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Written By Dani

Margo is agitated with Casey who is not taking his house arrest seriously. “Straight and Narrow now Casey. Do. You. Understand?” Margo asks firmly. Margo leaves from work leaving a list of chores for him to complete. Maddie comes downstairs where she and Casey begin to make out. Gwen is awakened by a nightmare. She calms for a moment but jerks away when Will tries to kiss her good morning. She apologizes and Will tells her he knows she has been through a lot and it will take time to recover. Will wants to spend the day in bed relaxing but Gwen wants to leave the house and spend some time alone. Will is hurt but does not stand in his way.

Gwen walks in on Maddie and Casey as they become more involved physically. Gwen tells Maddie about the problems she is having with Will physically. Maddie tries to tell her time does help heal especially when you are with someone you love like her and Casey after her sexual assault by Lewis. Gwen turns away from Maddie and wants to avoid the topic. Maddie asks “Do you think I am doing something wrong?” Gwen turns back to her and says “NO, just something stupid.” Gwen lectures Maddie but Maddie defends herself and Casey. Maddie comes down on Gwen saying no matter what she has always acted happy for her and Will no matter how bad her life is but Gwen has a bad day and she attacks her. Gwen gets a call from Will who asks her to come home.

After Gwen left to visit with Maddie and Casey Margo dropped in on Will. While on her way to work Adam called and said he was okay but wouldn’t come home and wouldn’t tell her where he was. Margo felt Will and Gwen had the right to know. Will and Margo have a heartfelt conversation. Margo apologizes and expresses remorse for all the bad things her sons have done to Will and Gwen. When Gwen returns home Will tells her Adam called and everything is okay. Gwen continues to become more and more unbalanced. Margo decides it would be best if she goes back home to tell Casey about the call from Adam but before she can tell him she sees him and Maddie having sex.

Jade gets a response to her ad, asking her to meet for breakfast in Old Town. Jade blows off plans she had with Luke to make the meeting. Jade is face to face with the girl who believes she looks like Gwen. The girl has black hair, freckles, shabby clothes, buck teeth, and acts as if she is mentally handicapped. Jade tries to get rid of the girl but she is so excited to be out of her little hick town she doesn’t back down . Cleo, Jade learns is the girls name, follows Jade to Al’s. Jade buys her breakfast before putting her on a bus back to California. Jade is upset the plan wasn’t going as fast as she would like and is annoyed by her “new friend” Gwen and Will walk in just as Jade is about to leave Cleo. Cleo sees the resemblance and is excited “Wow! It’s her I am going to go say HI.” Jade stops her.

Dusty and Emily await a meeting with the movie producer in a Las Vegas hotel suite. When he arrives Emily hides. The producer and Dusty talk business and when he sees Dusty is legit the producer calls girls waiting in the lobby and tells them to come up for their audition. Dusty kicks the producer out. When Allison and two other girls arrive Allison recognizes Dusty right away. “Hi Allison long time no see.” Dusty pays the two girls well to leave so he and Allison can talk. Allison gets a huge attitude and calls out “Okay Emily you can come out now.” Emily and Allison immediately begin to argue as Emily begs her sister/daughter for some kind of answer and for her to return to Oakdale with Dusty and herself. Allison refuses and calls Emily’s bluff about telling Susan about what Allison has been doing. Allison reminds Emily of Susan’s constant struggle to stay sober and Emily’s own unstable past.

Allison goes to “freshen up” before she is going to leave. While in the bathroom Dusty tells Emily, Allison is in more trouble than they thought and they must get Allison out of town. Dusty blocks the door when Allison returns from the restroom he jerks Allison’s purse out of her hand and dumps the contents on the floor. “If you were in such a hurry to get out of here why did you have to take time to freshen up. There is only one reason.” Dusty picks up a vile of white powder “NOW, we know what is really going on.”

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