ATWT Update Friday 4/13/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/13/07


Written By Dani

Katie and Jack have spent the night searching for Henry. It is now the early morning hours and their search has brought them to Old town. Tired and frustrated Katie and Jack get into disagreement over who is the victim and who is hurting the most. Katie defends her best friend while Jack feels sorry for Vienna who is head over heels in love with Henry. Emma and Brad look for Vienna who has not slept in her bed and there are empty wine bottles lying around . Vienna sits under the kitchen table still in her wedding dress crying and drinking wine. Emma and Brad try to get her to sober up . Emma offers motherly love but brad cracks jokes. Vienna jumps up and simply snaps grabbing a knife and attacking the wedding cake that sits on the table. Emma phones Jack asking him to come over to help with the knife wielding bride. Jack rushes off for the farm but not before stressing his point one more time Henry was wrong waiting until the last minute to hurt Vienna who does love him. Henry lurks behind a bush listening to the exchange. Katie decides to join Jack at the farm. Jack sends Brad to pick up where he had left off searching for Henry.

When Vienna sees Katie she verbally attacks her blaming Katie for stealing all the men that she has ever loved. Katie feels it is best if Vienna vents and gets her hurt feelings out but that is not enough for Vienna, she slaps Katie. Emma rushes Vienna out of the room to put separation between the two women. Jack stays to offer first aid to Katie’s face. Katie realizes some of the things Vienna was shouting at her were true or could be true and begins to tear up wanting happiness for herself, Jack, Vienna and Henry but what if….? Jack offers comfort saying it’s not what if , what they have each been through in the past will better prepare them for the future. The future when they move on from past loves that have lost and will be better prepared. Jack kisses Katie. Brad however locates Henry in Old Town who is trying to slip away but Brad stops him. Fearing it will be his hide if he doesn’t return with Henry he threatens to “deck” Henry if he doesn’t return to the farm with Brad to face the music. Henry feels horrible about hurting everyone who cares for him and cannot face them . He feels they will be better off if he just slips away and disappears out of town. Brad refuses to let Henry walk away without explanation.

Allison and Emily wait to meet Susan for breakfast who still doesn’t know her youngest daughter has returned to Oakdale. The sisters bicker over everything from meeting Susan in a public place to how many buttons are buttoned on Allison’s shirt. Susan appears to be running late and Emily wonders where she could be. Emily leaves to look for Susan in the lobby or dining room. Gwen is scheduled for a job interview as a desk clerk at the Lakeview, Will tags along for support and waits in the lobby. Allison who breaks away to look for her mother runs into Will. She is thrilled to see him and reminds him over and over again throughout their conversation that he was once in love with her. Allison, now single, is regretful she didn’t snag Will when she had the opportunity and is amused Will is now married to the person he once hated. Will is happy to see his old friend as well and gives her his number so they can get together and catch up. Gwen listens after her interview to Allison flirt and joke with her husband. Gwen makes her presence as Will wife known. The two exchange pleasantries and Allison returns to the table to greet Susan. Gwen is jealous and makes no secret of it but denies be jealous when Will calls her on it. Still the Allison episode doesn’t sit well with Gwen until Will makes a complete joke out of it the couple goes to Al’s for breakfast.

Susan is pleasantly surprised to see her youngest daughter and insists on returning home for homemade French toast. At home Allison catches Susan up with vague details. Emily listens intently. When Susan leaves the room Emily tells Allison she WILL attend a drug treatment program. Allison doesn’t feel she has a drug problem but agrees to shut the watchful Emily up.

Jade arrives early at Cleo’s room at the wagon wheel with a new wardrobe and make up in tow. Cleo progressively transforms into a Gwen look alike. Cleo needs to go out and get a bite to eat but Jade is insistent that Cleo must stay locked away in the room until she is ready to execute her plan. Jade volunteers to go to Al’s and get Cleo breakfast. Cleo feels Jade is not acting aggressive enough and slips out to Al’s to take matters into her own hands. At Al’s Jade runs into Will and Gwen as they are coming in and she is leaving with Cleo’s take out. Cleo slips into Al’s diner undetected and sits at the table directly behind Will and Gwen. Cleo orders the exact same thing the couple ordered. As she listens to an intimate conversation about each of their turn ones she pushes her note pad off the table giving her the opportunity to come eye to eye with Will.

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