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Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

Downtown, Dusty is on a phone call regarding business.  After he hangs up, Susan hurriedly approaches and tells him that Emily is missing.  Dusty thinks she might be overreacting.  Susan explains that she left her a message that she was going out of town for a story regarding a hooker, but she hasnít checked in with her or Daniel.  She is worried, but Dusty tries to convince her that Emily just got busy.  She pleads with Dusty to look into where she went, but he doesnít know if he should.  She will talk to Emilyís assistant then, but Dusty advises her against that too because she wonít tell her anything.  Susan is adamant that someone help her because she feels Emily is in trouble.

In Las Vegas, Emily tries to push her way in to see Lance Barton, a B-rate movie producer, but his blonde and well-endowed assistant is ready to call security.  Just as she starts to, Lance comes out and Emily subtly pleads her case as a movie actress wannabe.  He will give her a moment of his time.  She goes into his office, which is decorated Vegas style with large porn movie posters adorning the wall.  She sees Allison in the movie poster that she saw with the John.  Lance comes into the room.  If she is here to work in his movies, then she has to strip first and show him the goods essentially.  Emily stalls, but it isnít working.  She wants to ask him a few questions first.  He teases that if she gets him hot enough, then he will tell her anything. 

At the police station, Margo takes Tom aside to show him a faxed picture of their son paying a toll in Northern Michigan by the Canadian border.  Tom says what they are both thinking; their son has jumped bail.  Margo thinks he is scared at the thought of spending many years in prison.  Tom wonít accept this saying that they had been working hard to make sure that wasnít going to happen.  He probably would have gotten a suspended sentence or community service.  Tom feels that Margo needs to put out an APB on him now, but Margo is no longer sure.  Tom is adamant that she not get into trouble for not doing her job when their son wonít be a man and accept responsibility.  All of a sudden, Margo looks past Tom and exclaims Caseyís name.  Tom turns as Margo is rushing out the door.  She meets him in the squad room with a hug.  Casey immediately explains that he is there to turn himself in.

At Alís, Maddie is tapping her fingers anxiously because Casey is at the police station.  She realizes that she canít let him do this and she jumps up.  Gwen stops her though.  Maddie doesnít understand why this needs to happen because Adam isnít even dead.  He even promised to call.  Will reminds her that the last time they saw him, he was trying to rape Gwen so he is not exactly reliable these days.  Maddie needs to call Casey and she goes to use the phone.  Will thinks they should head home soon and get some rest, but Gwen assures him that she isnít tired and Maddie needs them.  She is ok and, in fact, is relieved for the first time in months that someone isnít tormenting them.  Gwen spies Jade glaring at them through the window.  Will wants to ignore her.  Luke walks up to Jade diverting her attention anyway.  He asks her several questions to get her talking and not watching what is going on with Will and Gwen.  Back inside, Will is reassuring Gwen that Jade wonít talk because she will get in trouble, too.  He thinks that they should ignore her.  Luke and Jade are walking by their table.  Gwen explains that she always felt as if she were a better person than Jade because she lied about being pregnant.  She and Maddie almost killed someone; even on Jadeís worst day, she didnít touch that.  Maddie comes back to the table and tells them that she is going to see Casey because they wonít let her talk to him.  She needs to make this right, but she will leave them out of it.  After she leaves, Will suggests going home.  Gwen is stalling because she still sees Adam and feels him on top of her.  Will promises that they will get through this, as they walk out.

In the interrogation room, Casey wonders how much trouble is he in.  Margo explains that she never put out an official APB, but Tom adds that she made many inquiries to be on the look out for him, and they have a faxed picture of him at a tollbooth in Michigan.  She needs to follow through on this or she will be in trouble herself.  Casey wants her to do what she has to, so she doesnít go down because of him.  Margo finally agrees.  Tom wants to know why he lied and if he thought that he was helping Maddie by doing so.  Casey is not quick to explain, but Tom is angry and wants a good explanation since Casey acted so irrationally and pretty much guaranteed adding years onto his sentence.  He is getting more upset because they were doing everything in their power to keep him out of prison.  Tom wants to know why he would pull a stunt like this over a girl.  Casey doesnít want to talk until he calms down because he is worried about his heart.  Tom takes a breath and Casey starts to weave a tale.  He tells them that Maddie broke up with him, but it didnít feel right so he felt he had to track her down.  He says that he didnít want to involve them; he needed to do this on his own and they are fine now.  Tom and Margo are wary and ask if Maddie is pregnant.  Casey tells them that she is not.  Tom doesnít understand why he would jump bail, consider leaving forever, but think that everything is fine now.  He asks what kind of trouble they are in. 

Susan wants Emilyís sources names, but Dusty says he canít give them to her.  Susan reminds him that he promised to find out who beat up Emily, but he is not helping her now.  Dusty doesnít have much to say so a determined Susan declares she will go to the vice squad.  She tells him that she has another idea Ė she will go to the free clinic at the hospital.  They would know all the Johns, Pimps, Madams and hookers.  Dusty quickly tells her that he will look into it but he doesnít want her talking to anyone.  Susan appreciates that he has finally agreed to help. 

Emily tells Lance that she wants information and she is willing to pay for it; she starts at $300 and when he doesnít seem interested, she goes as high as $1,000.  He isnít budging.  She just needs to know the girlís name in the poster.  When he asks if she wants to cast her in a movie, she admits that the girl is her sister.  She pulls out a picture and holds it up along side of the poster.  Lance claims they are not the same girl.  He doesnít see the resemblance.  He asks how long has it since she has seen her and Emily tells him that it has been a year.  She insists that it is she because she saw her in this movie and she knows her eyes, her gestures, and her mannerisms.  The man tells her that the girl in the picture is alive and fine, but her name isnít Allison.  It is Jodi Miller and h e has known her for five years.  She is from South Carolina, was raised on a farm, and doesnít have a sister.  Emily seems defeated after hearing this, but then has an idea.  She wants him to introduce them.  The manís face hardens as he says that he has tried to be nice, but now he wants her to get out.  Emily glares back and says that she is not going anywhere without her sister.

At the Lakeview bar, Cheri walks in thinking she is going to be meeting a potential client, but instead she finds Dusty, which doesnít please her.  He is Emilyís boyfriend who almost got her busted.  He corrects her and says that he is her friend.  He asks her where Emily is and if Cheri sent her out of town on a job.  She only works locally, Cheri sneers, and says that Emily is probably on vacation.  Dusty pushes and says that he knows that her girls donít go anywhere without her permission.  Cheri isnít too interested in telling him anything.  He tells her that he will make sure the cops come down on her and Cheri doesnít seem bothered by this.  He asks if she fired her and Cheri finally throws him a bone and admits that she quit.  Dusty looks slightly surprised.  She smirks, as she comments that they must not have been very good friends if he didnít know this. 

Casey just keeps saying that he thought Maddie was in trouble, but she wasnít.  He couldnít believe that she would stop loving him that easily.  He found out that she broke up with him because of the gambling and all of his subsequent lying.  She just couldnít get past it.  She left with Will and Gwen to get away from here but they have patched things up now.  They were only in Northern Michigan by coincidence and they werenít going over the border.  Maddie has arrived and is listening by the door.  They are trying to help him, but he is not helping himself.  Maddie canít take it anymore, as she bursts in.  She doesnít want them to blame Casey and put him in jail because it is all her fault.

At home, Will and Gwen are sitting on the couch talking.  Gwen admits that she canít seem to forget what happened.  She got attacked and that isnít something someone gets over easily, Will says.  Gwen appreciates his words, and they hug.  Barbara casually walks into the room interrupting them.  She welcomes them home and offers to make them some tea.  Will and Gwen are shocked to see her in their house and ask how she got in.  She tells them that she used the spare key.  Will isnít happy when Barbara nonchalantly tosses into the conversation that he can be grumpy since anyone might be if they gave their whole trust to their ex-con mother-in-law.  They are surprised she knows but she thinks they should know her better then that.  She asks why they are being blackmailed.  Will and Gwen look guilty, but they cover.  Will tells her strongly that she has no right to question him because she gave him the money to do what he saw fit with it.  Barbara snaps that money was her hard-earned money and asks why this woman thinks that she should profit from her labor.  Will matter-of-factly explains that it is done so she needs to move on.  Barbara growls back at him that she is not looking for an apology, gratitude, or even love after the past couple of years, but she does deserve to know why they threw her money away.  Gwen and Will look at one another uneasily.  Will explains that they didnít want the money because all it did was cause problems.  Barbara isnít buying this and asks Gwen why he is lying.  Gwen tells her that it is as he said.  Barbara is adamant that Will would have given his money away to a charity first and never to the likes of Iris.  Gwen explains that is true, and she is right because her mother is a horrible person whom she hopes to never lay eyes on again.  Will jumps in and says that they paid her off to keep her away from them.  Barbara, who doesnít seem convinced, asks if there really wasnít any blackmail involved.  They deny any blackmail, and Barbara is finally convinced that there will never be an end.  Will reminds her that there is nothing more for her to take.  Barbara snaps that she hopes they will be successful someday and that means that Iris will be back.  She will probably go through his trust fund in months.  Barbara is convinced again that this has to do with Gwen, as Will tries to divert this line of thought.  Iris knows that if she goes through Will to get to Gwen, she will be successful because he would do anything for her.  She has talked to her lawyers and legally she could go to court and get the money back, and then she could hire a team of PIís to find out what is going on.  Will snarls for her to keep out of it.  Barbara thinks it is funny that he draws the line with her, but they handle Iris with kid gloves.  She tells them that they had better tell her what is going on or she will drag Iris into court and make it a matter of public record.  Will relents and pleads with her not to push it with Iris or they could both go to jail.  Barbaraís face softens, as she realizes they are in trouble.  She asks what is going on but they tell her that they canít enlighten her because other people are involved.  Will asks to speak to his mom alone, as Gwen worries about what he is going to say to her.  He promises to make it ok.  After Gwen goes in the other room, Barbara knows he is probably trying to figure out what he can tell her.  She explains that she has already figured out that Maddie and Casey are involved in this so he needs to know she has figured part of it out.  She suggests that he be straight with her.  Will takes a deep breath and then explains that Maddie tried to kill Adam and Gwen helped her bury the body.  Barbara looks alarmed at this statement. 

Luke wants to know what is up with Jade because something seems different; Jade just explains that they donít like one another and that is that.  When Luke n wonders where she was, she tells him that she was with a friend.  She thought he needed help, but she was wrong and so she came home.  She just wants to forget about that and get over to see Lily and the family.  Luke wonders what she, Will and Gwen have planned next.  They are all going to keep their distances.  Jadeís icily tells them that she will make them regret it if they donít keep their distance.

Margo asks Maddie why she feels this is her fault and Casey tries to cut her off by telling her that he explained everything.  Maddie continues that Casey felt he needed to follow her after she told him that she no longer loved him and admits that she would have done the same thing to him if he had told her that.  She says that she didnít want to risk running into Casey and dealing with it because she knew she hadnít fallen out of love with him, as she led him to believe.  She tells them that Will and Gwen went with her to support her.  Margo counters that she went through an awful lot to stay away from Casey and yet now everything is fine.  Maddie explains that when she saw what he risked to be with her and she knew that she could trust him again.  She never stopped loving him and he forgave her for what she did, she says with a knowing glance his way.  Margo and Tom arenít buying it and they want the truth.  Maddie stares at them for a moment and then agrees to tell them, as Casey tries to stop her.  She stops him saying that she needs to be honest with them.  Maddie pauses for a moment and then continues.  Casey found her the same day he left and could have come back without anyone knowing.  Tom begs to differ because he crossed state lines.  He didnít come back that night because they fought.  Maddie hesitates and then tells them that she wanted him to leave the country with her.  She couldnít bear that he could get in a lot of trouble because of her.  He wouldnít leave, though because he didnít want to leave them.  Margo deduces that it was because of what she is going through with Adam.  If he had gone missing, too, she would have been very upset.  Casey apologizes again and asks if he is going to be taken to jail now.  Tom explains that he is going to go before a judge who will probably revoke his bail and Casey should be prepared to be sent back to jail in a couple of hours.  Maddie and Casey stare at each other. 

Will is finishing up explaining to Barbara that Iris tricked them into believing that she knew about Adamís supposed death.  They paid her off to keep her quiet.  Barbara takes a deep breath, puts her arm on his, and tells him that they were completely justified in all they did.  She can still get her money back because Adam is alive and asks why Iris should profit by psychologically torturing her daughter.  He doesnít want her to push Iris because she could hurt Gwen.  He tells her that there are many things could change.  Adam could come back to town or Jade could spill what she knows.  Will pleads with her to drop it.  Gwen comes back into the room, and Will stares at her.  She sees his face and realizes nervously he told her everything.  Barbara stands and goes over to comfort Gwen.  Will tells her that he knew he had to tell Barbara the truth because sooner or later she would have found out.  Gwen admits that she didnít want Will to hide anything from her, but she just was afraid what would happen if she knew.  Barbara smiles and tells her that she should realize that with a mother-in-law like her, there is nothing Gwen has done that she hasnít done first.  She hugs her and tells her that she loves them and she will never let anyone jeopardize their happiness again. 

Dusty presses further with Cheri and asks if Emily asked about a particular porn star.  She tells him that Emily seemed to be in a hurry to find someone.  Dusty figures this is all he is getting out of her.  Cheri asks for her money, which Dusty gives her, and she walks off satisfied.

Emily is wondering out loud where her sister is if that was not she.  Emily turns back around convinced that it is her sister because she saw the movie.  Lance doesnít want her to start on this again.  She saw her about a year ago, but now she has dropped off the map.  He explains that he sees 100 girls a week that pass through his office, and most of them donít want to be found.  Emily is convinced again that he knows something.  Lance warns her coldly not to mess with him.  Emily asks him if he is threatening her and if he threatened her sister.  He insists that he owns a legitimate operation, but tells her that not all of them are.  She knows he is lying and she is going to prove it, Emily snarls.  She heads for the door, but he has locked it.  She demands that he open it, but Lance coldly answers that he will when he is done with her.  Emily tries to hide her growing fear.

Susan meets up with Dusty downtown and asks if he found anything out.  He tells her that he hasnít, but he thinks she has just jumped the gun and that Emily is probably just busy working.  Susan is agitated and tells him that when his son went missing, Emily did all that she could to help him, however, now that she is missing, he wants her to wait until something terrible happens.  She stomps off.  Dusty makes a call on his cell phone and leaves a message for Emily.  He knows she is ducking her motherís calls, but she needs to call him back because they are both worried. 

Lance reminds Emily that the door is locked and no one knows that she is there; Emily feigns that people do know, but he knows that she is lying.  He could make her disappear.  He wants her to go home before her mother loses another daughter.  The door is now unlocked, he tells her.  Emily glares at him and then softens, as she asks him to give her sister a message.  She asks him to tell her that she loves her and to have her call so she knows she is ok.  He tells her that he canít give a message to someone he doesnít know.  Emily pauses for a moment and then leaves.  After she leaves, Allison comes out from the back room.  She thanks him for not giving her up because she is just not ready to deal with her sister or mother.  He reassures her that they are in this together.  Allison walks toward the door, and then places her head on the door and looks sad. 

Gwen and Will are sitting in bed and she laughs a bit at the thought that she thinks his mother likes her more now that she knows she did something bad.  Will laughs and agrees that this is just like his mother.  He reassures her that he had to tell her because he couldnít risk her pressing Iris.  He thinks she has let this go and will keep their secret.

Luke and Jade are leaving Alís when he has to go back and get his phone he left on the table.  No sooner has Luke headed back in, is a furious-looking Barbara at Jadeís side hurling insults in her direction.  She tells her that she has interfered with Will and Gwenís marriage one too many times.  Jade doesnít care what she has to say; she thinks she is the bad seed, but Gwen is the one that should be in jail.  Barbara leans in closely and whispers coldly that if she breathes a word about what happened, she will kill her, and then she stalks off.

Maddie and Casey are kissing in the Interrogation room.  She is worried about what is going to happen to him, but he wants her to try to focus on last night.  She admits that while she knew it would be wonderful, she didnít realize she could love him any more that she already does.  Casey smiles warmly after hearing this, and he pulls her in tightly.  Maddie tries to think positively saying that maybe the judge will be lenient and let him go home.  Tom and Margo walk back in and say that the judge is waiting.  Casey asks if Maddie can come along as support.  Tom explains that the judge is taking a tough stance, and he demanded a closed-door hearing.  Casey and Maddie stare sadly at one another as Casey follows them out.  He is walking out with Tom and Margo when suddenly he stops and looks back at Maddie.  She gives him a smile and nod, as if giving him the support he needs.  He turns back around, as he and his parents walk out the door in slow motion.

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