ATWT Update Monday 4/16/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/16/07


Written By Elayna

At Al’s, Will and Gwen are willing to assist Cleo when she drops her notebook, but she quickly covers saying that she is fine.

At the Lakeview, Maddie and Henry are talking about his called off wedding. He knew he shouldn’t go through with a wedding because he would hurt Vienna in the end. Maddie thinks given time, Vienna will get over it. Henry wished there could have been some other way because he hated hurting her like that.

At the farm, an emotional Katie is telling Jack that she doesn’t want to be the only person that Henry ever loves. She would like to think that if you love someone and it doesn’t work out that they would have room in their hearts to open it up to someone else. She knows they can be stubborn, but she hopes that doesn’t impede with them finding love again. Jack has been slowly approaching her, as she speaks. She asks him point blank if he wants to still believe in love? He answers by slowly moving towards her and kissing her. She lets herself fall into his arms and kisses him back. They are interrupted when they hear a door open. They jump apart rather non-subtly. Brad realizes he has interrupted something and doesn’t miss a beat to toy with them. They shouldn’t stop on his account considering how cozy they looked. Katie pretends that they were simply cleaning up. Brad answers that it looked more like his brother was trying to get her mind off of things. Jack diverts this line of snooping by offering to make coffee. Brad then uses this as a way to talk in riddles about what he knows they were doing. Brad teases them by saying things like Katie wouldn’t let her him put his spoon in her coffee, but she might let Jack. Is she blushing? Jack jumps to Katie’s defense; Vienna scratched her. Brad continues with the taunting by saying he hopes that Jack took good care of her by washing and cleaning it. Her face is her fortune when she is on TV afterall, but if she needs some time off, he can always help out. Katie smirks. They hear Vienna calling for Henry in the other room. Katie and Jack come back to reality and ask Brad if he found him? He is glad they remembered finally, what this was all about. Brad tells Vienna, who is staring at him with hopeful eyes, that he couldn’t find him. She becomes quickly bitter again; she is a fool to believe in love and Henry. There is no such thing as finding a Prince Charming. She wants Lily’s children to have her wedding dress, as she tosses it down. Katie is adamant that she not say that. She doesn’t want her to give up. Vienna smiles warmly; she is sorry she scratched her; she has been a wonderful friend. It is time she goes home. They can’t believe she is going back to Sweden? No, she can’t go there because Henry has her money, but she is going back to the Lakeview and she wants Brad to take her, as his face lights up and Katie and Jack stare at each other nervously.

Maddie is trying to cheer Henry up; he will find someone else, but he doesn’t want anyone else. He had a beautiful giving woman – why couldn’t he just pull the trigger? He never wants to do this again! Maddie is worried that it sounds as if he never wants to marry? Henry is thinking about how he really did want to be Vienna’s husband, but he froze. What was he scared of? He wasn’t scared with Katie, Maddie recalls. That is true, but he was marrying his best friend. He knew it wasn’t a real wedding though. Could there be something to that? Maddie shares that the biggest mistake in her life that she made was not telling that she was raped. She thought it would go away if she pushed it out of her mind and denying it existed, but that only made things worse. Henry thinks their situations are different, but Maddie tries to get him to see that it is about how they handle situations. He has to face Vienna and admit he messed up. He can’t run from it. She doesn’t want him to give up on love though. He has to look inside himself first and find out what he needs to make himself happy though. Henry teases her about having too much therapy.

Cleo covers quickly picking up her notebook and hiding her face. She is rattled and soon she gets a text telling her to come outside now! She sees Jade standing in the window; she picks up her stuff and heads for the door. She is clumsy and nervous, as she hits a bunch of things as she walks out the door. Will and Gwen laugh over this, as he remarks that it is good to see her smile again. Outside, a furious Jade wants to know why she left the room? Cleo teases her about the fact that she thought they didn’t look like one another so what is she worried about? Jade drags her off. Inside, Will and Gwen talk about going to a movie, but his cell phone rings interrupting them. Will talks briefly to someone about meeting them for breakfast. After he hangs up, Gwen is bothered; she guesses that was Allison, who couldn’t even wait for him to call her. She must miss him a great deal. Will lets her babble on obviously jealous for another moment before he corrects her; it is Neal from school; he had been out sick and needed the notes from class. Gwen’s face lightens up; it really wasn’t Allison? Nope, but he likes to see her jealous. He is her husband after all – he is all hers. He will have to wait and see how it feels when she has male fans after her. Will smiles. What is he smiling about? He hasn’t heard her talk about music in weeks; he is happy to hear her thinking like that again.

Back at the Wagon Wheel Motel, Cleo walks hurriedly back into the room while Jade slams the door behind them. Cleo tries to explain that listening to the CD’s isn’t enough. She wanted to hear Gwen talk in person. Jade is yelling about how she is blowing this for them! Cleo explains that Gwen didn’t see her, but Will did, Jade answers. She saw him looking at her! Cleo’s attention shifts to her words; he was looking at her, she says with stars in her eyes almost? Could she by his type? Jade glares. She obviously can’t trust her. She promises to leave and then she finds her at Crash. Now, she says she will stay in the room, but then she finds her at Al’s. She can’t become Gwen simply by reading her story and looking at photos. She has to see how she moves, breathes, and laughs. Jade doesn’t want to hear it. If she can’t stay in the room and do as she says, then she is gone! She is sorry, but Jade doesn’t accept her apology. As she heads for the door, Cleo continues to plead with her to stay. She needs face time, but she can come with her next time to make sure she doesn’t get caught. Jade sarcastically remarks about them hiding under the table and behind doors. Can’t she be considerate, Cleo asks? She has given up a lot to come here to help her. She can’t remember the last bowling game she caught. As Jade swings open the door, Cleo deepens and steadies her voice when she snaps in Gwen’s voice, “Where the hell is she going?” Jade whirls around and stares in disbelief.

Henry asks Maddie if she has seen Vienna recently? They all left her alone after the wedding. She talked to Emma a little while ago and she told her that she had drank all the wine in the cupboard and then moved onto the champagne. That is his girl Henry smiles sadly. She then destroyed the decorations and cake. Henry furrows his brow. He recalls happier times, as Maddie remarks that she is sure that he loved her, and it is obvious that they had fun together. Marriage is a big commitment though, Henry mentions. He feels so bad about what he has done. Maddie can understand that. She likes her too; she asked her to be her maid of honor and even set her up in a room. She was very good to her, as Henry nods. She understands what it is like to lose someone you care about. She lost Casey for a while and the hurt was unbearable. Since she brought up the subject, Henry feels obligated to make sure she is being safe. Maddie smiles; she can’t be safe if she is not even able to see him she teases. Then she adds that she has been. Henry isn’t sure he wants to hear anymore, as he hums to block out her talking. He doesn’t mean to be like this, but he is her brother and that is not an image he cares to conjure up. Maddie is upset because she wants to see him, but Tom and Margo are making it impossible since he is under house arrest and they are guarding the phone. Henry suggests that she wait until they leave to go by for a visit, not that he is trying to suggest she go against Tom and Margo. Maddie smiles; Tom is working at home a lot since the heart attack. Surely, he must see some clients out of the house? Maddie smiles again. She thanks him for his advice, as he thanks her for her support. She wants to help because she really likes Vienna; she does think he owes it to her to go talk with her. She needs an explanation from him.

Brad and Vienna arrive at the Lakeview; he is helping Vienna keep her balance, as she still is feeling the affects of the liquor she drank. She thinks they should head to the bar for another drink, but Brad thinks she should get upstairs instead. She is fine with thinking Brad is going to seduce her, especially after he says he is going to help her to bed.

Jack and Katie talk about Vienna leaving with Brad. She is worried about leaving those two together, but Jack reminds her that it was Vienna’s choice. Jack quietly mentions if they could talk about the kiss? Katie, who has been busily and nervously cleaning up, stops in her tracks when this subject comes up.

Jade asks Cleo what she said? Cleo quietly tries to explain that she was just trying to keep her from leaving. She doesn’t care about that; she wants her to repeat what she said. Cleo timidly repeats what she said. Jade wants her to say it like she is Gwen. Cleo repeats it in Gwen’s voice. Jade is amazed. Cleo is pleased with herself; she told her that she could do it! She just listened to her talk for 15 minutes about how lucky she is. Jade interrupts her; she was talking about how lucky she is? Where does she get off, Jade wonders bitterly? She is a user, liar with a gullible husband. She constantly lets him down and she always gets away with things. She is always cut slack while others get left with the blame. Cleo recognizes that someone is her? Yes, and it isn’t fair. She tries to shake this anger off because she wants to hear more of Cleo mimicking Gwen. She wants her to say something else. Cleo takes a hairbrush and holds it like a microphone; she says mimicking Gwen’s voice, “She is dedicating this song to her husband Will.” Jade smiles broadly; she is amazed to hear her. This may work yet…. if she does what she is told. Cleo wonders if she could do something for her? Could she get her a copy of “Bowling Monthly?” Jade makes a face. She could get her a computer instead and that way she could just go online and check out the scores. Jade rolls her eyes, as she heads for the door; she is not getting her a computer, as she slams the door behind her. Cleo goes and curls up on the bed looking nervous.

Katie tells Jack they don’t need to make it into an issue. Jack agrees. They are friends with a lot of baggage, and she doesn’t want things getting awkward between them. He doesn’t want there to be any discomfort between them either. They are both nervous and babbling. Katie prattles on about not worrying about what happened. Jack isn’t sure what she is intending to mean, but he will agree to make it easy. He is about to say something when Parker and Faith interrupt. Faith mentions that Vienna forgot her dress. Jack answers that they are going to watch it for her for the time being. Where is Henry, Parker asks? Katie thinks this should be her cue to leave gracefully. She is going to go look for him again. Does she want help, Jack asks? No, he should stay at the farm. Jack looks disappointed; she will call when she hears something.

Brad walks Vienna into her room that is over flowing with gifts. She reads the card of one of them calling her “Mrs. Henry Coleman” and tosses the card away. She picks up another gift and is about to throw it when Brad steps in. She collapses on the bed and Brad stutters about leaving and taking some of the gifts with him so she isn’t reminded of the wedding. He seems to be having trouble with the words that he is leaving because he wants to be with Vienna and she is practically throwing herself at him. She can call him if she needs anything. Vienna gets up from the bed, drops her outfit to the floor and tells her that she wants something. Brad’s mouth opens, as he drops the gifts to the floor. He fights the desire to jump her, but he instead gets her a robe to put on. If this was any other time, he begins. What is wrong with right now, she pouts? She is drunk and has the hiccups, as he grasps at straws, as he tries to talk himself out of this. Doesn’t he want her? She has no idea how much he does. She is in no shape now though. Don’t they deserve to have fun? He has wanted her for so long and people are always interrupting them before anything can happen, but she is here, ready, willing and able. The last adjective probably doesn’t describe her, but she doesn’t care. Henry walks up to the door, opens it and the gifts on the floor block his entrance. He hears Vienna talking to Brad so he stops. She is mumbling about how she loves the fact that he never has left her; even after everything, he has stayed. All she wanted was a man that never leaves her; will he promise never to leave her, as they share a kiss. Brad thinks she needs to go to bed, and Vienna’s drunken response is that she can’t wait to make love to him. Henry’s face drops sadly, as he hears her words. He steps back out of the door, turns and walks away. Not soon after this, Brad pulls away. He can’t believe he is going to do this because he really likes her and he really wants to sleep with her, but he doesn’t want her to hate the two of them in the morning.

Parker wonders to Jack how someone can get all the way down the aisle and not know if they really want to marry someone? Faith mentions how it happened with Paul and Meg too. Parkers bitterly remarks that weddings are fake because noone lasts forever. All of his friend’s parents have split up. Jack begs to differ. There are people they know that have stayed together. Who? There is Bob and Kim, Tom and Margo, Holden and Lily. Parker doesn’t think love is worth the trouble. Jack tries to describe the feeling of finding someone who you want to share your life with. There is no feeling like it in the world; he seems to be somewhere else as he describes the feeling to them, as if he has someone in mind. He adds that the two people have to be loving, open and honest with one another. Parker notes that Henry wasn’t. Faith thinks he was though by speaking up. Jack adds again that a person should be honest with themselves about what they want out of life and share that with the other person. It is important for the two people to be on the same page. He seems to again be drifting, his mind somewhere else. As Jack is talking, Faith is eating all the cookies he put out to take with him. When she sees what she has done, she apologizes, but it is no big deal to anyone but her. After he leaves, Parker takes down some more cookies and asks her if she is hungry? She is back in reality and realizes she has eaten too much; she is no longer hungry. They talk further about how Meg ran out on Paul and Henry ran out on Vienna. They both agree that neither one of them will ever marry.

At home, Will and Gwen are sitting on the couch. She is scribbling on paper while Will is reading. She looks over at him and teasingly places her foot on his leg and rubs it. He jokes about how he can’t be distracted because the book he is reading on Foreign Financial Policy is riveting. She slides her foot further up, and this gets a rise out of Will. Then she pulls the book out of his hand and tosses it on the floor. That makes reading difficult, he teases. She sits on his lap, as he playfully asks if she is trying to seduce him? Is it working, she smiles? Yes, so she kisses him passionately.

At the station, Jack is on the phone with someone asking them to notify him if Henry uses his credit card. He is not in trouble he is just missing. He hangs up and remembers kissing Katie.

Downtown, Katie is on the phone, as she tries to locate Henry too. She remembers kissing Jack.

Faith and Parker are talking about their school pep rally. Has she ever gone? No. He goes because everyone on the team goes. He stammers for a second before he asks her if she wants to go with him? She would love to go. Parker heads upstairs, as Faith sits down at the table. She sits on Vienna’s dress so she picks it up and holds it to her. She frowns and then puts it down again.

Henry comes back downstairs to where Maddie is sitting on a couch. Why is he back so soon? Did he not see Vienna? He did. Did they talk? It became obvious to him that he made the right decision. He owes her an explanation. He did the right thing; now she can get on with her life.

Vienna pouts; why doesn’t he want to sleep with her? He has been after her for weeks. He likes her and he realizes she just had her heart stomped on. If they slept together, it would feel great, but then she would hate the both of them. He looks over at Vienna; she has passed out while he was talking. He reaches over, pulls the covers up and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Vienna opens her eyes for a moment when she happily calls out Henry’s name. Brad looks taken aback. She realizes it is Brad and thanks him again before she passes back out. As he is walking out, he mumbles to himself about being a saint.

Will and Gwen are happily lounging in bed after making love. He understood, but he has missed her, and she says the same. He teases her by saying that he should thank Allison. Gwen playfully punches him. He won’t be thinking about Allison while he is in bed with her. He wants to make sure she isn’t really worried about her because they are just friends. She smiles acknowledging this. He realizes things have been tough for them, but he feels this is the turning point and things are going to be getting better from here on out, as they share more kisses.

Cleo is in her room bowling using a melon and some shampoo, mousse and hairspray bottles. She stops, as she remembers Will’s words about how he would never leave Gwen. She reaches out and touches the picture hanging on her mirror of Will. She talks in Gwen’s voice again; “Gwen Munson, you are one lucky girl,” as she stares longingly at Will.

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