ATWT Update Wednesday 3/28/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/28/07


Written By Elayna

At the station, Margo is talking with a police officer when Tom stops in. She wonders if he is there on official business? Tom quietly tells her that Casey didn’t come home last night and is not picking up his cell phone. Margo apologizes and explains that Casey had left her a voice mail telling her that he was going to spend a couple of days at the dorm. Tom is relieved but aggravated; he thought Casey was going to stick close to home until he repaid his debts. Margo thinks he is trying to make up with Elwood because of what he did to him. Tom is happy because he thought Casey had jumped bail. Margo apologizes again; she should have told him earlier.

At the cabin, Will, Gwen, Casey and Maddie awaken. Casey tosses them some Animal crackers and juice boxes for breakfast. Considering the sad state of their circumstances, they smile and reminisce about their childhoods. Gwen admits she hasn’t felt this safe in ages. She still feels guilty about how much Will gave up for her; he doesn’t even have his trust fund anymore thanks to Iris. Will assures her that it is worth it, but they won’t truly be safe until they are across the border in Canada.

Downtown, Iris is shopping with her arms full with bags. She sees a purse she likes on a woman’s arm and stops to ask her where she got it. Only then, does she realize it is Barbara, who looks less then pleased that Iris is talking to her. She thinks Iris might be useful for one thing though – to find out where Will and Gwen are because they are not in Florida. Iris smirks commenting that they were not packing for somewhere warm the last she saw of them. She admits they were acting secretive. She doesn’t know anything other then what she can deduce is that they didn’t look like they wanted to be found. This last comment piques Barbara’s curiosity.

Now at Al’s, an exasperated Tom tells Margo that Casey shouldn’t be at the dorms and not picking up his cell phone. He doesn’t get to tell them where he will be; he owes them more then this. He should be helping out around the house and not be out and about. Margo is trying to stay calm because she is worried about Tom’s blood pressure. She thinks Maddie left and Casey is lonely. Tom isn’t interested in this explanation. She also thinks Casey is really trying to make amends with his friends at the dorm. Tom seems a bit more settled when they see Elwood walk in. Margo is surprised, and even more so when he tells them that he is getting a new roommate and Casey needs to get his stuff out of their room. Hasn’t he been with Casey, they ask? Elwood slowly shakes his head. Tom and Margo stare at one another nervously.

Maddie and Casey are neatening up and talking about getting their fake ID’s. She seems to be prepping him and Casey reminds her that he knows what to do. She realizes how she sounds; she wasn’t trying to be bossy, she just never wants to be separated again. Gwen and Maddie tell them they will be cleaning up. After the guys leave, Maddie and Gwen admit they are getting used to being here; it seems safe and peaceful. They start to straighten up; just outside we see the shoes of someone walking up to the cabin door. Suddenly they hear a noise, as they both whip around. Outside, the person sneaks back behind some trees. They are frightened but open the door to look around. They see a raccoon and assume that is where the noise came from. Back inside, Maddie tries to joke while Gwen seems distracted. What is wrong? Gwen admits that she thought it was Adam. Maddie thinks they just need to get to Canada and then they all will be better. Gwen admits that no amount of geography is going to change how she feels. What they did was wrong. Maddie nods; she hopes she can make a change in people’s lives once they get settled, to make up for what she did; she thinks she might want to be a nurse. Gwen smiles because the idea of reinventing themselves is enticing. She can’t sing anymore because of her voice being recognizable, but she could still write songs for others. They see a bed frame and decide to try to put it together. Maddie offers to go get some more firewood first to keep the place warm. She heads out the door, as Gwen starts to clean the frame.

Barbara sneers; are their children simply trying to make it so Iris is the one who can’t find them? Iris smiles; they didn’t look like they were coming back anytime soon. They were very hurried as they packed. Barbara thinks she is mistaken because they are in school and are due back soon. Iris adds that Maddie went with them too, which peaks Barbara’s attention again. Iris is more interested in putting on her ‘$30 lipstick’ and asking Barbara where she got her shoes though? Barbara blows the question off and Iris assumes she got them in Paris. She will have to go there herself. Barbara smugly comments about Iris being able to go to Paris. Iris lets all of this roll off of her; she thinks she will go to Paris because she is classy after all, as she walks off, leaving a confused Barbara looking after her.

Margo asks Elwood when he last saw Casey? He hasn’t seen him since he was arrested. They thought Casey was heading over to the dorm. Elwood suggests that Casey wouldn’t be exactly welcome there. Elwood doesn’t know where he would be either because he has been looking for him for days. Elwood wonders if he is in trouble and left town? Margo and Tom don’t know. Elwood quietly mentions how Casey would get into trouble if he did, as Margo and Tom realize this. If he hears from him, he will tell them, but if he is gambling, then he isn’t going to help him. They understand and wouldn’t want him to. He will put Casey’s stuff in storage for the time being then. Margo and Tom glance at each other; does this mean Casey gambling again, they wonder?

At the store, Casey is talking with his fake passport contact on the phone while Will chats up the sheriff. The sheriff hears his scanner go off and excuses himself. Will walks over to Casey and overhears the last part of his conversation, which doesn’t sound good. What is wrong? Casey explains that the passports are going to cost $100 extra per person due to the fact the guy has to run them up to this remote location. Will is irate; they don’t have that kind of money. Casey reminds him that no matter what, they need to get that money.

Maddie is collecting firewood and heads back to the cabin. Just by the door, she drops some pieces though. She bends over to pick them up. Someone quietly walks up behind her, raises a heavy stick over their head and brings it down on top of her, knocking her unconscious face down in the snow.

Will tells the sheriff that their parents don’t want them to become actors and won’t send them anymore money. Since they have been cut off, they need some money. Can he refund the rent money for the cabin and they will do jobs for him to make it back? He explains that he can’t do that for them because the money has already gone to his wife and she wouldn’t give it back; he is sorry. Will thinks they should get back to the cabin to regroup, but Casey has a plan. Will gives him a look and Casey tells him not to worry because he isn’t insinuating that they rob someone.

Gwen is bent over working on the bed frame when she hears the door open; she thinks it is Maddie and starts talking. The door slams hard and a surprised Gwen whips around; she is horrified when she realizes she is standing face to face with Adam. She lets out a blood-curdling screech and instinctively jumps backwards. Adam coldly says hello. Gwen is stuttering as she wonders if he is real? Yes, he is alive, but no thanks to her or Maddie! Gwen realizes that Maddie was outside; what has he done with Maddie? Adam icily remarks that they had their reunion already; he hopes she didn’t have her heart set on the firewood. Gwen panics, as she demands to know what he did to her? He did to Maddie what she did to him. Gwen freaks out and tries to race for the door, but Adam roughly grabs her and yanks her backwards. Gwen screams for him to not touch her. Meanwhile, Maddie is lying unconscious tied up in the snow.

Will and Casey ask the sheriff about the flier for labor jobs at the Mill. He got a phone call from the job site asking him to send any strays their way. They ask for directions and the sheriff gives it to them, as Will and Casey head out. Will wonders if they should stop by the cabin first?

Gwen yells that Will will be back soon, but Adam doesn’t think so. Will, he growls, mourned for him for all of five minutes before he concocted a romantic solution of lovers on the run. How did he know that? He smirks; when one is dead, it is easy to eavesdrop. Gwen realizes it was him all along. Adam laughs hollowly; he thought watching her become terrorized not knowing if it really was him or the guilt was priceless. Gwen realizes she was wrong about Iris knowing. He sneers again; watching Iris con Will out of his trust fund based on knowing nothing was almost as entertaining to watch. He almost wants to see the look on Will’s face when he walks in here and sees him alive, but it is too bad he won’t be coming back anytime soon. Gwen looks terrified.

Casey doesn’t think there is time; they don’t have phones to call because they trashed them, but if they wait too long they might miss out. They can head over to see about the jobs as quickly as possible and then head home hopefully with good news. Will thinks for a moment and then agrees, as they head out.

Why won’t Will be coming back? Adam doesn’t answer, so Gwen explains that Will didn’t know anything about what happened. Adam doesn’t care; he is moving heaven and earth to make sure thousands of miles are put between her and the law though. Why didn’t he call the police? He glares and explains that it is because it is between just them. Gwen sobs, as she pleads with him to check on Maddie because it is cold out there. Adam shoves her back; the cold was good enough for him, he snarls. Maddie didn’t mean to hurt him, but after how he was acting, they had no way of knowing what he was capable of. Adam makes a loud noise of disbelief. She tries to act so innocent; that is probably what she was banking on as to why people would believe she would never be capable of what she did to him. Maddie and her actions were innocent, unlike him who have been terrorizing and hunting them down. They had no idea he was alive. If they had known, they would have gotten help. Adam continues, as if not even aware of her justifications. He tells his story with an unwavering contemptuous tone and a crazed look in his eyes. He woke up in the cold and dark; he realized he couldn’t breath because of the dirt and ground pressed down on top of him. At first, he couldn’t remember what happened and when he realized he was buried alive, he wanted to die, but then he decided that he didn’t want to die this way, so he dug his way out of the ice cold ground. He sat on top of his own grave trying to remember what happened. Then he remembered hearing Maddie’s voice, and he figured they had gone to get help. He waited and waited and noone ever came. Then he saw something sparkle in the moonlight. It was her wedding band, he barks. Then he remembered her voice; she was telling Maddie to ‘use her hands.’ He roars at her now, as he walks slowly at her, backing her into a corner. He thought about how much he loved and wanted her; he thought about how he would have done anything for her and she had buried him alive! As much as he cared for her, he couldn’t let her get away with that, as he gruffly rubs her face and ends up with his hands wrapped around her neck. She promises that she didn’t know that he was alive, but Adam doesn’t see the point to that admission. Why didn’t they call 9-1-1 then? They were too scared. Maddie didn’t think the police would believe her. A delusional Adam roars about how she chose Maddie over him, as if they had a relationship. She wasn’t thinking, Gwen recalls trying to diffuse the situation. He doesn’t believe that; she had the presence of mind to throw his cell and the murder weapon into his grave though. She could have stopped it! Now that she knows he is alive, they can fix this, Gwen offers. Adam is mumbling, as he bears down on her again; all he wanted to do was to save her from her ½ life she would have had with Will; he instantly knew they had a connection and they could have been great. Gwen further tries to calm him by thanking him; she does owe him for the doors he opened for her. Adam is quieting down as he closes in on her; they can still have it all. He leans in and tries to kiss Gwen when she winds up and punches him in the stomach knocking him down, as she runs out the door.

Will and Casey are back at the store. The sheriff is surprised to see them so soon. They explain that the Mill was closed, which surprises the sheriff; he was sure that they said it was today. He is on his way out though and can’t talk because there has been a report of a stolen vehicle and that doesn’t happen everyday around these parts, he explains with a gleam in his eye. Can they use the phone? He agrees but tells them they need to lock up. He adds jokingly that if he finds anything missing then he knows where to find them. Will and Casey smile. After he leaves, Will and Casey remark about how strange it was about the job information being wrong. Casey suddenly starts reminiscing about Adam when they were younger and how Adam took him under his wing; he still can’t believe he is gone. Will can empathize, but does that change anything about how he wants to deal with this? No, because he doesn’t want his mom to find out Adam is dead or how he died. Will nods in agreement.

At home now, Margo hangs up the phone and relays the information she got. Casey has not used his credit cards in weeks. She is glad to hear that, but she realizes she should have canceled them weeks ago. Tom reminds her that this is new to them – having to police their own son. Tom adds that he went onto Casey’s computer and he hasn’t been on any gambling sites either. They are glad he doesn’t seem to have slipped up. Tom thinks this may have nothing to do with gambling. They are interrupted by a knock at the door; it is Barbara. She is wondering if she can talk to Maddie? Margo and Tom explain that she is out of town visiting her sister. Barbara looks skeptical now. Will and Gwen have left town, and it doesn’t seem they have been truthful about where they went. She thought Maddie might know something. She is suspicious of her story though. They should check with Casey. Tom and Margo nervously agree to do that later. Barbara explains that she ran into Iris and she claims that all three of them have run off. Margo reminds her that Iris isn’t Ms. Reliable. Barbara thinks this time she might know something. She wonders what trouble Maddie might have dragged Will and Gwen into? Tom and Margo seem to look uneasy again after hearing this.

Will and Casey are getting some food and supplies before they head back to the cabin. Casey reminds Will to leave some money so the sheriff doesn’t think they stole anything. They get a paper bag and put the money inside with the sheriff’s name on the outside. As they are turning to leave, Will stops in his tracks and makes a shocked sound. Casey turns to see what has Will’s attention. Jade has her face pressed up against the glass looking in at them.

Outside the cabin, Gwen is pleading with Maddie to wake up. She desperately tries to rouse her. She puts her hand behind Maddie’s head to lift her and to her horror, realizes her hand has blood on it. What did he do to her? She quickly pulls off her coat and places it under Maddie’s head, just as Adam yanks her away; his arms are tightly around Gwen’s neck; that is not part of his plan! They have to get her inside, Gwen screams. The cold was good enough for him when they left him buried in the ground. If they had shown him an ounce of kindness, he might be more inclined to be accommodating. He spits that Maddie is getting exactly what she deserves, as he jerks her back inside slamming the door behind them.

Jade continues to stare at Will and Casey through the window. Casey and Will, without taking their eyes off of her, wonder how she found them and what this might means? Casey then heads for the door, only to find it locked. This surprises them; they assume it is just stuck until Jade casually waves goodbye to them and walks away. They realize she locked the door from the outside. There has to be another way out, as they rush around the place.

Margo hangs up the phone and looks concerned. The Warden at the prison where Eve is, said she is not allowed any visitors. Tom thinks maybe Maddie didn’t check first, but Margo thinks she would considering the circumstances. She is confused as to why everyone seems to be lying to them? Tom thinks they are afraid to disappoint them. They should know by now that they can handle anything as long as they are honest. She laments about how the past few months have been; they lost Hal, he had a heart attack, Daniel was kidnapped and then went away to school, Casey is lying, stealing and gambling and Adam’s actions have been suspect; now it seems they all have disappeared. Tom wonders if Maddie and Casey are together? Margo doesn’t get it; they seemed to have broken up. Then she remembers to tell Tom something; did she tell him that Dallas found Maddie at the Morgue? No. What was her reasoning? She said she was worried it was another one of Eve’s victims. Tom sees why Margo is skeptical because it doesn’t sound right. Tom thinks if Maddie is in trouble then Casey would follow. This upsets him though because he knows how serious the ramifications are if he leaves town. Margo remembers that only a few months ago they were so happy and proud of their sons. Now, she doesn’t know where or who her sons are. She didn’t see this coming, but maybe if she did, she could have done something. Tom assures her that there was nothing she could do to cut this off at the pass. Margo hugs him tightly; they are losing their family.

Adam snarls that hitting him is not the way to win him over, as he tightens his grip on her. She cries out that he is hurting and scaring her, so he releases her and tosses her down to the floor. She tries again; they can start over, she promises. Adam snaps so she can lead him on again? He tells her that he wants all of her. He can’t because she is married to his brother, she yells. That can change. In his emotional state, he recounts things again; he lost his dad and had just come out of a two-year relationship when he had come to town. He was in a fog, but then he finally felt hope again when he laid eyes on her. They can be great because he knows they belong together. No, Gwen shouts! She is lying to herself, he shouts back. If she admits it, then it would be admitting that she isn’t the good person she pretends to be. Gwen rushes for the door again and Adam violently grabs her. He pushes her into the wall again hissing out the words inches from her face; when they kissed in LA, it meant something. She wanted him! No! She did, and she isn’t going anywhere until she proves it; he shoves her into the wall and aggressively kisses her, as a sobbing Gwen tries to push him off of her.

Margo picks up the phone and sadly tells Tom that she can’t put it off anymore; she has to put out an APB on Casey now like she did with Adam. Tom wants her to take her badge off for five minutes. Her action will officially make him a fugitive. Once she makes that call, she can’t take it back. He asks her not to call yet.

Casey throws himself into the door; it won’t budge. Will comes back into the room; she has locked all doors. Casey suggests they call

9-1-1; that will get the sheriff back here to get them out. They pick up the phone only to find it dead as well. Casey looks at Will and wonders if Jade is locking them in there while she calls the police to turn them in?

Adam and Gwen are struggling; she bawls that he is sick. She yells no and for him to get off of her! He tries to force himself on her, as she continues to fight him off. Jade races in after hearing them scuffle. She orders him to get away from Gwen; she said no, Jade shouts. When Adam doesn’t stop and more or less tells her to mind her own business, Jade tries to pull him off of Gwen herself.

Margo is upset with herself; she gave Casey too much slack. Tom reminds her that she didn’t know this was going to happen. She tried to give him the benefit, but she has been enabling him and that is not helping. Tom thinks that Casey is trying to protect Maddie because he is so in love with her that he isn’t thinking straight; doesn’t she remember those days? He would do anything for her if she needed his help. Margo can appreciate Casey’s loyalty, but what he is doing is wrong. Tom reminds her that if she puts out an APB, more charges will add up and their son could end up in jail for a long time. Can’t she give him 24 hours? Margo thinks for a moment, slowly puts down the phone and agrees to that.

Jade continues to wrestle Adam off of Gwen, as Gwen also does her best to break free. Adam whirls around on Jade, punches her in the face knocking her out. Gwen takes this opportunity to run for the door again, but Adam prevents her from getting out the door. He violently pulls her back again.

Outside, Maddie slowly regains consciousness; she realizes she has been tied up and left in the snow. She frantically calls out for help.

Inside, Adam maniacally throws Gwen to the floor. She struggles to get up, but he sits on top of her. She cries out, as he rips open her shirt. She screeches, as he savagely kisses and tries to have his way with her.

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