ATWT Update Friday 4/20/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/20/07


Written By Dani

Emily lectures Allison about everything from nutrition to getting a job. Allison becomes agitated after being forced to go to a support group and blows up at Emily to stop telling her what to do. Dusty calls Emily asking her to meet him about business at the Lakeview. Emily declines but agrees to go after Susan tells her she needs some one on one time with Allison. Susan takes her youngest daughter shopping in Old Town. Dusty opens with how Emily is doing and sees she is completely consumed by Allison. Dusty thinks Emily should work harder at the Intruder a job she loves and has worked very hard for up to this point. Dusty gives Emily friendly advice and comfort. Emily tells Dusty she has no interest in working at the Intruder anymore because she doesn’t want to run into Craig. Dusty asks if she would feel differently if she never had to see Craig but could stay at the Intruder. Of course, she answers. Dusty tells her he traded his Worldwide stock to buy the Intruder out. Emily is so touched that he did that for her because he believes in her.

Susan and Allison are having a great time shopping but the mood turns dark when Allison is saddened remembering it has been a long time since anyone gave her a present. Allison wonders aloud to Susan if she thinks she is worthy of a man loving her. Susan gets the opportunity to be a real loving mother and doesn’t pass it up giving Allison encouragement telling her what a valuable person she is and any man will be lucky to love Allison. As Susan eases her daughter’s doubts they are approached by a college student who recognizes her from a movie, or video, or some form of media he just can’t place her. Allison becomes very nervous and wants to leave but Susan thinks it’s cute this kid thinks Allison is a movie star. Allison is really freaked out when he asks her if she will autograph his back and pulls his shirt up. Allison insists on leaving. Once at home Susan is called by the hospital and she is needed. Allison is thrilled to finally have a few moments of freedom and heads out. Emily’s good mood is squashed when she returns home to discover Susan has gone to work and Allison is gone.

Luke treats faith to breakfast at Al’s while Holden drives Lily to rehab. Faith refuses to eat and Luke tries to be an understanding big brother but his tenderness with the little sister he adores is overpowered by Lucinda who arrives and makes sarcastic comments directed at the young Faith. Faith shuts back down again as Lucinda forces her to eat and claims she will not leave until it is too late for Faith “to get rid of it” Luke gets a call from Holden and Lucinda takes the time alone with Faith to take a more loving approach. Lucinda promises to be there for Faith and help her every step of the way. She goes on to say that if Faith gets better it will help Lily get better too. Paul walks up to say “Hi” to Faith and asks how she is doing. Lucinda lashes out at Paul telling him Faith or what is going on in the Snyder household is none of his concern. Before Paul can answer Faith defends her friendship with Paul and asks him to sit with them. Lucinda is not pleased but sees that Faith has perked up seeing Paul. Luke returns to take Faith to her therapy appointment.

Paul stays seated with Lucinda who becomes defensive when Paul tries to appeal to her pointing out that both of them want rid of Craig and wants to make him pay for what he has done to both of them. They talk business but Lucinda doesn’t trust Paul or want anything to do with any of his plans no matter how bad she wants to reclaim her company. Business aside Paul demands Lucinda back off and not treat faith badly no matter how much she hates him, Craig , or what she is dealing with in business and personally. Lucinda gives Paul her own warning, “stay out of my path.”

Meg awakes in Paul’s arms and is happy but insists he leaves immediately and stay away. Paul wonders why she would make such a request and refuses to stay away from her. Meg explains the only way her plan to get Craig back for hurting her and her family is to really make Craig believe that she and paul are really over. When Paul sees how much Craig really did hurt Meg and how she feels about him hurting Lily he gives in and agrees to whatever Meg has planned.

Meg arrives at Worldwide to observe Craig taking his new found power out on new employees. Meg tells Craig she has come to warn him and to make up for leaving him for Paul .Craig plays it cool at first but blows up physically and verbally when Meg won’t let the issue go trying to get into his head. Craig pins her up against the wall questioning her motives and indecisiveness between him and Paul. Craig calls her bluff and asks your place or mine?

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