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Written By Elayna

At WOAK, Brad and Katie are strategizing about the contest and as usual not agreeing. Jack is listening to them bicker before he suggests a ‘time out.’ He needs to talk to Katie anyway. Katie comments about how she still can’t believe that they are from the same gene pool, as Jack laughs. He was thinking about her situation with Henry. Katie is disbelieving that with all that Jack has on his plate that he would be thinking of ways to help her. He doesn’t like to see her sad. He has a way to smooth things over with Henry. Emma has agreed to let Vienna and Henry get married at the pond, and he thinks she should deliver the good news. Katie smiles, but Brad interrupts announcing that there isn’t going to be a wedding because he thinks it is a bad idea. Katie and Jack look at each other, amazed by his gall.

At their Lakeview suite, Vienna sits on the bed thumbing through a bridal magazine. When the door opens and Henry walks in, she jumps up; where has he been? She has been worried since he has been gone for what seemed like a long time; she worries about other women trying to steal him. Henry doesn’t seem to be in good spirits, as he smiles at the thought of a woman stealing him, of all people away. Then Vienna sees that he is holding something. She knows what he has been doing. Since he is the traditional type, he was out shopping for an engagement ring. Henry shakes his head; they aren’t on the same page, Henry quietly says, but Vienna won’t be deterred. He had better put it on her finger now. Henry slowly opens the box and she sees it is full of donuts.

At Worldwide, Emily comes stomping into the Board Room. She got his message; are he and her mother going to double team her now? Dusty is straight forward; he wants her to listen to what he has to say; Craig took over at Worldwide and he quit, as Emily’s face drops.

At the farm, Lily is talking to Meg about Craig’s manipulations. This was revenge pure and simple and he enjoyed the game a little too much. Meg empathizes; he fooled her too. In this case, a leopard doesn’t change his spots. Lily is angry; she trusted him and he made a fool out of her. Meg reminds her that she was worried about her family, but Lily doesn’t think that should be used as an excuse. Craig is good at figuring out people’s vulnerabilities and using them to his advantage. Lily and Meg hear a car pulling up, as Lily is anxious how to explain this to Holden. How can she face him after all she has done? Holden soon walks in the door and stares at Lily for a moment before he walks over and hugs her; Lily falls happily and relieved into his arms. She apologizes, but he realizes that Craig duped her. They are a lot stronger then Craig. Lily explains that Lucinda is furious though, so Holden wants to call her. Lily jumps at this comment; she doesn’t want him to. She has every right to be furious with her since she spent her life building Worldwide up. Holden thinks she got caught in the middle of Lucinda and Craig’s war. Craig used her as a pawn in this, but Lucinda should not be kicking her when she is down. Lily quietly answers that he doesn’t know what she has done. He doesn’t, but he would like to know the full story. Lily seems to be contemplating telling him, and Holden asks to talk to Lily alone. Lily wanting to have a buffer tells him that she wants Meg to stay because she has been great. What is she not telling him? Lily thinks back to when she threw away her pills in front if Holden, but the words don’t seem to come out of her mouth. Meg steps forward thinking this is what Lily is wrestling with. Faith has been making herself sick again. Holden is stunned and saddened. He needs to talk to her, but Lily tells him that she is terrified that he will be angry with her. He is just worried because he thought they had this under control. Faith is listening by the door now. Meg goes onto explain what happened at Al’s. Lily explains that she and Faith talked and she told her that there would be no more secrets. Faith comes running out screeching at Lily; she is a fake; why doesn’t she tell everyone what she is doing! Lily looks stunned and upset.

Katie smirks, as she thinks Brad is jealous. Jack is amazed that Brad thinks he has any say in this. He is just worried about Vienna because she couldn’t have him so Henry is her rebound. Katie laughs, and she is the one they call self-centered. Jack smirks at the thought of Vienna mourning the loss of him. Katie mentions how Henry is loyal, smart, funny and sweet, as Brad adds that he is a loser. Katie snarls; he is not funny and that comment was unnecessarily mean. Brad is convinced that Vienna will wear him out and throw him away. Katie doesn’t want to listen to this anymore; she needs to go congratulate them because obviously the better man won. After they leave, Brad eyes the champagne slyly and mumbles to himself about how you would stop a train wreck; one of the trains has to get off the tracks.

Vienna realizes that Henry is upset and preoccupied because of Katie. She doesn’t need an engagement ring anyway. He is aggravated; he doesn’t care about that self centered and egotistical person. He is sorry to have disappointed her. Vienna has some pearls of wisdom. They are blissfully happy, but both of the men in Katie’s life have run away from her. She is having a hard time with this. Henry thinks her words are generous. She thinks that they can afford to be generous because they have a love story that people dream about. He is surprised by her stance on Katie, but Vienna teases that some of her words are selfish because she wants to have a perfect wedding and she knows that will only happen if he makes up with his best friend. He could ask Katie to be his best man.

Emily gripes about Dusty quitting and leaving her alone to deal with Craig. She can’t believe he owns her again. So, he is going to cut and run? Dusty changes the subject. He and Susan were worried because she went out of town with no word. Emily rolls her eyes; Dusty is angry because he didn’t ask for her friendship and he isn’t exactly thrilled to know the things that he does. Emily grumbles about her being a burden to him, as she looks sad. A frustrated Dusty wants to know what is wrong? Emily can’t let him him, as she cries that nothing is wrong. Dusty mentions that he knows that she quit the business, which surprises her. Is he spying on her, she asks angrily? Agitated, Dusty explains how her mother came to him for help, which is why he ended up talking with Cheri. He doesn’t have to worry because she quit and now he has a clear conscience. Is this about the girl in the movie? Was she trying to find her? It is none of his business! Why does he care anyway? She is making horrible choices. Why is she trying to track down a porn star? Don’t talk like that, Emily snaps. Dusty is fed up; there is no point and she isn’t worth it, as he stalks out of the office! Emily calls out to him, but he doesn’t stop. Her cell phone rings and it is Susan. Emily blows her off about why she didn’t call, but Susan won’t be put off; the need to talk… it is about Allison.

Vienna explains that Katie will look adorable in her suit and with her helping Henry prepare, her mind will be on other things beside her life. She thinks he needs to go find her. Henry thinks she might still be mad at the things he said, but Vienna thinks they can work it out. There is a knock at the door; it is Katie, which surprises them both. Henry and Katie talk over one another when they start to apologize. She is happy for them, Katie admits and Henry believes her. She also came by to give them the good news; Emma said it was ok for them to get married by the pond. Henry and Vienna are thrilled. Katie seems as if she wants to ask Henry to spend some time together, but she is hesitant. Vienna sees this and offers to go take a bath so they can spend some alone time together. Henry teases her; she is a ‘decent broad.’ Vienna likes this. As they are leaving, she whispers to him that he not forget to ask her. After they leave, Vienna smiles because she has made him happy and she is going to see Katie in a suit. There is a knock at the door and she thinks it is Henry coming back so she rushes to open it. It is Brad, who looks her up and down, as she stands there in her floor length black negligee. She must have known he was coming, he says with a smarmy smirk.

Holden firmly tells Faith that she can’t talk to her mother like that! Faith is furious; why is she right and her wrong? Why did she tell him? Holden explains that he needs to know this stuff so he can help protect her. Faith won’t be deterred; why doesn’t he ask Lucinda what is wrong? Lily stutters, ‘Oh God,’ as she shrinks back realizing Faith knows. Faith screams that she keeps talking about no secrets, then why doesn’t she tell them what she is hiding; she is still taking the pills! Lily asked Lucinda not to tell; that is why Lucinda lost the Company. Holden snaps for Faith not to say this, but Lily stands there, the guilt written all over her face. Faith yells for her to tell the truth! She wants her to stop lying! Holden stares at Lily; what is going on? Faith intercedes; tell him! Meg steps in telling them that she and Faith are going to head to the barn, but Faith is still mad about this not being fair. Lily has turned her back to Holden. All of the sudden, he realizes it must be true because she can’t even look at him. Lily stutters that she tried. They talked about the pill taking; it could affect her health! They are losing the battle with their family, as Lily tears up. She needs to wake up and see this! Faith needs two strong parents, but she and Faith are practically on equal footing. They are both behaving in a self destructive way. He thought she threw the pills away, but that was just a performance, Holden yells. She tries to sputter out an explanation that makes sense; it has been so hard. Holden doesn’t want to hear it; when she started taking the pills, she never even came to him. She has been lying all along. No! That is why she didn’t want him calling Lucinda. No wonder Faith thinks she is hypocritical! Lily cries, as she falls into a chair. Was she altered when she was in the Baby Food business, his voice gets louder, was she altered when they were dealing with the E. Coli and when she handed Lucinda’s business over to Craig, he roars? Yes, she screeches! She is a horrible person; is he happy now? No, he will be happy when he gets his wife back, he despairingly acknowledges.

Katie and Henry are talking over donuts. They apologize again to each other. Katie admits that while she and Vienna don’t get along, she loves him so she must not be as bad as she thought, she says with a wink. Henry admits that right before she came over Vienna was trying to convince him to go talk to her and make up. She also suggested that he ask her to be his best man, which gets a smile out of them both. She just wants to see her in a suit, Katie teases. Henry hopes she will consider it because he will do better with her at his side. Katie agrees and they hug. They decide to window shop for an engagement ring. Katie picks out the one she thinks Vienna would like. It isn’t the largest, but it looks flawless and classy; it is something that Vienna would like. Henry thinks it is classy of Katie to help him with this and say that to him.

Vienna sees Brad’s champagne and asks him if he is here to toast her engagement? Henry is not here though. He knows because he saw him leave with Katie. He doesn’t understand that; he leaves with Katie when she is standing there looking like she does. Vienna grins; he is predictable because he is feeling rejected. He is sweet and amusing, but Henry is the real deal. Is she sticking to that? Yes! He is going to prove her wrong, as he grabs her and pulls her into a kiss, as Vienna pulls back.

Emily arrives at Al’s to see Susan. She was worried about her, but Emily diverts her questions. What is wrong with Allison? She hasn’t returned any of her messages, her cell and home phone are disconnected and the place she used to waitress said she hadn’t been there in a month. Emily tries to calm her down, but Susan is worked up. What is she living on? Emily recalls seeing Allison in the porn movie. She will find Allison, as Susan worries more that she is a young girl in a big city. She will be fine, Emily assures her. Susan heads off to the ladies room, but wonders outloud why Allison didn’t call her if she needed help? She is sick about this. Emily has an idea, as she picks up her cell and makes a call. Lance answers, as Emily wonders if he has heard from her sister? No. He doesn’t know her so she wouldn’t be in touch. Can he put the word out there in hopes Allison hears that their mom is sick, and she is not sure how long she has? Soon after she hangs up, Susan comes back to the table and no sooner then she does, her cell phone rings. Susan answers it and is relieved to hear Allison’s voice on the other end. Emily smiles and realizes Allison is with Lance. Allison apologizes for not calling; she moved and has to get a new phone and cell. Susan is worried, but Allison downplays it. Is she ok, Allison worries? Susan assures her that she is fine now that she has heard from her. Is she still planning on doing something in Real Estate? Allison lies; she is. Does she need her to come out and help her with anything? Allison turns her down. She has to go because she is on a friend’s phone but she will get back in touch with her soon. Susan tells Allison that Emily wants to talk with her, but by the time Emily gets on the phone, Allison has hung up. Emily is happy at least Allison is ok. After she hangs up, Allison tells Lance it was just as she thought; her mom was fine. Emily trapped her into calling, but she hasn’t told her mom about her looking for her though. She knows that they are in touch, so no matter who asks about her now, he has to tell them that he doesn’t know her. Lance agrees.

Lily sadly tells Holden that she feels as if he is giving up on her. That is funny because he feels the same way too. The pills aren’t the hard part to get over, it is the lies! Lily claims that she was trying to protect him. He doesn’t get that rationale at all. He was so good taking care of their family while she was in the coma; she just didn’t want to put one more thing on his plate. A heart sick Holden admits that he feels as if she and his family are slipping away, as Lily rushes to his side. His wife cares more about the numbers on a scale then her health and life and his daughter is starving herself. He doesn’t know what to do.

Meg and Faith are sitting outside; is she mad at her, Faith wonders? She is trying not to be. Faith says that everyone else is. Meg wants her to understand that there is a difference between anger and being scared. Faith is getting upset; her parents are going to get a divorce because of her! Meg reassures her that they will work through this like they always do. Faith jumps up; it is all her fault, as she suddenly looks uneasy on her feet. She takes a step and falls to the ground, as Meg grabs her.

Lily promises that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but Holden doesn’t think they should keep going in circles. Suddenly, Meg calls them frantically from outside. Holden and Lily rush out and find Meg holding an unconscious Faith. Soon though, Faith comes to. She seems ok, just worried that they are mad. They aren’t. When was the last time she ate? Faith mumbles that it was this morning. She got sick after though. When was the last time before that? Faith stalls, but then admits that she hasn’t eaten in a few days. Meg thinks they needs to get her to a doctor. Holden picks her up, puts his arm around her and takes her inside leaving Lily behind with Meg. Lily becomes overwrought; it was like she wasn’t even there. Meg tries to comfort her; Holden is just worried, but Lily is devastated at the thought that she didn’t even know that her daughter hadn’t eaten in days!

Downtown, Jack meets Katie after her call to him. She is not trying to be stereotypic, but she wanted to share some donuts with him. Jack is appreciative. She admits that she can no longer hate Vienna as much. She told Henry to make up with her. She cares for Henry just like Jack cares for her. Jack smiles; people should always heed his advice since he is so successful in relationships, as they both giggle. Wouldn’t it be funny if Henry and Vienna were the ones that make it forever? Katie jokes that her next marriage is going to be arranged. Then she laughs, as she admits that she is going to be Henry’s best man.

An annoyingly over confident Brad informs Vienna that he has decided to forgive her and not let her make this mistake with Henry. He knows she is using Henry to get over him. Vienna is annoyed; she has heard enough! He might be amusing, but Henry fulfills every quality she is looking for. Brad is the rhinestone next to Henry, her diamond, and she has chosen him! She wants him to leave now; she hopes he finds someone half as wonderful as he thinks he is, as she sends him off with a quick peck on the cheek. As she pulls away, she loses her footing and falls on the bed and Brad comes down on top of her.

Katie and Jack are walking downtown; he is glad to hear she is best man. Katie gives a somewhat fake looking smile. He is glad she accepted and Henry asked. Katie doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t she feel good about this? No, Katie answers simply. Jack is confused.

Vienna struggles with Brad, ordering him to get off of her! He knew that she couldn’t resist him. It was an accident, Vienna snaps. There are no accidents. She tried to send him away, but she couldn’t ultimately. She will see about that, as she continues to struggle. Meanwhile, just outside the door, Henry is arriving with an engagement ring. He stops to look at it again before he goes in. He then quickly opens the door calling out happily to Vienna, who he finds on the bed with Brad on top of her. His face drops and heart sinks.

Emily catches up with Dusty. She needs to explain. Why should he care? She needs his help! Is it Craig? It is worse. Is she ok? Emily starts to get upset. It is about the porn movie actress. She stumbles over the words. The little girl in the movie… as she takes a deep breath, is her sister, Allison. Dusty looks stunned.

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