ATWT Update Tuesday 3/27/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/27/07


Written By Eva
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(Lakeview)  Katie arrives for Henry and Viennaís party and is amused when a young waiter tells her she looks hot.  Katie is surprised that she is the only one at the party but Henry explains that she is the only person he invited to the party.  Henry tells Katie that there are going to be more people but they are all Viennaís guests.  Henry orders some caviar for Katie and the best dry champagne and asks her to wait for Brad, Jack, and Emma to arrive along with the rest of Viennaís guests.  Henry goes to get Vienna while Kate sips her champagne.  Jack arrives and Katie is surprised that he didnít bring a date.  Jack jokes that he doesnít even know what that word means any more and Katie wonders if the other guests will think Jack is her date.  Jack is hurt that Katie would be bothered by the fact that people would think that he was her date.  Kate apologizes to Jack and tells him that she didnít mean to hurt his feelings she just didnít know if he was ready to begin dating again.  Jack admits that Vienna probably invited him to the party because she feels sorry for him.  Jack wonders who else is coming to the party and Katie tells him that Henry told her that Vienna invited Emma and Brad to the party along with some other guests but Henry didnít know exactly which guests would come to the party.  Jack tells Katie that Emma is away at a church retreat and wonít be back for a few days.  This fact makes Katie breathe a sigh of relief because she was sure Emma, would be mad at her for hurting Mike.  Jack pops the champagne cork and both he and Katie decide to enjoy the party together as friends.  Jack toasts to an unforgettable evening and he and Katie both smile and start to relax, and joke with each other.

(Worldwide)  Lily is mad at Dusty because he wants to call Lucinda and asks him not to call her and ruin her hard-earned vacation.  Dusty insists on calling Lucinda because she is the boss lady and she deserves to know the company is in a major crisis.  Lily is shocked to see Lucinda arrive and tell both of them that one of the major stockholders called and told her what was going on with the company.  Lucinda is ready for battle and wonders how the sick babies are doing.  Lily informs her mother that all of the sick babies including Ethan are doing fine.  Lucinda tells Lily that she is Ethanís grandmother and she should have been told that he was sick. 

(Farm)  Craig walks in and Paul and Meg are kissing each other and by his facial expression the audience can tell he is very hurt.  Paul and Meg notice Craig and Paul tell Meg to go talk to Craig.  Meg tries to explain to Craig what he just saw but Craig tells her he understands everything and that they never made any promises to each other.  Craig also tells Meg that he enjoyed every minute of the time they spent together but she has to do what she has to do and he will also do what he must do.  Craig gives Meg a kiss on the cheek and leaves a few minutes later.  Paul returns and is anxious to know what Meg told Craig about their relationship.  Paul doesnít ask any questions and Meg makes some tea.  After the tea is finished brewing and Meg pours the tea, Paul asks Meg how Craig reacted when she broke up with him.  Meg tells Paul that she was very surprised how well Craig took the news and his reaction makes her think he never really loved her at all.  Paul tells Meg that Craig is more dangerous when he holds his feelings inside then when he allows his feeling to show.  Paul hopes that Craig isnít hiding his anger and about ready to seek revenge against her or someone else. 

(Inside Craigís car)  Craig recalls that Meg told him how much it meant to her that he helped Lily out of the crisis at Worldwide without asking for anything in return.  Craig also recalls seeing Meg and Paul kissing at the farm and a few minutes later calls his lawyer to tell him to file the papers transferring the company over to him. 

(Worldwide)  Lucinda demands to know what Lily is hiding from her so Lily explains that a friend helped her set up a fund to avoid potential lawsuits and settle cases out of court.  Lucinda knows that Worldwide doesnít have that kind of money so she asks Lily who gave her the money.  Craig arrives and Lily tells Lucinda that Craig generously offered to loan them the money to settle the lawsuits. 

(Lakeview)  Katie tells Jack she plans to start living with the power of positive thinking and Jack is happy to hear that Katie is not letting her problems depress her anymore.  Henry and Vienna get off the elevator and Henry wonders why Vienna invited Jack to the party.  Vienna smiles and tells Henry that Jack is a nice man who needs to have some fun.  Vienna is happy to see that Jack and Katie have forgotten about Carly and Simon.  Henry and Vienna sit at the table with Jack and Katie and Vienna mentions that she invited Brad.  Jack says that Brad probably wonít come to the party because he doesnít own a tie.  Jack gets called away to the police station but tells everyone he will do his best to return if it isnít a major emergency.  Henry asks Katie about how things are going with Oakdale Now and she says things are fine.  Vienna has a great idea and she suggests that Katie invite Henry on her show because he is an expert at making a woman happy.  Vienna tells Katie Henry taught her how to do the Egyptian tingle, which makes her very happy.  Katie canít handle hearing about Henry and Viennaís love life so she leaves the table for a few minutes.  Henry tells Vienna that she shouldnít share details of their intimate moments with people because they may feel uncomfortable.  Vienna thinks itís time Katie got a man of her very own.  Brad arrives and when he sees Katie he decides to leave so he wonít ruin her evening but Katie grabs his arm and asks him not to go anywhere because she canít spend another minute alone with Henry and Vienna.  Vienna and Henry get up to dance when she hears the guitar music and leave Brad and Katie alone to talk.  Katie tells Brad that she is glad Henry and Vienna got up to dance because she couldnít hear another word about Henryís hidden talents.  Brad tells Katie that Henry isnít the only one with hidden talents and grabs the guitar and starts to play it softly.  Katie cries a little and gets up and leaves the Lakeview, which leaves Brad stunned and wondering what he did to upset Katie this time. 

Brad and Jack both console Katie when she is saddened by memories of Simon.  Craig plays it cool when Meg tells him she is going back to Paul.  Craig allows Lucinda to read the papers Lily sign which state that Lily sold him Worldwide.  Lucinda is hurt that Lily handed Craig the company on a silver platter.  Vienna and Henry have their first fight over Katie but then the two lovebirds soon kiss and make up with each other.  Meg and Paul make love to each other. 

(Worldwide)  Lucinda demands to read the papers that Lily signed authorizing the loan.  Lucinda and Dusty are both shocked to read the papers and they can tell that Lily has no idea what she signed because she still thinks Lucinda doesnít like the terms of the loan.  Lucinda blasts Lily whom she knows must not have read the papers she signed.  Lily reads the papers, which state that she agreed to sell the company to Craig.  Lily is hurt and shocked that Craig could betray her trust and her friendship this way.  Craig tells Lucinda that he will come back tomorrow and sort out all the details of the deal.  Lucinda calls Craig a dirt bag for taking advantage of Lilyís vulnerable state while she was worried about her sick baby.  Dusty catches up with Craig and calls him a coward for taking advantage of a vulnerable woman to take the company from Lucinda.  Craig has Dusty thrown out of the company he now owns. 

(Farm)  Meg explains to Paul that Craig has been a good friend to her lately.  Paul tells her Craig is only acting that way because he wanted to get her into bed.  Meg is offended that Paul would think Craig could get her in bed just by doing a few good things.  Paul smiles and tells Meg that men like Craig are not patient enough to wait for good things to come to them but he is proud of himself because he waited for her to come back to him on her own.  Paul promises Meg that he wonít push her and they can take this relationship slowly and then Paul and Meg share a kiss. 

(Lakeview)  Henry is worried about Katie and wants to go look for her in old town because that is where she goes when she is sad.  Brad gets up and goes to look for Katie because he is the one who upset her.  Jack arrives a few minutes later and Henry tells him that Katie left the hotel after Brad played the guitar for her and she was crying.  Henry tells Jack about Katie probably was going to old town so he also leaves to find Katie.  Vienna wonders why men worry about Katie so much and Henry explains that they just want to see Katie happy.  Vienna again repeats that Katie should find a man of her own.  Henry tells Vienna that Katie should remain single for a while.  Vienna gets mad because she thinks Henry wants another chance with Katie because he still loves her.  Vienna runs towards the elevator and Henry runs after her to explain that he is always going to love Kate but he is in love with her (Vienna) and she truly makes him happy.  Vienna pushes Henry inside the elevator and they start kissing as the elevator doors close. 

(Old Town)  Brad finds Katie who explains to him that he did nothing wrong; just that his playing the guitar reminded her of Simon.  Katie tells Brad that Simon crashed her honeymoon cruise with Mike and played the guitar for her out on the deck and that reminded her of how she never stopped loving him.  Katie tells Brad that since that night on the cruise she started making mistakes that made her lose both Mike and Simon and also hurt both of them very much.  Katie begins to cry and Brad gives her a handkerchief and admits that she was lucky to have fallen in love twice.  Brad admits that he has never been in love so Katie assures him that someday he will make some girl miserable enough to cry like she is doing now.  Brad asks Katie to give him a handkerchief if she finds him sitting on a bench crying.  Jack arrives and Katie assures him Brad did nothing to upset her she also sends Brad back to the party so she can talk to Jack alone.  Katie tells Jack the same story she told Brad about Simon and thanks him for caring about her so much.  Katie tells Jack that not even her brother cares about her so much.  She gives him a big hug and calls him her honorary brother.  Jack advises Katie not to get involved with Brad because he has never been serious about any woman and she would just end up getting hurt. 

(Farm)  Meg and Paul begin to make love in the stables but Meg stops herself.  Paul agrees to let her make her own decision so Meg decides to make love to Paul. 

(WorldWide)  Lily tells Lucinda she will help her fight to get the company back.  Lucinda tells Lily there is nothing they can do about it now.  Lucinda tells Lily she always knew that someday Craig would take the company from her but what hurts the most is that her own daughter handed him the company on a silver platter. 

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