ATWT Update Wednesday 4/18/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/18/07


Written By Elayna

Downtown, Lily is waiting for Lucinda after she gets out of her Yoga class. Lucinda wants to know why she is there? She is waiting for her. She thinks instead of stalking her, she should go home and take a long look at her life. Lily is adamant that she listens to her because she has a foolproof plan of getting back Worldwide for her.

At the Farm, Faith is looking at Vienna’s wedding dress; she looks sadly at her body and then picks up her sandwich, walks over to the trash and throws it away. She is about to leave the room when she changes her mind and heads towards a shelf in the back of the kitchen. She quickly starts to remove the jars of jam as if looking for something. Holden, who wonders what she is doing, interrupts her? Faith tries to backpedal claiming it is nothing. He sees something in the back of the shelf; he pulls it out and is devastated to find himself looking at a box of Laxatives.

At home, an anxious Casey is trying to study. Tom walks into the room and asks what he is studying? He is studying Statistical Probability and he hates it. Tom coldly answers that is probably why gambling didn’t work out for him. Casey is frustrated and is about to say something but doesn’t. Tom apologizes; it was a cheap shot. Casey blurts out that house arrest isn’t working, but Tom doesn’t think that jail would be better. Casey begs to differ because he isn’t a cheap shot type of person and his mom isn’t the type to say the things she did to Maddie. Tom thinks they were justified considering what they walked in on after everything else. Casey isn’t talking about that necessarily; he sees how unhappy they are living like this. Tom thinks that they should wait to discuss this when Margo gets home, but Casey thinks they should simply speed up his sentencing.

At the station, Katie arrives to talk with Margo, but she is called away for a little bit to handle a problem. After she leaves, Katie looks over at Jack’s desk and remembers kissing him. She is surprised when he walks up behind her. Is she here for him? A nervous Katie explains that she is here to see Margo. Has she found Henry? She heard from Maddie, who says he is ok. They briefly get into the fact that they still disagree on how things went down with Henry and Vienna; Katie thinks Henry did the right thing, but Jack thinks he should have done it sooner. They don’t want to fight, and they both agree at least that it isn’t good to rush into things. They both wonder what the other means by this, but neither one will vocalize it. Jack wonders how her face is, as he reaches out and touches it? They both recall him taking care of her after Vienna scratched her. They both end up talking over one another so Katie explains that Margo is busy and he thinks people shouldn’t rush into anything so she is going to get going. Katie rushes out, as Jack wonders what is up? Margo asks him where Katie is going? He has no idea. Margo point blank asks what is going on with them?

At WOAK, Brad is smiling as he reads a letter when Katie rushes in. He has found the winner, as Katie is slow to understand what he is referring to. He explains he is talking about the contest, as he tosses the letter at her. Katie glances at the letter before she scoffs at his decision. It is a blatant come on to him and has nothing to do with what they are trying to accomplish. She should get used to the fans wanting him in that way, but Katie isn’t amused. Is she still mad? Yes, he is selfish, egotistical and a narcissist. Brad remarks how she must have just seen Jack. How did he know? He sees them swapping spit earlier today and now she is at work in a bad mood. Katie doesn’t want to hear any of his thoughts; she just wants him to butt out of her life, as she stomps off and comes close to tripping over some wires.

Jack tries to subtly divert her line of questioning; nothing happened at the wedding in particular. Margo is sure that something has gone on between them though. Is it obvious? Then Jack jokes that he wants a lawyer; Margo teases back that it isn’t an interrogation. Jack thinks that above all else he does know that his life is too complicated for anything right now. The other thing with Katie is that he knows who she is and what she has done and that makes him want to resist allowing anything to get out of control. It is for the best, he mumbles as if trying to convince himself more then Margo. He changes the subject so Margo mentions the he has a review coming up in the next couple of months and it would look good if he had a few seminars under his belt. There is one in Chicago about Forensics. Jack isn’t sure he wants to do this right now, but Margo just wants him to think about it. Margo then picks up the phone and calls Katie; why did she leave? She remembered she had a meeting. Nice cover, Margo mumbles. She could meet her for a late lunch, but if she has a meeting…. Katie jumps at this suggestion, explaining the meeting is over. They can meet at Al’s in five minutes. After Katie hangs up, she talks to herself; Margo knows, she states definitively.

Casey explains that he realizes it is hell on Margo; people think she got him a free pass, and that is the last thing she needs after she got this well deserved promotion. Tom shakes his head no. How is he sleeping at night, Casey asks? Casey knows that this was a rhetorical question because his father hasn’t been sleeping well. Tom asks if he thinks he will sleep better if he is in prison? He just thinks that it will be better for everyone if they know. Tom hugs his son tightly, as Casey apologizes again; he can’t stand the thought of him in jail. Casey understands because he doesn’t want to think about it either. He just knows this will be for the best for him and Margo. Tom tells him that he has to go to the courthouse so he will look at the calendar while there. Tom heads out and Maddie knocks immediately. Casey is thrilled to see her, but he is worried about her waiting in the cold. Then he sees her face; what is wrong? She will tell him, but she wants him to just hold her first, as he hugs her.

Faith stutters that she was going to throw the box away, but Holden tells her not to lie. Holden goes to open the trash and toss it in when he sees Faith’s sandwich in there. He shuts it and tells her that it doesn’t mean anything if he throws the box away. They sit down; he wants to know how long? She promises that she hasn’t done it in days. Why today? She answers that she doesn’t know, but Holden presses. She admits that there is something she wants to look good for. She continues; Parker asked her to go to a Pep Rally. She figured she could just do it for this event and then she promised herself that she would really stop after this. Holden looks disappointed. She pleads with him to believe her.

Lily explains that Craig offered her a job, which she initially turned down, but now she can take it claiming she reconsidered her options. She could be her eyes and ears. He will break the rules or the law at some point and she will be in a great position. Lucinda replies sarcastically. There are things in her life that need her attention, so why is she obsessing over Craig? Lily frowns; she is trying to make amends. She will not have her use this to run from her own problems. While she is busy trying to trap Craig, who will be looking after Faith? In addition, shouldn’t she be focusing on her own health since she is trying to kick her pill habit? Lily quickly explains that she is handling that fine. Lucinda thinks she can lie to her if she wants, but she isn’t helping anyone by lying to herself. Lucinda turns to leave, but Lily asks her not to turn her back on her this time. Lucinda looks surprised by this comment. Lily wonders why it is easy for her to point out other people’s failure, but it isn’t so easy to take responsibility for her own? She reminds her that she forgave her after the issue with her wanting to have a relationship with Iva. She also forgave her after all the times she tried to keep her from Holden. She also forgave after Luke almost died. Now, she is in trouble, she is begging for her forgiveness and she won’t accept it, but rather meets her apology with disdain, and she wants to know why?

Holden tries to explain to Faith that he doesn’t think it is fair or right for her to explain the Laxatives away by claiming each time that it will be the last. It is the feeling that she has when she wants to take the Laxatives that is the problem. There will always be a reason for her not to feel like she measures up; people always feel like that throughout their lives. Faith tries to explain sadly that she saw Vienna’s wedding dress and she looked so pretty, as her voice trails off. Holden reminds her what the outcome of her wedding was. She is pretty, but that didn’t stop her from getting hurt. Faith worries that he is so angry, but he corrects her; he is frustrated. He doesn’t like her thought process that the Pep Rally will be better if she feels thin. She is skipping over her life and missing out on parts of her life that are normal areas of development. It is ok to feel unsure and scared. Holden wonders where Lily is? Faith tells him that she sees him as her father that loves her so much that he doesn’t see that she is the fat girl that everyone laughs at and she doesn’t want to be that person anymore.

Casey tries to make Maddie laugh about the situation with Henry and Vienna. He has seen house flies with longer lives then their engagement. She tries to stifle a smile, but she can’t. She just wants to live a normal life with him; she got into her dress for the wedding and she wanted him to see her, and she wanted him there telling his jokes, and she wanted him by her side when the wedding fell apart. She was watching him with his dad and she kept hoping he would leave because she is so worried about not knowing how much time they have left. Casey’s face drops; he has something to tell her. Maddie looks nervous; he spoke to his dad about speeding up his sentencing. Maddie looks devastated.

Jack is at work getting sidetracked by thinking about Katie; he tries to snap himself out of it because he isn’t 16. Brad comes in; does he have more tickets? He does, as he throws them down on the desk, but that is not the real reason he came by. He is there because he doesn’t want him screwing up his life anymore. He knows about what is going on between he and Katie and he knows what she thinks, as Jack perks up.

At Al’s, Katie meets up with Margo. She asks about Casey, but Margo doesn’t want to talk about her life anymore. She wants Katie to spill it. Katie takes a deep breath and admits that Jack kissed her, and she liked it. Is that all that happened? Yes. She showed restraint considering her track record, as Katie playfully smirks. A kiss is what got her into a dither? A dither? She doesn’t get into a dither. She just likes Jack and he is so good with his kids. Margo teases her; being good with kids is what got her all hot and bothered? Vienna scratched her and she acted like it hurt a bit more then it did so Jack would tend to her. They ended up kissing, but then Jack got all weird and now they are acting like it didn’t really happen. She isn’t sure if it is because he wants to forget it happened or he is doing it for her benefit. He might want to get rid of her and he is trying to do it nicely. Since she doesn’t know what Jack is thinking, then Margo wants to know what she wants to happen? Katie talks about how she is responsible for the fact that Jack’s life is in chaos. Then she marries his best friend and sleeps with the man he hates the most in the world. Margo reminds her that she has made amends by stepping up for Jack and his kids. Margo doesn’t think Jack sees Katie as a black cloud. Has he said anything to her, Katie nervously asks? They are cops and not girlfriends. They don’t pass notes in homeroom. Katie sighs; she likes him and she liked the kiss, but she is adamant that she never let herself hurt Jack again. Katie convinces herself when she says this that she should pretend the kiss never happened. Margo disagrees; she thinks that they should talk. She has seen them both happy recently when they are around each other, and she thinks that is a good thing. Katie is surprised to hear her thoughts, as Margo jokes that so is she. Happiness in her life is so fleeting these days that when she sees it, she thinks it should be held onto.

Jack doesn’t think they need to talk about his personal life. Brad thinks they should; he sees a train wreck. He thinks that Katie feels so badly about Carly that she is bending over backwards to make up for it with him and his kids, and Katie was married to Mike, who has similar traits as him. He also sees that Jack is becoming fixated on another unreliable blonde. It would be ok if the two of them could have flings, but they can’t. They over think things and complicate things. They shared one little kiss and they are already over analyzing it; they are exhausting. Jack teases Brad; this is an awful moment… he might be right.

Lucinda thinks that Lily’s scheme involving Craig is just another attempt to avoid reality. She wants her daughter to have a life, but she won’t help her pretend that her life is fine. Lily thinks she just doesn’t have faith in her, but Lucinda disagrees. She admits that she has made mistake after mistake, as Lily pointed out, but this isn’t one of them. After Lucinda leaves, a dejected Lily is looking in a store window and she sees pills, a book and other items called “Slim Immediately”. Lily eyes the products longingly.

Holden wants to know what is going on with Faith at school? It isn’t important, but he is her dad and he is not at school so he doesn’t know. Does she want him to talk to the parents? No. Holden tries to explain things to Faith in hopes her thought process may shift. When he met her mom, he fell in love with her because she was different. She was like noone else he had met, and it hurts him to see her trying to change herself because he sees her as someone who has similar qualities to Lily, which make her stand out. He doesn’t want her to change herself, as Faith hugs him tightly. Will she promise not to do that?

Downtown, Lily walks around the corner carrying a bag. She stops and looks in it; inside are a box of diet pills called “Slim Immediately.” Lily puts them back inside the bag with a guilty look.

Brad thinks he needs to nip this thing with Katie in the bud for Jack. Jack suspiciously wonders what is in it for Brad? He never does anything that doesn’t benefit him. Why does he care what he does or doesn’t do with Katie? Brad explains that he got him a great gig and he doesn’t want Katie to fall apart. He also adds, as a side note that he just went through a really hard time and he doesn’t think he is ready to do that again. If they could have fun then it would be fine, but they don’t know how to just have fun. They are both analyzing what the kiss means. Jack seems to be contemplating Brad’s words. He tells him about the Forensics Conference in Chicago. Brad thinks that is what they both need; they need time apart for a little bit to regroup. Jack nods; he tells him that this talking man to man… Brad seems hopeful of what he might say, but Jack teases him when he tells him that they shouldn’t do it again, as Brad snickers in return.

Holden wonders if Faith likes her doctor? They can get her another one if she doesn’t. She is fine, but Faith thinks it is she who is the problem. Holden asks why she thinks things are always her fault? He knows that there have been a lot of things this year that may have scared her. She knows what he wants. He wants her to stop doing this. He wants her to remember that when she is scared, remember what her name is. They named her Faith and he wants her to think about what that means. God gives them faith to get them through the hardest times. Faith slowly stands up, picks up the Laxatives and starts for the trash when Lily walks in. Lily looks down and sees what she is holding, and she immediately gets upset telling Faith that she promised them she wouldn’t go back. Holden tries to cut Lily off, but the damage was done, as a distraught Faith wonders why any of this matters after she witnesses Lily’s reaction, as she rushes out of the room? Holden races after her, and soon after, Lily is hot on both of their trails.

Maddie is upset with Casey; he made this decision about moving up the sentencing without even talking to her first. Casey explains that it was killing his parents. Maddie admits that she doesn’t know how they are supposed to say goodbye? He doesn’t want them to. He is doing this so they can be together sooner and forever. When is his sentencing? He tells her that his dad went to the court to find out. They have right now though, as Casey kisses her passionately.

Brad is heading for the door of the station after talking with a police officer about his tickets. He bumps into Katie coming in. Why is he here? Is he grilling Jack over their business? It is none of his business! Brad pretends they are close and so he has every right to talk with Jack. Katie quickly asks Brad when Jack’s birthday is? Brad stutters; it is in the summer, as Katie rolls her eyes proving her point. Brad explains that it is a moot point because Jack isn’t even here anymore. Katie demands to know what he said to him? Brad doesn’t immediately answer so Katie asks angrily again, what he said to Jack? Brad simply says that Jack thought it would be best if he went to Chicago…alone. Katie looks upset upon hearing this.

Maddie and Casey are curled up on the couch. She keeps thinking about how Adam got away with what he did. He will never pay, but here Casey is paying dearly. They are interrupted when they hear Tom’s car pulling up. Maddie is upset that she has to rush out, but gives him a quick kiss and promises to see him soon. She slips out just before Tom and Margo walk in. Casey is surprised to see Margo. She explains that Tom told him what he suggested. She holds onto Casey’s hand, as Tom tells Casey that his sentencing is now going to take place tomorrow, as Casey swallows hard.

Katie blurts out that Jack is gone? Is she crying, Brad teases when Katie turns around quickly? No. Why must he push himself into her personal life that doesn’t affect him? Why would he make Jack leave? Puppies have more sensitivity then he, Katie blurts out. Brad tries to change the subject; does she want to get a sandwich? Katie returns this question with a glare so Brad takes this as a no and heads off. After he leaves, Katie talks to herself; did she scare him off or did the kiss just not mean anything to him?

Holden is downstairs in the kitchen; he picks up Lily’s purse asking her if she still has the therapist’s number? He starts to dig through it when Lily realizes what he is doing. She grabs instinctively at her purse telling him not to go through it. Holden realizes she is trying to hide something and he pulls back. He reaches in and takes out the box of diet pills, as he stares at Lily.

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