ATWT Update Thursday 3/29/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/29/07


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(TV Station)  Katie and Brad are surprised that they actually agree on something as they film the ending of one of the Oakdale Now shows.  Kim brings a stack full of e-mails for Katie and Brad to read and Katie reads one from a viewer that says that she wishes they could visit with her.  Brad gets an idea that they should have a contest in which they visit one lucky viewer.  Katie doesnít like the idea and thinks they would be bored just visiting with a viewer all day.  She thinks they should do something for them.  Brad and Katie begin to argue and Brad promises not to say anything to Kim until she is more comfortable with the idea. 

(Farm)  Jack comes home and is surprised to see Sage so he asks her what she is doing home from school.  Sage tells him she is sick and Aunt Emma gave her permission to stay home from school.  Jack feels Sageís head for a fever and notices she doesnít have one so he asks her the real reason she stayed home from school.  Sage takes a crumpled up piece of paper out of her backpack that reads Muffins with Mothers day and she yells that she hates when the other kids feel sorry for her.  Jack tells Sage that she is just like her mom who also hates it when people feel sorry for her.  Jack admits to Sage that although he misses Carly very much, he is also mad at her for leaving them.  Sage worries that she will never see her mommy again but Jack assures her that Carly will never stop trying to see her again.  Jack decides to take Sage to Alís Diner and have a Daddy Daughter Day with Sage. 

(WorldWide)  Lucinda tells Lily there is no way out of the contract that she signed selling the company to Craig.  Craig arrives and tells Lucinda that if she tells him where Lucy and Johnny are he wonít take her company from her.  Lucinda insists that she doesnít know where Lucy and Johnny are and that is good because she doesnít want to accidentally slip and tell anyone their location.  Lucinda also tells Craig that if she did know that information she would never tell him because she would do anything to protect them from him.  Lucindaís words make Craig very angry and he has security throw Lucinda out and he doesnít allow her to get any information from her computer.  Lucinda gets her purse and makes it clear to Craig that she took out any information that could have been useful to him the minute she heard the board had terminated her contract. 

(In Michigan)  Casey and Will finally break out of the store and rush out to check on Gwen and Maddie. 

(Outside the cabin)  Maddie struggles to untie herself while screaming for someone to help them. 

(Inside the Cabin)  Gwen screams for help but Adam tells her the cabin is so isolated that nobody will hear her scream.  Adam thinks that raping Gwen is a wonderful way to get revenge against Gwen for what she and Maddie did to him.  Maddie continues to struggle to untie herself when Will and Casey see her and Casey unties Maddie while Will goes to check on Gwen inside the cabin.  Will arrives just in time to pull Adam off of Gwen whose clothes are ripped.  Will tells Gwen to run once she has untied herself but she refuses to leave Adam and Will alone in the same room.  Adam pulls a knife on Will but they struggle and with a little help from Gwen, Will is able to get the knife away from Adam.  Will grabs Adam and holds the knife against his neck and tells him he is going to make sure he wonít hurt anyone again. 

(WorldWide)  Lily is hurt and feels used by Craig because she is positive he planned everything.  Craig asks Lily to understand he had to try to find his children.  Craig also apologizes to Lily because he didnít mean for her to get hurt in this whole mess.  Lily vows to make Craig pay for what he has done to her family. 

(Alís diner)  Jack and Sage try to decide what movie they should watch when Katie arrives for lunch.  Sage goes to the restroom to wash her hands and Jack tells Katie that Sage is sad because today was Muffins with Mothers day at school.  Sage returns to the table and Katie suggests she and Jack come to the TV studio so Sage can have a makeover.  Sage gets a big smile on her face and Jack is grateful that Katie is able to make Sage smile again.

(In Michigan)  (At the cabin)  Adam tells Will he would never do such a horrible thing as try to rape Gwen and, of course, Will doesnít believe a word that comes out of his mouth.  Adam tells Will that he went crazy, but he is better now and he would never hurt anyone.  Will tells Adam that when they return home, everyone is going to know what a horrible person he really is and everything he has done to hurt and terrorize Gwen and Maddie.  Will tells Adam that Maddie did the right thing by trying to stop him from hurting Gwen before and now itís his turn to try and stop him.

(TV Station)  Sage goes with the make-up lady to get a makeover and Jack wants to thank Katie by taking her out to dinner.  Katie accepts the invitation.  Sage comes out and looks very pretty with her new look.  Jack takes a picture because Sage wants to show her mommy when she comes back home.  Brad tells Katie she was right and he thought they should do a chore for the viewer who wins the contest.  Katie wants to talk to Kim about the idea but she discovers that Brad has already told her.  He tells Katie that Kim is so excited she wants to start filming promotional commercials for the contest right away. 

(Michigan)  (Cabin)  Casey and Maddie grab Jade just as she tries to leave the cabin and they bring her back inside.  They are also shocked to see Adam is alive.  Will explains to Casey and Maddie that Adam almost raped Gwen and now he is going to get exactly what he has coming to him.  Gwen tells Will that if he kills Adam she wonít be able to be with him again because he will be just like Adam.  Will lets Adam go but keeps the knife pointed at him so he wonít try to run.  Will and Casey decide that if Adam calls Margo and Tom and straightens everything out with them, they will keep quiet about everything as long as he leaves and never returns to Oakdale.  Will and Casey warn Adam that if he doesnít keep his end of the deal, they are going to tell Tom and Margo everything, find him, and bring him back to face charges.  Once Adam is gone, Casey and Will decide that Adam must have snapped after Hal died.  Maddie thinks Jade helped Adam terrorize them so she warns her if she tells anyone what happened, she will tell the Snyders about how she helped Adam.

(Alís Diner)  Lucinda finds Emma feeling sad because she is good for more then just babysitting and making pie.  Emma is depressed about Meg and what she is doing with her life.  Lucinda drinks a milkshake and admits to Emma that she is also depressed about the mistakes Lily has made with her life.  Emma tells Lucinda that she is a good mother who had a good impulse, trying to build Lilyís confidence by giving her a job at her company.

(TV Station)  Katie is annoyed that she has to film the commercials for the contest and canít go out with Jack.  Jack arrives and Katie explains that she must cancel their date because she has to work.

(In Michigan)  (At the cabin)  Jade promises not to say a word to anyone.  She tries to figure out how it is that Gwen, Will and Casey can steal, kill and almost kill a person, yet everyone considers her a bad person.  Jade leaves but when she is outside the cabin, she vows to make Casey, Will, and Gwen pay because their misery isnít over yet.  Casey Will and Gwen wonder what they should do next because Casey is a fugitive who jumped bail. 

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