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(Will & Gwen’s place)  Will and Gwen are having breakfast and joking around when the doorbell rings and Maddie arrives to tell Gwen that her life is over and she needs to talk to her.  Maddie is about to tell everything when Barbara arrives to tell Will and Gwen not to worry about Jade because she has taken care of the problem and made sure Jade doesn’t say anything about what happened with Adam.  Maddie gets mad and yells at Barbara that she shouldn’t have gotten involved in the situation because Jade is just looking for an excuse to tell the police what she knows about Adam.  Gwen grabs Maddie by the arm and takes her outside to talk to her about what is bothering her.  Barbara thinks Maddie was very rude to her and Will thinks Maddie has a point and asks his mother not to get Jade mad because she is very dangerous.  Barbara assures Will that Jade is a small time troublemaker and she can handle her but she will respect his wishes and not get involved in the situation anymore. 

(Al’s Diner)  Jade meets with Cleo and tells her that she has decided not to go through with the plan.  Cleo begs her to let her have a chance to prove she can be Gwen.  Jade thinks it will cost too much money to make Cleo look like Gwen because she needs to fix her teeth.  Cleo wants to know why Jade wants to get back at Gwen or she won’t help her with the plan.  Jade explains to Cleo that Jade tried to be Gwen’s friend but Gwen never let her be her friend because she was too snobby and thought she was better then Jade.  Jade also tells Cleo that Gwen turned Will, who was her only friend, against her so now she just wants to get revenge on her.  Cleo tells Jade she understands what it feels like to be an outsider so she agrees to help Jade with her plan but demands a thousand dollars for living expenses.  Jade tells Cleo she doesn’t have that kind of money so Cleo tells Jade she will stay at the Wagon Wheel Motel for one more night and if Jade doesn’t pay her she will go back home and jade can find another Gwen look-alike to help her with her plan. 

(Farm)  Parker explains to Jack that he doesn’t want to go to Henry and Vienna’s wedding because it is a painful reminder to him of when his mom married him (Jack) in Montana and he just misses the way things used to be when they were a family.  Jack tells Parker he feels the same way but in the end what drove him and Carly apart was the fact that he is a police detective and she liked to break the rules.  Jack also tells Parker that he also did his share of things that hurt Carly and although he misses her, he understands she had to go because he didn’t want her to go to jail.  Jack explains to Parker that his mother will always love him and that marriage takes work and sometimes marriages work and sometimes they don’t, but if two people have children, their love for their children never changes.  Jack assures Parker that no matter what happens he will never leave him, or his brother and sister.  Jack tells Parker he doesn’t have to go to the wedding and after the wedding, he promises to take him fishing--just the two of them.  Parker decides to go to the wedding and is very happy about going fishing with Jack.  Brad jokes that he would make a better boyfriend for Vienna then Henry but Vienna is so happy that she refuses to let Brad ruin her wedding day.  Vienna is so happy she even invites Brad to the wedding and he accepts her kind invitation.

(Old Town)  Lily and Faith are on a mother-daughter shopping trip and Lily thinks it would be fun for Faith to go to Henry and Vienna’s wedding.  Faith asks Lily if she is going with her and Lily responds that she must go to a doctor’s appointment, but Luke will take her to the wedding.  Faith gets a little sad wondering if Luke is going with her to watch her and make sure she doesn’t make herself sick.  Lily tells Faith that she is talking to her about how she feels so she thinks its time they start to trust each other.  She agrees to let Luke drop Faith off at the farm and reminds her that if, after she returns, she needs to talk, she can tell her anything. 

(Lakeview)  Katie gives Henry two aspirin and a cup of coffee to help his hangover.  Katie advises Henry that Vienna is a wonderful woman who loves him but he shouldn’t rush into a wedding until he gets used to the fact that she loves him.  Henry insists he must marry Vienna because he promised her he would and he doesn’t want to hurt her.  Katie also thinks Henry doesn’t love Vienna as much as she loves him.

(Outside Will & Gwen’s place)  Maddie tells Gwen that Margo caught her and Casey about to make love on the couch and threw her out because she doesn’t think she and Casey understand the consequences of his house arrest.  Maddie is heartbroken because Margo won’t even allow her to talk to Casey on the phone but she doesn’t have much time to talk because she has to go to Henry’s wedding.  Gwen gives Maddie a hug and Maddie asks her to handle Barbara before the situation with Jade gets worse. 

(Inside Gwen and Will’s place)  Gwen yells at Barbara that she knows that she loves them and wants the best for them, but she must stay out of their lives because they must be allowed to make their own mistakes and fix them together as a couple. 

(Old Town)  Lily gets a call from Jade asking if she can meet her later to have a talk.  Lily agrees to do so because she can sense it is important to Jade. 

(Will and Gwen’s place)  Barbara tells Will and Gwen she understands and because of that, she has decided to let Iris keep the trust fund.  Barbara tells Will that she is going to start a second trust fund and he can administer it in whatever manner he wants and she won’t get involved.  Will refuses the second trust fund because he lost the first one and he is determined that he and Gwen make it on their own. 

(Farm)  Parker tells Faith he doesn’t like the skinny models in the magazines because you can’t talk to someone like that and he doesn’t want to marry someone skinny like Vienna because she seems snobby.  Henry arrives and doesn’t look so good so Maddie fixes his tie and helps him put on his jacket.  Vienna comes out looking beautiful in her wedding gown and gives Henry a little kiss and tells him she can’t wait to be his wife.

(Java)  Jade lies to Lily and tells her she wants to take a few night school classes and it will cost a few thousand dollars for the two classes.  Lily thinks that is a wonderful idea to get Jade’s life on track so she promises to go to the bank across the street and get her the money in cash.

(Farm)  The pastor begins the wedding and Vienna doesn’t have the vows Katie wrote for her so she decides to speak from her heart.  Vienna tells Henry that she was always a party girl on a man’s arm just to look pretty but when she met him, she finally understood what love was because she has fallen deeply in love with him.  Vienna also tells Henry she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him.  Henry hesitates a bit and realizes that he can’t marry her even though she is a kind, loving, and generous woman so he has to leave now.  Henry tells Vienna he doesn’t love her the way she deserves to be loved and he doesn’t want to hurt her down the road.  Henry leaves Vienna sobbing in Katie’s arms and saying she won’t let him leave her because she loves him. 

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