ATWT Update Monday 4/9/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 4/9/07


Written By Elayna

At the Lakeview, Henry walks into his room that is now overflowing with gifts. It seems that the wedding gifts have doubled since he was last there. Vienna is beaming with joy; guess who is coming to the wedding? He gives up. She rattles off a bunch of Swedish sounding names. Who are they? The five of them are her brothers. She also has 20 or so nieces and nephews. Henry starts to look overwhelmed. He was not aware that she was planning on inviting so many people. Between her friends and business associates, Oakdale is going to be a part of the biggest wedding yet.

At Al’s, Cleo is babbling to Jade about meeting Gwen, who is standing nearby with Will. Jade is adamant that she not say a word. Jade pretends that she is worried about Gwen’s reaction because she is ‘sensitive.’ She doesn’t think they should blindside her by having her come face to face with her double. Cleo then turns her attention to Will; he is so cute. Jade snarls that is Gwen’s husband and to leave him alone too. Cleo continues to babble, even talking over Jade at times regaling her with stories of back home, her cousins and grandmother. When Jade agitatedly cuts her off, Cleo pouts and wonders if Jade just wants to get rid of her? Jade backpedals trying to be nice. She just thinks she has a long way back home. Cleo has an idea; she will find the printout of Jade’s web page; she is going to show Gwen and Will what Jade has been thinking. They need to know what kind of thoughtful friend she is. Jade grabs at her, but Cleo won’t be deterred, as Jade panics.

At home, Margo walks in smack dab in the middle of Casey and Maddie having sex. They both jump up trying to cover themselves. Margo is shocked. She immediately starts to yell; what are they thinking? What are they doing getting intimate on her couch? Casey is asking her to hold off until they get dressed. She thinks he has lost the right to ask her anything. It seems he doesn’t have any respect for them, and he continues to show no maturity! Why does he continue to disregard the consequences of his actions? He doesn’t. Margo begs to differ considering he was just getting intimate with someone who is still in therapy for being raped by their brother-in-law. She is not ready and he should have known better, she yells. An emotional Maddie interrupts assuring her that she wanted to be with Casey because she feels ready; she is to blame just as much. Margo has another question; she picks up the condom on the floor. Is this the only protection they used? They stutter out an answer; it is but they were going to get Maddie on birth control as well. Margo spits that they obviously couldn’t wait, but did they consider the possibility that they could end up with another unwanted pregnancy?

Dusty is snapping at Allison, who is crawling around frantically on the floor trying to pick up the contents of her purse that Dusty dumped on the floor. He shoves the vile with a powdery substance in her face; is this why she is doing porn? Allison stutters that she is just holding it for a friend. Dusty is convinced that she is high now. Emily doesn’t know what is even in the vile, so Dusty spells it out; it is crystal meth! Is that true? No, Allison vehemently denies. She claims that there are others that do it, but she is not one of them. Allison snaps that she doesn’t need to take drugs in order to do her job. Lance opened doors for her so she is thankful, but this job is a stepping-stone. Dusty yells that one trip to the bathroom and she is paranoid and babbling – it isn’t too difficult to put two and two together. Allison growls back that he is the one probably on drugs since he seems to know so much about it. Dusty explains that his wife had trouble with it. Allison’s head snaps towards Emily; what is going on with them? What would his wife think with them here? Then again, she is not above hooking up with someone else’s husband? Emily looks horrified; she knows better; she knows that Jennifer has passed away. Allison gulps and then apologizes. What is wrong with you? Allison doesn’t have much to say. Why would she run out of money and not come to her or Susan? She is not going to judge her. She does not need to stay here. This is kidnapping, Allison snaps. She heads for the door, but Dusty slams it shut stopping her.

Jade pretends she will just think of another surprise for Gwen. Cleo doesn’t understand why she is so uncompromising on this? Jade pretends she is just concerned about getting her back on the bus since she has such a long ride home. Cleo thinks Jade has to admit she does look like her somewhat. In order to shut her up, Jade pretends she is right. Jade thinks it would be too creepy to have her double accost her out of the blue in the middle of a diner. Cleo gets it. She will make herself scarce. Jade tells her that she will cause a distraction to help her leave. Jade approaches Will and Gwen while Cleo slips out. Will wants to know what she wants? Jade answers that she wants to know why they are rude? They are rude because she always wants something. She must have heard that Adam checked in. She didn’t know. He spoke with Margo very briefly. Jade asks if he had a message for her? No. Jade glares; that would be because he always had a thing for Gwen, as she stomps out. Gwen is frustrated; she just wants to forget, but then Jade is in her face reminding her. Will just wants her to shake it off because it was just bad timing. Outside, Jade runs back into Cleo; will she consider going back to the original plan? No, Jade answers bluntly. They bid goodbye to one another and they leave, but Cleo doubles back around, heads over to the window and watches Gwen and Will through it.

Henry quietly remarks how his side of the wedding is going to be unbalanced considering about three people will be on his side. What about his family? They aren’t close, Henry simply states. Vienna thinks giving Henry a pair of diamond-encrusted cuff links will cheer him up, but it doesn’t do much. Is he upset that she is inviting so many people? He thought it was going to be a more intimate setting. Vienna looks at him for a moment and then tears up the paper. She is willing to uninvite hundreds of people for him? She only needs him, as she hugs him tightly. Henry seems relieved but overwhelmed at the same time.

Casey comes downstairs; she thinks he doesn’t know what Maddie has been through, but he disagrees; he understands more then anyone. Margo asks him why he said he was going to be studying? He was, but then Maddie came downstairs; Margo cuts him off not wanting to hear the gory details. He is sorry, but she doesn’t want to hear that word; it doesn’t mean anything to her anymore. Maddie comes downstairs; how long has this been going on? Casey answer that it has only been a couple of days. Margo doesn’t believe him, so Maddie backs him up assuring Margo that is the truth. She doesn’t want her to blame Casey for all of this though. She is right about that; unfortunately, Maddie is going to have to pay the price for his latest mistake, as Maddie and Casey look nervously from one to another. Casey starts to yell; if she is going to blame anyone, then he should blame him! Margo is chaotically yelling over him, and so is Maddie. Casey is yelling that this isn’t fair, as Margo reminds him that life isn’t always fair. Margo explains that this is hard on her because she considers Maddie a member of their family. She thought she was a good influence on Casey. Maddie mumbles that she tried to be, but they worried that if he went to prison then they wouldn’t know how long Casey would be there. They may have acted desperately, but they wanted to have something of their own that would last forever. Margo seems moved, but she doesn’t back down. They broke their promise. Furthermore, she really feels that Maddie is not prepared for this type of relationship. Maddie reminds her that Lewis hurt her not the other way around. Why should she be pay for that forever? Margo explains that being sexually active is a big step no matter what you have in your past. Margo then reminds them that Casey could go to jail for up to 10 years. Didn’t they think that would hurt them? Didn’t they realize how much more it would now hurt them after what they did? They chose the wrong time and place. She is sorry, but Maddie needs to find another place to live. Maddie and Casey look stunned.

Vienna is upset that her friend, Elizabeth, whom she wanted to be her maid of honor is away for a month on a cruise. Henry has Katie, but now she has no one. She needs a ‘Katie.’ Henry thinks there must be hundreds of friends in her address book that she can call upon. She sniffs; they are all acquaintances. She could ask Emma perhaps? Henry thinks she might be a little busy since she is hosting this. Vienna smiles; there he going again thinking of other people. Henry tells her that if she wants to wait until Elizabeth comes home then he will do that for her.

Allison grumbles that Lance is waiting for her; Dusty explains that he will have a long wait then. She owes him because he gave her a job and money. Dusty adds that he also got her hooked on drugs. She can quit anytime! She doesn’t use it all the time. Emily realizes she hasn’t been supportive in the past couple of years, but she wants to help now. Allison growls that if she doesn’t take her help is she going to shoot her like she did Paul, or maybe she will try to commit suicide by jumping over a cliff. Emily is stung by her words. Dusty yells that this isn’t her sister talking but rather the drugs. She isn’t an addict! Dusty gives her an option; she can come back to Oakdale or they can call the police? She would let him call the police, Allison appeals to Emily? She would let him do anything to help her. Allison reminds her that their mom would lose it. She can’t think about her; she is only concerned about her. What does Lance have on her, Emily asks? Nothing, she likes what she does. Doesn’t she miss her family? Allison’s eyes narrow, as she sarcastically says that she really misses their lectures. Doesn’t she realize she is going to lose her health, looks and life if she continues on this path? She is happy here, Allison answer belligerently. Emily takes a deep breath and tearfully tells Dusty to call the police. Dusty takes out his phone, as Allison tells him to wait. They win; she will go back to Oakdale.

Maddie and Casey are saying goodbye. They agree that they wouldn’t have done anything different; they regret nothing. Maddie is sorry that they hurt Margo though. They kiss, but Margo also would like the house key. There will be no sneaking in. Maddie nods and gives it back, just as Tom is coming in. He wonders what is going on? Maddie sadly walks out, as Casey snarls that they got caught having sex and now Maddie has to leave to go stay with Henry in a hotel, which is like not having a real home. Can’t he do something? Tom whirls around on him; he obviously doesn’t get what is at stake for his future. This is serious; he can’t leave his house to go to school or a job. He also can’t have his friends coming and going at any time, and above all, he won’t be sleeping with his girlfriend under their roof! Casey stomps off.

At Al’s, Will and Gwen are talking about Maddie and Casey. They are closer then ever now. Will thinks something happened in Michigan. After saying this, Gwen wants to change the subject. Adam is a part of everything she thinks about. She wants to get back into her music, but Adam has sullied this. When he touches her, she thinks of Adam and what he tried to do. She hates this. Will reminds her that it will take time. Gil interrupts them; he is talking about how he took over for Casey at Crash and how much he loves it. He wants Gwen’s input on the fliers. What are they for? They are for Gwen’s next performance. Gwen swallows hard; she forgot, as Will explains that Gwen won’t be able to do this performance. Gil doesn’t understand. She is the one that brings the crowds in. Will interrupts; she is going through a lot now. He is trying to get it, but this is his big start and Gwen is the draw. Gwen is staring absentmindedly at the flier when she tells them both that she made a promise and she will keep it. Will is worried, but she thinks this will help.

Vienna thinks it is so nice of Henry to suggest postponing the wedding for her. Henry thinks maybe June would work better, looking at her funny. Then Vienna stops; no, she doesn’t care if a chicken or cow is the only witness they have, she doesn’t want to delay the wedding. Henry looks tense. Maddie interrupts them. Why does she have bags with her, Henry asks? She wonders what is with the gifts, Maddie counters? They are engaged, as Maddie looks startled. Is she leaving again, Henry presses? Maddie slowly tries to explain. Margo kicked her out. Henry is surprised; is she mad that Casey went after her? That is part of it. Margo caught us… were they trying to steal away? Vienna has figured it out; she caught them having sex. Henry strongly shakes his head. His sister hasn’t had sex, but Vienna is continuing; there is a glow about her. Maddie is happy to hear this; there is? It is true, Maddie answers. Henry looks like he could get knocked over by a feather.

Margo tells Tom that Casey is ignoring her. She knows he probably thinks she acted to harshly. He backed her up, but he just felt badly for Maddie. Margo knows what he means because she was like a daughter to her. They went to all those therapy appointments together. She felt very close to her. One of them had to go and it couldn’t be Casey. She supposes he would have been calmer then her if he had walked in on them naked? No, he would have had a heart attack. Margo smiles; Tom is slightly relieved that they are able to have a disagreement still; it has been a long time. She feels as if she is a failure. Adam is gone, Casey is acting recklessly and she just had to kick Maddie out. They should have been harder on their kids growing up. Tom reminds her that Casey may be reckless, but he is still loving, smart and brave. She wonders what he will be like after 10 years in prison? Tom reassures her that he will still be their son.

Henry needs a drink, but Vienna thinks he is acting naïve. Maddie should be celebrating this, but Henry doesn’t want to hear this. If she has any questions, she can always ask her. Maddie looks happy to hear this. Henry cuts her off; she won’t be asking her because she won’t be doing that again. Maddie asks Henry if she can move back in? Of course. Vienna adds that they will get her her own room. Maddie beams. Casey can visit whenever he wants, Vienna says. Henry is madly shaking his head. He is under house arrest, Maddie reminds her. She can make lots of calls to him then. She will give her pointers on how to make them sensual. Henry is beside himself. He won’t have Vienna teaching his sister how to have phone sex! Vienna just wants Maddie to do her one favor; will she be her maid of honor? Yes, as Vienna hugs her tightly. Now they can get married right away, as Henry thinks they should drink to that too, as he looks overwhelmed.

They will leave tonight, Dusty says. Allison wants to go to the bathroom; she can go, but she will leave her purse. Emily is already thinking what needs to happen once they get home; she will go into a treatment center and then she can go back to college. Has she quit her night job? She did. It wasn’t temporary. She needs to keep Lance away from Allison. Dusty tells her good luck with that. Does that mean he isn’t helping anymore? He found her sister; what else doe she need? He needs to keep quiet about her job. She doesn’t want Allison to find out. She is ashamed suddenly? How can she tell Allison not to do porn when she was prostituting. She would be hypocritical. She is a hypocrite! If she plans on helping her with rehab etc then he won’t tell though. After Allison comes out, Emily asks for a moment. After Dusty steps out, Allison pleads with her; she needs her to get her out of here. Emily explains that she isn’t making good decisions. She should care what people think; she should want respect, and not just to be noticed. She needs to leave this behind and make a fresh start. Allison asks if they can stop off at her apartment to get some pictures of her, mom and Hal? They can. She is just so thankful that she found her, as she hugs Allison.

Maddie comes out to talk with Henry. She wasn’t sure that she would like Vienna, but she came here miserable and Vienna made it better. Henry tells her that Vienna is good at that. Can she ask him a question? She can, as long as it isn’t about her, Casey or sex. She smiles; is he really happy? Vienna is beautiful, everything a man would want in a woman and she loves him more then any other woman. He would be a fool to pass this up. Henry looks nervous, and Maddie seems to be trying to figure out if he is being sincere.

Casey comes out to talk with Tom and Margo. She isn’t sure they should talk because she is still mad. He wants them to understand that he realizes he has made poor choices, by stealing the bonds and jumping bail, but he has grown up recently. Margo doesn’t think having sex qualifies. That is not what he is talking about. Maddie believes in him, and she holds him accountable. He used to take the easy way out, but now that he has someone like Maddie, he feels differently. He has made a lot of mistakes, but Maddie isn’t one of them. They can be mad at them, but they can’t keep them apart.

At home, Gwen and Will are talking about her singing again. She doesn’t want to sing necessarily, but nothing has felt the same in a while. She hates that. She is going to take her life back starting with singing.

At the Farm, Jade is looking at her website where she posted the request for someone that looks like Gwen. She deletes the post.

Downtown, Cleo sees Gil handing out fliers for Crash featuring Gwen. Is she new in town? If so, she should stick around to see Gwen because she is the best. Cleo stares at the poster and smiles.

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