ATWT Update Friday 3/30/07

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/30/07


Written By Dani

Lily comes home to the farm after being blasted by Lucinda and witnessing Lucinda getting fired from her very own company. Emma tries to comfort lily who has proclaimed herself as a failure while Faith listens from the porch. Emma has chores to attend to and goes to the barn. Lily’s chat with Emma didn’t make her feel any better. Faith appears in the doorway and simply stares at Lily. Lily pleads “Please, please Faith I can’t hear how I ruined someone else’s life” Faith says nothing just walks to Lily and hugs her. Lily cries but pulls herself together to explain to Faith what has been happening. Faith expresses fear that she and Holden will split up. Lily swears that will never happen.

Dusty walks into a board meeting Craig has called asking “What the hell is going on?!” Craig’s answer is anything I want I am the boss. Dusty locates Lucinda and joins her for a few cocktails. They talk back and fourth for a while about the company, Craig and ultimately Lily. Lucinda tells Dusty even though she lost her company because of Lily she feels sorry for her. Lucinda decides it would be best if she go see Lily. Dusty agrees that would be good for both Lily and Lucinda and tells her not to worry she is a great mother.

Lucinda walks through the door just as Lilly swallows a couple of her diet pills. Startled Lily tries to hide the pills behind her back. Lucinda tries to reason with Lily calmly but Lily just becomes agitated and a little aggressive. When they exchanging fault and blame on each other Lily drops the pill bottle spilling it’s contents. Lucinda questions her about the pills, the reason for using them, how long she has been using them and does Holden know. Lucinda realizes Lily has a problem with the pills and they have effected her mentally and physically. Lucinda also makes the connection that Craig had previous knowledge that Lily had been taking the pills and knew if he waited long enough she would be “so zonked out” because of them he could move in and make his move. Lily, who is almost hysterical, denies having a drug problem. Faith is watching and listening from another room. Lucinda gives Lily the choice to call Holden and tell him everything about the pills herself or Lucinda will. Lily promises to tell Holden as soon as he gets home but accuses Lucinda the she is punishing her over losing Worldwide.

Dusty gives Craig his resignation then walks alone and sees Jen’s face in a store window.

Gwen, Will, Maddie, and Casey weigh their options. Should they go home? Should they run to Canada? Casey feels he is the most guilty and should turn himself in to save the others. Gwen and Will decide to stay on the run. Maddie insists on going back with Casey if that is but would rather him go to Canada. Will and Gwen leave the cabin to let Maddie and Casey talk. Will returns to the country store to pay for the damages caused when he and Casey had to break out when Jade locked them in the store. Maddie asks Casey to make love to her if this is going to be their last night together. Casey is resistant wanting their first time to be under better circumstances but Maddie makes the best of what they have.

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