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Written By Elayna

On the WOAK set, Katie is narrating a promo for their newest contest on Oakdale Now; the winner will have Katie and Brad at their house for the day doing a chore they need done. During the segment, Katie and Brad are almost playful with each other while still getting their jabs in. Once the cameras stop rolling, they continue to tease each other, almost bordering on flirting, as Jack watches close by.

At their Lakeview suite, Henry and Vienna are in bed after another marathon session of lovemaking. They are praising each other and enjoying their time together when Vienna wonders out loud if things could get even more perfect between them? Henry thinks she is still teasing him, but is floored when she blurts out the two words that render him speechless - “marry me!”

At Al’s, a waitress is serving Faith a huge Lumberjack breakfast. She is all set to dig in when she sees Meg coming onto her shift. Suddenly, she asks the waitress to pack everything up so she can take it to go. Meg sees her and the food being taken away; she asks Faith why she is here by herself?

At the Farm, Lily is looking at the diet pills, rolling them around in her hand, but then decides that she will not take them because she isn’t an addict and doesn’t need them. There is a knock at the door and Lily answers it; it is Craig. What does he want, Lily snaps? He is not the enemy; he has a wonderful proposition for her in fact.

Faith claims that she has Band practice and that Lily sent her here to make sure she got breakfast. The waitress brings over her packed up food and Meg wonders if it is all for her? Faith makes an excuse about sharing the food with her other band mates. Meg seems to notice something is off about her and asks if she is ok? They are interrupted when Parker comes in with his hockey friends. Then Paul wanders in and chats with them briefly before he heads over to see Faith and Meg. Faith brushes Meg off and makes an excuse to get going. Meg and Paul walk off to talk while Parker approaches Faith. What is she doing with all that food? Is she entering a pancake-eating contest? Faith stares sadly at him for a moment before she snaps about him being just like the rest of them, as she stomps out. Meg overhears this, and she and Parker share looks of concern.

Lily snarls at Craig that they have nothing to talk about until Worldwide is back with its rightful CEO and owner. That is not going to happen, Craig replies. Dusty has left, Craig simply says. She imagines he will be the first of many to jump ship. Craig begs to differ, so Lily demands to know what he is doing here uninvited? Craig explains that the Board members want to take Worldwide in a new direction and he wants her help. He wants them to shape Worldwide together; he wants her to work for him. Lily smirks upon hearing this.

Jack is turning to leave unnoticed when Katie sees him and stops him. He didn’t want to interrupt, but he just wanted to say thanks to her for giving Sage the makeover. Katie is thrilled to know that it helped. Katie switches gears; has he seen their promos? Yes. She is feeling better about her outlook on the show because she and Brad are ‘gelling’ much better these days. Brad walks back over and immediately he and Jack start to bicker because Jack makes a snide comment about him not helping at the Farm, but he does help himself to his wardrobe. Brad doesn’t see what the big deal is? Jack is tired of Brad taking things that aren’t his. Brad thinks there is an underlying meaning in that comment and wants Jack to explain, but before he can, Katie orders them to ‘grow up!’

A stunned Henry asks Vienna if he understood her right? Did she ask him to marry her? Yes! Henry explains in the USA, it is tradition for the man to ask the woman. Vienna teases him; he needs to get down on his knees then and ask her for her hand. Henry stutters, as he thinks they should get something to eat first; he makes it a point to never propose on an empty stomach. Vienna’s face drops; does he not want to marry her? Of course he does, but then adds teasing that if they marry, he will never get sleep. She sees through this; does he not trust her love? He tries to explain; women in his life come to him when they need a favor or to have him mend a broken heart, and then he sends them back to their true loves. Vienna wants him to know that is what he is to her. He admits that they are great in bed, but there needs to be more. Vienna tells him that she has had many lovers, but he pushes buttons in her that she never knew she had. He is kind, gentle, funny and she treasures him. Those words seem to hit home with Henry, as he seems to soften. He loves her and not the title or money. Most of the men in her life see her as a prize to be won; they took their winnings and gave nothing in return. He lets her love him back. Henry is taken by her words, as he declares she is amazing. He is worried that it is still a big step. Vienna realizes he might be slow to give his heart to someone when his has been stepped on. He admits that he never thought he would have found a woman that would return his love with the same intensity. She is here and she wants to love him, she declares. Can he? Henry stares at her for a moment and then kisses her; yes, he can! Vienna covers him in kisses, but then grabs her clothes. Where is she going? She wants them to tell the world about their engagement. Henry smiles and kisses her while they fall back onto the bed.

Brad excuses himself, as Jack apologizes to Katie for letting Brad get to him. Katie can understand because she has siblings too. She changes gears; can she take him up on his rain check? Does he want to get coffee at Al’s? Jack seems pleasantly surprised and readily agrees. She is going to change and then they can go. Henry who wants to talk to Katie for a moment interrupts them. Henry builds up his news to an anxious Katie. He wants her to brace herself. Why? He and Vienna are tying the knot! The words blurt out of her mouth before she can temper them - the hell he is!

Faith is getting sick in a barrel outside of Alís when Meg walks out. She sees this and is concerned. Is she ok? Why is she going to school if she didnít feel well? Faith covers by saying that she didnít want to worry her mom. Meg takes her gently by the arm; where are they going, Faith asks? They are going back to the Farm. Faith immediately pleads with Meg not to tell her mother that she was getting sick!

Lily thinks that Craig is insane if he thinks she would work with him. Besides, she thought he was revamping the Company; she is part of the old regime. He discloses that the Board wanted continuity. They did not want to lose the Walsh name. Lucinda is the past, but she can be the future. Lily doesn’t see how the Board would want anything to do with her after what happened with the baby food. Craig tells her that he played down her part in it and explained that the women running Valley’s Best are where the blame should be placed. The Board and he think she will bring fresh ideas because she is young, but also she will bring the experience from being involved in the Company for some time. Lily thinks that Craig was given an ultimatum and he figures he better get her on board or risk a mutiny. He tells her that he simply feels they would work well together. Lily laughs out loud. They worked well together because she allowed him to manipulate her. She wants to know something; had he been planning this from the get go? Did he see his opportunity when she told him about the pills? Craig claims ignorance. Would this give him the edge? He was trying to support her choices. If she is having trouble with pills, he can get her help. Again, Lily scoffs at this. He made a mess of her life! He ruined her life and her mother will probably never trust her again. Her mother is a cancer survivor, but other then her family supporting her, does he know what got her through it? What got her through, was her Company. She is disgusted with him, as she is getting more and more worked up; he took advantage of her during a time when her son was sick. He used her to destroy her mother! She will never let him use her again, as she heads for the door and opens it! Craig thinks if she simply gives it time, she might come around. Lily practically pushes him out the door. Get out, she screeches! She slams the door behind him and heads for her purse. She takes the pill bottle out, stares at it, but then puts them back and closes it. She calls out to Natalie and Faith. Natalie comes downstairs, as Lily wonders where Faith is? Natalie stalls, but as Lily starts to get more upset because she is not there, Natalie explains she left early this morning. Lily is worried where she might be; she needs to call Parker.

Outside, Meg and Faith are walking up to the Farm where Craig is standing. What is he doing there, Meg wonders? Is he here to help Lily with Worldwide business? Craig simply answers that she will find out soon enough, as he walks away. A confused looking Meg watches after him. Lily is frantically getting ready to call to find out where Faith is when she walks in with Meg. Lily is immediately relieved but upset; she knows better then to leave without permission. Meg sees there is something going on based on what Faith had originally told her. She tells Faith in front of Lily that she needs to be honest. She goes on to tell Lily that she saw her at the Diner having breakfast, but then outside she was getting sick. Faith nervously watches for her mother’s reaction; Lily is frenzied. In front of Meg and Natalie, she demands to know if she is purging her food again? Meg tries to diffuse the situation by suggesting the girls go upstairs for a moment. Once they have left, Meg tries to calm Lily. She is sorry to have told her this, but she thought she needed to know. She did. Is that why she is seeing a therapist, Meg asks? Lily tears up; she thought therapy was helping her. Meg reassures her that it will take time. Lily explains that things are serious with her. She doesn’t understand what is going on and why this isn’t getting better. Meg assures her that the girls she sees with this problem can get better. Lily is emotional; she doesn’t know where to turn; her life is falling apart! First, there was her mother and she fighting over the baby food concept, and then there was the E. Coli. Meg interrupts; she thought that Craig took care of things for her? Lily spits back that Craig only takes care of himself; he ruined her family! Meg is stunned after hearing this change of tune from Lily.

Now at Al’s, Katie is adamant about wanting to know what the rush is? The question Henry is more perplexed about is why Vienna is in such a rush to marry him? She is so entitled to the best of everything; why is she settling for him? Katie is insistent that she is not the one settling! He was so happy supposedly about being engaged then why is he so down on himself now? Henry worries that he is the problem and not Vienna, as Katie is not so subtly suggesting. Is he not marriage material? Katie doesn’t understand; Henry feels he needs to spell it out. The only woman he ever married was not in love with him. Katie firmly tells him that she does love him. He adds that it wasn’t in the way he needed her to though. He has gotten used to being second best. He is confused because he finally has someone that looks at him the way he has always wanted. What if he screws it up? Katie suggests simply that he tell Vienna that he can’t get involved in this with her. Why, Henry asks? She doesn’t deserve him. Who does, Henry asks?

Lily explains to a shocked Meg how Craig stole the Company from Lucinda, and he took Lucinda from her. Meg tries to comfort her; Lucinda might be hurt and angry now, but she will come around. Lily is worried because with all the problems they have had over the years, she has never betrayed her mother so personally. Her family is breaking apart because of her. Meg reminds her that her family is strong. An emotional Lily wonders how Faith can trust her when Lucinda doesn’t? Paul has walked up to the door and overhears Meg trying to help Lily. Craig is to blame for what happened and not her. Lily realizes that this is punishment for Lucinda being involved in Lucy taking Johnny. Paul walks in apologizing because he just wanted to make sure Faith was ok? Lily smiles and thanks him for stopping by. Meg explains that they are going to head over to Worldwide; Lily asks why? Meg is determined to let Craig know what a snake he is. Lily hugs her and appreciates her support. Outside, Meg assures Paul that she can handle this on her own; Paul knows she is quite capable, but this is not a show he wants to miss, so he will drive.

Jack asks Brad if he has seen Katie? She stepped out to Al’s with Henry, but she will be back, and then adds in his macho way, that women always come back to him because they can’t get enough. Jack scoffs at this. Vienna arrives, as Brad glances at Jack implying another one of his paramours that is looking for him. Except the smile is wiped off his face and grows on Jack’s face when Vienna excitedly shares her happy news; she and Henry are engaged!

Meg stomps into Craig’s office. Did he swindle Lucinda’s Company out of Lily? He thinks it is a loaded word. He presented her with papers and she signed them. Who is he, she sneers? He is Craig Montgomery, CEO of Worldwide, he says lightly. She thought she knew him; when she went through that hard time, he took care of her. She thought she knew the real Craig, but he played her just like he did Lily. Is there anyone in the world he hasn’t lied to?

Henry snarls; why would he expect her to be happy for him? Katie explains that getting married isn’t about the sex, money or glamour. Is she his soul mate? Does she even have a soul? Why can’t she just be happy for them? This is the first woman to tell him that she is madly in love with him. Katie doesn’t seem impressed, which prompts Henry to wonder if she ever has looked closely at him? He has always played the Cupid for everyone else. She never noticed how lonely he was. Of course, she doesn’t think about his life because they are always too busy talking about her life and all the men she has cried over. Katie tries to backpedal when she sees how upset he is; she is just trying to protect him. He thought they were friends; it would appear that in all those years, she hasn’t really known what friendship is, and nothing could break his heart more then that realization, as he gets up and walks away from the table.

Jack jokes with Vienna, while Brad stands next to her, that Brad could be her ring bearer. Brad doesn’t think he is funny. He thinks he is going to have some teeth pulled on the day of the ceremony. Henry walks over to them, as Jack wonders where Katie is? She is at Al’s and probably needs a shoulder because he didn’t leave her happy. Vienna tells him that in talking with Jack and Brad she thinks a sunset ceremony by Emma’s pond might be nice. Henry thinks they should do whatever makes her happy. Brad takes a deep breath, congratulates Henry and shakes his hand strongly. Henry excuses himself joking that he is going to ice his hand. After he leaves, Vienna apologizes for any hurt feelings she may have caused, but she is happy because Henry is a wonderful man. Brad has a thought; it is custom to kiss the bride-to-be. Vienna teases him; he doesn’t strike her as a traditional man. Brad grabs her and pulls her towards him, planting a kiss on her lips. Soon, Vienna is pulling back, just as Henry is walking back over. She steps in between them before anything can be said and suggests they get going to tell others the news. Henry lets her pull him away, all the while glaring back at Brad.

Jack walks up to Katie, who is wiping away a tear. It looks like she just lost her best friend. Katie thinks she may have. She pounds the table; he can’t marry Vienna! Jack tells her softly that he thinks it isn’t up to them. They do make an unlikely couple, but isn’t that how love works sometimes? Who are they to decide? Katie realizes a bit, of how she sounds. She admits that she must sound awful because she does want him happy. Jack interrupts; does she not want to share? Katie concedes that with all the people that have slipped through her hands recently, she might feel overly protective. She is down on herself; she messed up because Henry was so excited and she dumped on him. Jack wonders honestly if it may be tough to feel happy about others when one’s lives are so… as he decides to not finish this thought. He has decided that they need to say good-bye to their blues. They are going to focus on the positive from here on out. He is going to be thankful for his kids. She joins in; she is thankful for Snickers, she adds with a chuckle. Henry needs his best friend back; she needs to go apologize and celebrate with him. Does she have to celebrate with her too? Jack laughs; she has to play nice. Katie is in a much better spirit now. She jumps up, thanks him for his support and plants a kiss on his cheek before she heads out. After she leaves, Jack says to himself, thank you after he receives her kiss.

Lily is on the phone with Faith’s school getting her homework assignments. She hangs up and wonders out loud if it is ever going to get better? She takes out the pills again, but stops herself. Then she changes her mind and takes a pill, commenting to herself about how one couldn’t hurt. Faith is watching from her from the stairs. She then walks into the room slowly. Lily apologizes for blurting out about her problem in front of Meg and Natalie. She needs her to be honest though; did she purge her food? Faith just asks if she is mad? No! She wants her to know that they will get through this. They just have to stop keeping secrets from one another. She wants everything to be out in the open, as she hugs her, and Faith eyes Lily’s purse.

Meg spits at Craig about how she could have trusted or listened to him? She was right to listen and trust because no one else was. If he had listened to her then he would have done the right thing. He claims to have listened to her speech about true love and kindness, and he almost abandoned this because of her. Paul bursts in at this moment; he couldn’t wait any longer. Meg tells him she is anxious to hear how using Lily to take Lucinda’s Company was about her. Craig doesn’t want to get into it anymore. He didn’t want to give up the money, corporate jet, penthouse office or anything else that comes along with this position; he is a businessman after all. Why twist himself into something he isn’t. He wants them to leave and go have a great life, he adds dripping with sarcasm. Meg stomps out of his office with Paul right behind. She is furious; how could she have let him in and trusted him? How could she have thought he changed? She is a good person, and because she has a big heart did she let him in. Unfortunately, now Paul explains Craig is going to ruin everyone in his path now. She assures him that she is not going to this time. Craig interrupts their conversation, as he shoots an icy glare at them both before he slowly closes the door.

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