ATWT Update Tuesday 4/10/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/10/07


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(Police Station)  Brad arrives to talk to Jack about punching him in the face because of what he did to Henry.  Jack insists that he has nothing more to talk about with him and he is very busy.  Brad insists that he was only doing Henry, whom he considers a loser, a favor by showing him that a woman like Vienna will get tired of him eventually and cheat on him. 

(Lakeview)  Vienna and Katie plan the wedding and Katie manages to put a double rush on the wedding announcements.  She explains to Vienna it will be easier then sending out invitations since the wedding is on such short notice.  Vienna asks Henry’s opinion on various things from the music to the wedding announcements but he is very distracted and doesn’t pay any attention to her.  Kate notices that Henry is pre-occupied and walks over and tells Henry that she knows he is worried about Brad but she is positive he won’t be a problem since Jack is handling the situation.  The wedding plans overwhelm Henry and he decides to leave quietly without telling Katie and Vienna where he is going.

(Farm)  Lily tells a worried Faith that she has thrown out all her diet pills and plans to go see a therapist to talk about her problems with food.  Lily asks Faith to keep going to her doctor to talk and they both make a promise to each other to help each other get better.  Faith is also worried because Lucinda and Holden are mad at Lily but Lily assures her that she will make things right between Holden and Lucinda. 

(WorldWide)  Lucinda is shocked and hurt to see that Craig is having the Worldwide sign taken down and replacing it with a sign that reads Montgomery Enterprises.  Lucinda vows to get her company back from Craig when he least expects.  Craig explains that the board voted to override the company charter and allow him to change the company name.  Craig also tells Lucinda that the board is thrilled with his plans for the future so Lucinda better get used to the new more modern way of doing business.

(Al’s Diner)  Meg explains to Paul that her new mission in life is to take Craig down and get Lucinda’s company back for her because Lily deserves justice.  Paul is shocked to hear Meg talk this way and he thinks that Meg doesn’t want justice for Lily rather she just wants to get back at Craig for betraying her trust in him.  Meg admits that she was very hurt when Craig lied to her about his motives for helping Lily out of a crisis but insists that she just wants justice because Craig almost tore her family apart.  Paul tells Meg exactly what she told him once, that revenge wouldn’t help anything, it will just make her bitter and feed her anger.  Meg tells Paul that she wants the old Paul back just this once because she needs his help to fake a vision and make Craig believe that he has seen Lucy and Johnny.  She needs him because he knows their whereabouts and once he has done that, she will take care of the next part of her plan.  Paul doesn’t want to do this but he knows that Meg will need help against someone like Craig so he agrees to fake a vision of Johnny. 

(Lakeview)  Vienna asks Kate her opinion of a picture of the dress she is thinking of wearing.  Katie tells Vienna she will look beautiful in whatever dress she decides to wear.  Vienna thanks Katie for being such a good friend to her and helping her plan the wedding.  Vienna also tells Katie that if they have a beautiful wedding it will be thanks to her hard work.  Katie admits to Vienna that she wasn’t very happy about her marrying Henry at first and she apologizes to Vienna.  Vienna knows Katie was just worried that Henry would get hurt again.  Vienna accepts Katie‘s apology and agrees to let bygones be bygones and tells Katie she hopes she will find her Prince Charming at the wedding.  Katie finds Henry at the bar drinking two martinis in a row so he finally admits to her that he is worried that he will disappoint Vienna.  Katie tells Henry that Vienna is very sure that she loves him and the only way he could disappoint her is if he didn’t love her.  Henry assures Katie that he would be crazy not to love Vienna.  Katie reminds Henry of his tuxedo fitting at the studio and Henry promises to be there.  Once Katie is gone, one of Henry’s gambling buddies arrives and tells him there is a high stakes poker game tonight.  Henry thinks about it and tells his gambling buddy he will be at the game tonight. 

(Farm)  Faith admits to Lily that she hates herself for not being able to stop eating and making herself sick even though she really wants to stop doing it.  Faith also admits to Lily that she hates herself for being so mean to her and telling Holden about her taking pills.  Lily thanks Faith for telling Holden about the pills because she was scared to tell him herself.  Holden arrives and Faith goes to eat her lunch upstairs, but before she leaves, she promises Holden and Lily she won’t make herself sick.  Holden wonders how he could have missed the signs of Lily’s addiction to pills.  Lily wonders if she has lost Holden and he assures her he still loves her and will always be with her but he doesn’t trust her right now.

(Montgomery Enterprises)  Craig thinks Lucinda has lost her touch because she didn’t even notice that Lily was becoming addicted to pills.  Craig doesn’t think Lucinda has what it takes to regain her company.  Craig has someone bring Lucinda’s things and tells her she has 15 minutes and then he will call security.  Lily arrives to apologize for what she has done.  Lucinda tells Lily she knows she is sorry for her actions.  Lily thinks its time Lucinda concentrate on her family who needs her right now.  Lucinda explains that she doesn’t know how she can live without her company because thinking of her company and focusing on business when she had cancer gave her the courage to fight to live.  Lucinda tells Lily she is going to fight to regain her company but that she won’t be a part of her plans because she is no longer her daughter. 

(TV Station)  Henry doesn’t arrive for his tuxedo fitting and Brad is concerned because he and Katie must film the new promotional spots for the contest.  Brad agrees to stand in for Henry at the tuxedo fitting.  Katie likes the way Brad looks in a tuxedo so she smiles but she would never admit it to Brad because she doesn’t want him to get a swelled head.  Jack arrives as Katie is fixing Brad’s tie and as he watches them smile and joke with each other, he looks a little jealous of their chemistry.  Jack leaves without being seen by Brad and Katie because he gets word about his big sting operation. 

Jack arrives at the spot where Henry and his gambling buddies are playing poker and wonders why Henry had to get arrested today.  Henry tells Jack to get it over with, so Jack places Henry under arrest for illegal gambling.

(Farm)  Faith wonders if Holden is going to leave again because he is mad at her and Lily.  Holden explains to his daughter that he loves her and Lily very much and he can feel worried and mad at them at the same time.  Holden gives Faith a hug and assures her that he isn’t going to leave this time.

(Main Street)  Paul bumps into Craig and offers to shake his hand and make peace because Meg asked him to do so.  Craig hesitates a bit in shaking his hand so Paul tells him not to be afraid to touch him.  Craig shakes Paul’s hand and Paul steps backward a bit as if Craig’s touch gave him a hot sensation.  Craig asks if Paul just had a vision and Paul responds, yes, but he isn’t going to tell him what it was because he wouldn’t believe him anyway.  Craig asks Paul what the vision was about and Paul tells him it was about his son. 

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