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Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

Emily confesses to Dusty that the girl in the movie she has been chasing is her sister Allison.  Dusty still will not agree to help Emily find her.  As Dusty walks away Emily blurts out that she will pay him $32,000.  Dusty stops dead in his tracks and turns to her in disgust and asks if she plans to use “the money you made on your back” to pay him.  Dusty refuses to take the money but does agree to help Emily for Allison’s sake.  Dusty feels the first place to start is in Las Vegas at the producer’s office and if Allison is in trouble they need to leave right away.  Emily and Dusty rush for the airport and arrive in Vegas late that night.  They go straight to the office of the seedy producer and break-in.  All the files only list aliases.  Emily is worried and has no idea where to go with out knowing who the stage names really belong to.  Dusty says that their one and only solution is to go into the porn business. 

Jade bangs on the door of Will and Gwen’s house, angry over the confrontation she had with Barbara.  She angrily tells them that she agreed not to go to the police about what they did to Adam but she has changed her mind after she found out that they told his mother.  Will invites her in and apologizes for Barbara’s threats but assures her it was only threats.  Jade seems to calm a bit but Gwen goes off on Jade as Will gets a call saying that Casey is home on house arrest.  Jade becomes mad at the couple again and vows that Gwen will get what’s coming to her when she least expects it.  Tom has returned home with Casey but is not feeling the same happiness Maddie does. 

Will and Gwen go to visit Casey and Tom is unhappy when he walks in and finds them there.  He asks if they expected that things would be the same.  Will explains they were just concerned.  Tom knows there are still lies and secrets the three are keeping while Casey becomes a convicted felon.  Tom offers his own warning in Gwen’s direction.  He tells her that he has practiced law for long enough to know no one ever gets away with anything.  He assures her that someday her luck will run out.

Jade goes to Old Town to meet with Luke.  She mistakes another boy to be her cousin.  When Luke arrives she asks him if he saw the guy that looked just like him.  The two cousins talk and joke about twins and the fact that it is believed everyone has an identical twin somewhere in the world.  An idea comes to Jade just as Holden calls Luke to tell him about Faith’s condition.  Luke rushes off and leaves Jade alone with her thoughts.  Later Will and Gwen settle in for a good night’s sleep.  Jade sits at Al’s and places an ad on the internet, using her laptop and a photo of Gwen she took on her cell phone.  The ad asks if anyone has seen this person.  Jade offers money for anyone who can produce Gwen or, if her plan works, Gwen’s look alike. 

Katie complains to Jack about Vienna and Henry’s upcoming nuptials.  They talk through her issues and Katie decides to get on board with the whole idea because she realizes that Vienna cares for Henry. 

Henry walks in as Vienna struggles to get Brad off of her on the bed.  Henry is crushed.  Vienna swears frantically that nothing happened.  She insists that she doesn’t want Brad and he is just being a jerk.  She reiterates that she loves and wants to marry Henry.  Brad leaves after words are exchanged among the three.  Vienna scrambles for Henry to believe her but he walks out calling off the wedding.  Henry walks in Al’s with his head hung down.  Katie and Jack quickly come to his side as he tells them what he walked in on and confesses he knows Vienna is out of his league.  Katie feels she is to blame because earlier, at the TV station, Brad kept going on and on about how irresistible he is and Katie cut him down by saying that Vienna could resist him.  Jack tells Katie it wasn’t her fault Brad is a jerk.  Angry with his brother, Jack leaves.  Katie stays and talks with Henry.  She puts her feelings aside and convinces Henry what he had with Vienna is real.  Wanting to marry Vienna, Henry agrees to go back to the room and make up with Vienna.  Vienna wears the engagement ring that Henry dropped when he left earlier.  She has been crying, but Vienna makes Henry promise he will never leave her again.  Henry agrees but still feels uncertain about her commitment to him.

Jack finds Brad at the station and rambles on about unimportant things.  Jack says, “I have a message for you from Henry” and punches him in the eye knocking him to the ground.  Katie walks in cracking jokes about his black eye just as he had when she was smacked by the hockey puck.  Jack tells Brad to leave Henry and Vienna alone.

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