ATWT Update Thursday 4/19/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/19/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Java)  Paul doesnít think Megís plan against Craig is working because he hasnít asked him any more questions about his visions of Johnny.  Meg tells Paul to continue to remind Craig about Johnny and most importantly pretend like he doesnít care if Craig finds Johnny or not.  She says that if he does this, then Craig will fall right into the trap.  Paul isnít sure he can pull off his part of the plan but Meg gives him a kiss and tells him she has confidence in him.  Meg leaves a few minutes later, and wonders what Paul wants in exchange for giving him information on Johnnyís whereabouts.  Paul tells Craig he doesnít want to help him find Johnny but, if he will give Worldwide back to Lucinda, he will give him the information he needs to find his son.  Craig tells Paul that his visions must have made him insane and that he knows he is just making this up to win Megís heart again.  Paul asks Craig to consider what is more important to him--his children or a business.

(Fashions)  Luke arrives to find Jade buying jeans that are not even her size and accuses her of not caring that their family is falling apart.  Jade is upset that Luke would think she doesnít care about the family.  Luke asks Jade to help out more around the house and try to spend more time with Faith and Natalie because they have been spending too much time at home listening to Holden and Lily fight.  Jade apologizes to Luke because she had no idea that Holden and Lily were fighting.  Luke explains that Lily is addicted to diet pills and Holden has been trying to get her to admit her problem and get help but his mom refuses to admit she has a problem.  Jade tells Luke she is sorry and will help more with Faith and Natalie.  Jade also has a slip of the tongue and tells Luke that if she would have known Lily would become addicted to the pills she never would have given her the diet pills in the first place.  Luke blasts Jade for not using her brain because she should have known better then to give a woman who recently came out of a coma diet pills.  Luke is so angry at Jade he tells her he wonít be her friend anymore. 

(Lakeview)  Lucinda calls a stockholder and tries to get him to join her in getting the company back from Craig but the stockholder refuses to help her.  Bob arrives and tells Lucinda he lost a patient who died alone because his daughter didnít get there in time to say good-bye to him.  Lucinda tells Bob she is going to get her company back from Craig if it kills her.  Bob advises Lucinda that a long stressful fight for the company could affect her health and her family.  Bob thinks Lucinda should reconcile with Lily and take some time to relax, take care of herself, and concentrate on the family who needs her right now.  Lucinda promises Bob she will think about his wise advice to her. 

(Farm)  Holden fins Lilyís new bottle of diet pills.  Lily tries to cover for herself by telling Holden that the bottle is one she forgot to throw away.  Lily also tells Holden that she hasnít taken any of the pills in the bottle.  Holden screams at Lily to stop lying to him and tell him the truth.  Lily admits that she saw the pills in a store and bought them on an impulse but she admits the truth after Holden finds the receipt from the pharmacy in her purse.  Holden wonders why Lily bought the pills today and Lily explains that she tried once again to apologize to Lucinda but they had another fight and she felt vulnerable and unsure of herself.  Lily has a slip of the tongue and yells that Holden is the only reason she took a pill today.  Holden tells Lily that Faith also said the same thing when he caught her looking for her laxatives because Parker invited her to a pep rally.  Holden tries to make Lily realize that she and Faith both have eating disorders that are out of control.  Holden and Lily are unaware that Faith is listening to their argument at the top of the stairs and crying.  Lily tells Holden that the situations are totally different because Faith is a child who canít control herself and she is an adult who is perfectly capable of stopping herself from taking the pills.  Faith is now sobbing and bursts into the kitchen telling her parents she will eat and be a good girl if they will just stop fighting.  Faith walks over to the counter and eats some food until she almost chokes on it.  Holden and Lily make her stop eating the food and tell Faith that their argument has absolutely nothing to do with her and is not her fault.  Faith is still sobbing when she tells Holden and Lily that if she was normal, prettier, and didnít cause trouble they wouldnít be arguing.  Lily and Holden explain to Faith that they love her the way she is and donít want her to change.  Faith canít understand why Lily is upset about her weight all the time and when Holden tells her she looks fine and he loves her she just says he is being nice.  Lily cries as she realizes Faith has a good point and she tells her daughter that sometimes grownups make mistakes but the mistakes she has made should not affect her (Faith).  Faith cries and admits to Lily she is afraid she wonít ever get better.  Lily holds Faith and tells her daughter she is scared of the same thing but she tells her they will help each other. 

(Lakeview)  Lisa sits down to talk to Lucinda but their conversation is interrupted by Lucindaís massage therapist who tells him she must cancel the massage and will reschedule the appointment later.  Lucinda hangs up the phone and tells Lisa she will also speak to her later because she has a very important appointment.

(Alís Diner)  Craig arrives and asks Meg to call off Paul because he doesnít believe in his visions and is positive he is only telling him he saw Johnny in a vision in order to win back her heart.  Meg acts appalled and disgusted that Paul would ever do such a rotten thing and assures Craig that she didnít send Paul to talk to him.  Paul arrives and Meg tells him he is a low human being to use Johnny to try to get her back in his life.  Meg tells Paul she never wants to see him again much less be in a relationship with him again.  Paul tells Meg that he was just trying to protect her family from evil Craig.  Meg makes it clear to Paul that she doesnít want to be a part of his revenge plan against Craig.  Meg is so upset, she leaves and must take the rest of the day off.  Paul assures Craig that he wonít allow him to come between him and Meg again. 

(Lakeview)  Lucinda is about to leave when Craig arrives and canít resist a chance to bug her.  Lucinda makes it clear to Craig that he can destroy her company but he wonít destroy her.  Craig smiles and tells Lucinda that he has already made sure Lily is estranged from her just like she turned Lucy against him and that makes him very happy.  Holden calls Lucinda and tells her that she must come over and talk to him now so she heads to the farm. 

(Farm)  Lucinda arrives and starts to leave when she sees Lily but Lily asks her to stay and apologizes once more for her actions.  Lily tells her family that Lucinda was right about her addiction and she has decided to go into rehab tonight to get better.  Lucinda cries and hugs Lily and tells her she is very proud of her.  Lily promises Faith they will help each other everyday and she also tells her she is not leaving because of her, she is leaving in order to get better.  Lucinda takes Luke, Faith, and Natalie outside so Holden and Lily can have some time alone.  Lily cries and admits to Holden that she is very scared she wonít be able to get better.  Holden holds Lily as she cries and tells her he is sure she can get better because she is a strong woman.  Holden and Lily profess their love for each other before they begin to walk toward the door.  Lily takes one last look at Emmaís kitchen before she goes out the door. 

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