they are just upset about everything that is going down and this is their way of trying to keep control over something. She is just so scared, but she is concerned with how scared Casey must be more then anything. What if they don’t get a chance to say goodbye? Will tells them that they are going to the police station. Maddie worries what Tom and Margo will say? Will reminds her that it is a public place and this is his idea.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Jade is quizzing Cleo on the people and events in Gwen’s life; she is getting them all right. She jokes that Iris’ name is Pupil, but the humor is lost on Jade. Gwen wouldn’t joke like that. Cleo wants fresh air, but Jade tells her that she isn’t going anywhere. She is not her prisoner, Cleo reminds her sharply or as sharply as Cleo can sound. They are interrupted by a knock; it is Luke. He saw her car out front and wants to know what she is doing here? He was concerned when she didn’t come home for dinner and was not around at breakfast either. He realizes how hard he was on her yesterday, but he doesn’t want her to stay at this dump. Jade, who is anxious to get rid of him, tells him that she isn’t mad and isn’t holding a grudge. Luke feels she is trying to blow him off; is she hiding someone in there? Jade snaps that she is hiding a one night hook up because she is a slut. Luke tries to explain that he is not himself because his mom checked into rehab. Jade is apologetic. Luke then explains that he thought he heard arguing; is there a guy in there she needs help with? Jade tries to steer him away from the door. She claims that she was talking with a maid who stole her bracelet. Does she want back up? No, again Jade rather forcefully states. She can handle this on her own. She knows what it is like for the maid to want something that isn’t hers. Cleo is listening to this exchange just inside by the door. She will meet him in 20 minutes in Old Town, as soon as she handles this with the maid. Jade goes back inside, as Cleo wonders if that was her boyfriend? He is her cousin. She has to go, but Cleo wants something to eat. Jade tosses a package of crackers at her. Cleo teases her by saying that she wants to, “kick it up a notch.” Her favorite chef, Emeril, says this. Jade isn’t interested in hearing anymore and heads out the door with one last warning not to go anywhere. Cleo mimics Jade’s voice, as she repeats the warning while rolling her eyes.

Margo races back into the interrogation room seconds after Tom went in; she looks at Tom and reaffirms that no matter what happens today they will get through this together. The judge is ready; is he ready to go? Casey reluctantly follows them out, and runs into a worried threesome – Maddie, Will and Gwen. Tom is a bit miffed that they didn’t respect their request to stay away from these proceedings; they are not going to help matters. Casey intercedes; the three of them coming to see him helps him though. Will interjects it was his idea. They ask for a moment, but Tom thinks they should get going. He finally relents and gives them a minute. Maddie wants to go with him, but Casey asks Will and Gwen to take her to Al’s. He will call her after it is over, he promises. They have a group hug and reminisce about how much they have been through. Tom thinks they need not keep the judge waiting. Casey reluctantly starts to follow him, lingering holding onto Maddie’s hand. He lets go, takes a few steps, but then turns around and rushes back to her, taking her into his arms, hugging and kissing her warmly. He doesn’t want her to forget that he will always love her, as he walks away. Maddie softly tells him that she loves him too.

An annoyed Allison tells Paul that she was in the middle of a conversation. He did not mean to interfere with her chatting with her friends. She is quick to explain that they aren’t friends but rather people she went to high school with. He is glad because they aren’t a good crowd. They start to walk out of earshot of the group of guys, and Paul suggests they start over, as he asks if she is in town for just a visit and if she is in town with Aaron? Why does he care? He is just glad because Emily has missed her terribly. Allison bitterly remarks that she probably wasn’t as upset as when she was left at the altar. Paul drops his head apologetically. If he could go back and change that, he would. Allison firmly states that she thinks he should just steer clear of Emily. When he sees her next, he should leave her alone too! Paul rocks backwards a bit, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Allison. Is he ok? Does she need to call a doctor? He shakes it off; he is fine. It looked like he just saw a ghost. It is like he had…his voice trails off. She just reminded him of someone. Allison doesn’t understand because he has known her all her life, but she does get that a lot when she lived in LA. A lot of people thought she was an actress when she was trying to get work; you know what they say about everyone has a double, she says. Speaking of which, she has been job hunting and it hasn’t been successful; does he have advice or suggestions? Paul smiles; he thought she wanted him to leave her alone? Allison glowers at him, a she snaps for him to forget it.

At Al’s, Gwen is trying to get Maddie to eat, but she can’t. She hasn’t been able to eat or sleep worrying what is going to happen to Casey. She is going to lose him! She is focusing on the worst-case scenario; he could get sentenced to a lot less time. Maddie is shaking her head; she should never have let him come back. Gwen reminds her that Casey was choosing to do the right thing. It is like Maddie isn’t even listening to reasoning. They could have escaped to Canada and lived the rest of their lives there. Gwen and Will remind her that Casey didn’t want that for her. Life on the run is no way to live; they would have had noone there for them; they would and should have a support system. At least that way, they would have been together forever. She needs to be with him, she decides determinedly, as she quickly rises from the table. What about Tom and Margo? She will go to the house and wait. Gwen reminds her that Casey wanted her with friends. She has to go there; she is going to think positively that the judge will see what she sees; he is a really good person who made a terrible mistake, who has never been in trouble before. Does she want them to come with her? No, because they are only suggesting this because they must think he is going to be going to jail and that she is going to have a meltdown. They don’t think that, but they do think they should be with her. She shakes her head. Will she call them to let them know what is going on at least? Yes, as she heads off, with a look in her eyes, as she is determined to hope for the best. Will and Gwen watch her leave, worried for their friend and what she might be about to deal with.

Jade meets up with Luke in Old Town. Did she end up getting her bracelet? Jade looks at him strangely. Luke reminds her that he is talking about her missing bracelet. Oh yeah, Jade covers. She put it in the safe. Luke is surprised to hear a place like the Wagon Wheel has one; he has learned something new today. He hopes she is not still upset with him? He realized that he was too harsh on her; his mother is a grown woman, who should be able to take the proper amount of pills safely. They are over the counter afterall. He shouldn’t have taken it out on her. Jade understands that sometimes you need to blow up at friends. She is more then that to him; she is his family. He recalls how she stood up against Kevin for him when he came out; she was great. They are friends now because of her. She is glad she could help because someone had to show Kevin how petty he was being. He should worship him. Luke wants her to come home with him. Jade seems to be wavering, but then she catches a glimpse of Cleo out of the corner of her eye. She can’t, she stammers, trying to keep her focus with Luke, as Cleo excitedly waves at her. She needs a break from them. She shouldn’t worry about coming around because he didn’t tell his dad that she was the one who gave his mom the pills. She is anxious to get rid of him, but Luke isn’t taking the hint. She appreciates that, but she needs some space. What will he tell the girls? He can just say that she is staying with girlfriends. Is she sure, they are ok? Yes, and she will definitely call him soon. Luke smiles, accepts this and heads off. Jade stomps over to Cleo, grabs her by the arm and drags her to the corner; what is she doing here? She explicitly told her to stay put. Cleo smiles; she has decided it is time to go public. Jade sees Elwood and hides. Is that Elwood, Cleo asks? He has a crush on me; he has a crush on Gwen, Jade sneers. He is the perfect candidate. She quotes Emeril again when she tells Jade that it is time to kick it up a notch. She pulls out the wig from her bag, but Jade is not amused. She can forget about that, Jade barks. She is not ready! She looks around the corner to check on where Elwood is and when she turns back around, Cleo is gone. She frantically calls out for Cleo, all the while trying to remain inconspicuous. She can’t find her. She finally sees her when she spies Cleo approaching Elwood dressed as Gwen. Elwood says hi to “Gwen.” He was just trying to remember which book they are supposed to buy for class. Cleo bluffs, not alluding to the fact that she has no idea. Elwood is surprised; she is kidding because she was the one who asked the teacher which book edition they needed. Cleo just returns this comment with a smile. Jade watches from around the corner, her face frozen as if witnessing a train wreck.

Will and Gwen are still sitting at the table in Al’s. Gwen is telling Will how she can’t imagine if he were in Casey’s shoes; she can’t imagine what Maddie or Casey are feeling. They must be so scared. He was in Casey’s shoes a few years ago. He was younger then Casey, but he got so scared he didn’t allow himself to feel anything. They also mention the trouble he was almost in when Allison let him take the wrap for a while with the fire. Gwen is irritated that Allison let that happen. Will defends her; she was scared, but she did own up to it in the end. Speaking of the Devil, they see Allison outside the window; Gwen looks less then pleased. Will doesn’t understand why she doesn’t seem happy whenever Allison is around or mentioned? They used to be friends. Gwen explains that is true, but they just lost touch. Will wants her to look at it from his standpoint, if it weren’t for Allison, they never would have met, as Gwen smiles at the thought. Allison comes over to their table to say hi, but also notices the table of guys, she had approached earlier for drugs, sitting nearby. She tries to keep a low profile, in hopes they won’t notice or try talking to her about what she wanted earlier. Will asks her to join them, but an edgy Allison turns him down. Will won’t take no; they just ordered and he can have the waitress come over and take her order. Allison knows the waitress is near the table of guys, so unintentionally she snaps for him to leave it alone.

Maddie walks slowly up to Tom and Margo’s house, repeating her mantra, “Please let Casey be here.” She walks up to the darkened house and looks through the window sadly. She has memories of when she first met Casey and how they didn’t like each other, when they started to grow on one another, their first kiss, as their relationship progressed and up until the time he tells her about the sentencing being moved up. She wipes away a tear, trying to keep it together. She turns around and sees Tom and Margo. They address her with a slight sad catch in their voice. She realizes they don’t want her here right now, but she was so worried about Casey and couldn’t stop thinking about him. She looks to them anxiously. Then Casey steps into view, and she happily rushes into his arms. She was so scared they would take him away before they could say goodbye. Casey looks towards his parents pleading with his eyes for some alone time. They tell them they will be inside. Maddie starts to babble. She knew everything would be ok. The judge isn’t going to be tough on someone like him. This was his first offense. Casey isn’t talking. How did it go? Casey responds softly that it went better then he thought. She knew it! Did he get Community Service? No. Maddie suddenly looks afraid. Meanwhile, inside, Tom and Margo are talking quietly. She remarks how it was always someone else’s kid, who got in trouble and who never saw it coming; she wipes away the tears. Barbara was right; she did act superior, as if her kids were better because they were never in trouble. The have hurt so many, themselves and each other. Adam is lost to them and Casey now faces… her voice breaks up… six months in prison. She starts to cry, as Tom tries to comfort her. He reminds her that it could have been a lot worse. Margo tries to find solace in that, but she can’t wrap her mind around the fact that her son is going to prison.

Allison realizes how over the top she is acting, and she apologizes. She has been job hunting, has not had any success and now she has to face the firing squad. She is just going to get a quick coffee and prepare to hear a lecture her about how she should have gone to college. She says goodbye and heads to the counter. After she leaves, Gwen comments about how Allison hates her. Will thinks she is uncomfortable seeing them together. Gwen is confused; she thought he said Allison is happy for them? She is, but her personal life is obviously not great, so it probably is hard to see people happy. Gwen changes the subject; she is worried about Maddie. Will reminds her that she wanted to do this alone. She realizes that, but she feels helpless. She needs to head downtown now though to buy a book that she needs for class. Allison watches them go and then slowly heads over to the table of guys. She is stopped when Paul intercepts her. Is he stalking her? Is he a freak? No, but he needs her to do something for him; he just needs her to say five little words. Allison agrees, probably in hopes of getting rid of him quicker. He says the words, and Allison quickly repeats them; she says, “I know what you did!” Paul listens and smiles.

Cleo, as Gwen, asks to see Elwood’s book. Cleo tells him that is the right book. He is a bit unhappy since it isn’t the abridged one. Then he changes the subject to flirting; if she ever leaves her husband, he is ready, willing and able. Cleo smiles sweetly, but tells him that she is going to stick with her husband, but she appreciates the offer. Elwood smiles and leaves soon after. Jade rushes over, and Cleo is over the moon; she nailed it, and he even tried to hit on her. She must be so proud, Jade sneers. The next time she pulls a stunt like that, she will be on the next bus home. Is she threatening her? Cleo lowers her voice, and calmly informs Jade that this bullying doesn’t work for her, as Jade looks at her surprised.

At the Lakeview, Paul is having a drink. He pulls out a picture of Rosanna and stares at it. He remembers Allison saying the words he asked her to say. Paul murmurs Rosanna’s name.

Allison catches up with the guys outside of Al’s. She apologizes for the interruption, but she would like to do business. They don’t know or remember her, and they only do business with people that they know or are friends with. Is she a cop? She pleads a little for them not to assume something like that. She is on the up and up, and just needs to score some ‘ice.’ They claim to not know what that is. She spells it out for them; she needs some crystal meth. If they can’t help her, then maybe they can direct her to someone who can? They ask her if she has cash? She doesn’t, but she is good for it; can he cover her and then she will go to the bank. The guy, Jesse, smirks. Does he look like an ATM? His motto is, “No cash, no candy and no excuse.”

Margo asks Tom if he remembers when Casey was a small boy and he was kidnapped? He does because it was the worst day of his life. There was that instant when she realizes Casey wasn’t lost. He was gone. Things seemed to continue from that moment on in slow motion. She remembered asking herself how she could have let it happen? Tom tries to remind her gently that what is happening with Casey right now is not their fault. She continues drawing a parallel, as she sees it to present day events. She recalls feeling so helpless. She replayed the events leading up to it and wondered if she could have done something different? It was like a weight on her. Tom can empathize because he feels the same right now. There was nothing they could have done differently that would have stopped this from happening; it is not like they could have lived his life for him. They did the best they could to protect him. Margo speaks in a hushed tone; they can’t protect him anymore. Casey is going to jail and will be all alone, and there is nothing they can do for him anymore.

Outside of the house, a distraught Maddie repeats Casey’s words; he is going to jail for 6 months!? How long will it be before he has to go? She pleads with him to tell her that it will be a few weeks at least. He wishes he could make this ok for her, but it is only a day or so that he has. Maddie turns from him, and Casey holds her from behind, as she collapses into him.

Jade reminds Cleo that this is her project and she calls the shots. Cleo pleads with her; she needs more practice. Jade explains that she just got lucky with Elwood. Someone that knows Gwen better might have come up and she would have been blown out of the water. They didn’t though, Cleo counters. She was lucky – plain lucky though, Jade snaps.

Gwen and Will are walking out of the bookstore. Elwood asks her why she has the abridged version of the book for class? Gwen teases him; he should have been listening in class better because that was the one they are supposed to have bought. She told him a few minutes ago that it was the other book. By the way, did she change clothes too? Will and Gwen look at each other and then at Elwood. Will smirks and asks if he is high? No. Are they playing a joke on him? Why would they do that? People like to play tricks on him.

Jade and Cleo come around the corner and stop dead in their tracks when they see Will, Gwen and Elwood only a few feet in front of them.

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