ATWT Update Wednesday 4/11/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/11/07


Written By Elayna

At home, Gwen comes out to show Will yet another outfit she is considering; she looks great in this one too, just like the other three. Why doesn’t she seem happy? If she is having second thoughts about singing, they can tell Lisa that she can’t do it. She is fine; she made a promise and she wants to start getting on with her life. She thinks it will also be weird because Casey won’t be spinning the tunes and Maddie probably won’t be there either. Besides, what if Adam shows up?

At Crash, Jade is aggravated to know that Gwen is going to be performing there that night. Luke apologizes, but he hasn’t been out in a while so he would like to stay. She laments about how she would like to forget about Gwen, but every time she turns around, she’s in her face, as she holds up the flier for affect. Luke gives her pleading eyes, so she decides that she will stay. If she has to, she will go get some air when Gwen sings. Just then, Jade spies Cleo standing over by the bar trying to blend in, but failing horribly.

At the Lakeview, Katie is going over the last minute details for Henry’s bachelor party. She is discussing canapés and champagne, which Brad overhears. Is she serious? This party sounds so froufrou. He promised he wouldn’t interfere with this party, she reminds him; he doesn’t intend to because it sounds like too much fun for him to handle, he replies sarcastically. He is just here to meet someone for drinks anyway. She is sure his date’s ice is melting as they speak. Brad leaves, heads for a table and then picks up his cell phone. He calls someone; he knows it is short notice, but he needs a favor tonight. Back with Katie, the bartender wonders if she plans on canceling the party? Why would she? She didn’t know? Henry was arrested earlier.

At the police station, Jack asks Henry why he would get in a card game with known felons? Henry doesn’t have an answer, but will he be doing jail time? It is possible because the charges are for three felonies. Will he get bail? Jack doesn’t know since he has so much money he may be considered a flight risk. Henry doesn’t look too unhappy over this. Why did he do this on the day before his wedding? Before he can answer, Vienna comes swooping in explaining that she knows why he did it…it was because of her. Henry tells her that it isn’t her fault that he was careless. He lost a lot of money. She doesn’t care; she loves him because she realizes he was trying to be an equal partner in this relationship. He didn’t want to show up empty handed at the altar. She just wants him to bring himself there. Money is nice, but that can’t make you feel good. He doesn’t deserve her, Henry starts to say, but she is talking past him not wanting to hear this; she is addressing Jack as Katie shows up. How can he lock up an honorable man like Henry? Noone got hurt here; isn’t there something he can do? They need to get married tomorrow. Jack looks persuaded. Henry is the one that is saying that he can’t get off after being charged with three felons. Jack has a change of heart; did he say three felons… he meant three misdemeanors. It is a good thing he never wrote up a report, as he rips up the paper in his hand. Vienna is overjoyed, Katie smiles, but Henry looks almost disappointed. Vienna hugs Henry; now everything is going to be fine for tomorrow. Katie is excited not to have to cancel the party. Vienna wonders if she can come? Katie explains the bride can’t be there. Vienna is ok with this because she has to work on her vows, which makes Henry look nervous. She isn’t sure she can put to words the happiness she feels; she has an idea; since Katie is a writer, can she write the vows? Katie isn’t sure, but Vienna pleads with her; she is perfect because she knows Henry almost as well as her. Henry looks uncomfortable.

Jade snarls at Cleo; why is she still here? Cleo smiles in her way and asks why she can’t be? She just wants to see her double sing. Jade doesn’t want people to connect them, as Cleo teases that Jade is the one who approached her. She promises to listen to one song and then leave. Jade agrees and then heads back to Luke. Who was that, Luke asks? It isn’t anyone; she thought she knew the person but she didn’t.

Gwen is trying to explain to Will that she is trying to keep Adam out of her head, but it is a constant struggle. He owns a part of her whether she likes it or not. He thinks he is justified in what he did to her because of what she and Maddie did to him. Why wouldn’t she think that he would take back his promise to stay gone from Oakdale? What better of a place to get his revenge then in such a public place as Crash? She needs to get back a part of herself though. She wants to be able to make love to him again. Will reassures her that he will be there every step of the way to help her through this.

Vienna thanks Jack for his help with Henry. He is a free man, Jack says, as Henry jokes (but looks serious as he says it) that he is free for another 24 hours. Vienna heads off, as Katie wonders what is wrong? Henry doesn’t give her a straight answer. Katie tells him how he missed his tux fitting, as Henry wonders if they need to postpone the wedding? Brad filled in so they are fine, which doesn’t seem to relieve Henry. He thanks Katie for doing the vows; Vienna is a hard woman to say no to. He needs to go write his vows now, as he slowly walks out of the room. Katie watches him go with a look of concern. She shakes it off; she thanks Jack also. She has to go write Vienna’s vows, but she will see him later for the party. Jack grins; he wouldn’t miss it.

At the Lakeview, Henry is gulping down a martini, as he tries to write his vows. He is having a lot of trouble, as he scribbles and then crumples up the piece of paper. He is interrupted by a knock; it is Maddie. What is the crisis? Is he all out of olives, she teases? He can’t write his vows. Vienna is expecting something romantic and meaningful and he is going to let her down. She is expecting so much. Maddie worries when she sees his mood; is he ok? Does he really love her? Henry asks about movie lines; maybe he can use something from an old movie. Maddie thinks she can work with this. She asks him questions to see what they can use; how did he feel about Vienna when he first met her? Henry thinks for a moment; he thought she was out of his league. Maddie looks bothered, but then she asks what he thinks about spending his life with her? Henry pauses; it was her idea. Maddie frowns. She starts to ask him if he is sure he should be doing this when her cell phone rings interrupting her. It is Vienna; she wants her help with the perfect gift for Henry. Maddie isn’t sure she can meet her, but Henry tells her to go so Maddie agrees to meet her in a few minutes downtown. Henry assures her that he is just over thinking this and he will be fine. Noone will remember his vows anyway. Katie would remember, Maddie says, as she is walking out the door. After she leaves, Henry mumbles to himself that she wouldn’t remember what he said, but he remembers her vows to him; he starts to recite them word for word, as his face becomes emotional. The scene fades to Katie, who is at the Farm, trying to write Vienna’s vows to Henry. Jack walks in chuckling over seeing her hard at work. She asks if she can read what she has so far; she reads and Jack seems to like them until she gets to the part where Katie mentions life being simple. Life will not be simple for those two. Katie groans, and crumples the paper up. Jack offers to help, as he leans closely over her, as she sits at the table. He asks questions about Henry and Vienna’s relationship to help Katie write something; how was it for Vienna when they met? She said it was unexpected what happened between them. It crept up on them. Jack remarks how love can do that; it can seem crazy and out of the blue. He looks at Katie, who in turn looks up at him. They lock eyes for a moment, and seem as if they are about to kiss. Jack then tells her that he is going to get going; he will see her later, as Katie watches him go with a look of hope in her eyes.

Will and Gwen arrive at Crash; Cleo walks over to them and announces to Gwen that she is her biggest fan. Gwen and Will thank her, as Jade watches her snarling. Will gives her one last pep talk; a lot of people missed her singing. He is sure she will be awesome; she just needs to watch him because he will be right there for her. Gwen gets on stage and immediately the music starts. She starts to sing, as Cleo watches Will almost in a lovesick way. She stops herself from staring and refocuses on Gwen. Jade continues to glare at her. Gwen is singing, mostly with her eyes shut, but when she opens them, she stares at Will. Her eyes shift over to Jade, as she is giving Gwen an icy stare, which rattles Gwen. Gwen stops singing. Will realizes what is happening and he approaches Jade; what is she doing? Is she trying to mess this up for Gwen? Luke jumps to her defense; Jade didn’t even know Gwen was singing tonight. Will isn’t sure she didn’t know, but he orders her to stay away from them. No problem, Jade snaps. Will stands in front of her and blocks her so Gwen starts singing again. As Gwen is watching, Cleo is singing along mouthing the words. Gwen finishes, all the while watching Will. She heads off stage quickly. Will reassures her that she did really well. Does she want to sing another song? No. Will tries to put a positive spin on this; she will leave her audience wanting more. She couldn’t deal with Jade’s looks; she wants to go. Soon after they leave, Jade, who is sitting again with Luke, receives a text message telling her to go outside and to be alone. Jade makes an excuse to need air, but Luke seems unconvinced. She heads outside not knowing what it is about. She is standing there when a girl walks up looking like Gwen. Jade growls thinking it is Gwen; she has a right to be at Crash; is she going to be a baby and call the police? The girl smiles showing crooked teeth, and that is when Jade realizes it is Cleo in a Gwen-like wig. Cleo is so pleased with herself. With her annoying drawl, she tells Jade how she fooled her; she knew she could pass as Gwen!

Henry is having a very hard time writing his vows, as he swallows down another martini. He is obviously inebriated. Katie breezes in ready to get the party started, but then she worries when she sees a drunken Henry. She is talking about love and how the second time around is best. Is it? He isn’t sure, as Katie looks worried by his somber attitude. Jack walks in and soon after so does Brad. Katie is irritated; she asked him not to do this. He is not here to make trouble; he is here as a peace offering, as he is sorry, Brad offers. Henry accepts his apology mostly because he is so drunk he could care less. Henry thanks Brad for filling in at the tux fitting and then adds that he could do it tomorrow as well. When Brad looks slightly confused, Henry plays it off as a joke. There is a knock and a woman police officer tells Katie she is there because of a noise complaint. Katie doesn’t understand; the woman walks by her, turns on the radio and whips off her top showing a skimpy bra. Henry is thrilled, as is Brad and Jack. Katie is horrified, as Jack tries to hide his smile from her. The woman dances suggestively in front of Henry with her handcuffs, as Henry loves this. Finally, Katie puts a swift end to this; what is wrong with him, she yells at Brad? What is with her, Brad yells back? He was trying to give Henry a good send off and he was thoroughly enjoying himself. There is a reason a best man should be a man! Katie is infuriated; he knows nothing about her and their relationship! He knows it is more like her being Henry’s wrangler. Brad stomps out of there. Jack tries to make his apologies; he wasn’t trying to cause a problem this time. Should he walk Henry around to get him some fresh air? Katie thinks he is past that; they should call this a night. After Jack helps clean up and leaves with the bartender, she asks Henry if she ruined his party? She didn’t. Is he mad? No. She senses he may have jitters so she tells him that is ok. Vienna loves him, which even surprised her that she was capable of that. He is finally going to get his happily ever after. Henry doesn’t seem to excited about that. She thinks he should stop drinking because his wedding will go by fast. Will it, Henry asks? He remembers every minute of their wedding. He knew at the time that she didn’t love him and that it was about Mike, but it didn’t matter. For that moment, he had her love and he had her. It was the happiest time of his life. Katie walks away feeling guilty. He reassures her that it is fine. Does he feel as strongly as Vienna does for him, Katie wonders? Henry doesn’t answer, so Katie reminds him firmly by now he knows better then staying with someone when the feelings aren’t equally reciprocated. He just hasn’t had a moment to think. Katie doesn’t buy that. It is not too late if this is not right; he just needs to say the word.

Cleo is adamant that she can fool people, just as she did with Jade. Jade points out the obvious; the minute she opens her mouth people will know. She just hasn’t had time to listen to her, and teach herself to talk differently. Jade now thinks it is possible. If they do it her way, it may just work out yet.

At home, Will is reassuring Gwen that she did great. Gwen points out how Jade was acting. She didn’t want her to move forward and she pretty much got her wish. She is happy that Adam didn’t show up though. She tells Will that if he hadn’t been there then she wouldn’t have been able to do this. He has stayed by her side even when she turned into someone he may not have recognized. Will promises to always be there through it all. Does she want to go to bed, as he holds out his hand? Gwen freezes. Will realizes what is going on. He didn’t mean to have sex; he meant just to go to bed. He just wants to hold her until they fall asleep. He does want more, but for now, he realizes they have to take things slowly. It will happen when she is ready. Gwen agrees, and she follows him into the bedroom. They nervously get ready and get into bed. As they lie there, Will reaches for her hand and Gwen tightly pulls it to her.

Cleo hopes this means that Jade will help her turn into Gwen. She is willing to now believe that it is possible; she also had mentioned money in her posting. Jade snaps back that was before she saw her and how much work it would be. Cleo is thrilled that she will be turned into someone so pretty and cool, as Jade doesn’t want to hear her say that about Gwen. They will talk soon, Jade promises, but when they are in public, Cleo has to pretend she doesn’t know her. They agree and go their separate ways.

At the Farm, Vienna is thanking Maddie for shopping with her and picking out the watch. Now Henry will know that every minute she spends with him is precious. Maddie is even a little overwhelmed by Vienna’s joy. Henry has gone through a lot of change recently so she might want to go slowly. Vienna is too excited to really listen; she personally loves change. She sees Katie’s vows that she wrote for her on the table. Maddie seems surprised to hear Katie wrote them. If anyone knows her brother, it is Katie, she says with a strange catch in her voice.

Katie is adamant that Henry doesn’t need to go through with this wedding. She has given him everything; she has expected trust in return because she has given it totally to him. Katie thinks Vienna deserves the truth. Henry doesn’t think she gets it; before Vienna came along, he had lost his confidence, dignity and even his willingness to live. He should be happy and he doesn’t sound it, Katie notices. Henry angrily asks what it is with her and Maddie? Katie and Henry continue to bicker over what he should do. She is not talking him out of it, Henry snaps. Katie thinks he should go to bed; nothing needs to be decided now; he should get some rest. She helps him into bed and out of his shoes, as Henry continues to mumble that he is going to do it! Katie repeats a couple times that no matter what he decides, she is and always will be there for him. She kisses him on the cheek goodnight, and then she leans back on the bed watching him, as Jack watches from the door.

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