ATWT Update Monday 3/26/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/26/07


Written By Elayna

At Worldwide, Lily and Dusty are arguing about why she chose to trust Craig of all people. Dusty is sure that if Craig is involved Worldwide could be ruined. Lily thinks he is being dramatic; he helped her out of a horrible position. Dusty remarks about how the public and reporters are going to have a field day considering he is a convicted felon. Lily reminds him that Craig is family and a friend. Dusty just smirks. Lily doesn’t like him questioning her authority; does she need to remind him of the hierarchy at the Company? She has power of attorney and needed to make some decisions quickly. Craig is helping them, but Dusty is adamant that he is in this solely for himself. Dusty wonders suddenly if Lily even knows the terms of this so-called deal with her hero Craig?

At the Lakeview, Meg is sitting at a table with Craig. She is very proud of him. Craig is acting humble. Why does he have his guard up? She has supported him before. She is realizing more and more what a decent person he is. Craig continues to act modest about his role. Meg keeps singing his praises; he helped Lily through a horrible situation. She was worried about her baby and then her Company and whether Lucinda would forgive her. He kept his cool and stepped in to help because he simply felt for her and not because he had any ulterior motives. He is not the selfish person people believe he is. Craig tries to play it off, probably because deep down his motives are not genuine. He explains that he did help her, but it was also a business deal; he stands to make money as well. Meg teases him; he is afraid to admit that he is good. Craig just smiles; Meg laughs because he has been trying to convince her of this for weeks and now it is obvious and he is trying to deny it.

At the Farm, Paul is walking Faith home. She reminds him that she knows the way. He tells her that he also wants to see Parker because he has a surprise for them both. He calls out to Parker. When he comes into the room, Paul teases them about what is inside the bag.

At the cabin, Maddie doesn’t believe that Casey would turn them in after everything. Will thinks it is a good possibility just because he is in shock. He just found out that his brother is dead and buried and that they didn’t trust him enough to tell him before they left town. Will thinks they need to get packing if they are going to stay one step ahead of the law. They should probably head for the bus station, but Maddie thinks that is the first place they will look. Will then thinks they will need to get across the lake before they head for any type of transportation. Maddie looks stunned. How are they going to do this? He saw a rowboat down by the water. Maddie looks skeptical, but Will explains that they have no choice. Maddie thinks they do.

Meanwhile, downtown an emotionally lost looking Casey walks into a store and runs smack into the sheriff. He wonders how Casey’s filming is going? Casey doesn’t even know what he is referring to at first and seems to allude to this, but then covers when he remembers. The sheriff picks up on something being wrong. Is he ok? Casey looks at him and then down towards his sheriff pin on his shirt. He seems to be contemplating what he should do. The sheriff lowers his voice and asks if he is in trouble? They could talk elsewhere. Finally, Casey tells him that he is ok; his cell phone isn’t working because of the reception and he was wondering if he could use his phone? The sheriff agrees and Casey goes over to it, dials a number and waits. He asks the person on the other end of the line to get Chief Hughes because it is an emergency.

Maddie tries to explain that they didn’t see Casey’s face when she told him what happened. He was devastated. They have been so worried for themselves about not getting caught, that they forgot in all of this that Adam died. She can’t get a free pass any longer for that. She can’t live with it; can’t they understand? Will nods. Maddie reminds them that they will be looking for three people, so they should head out together and she is going to stay behind.

Paul, Parker and Faith move the chairs and table so they can sit on the floor. He pulls out his gift from the bag; it is a Ouija board. They all laugh thinking he is silly. He is going to be a Swami. Again, this incites giggling. He wants them to close their eyes while he conjures up the spirits. He then wants them to ask a question. Then they put their fingers on the planchete and the spirits will guide their hands to the answer. Parker makes a funny noise, but Paul teases him implying he is going to anger them spirits, as they snicker some more. Are the spirits willing to communicate? Their hands are guided to the word ‘yes.’ The kids are somewhat impressed. Paul thinks the kids should ask a question, but when they balk, Paul suggests that the spirits could tell them what Faith’s darkest secret is. Upon hearing this, Faith jumps up declaring that she doesn’t want to do this anymore. Parker and Paul look at each other confused.

Craig plays with Meg; is she going to reconsider moving into Fairwinds with him? No, but she thinks he is reconsidering how he lives his life now though. Craig thinks she has overestimated him; he hasn’t changed. Meg thinks he is being modest again. She knew ultimately he had a good heart with just some bad habits. She recalls how he was nice to her after she broke things off with Paul. He reminds her that he really had an agenda, but she sees it also that he didn’t cross the line and was patient. Sure, he bought her an extravagant necklace and produced a phony diary, but he hasn’t made any grand gestures recently and that means something. He is respecting her. He came to Lily’s rescue with nothing to gain; the secret is out; he has acted selflessly. Craig remarks truthfully that there is no such thing. Meg smiles, tells him that she has to go check on Ethan, but she wanted him to know what he did meant a lot to her. He proved that he could be trusted. He is a good friend, as she gives him a peck on the cheek. Meg leaves while Craig seems to be fighting feelings of guilt.

Lily explains that she made a deal with Craig to limit Worldwide’s exposure. There is no money in the reserve and they can’t stall much longer because they will be financially ruined from all the legal bills if she doesn’t act now. If they don’t admit to their mistake now, the public will be outraged. Dusty reminds her that Craig has a criminal record, but she reminds him that he had somewhat of an unsavory past as well. Lily thinks this is personal for him because of Johnny among other things. Dusty denies this and simply explains that he is worried because Craig has been after the company for years. He is a family and a friend and she trust him, she reiterates. Did he give her cash? No, it is a business deal, but Dusty thinks a friend might. What are they going to give him in exchange? Lily stalls, which worries Dusty. She doesn’t have an idea, does she? Lily explains that it is in the paperwork. Dusty is stunned; she signed something without knowing what was written on it? Lily snaps that Craig offered to help and she had to take it. Dusty grabs his coat; where is he going, Lily asks? He is going to do damage control.

Faith explains that she doesn’t want to do this. Paul apologizes for suggesting they ask something personal without getting her permission first. Faith smiles and when he teases her some more, she sits back down. Paul sees Meg walk in from the corner of his eye. He plays along; he is going to ask the spirits something. Who does their Aunty Meg love? Their hands drift over the letters ‘P’, ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘L’. They say his name, as Meg can’t help but smile. Faith and Parker then see Meg and tell her this. Paul adds that the Ouija Board never lies.

At the Lakeview, Craig is drinking a Martini when Dusty walks up and sits down at his table. Why is he darkening his table? He wants to see the papers that he forced Lily to sign. He knows her mind wasn’t straight when she signed them. Craig simply smiles. Dusty puts it to him straight; does he want his Company? Craig corrects him; isn’t it Lucinda’s? Dusty hopes it still is. Craig coolly answers that he isn’t as dumb as he looks.

Gwen is determined to not leave Maddie behind. She sits down next to her; if she stays, then so does she. Will reminds them that he can respect their loyalty, but they will end up in jail. They need to go to Canada, and as her husband, he feels he gets a say in what Gwen plans on doing. She determinedly tells him that she isn’t leaving her best friend behind. Maddie doesn’t want tension starting because of her; Adam is her problem and what she did to him is her story to tell. She only wants Gwen and Will to make it to Canada where she can sing and make records, adopt many babies and be happy. She will own up to what she is done, be ok and get off with good behavior, she adds with a smile, and then she will move up to Canada and be their neighbor. Gwen starts to tear up; this isn’t fair. Maddie hugs her and sends her on her way. Will and Gwen slowly head for the door, but as they open it, they are met by Casey standing there. Everyone stands there without saying a word. Casey breaks the silence when he admits to calling Margo. Will, Gwen and Maddie look nervous, but then he adds that he hung up before she answered, as the other three breathe a sigh of relief. Will wonders if he told anyone? No, but that doesn’t mean he feels good about it. Casey apologizes for running out on them; it is just that Adam is his brother – their brother, as he looks towards Will. He knows Adam is no Saint, but either is he. He has been there a lot for him over the years, and he is having a hard time accepting that he is dead, he sadly explains. He wasn’t in the woods and doesn’t know what went down, but he believes what they said and he isn’t going to pass judgment, especially on Maddie in particular. Maddie apologizes deeply again. Will says that he doesn’t expect Casey to understand, but he appreciates his words. Maddie and Casey hug, as a relieved looking Gwen and Will watch. Has anyone asked about them? Casey explains that Barbara was sniffing around, but she thinks they are on Spring Break and Henry thinks Maddie is visiting Eve. Maddie thinks that is the story he has to stick to when he returns. Casey explains that he can’t go back because he has jumped bail and is now a fugitive. Maddie looks shocked.

Paul asks Meg to join them, so she takes a seat on the floor. Paul wants to pose another question to the Spirits. Who can’t Aunty Meg resist? With Faith, Meg and Parker’s hands on the Board, it goes towards the letter ‘C’. Paul teases and says that can’t be right. Suddenly, it goes towards the ‘P’, ‘A’ and ‘U’ again, but stops there. Meg pulls her hand back and jokes that the Board is not ready to commit to the rest of the name. Faith and Parker think this is the time to make themselves scarce. They pretend they have something to do upstairs, which is a blatant excuse to Paul and Meg, but they aren’t complaining. Why did they leave, Meg smiles? Paul thinks they can tell the future…. they knew he was planning on kissing her, as he moves in to gently kiss her.

Craig tosses a large tip at the waiter, which isn’t lost on Dusty. Does he have money to burn suddenly? Craig smirks. Dusty wants to see the papers? Craig stalls; did Lily ok this? Is he sure, he should be second guessing Lily? Lily and he have come to an agreement. Dusty restates the obvious; she doesn’t know what she signed. Craig isn’t too bothered by this obvious revelation since he planned it that way. They will see the paper as soon as his lawyers looked over them, draw up the finished product and then they will receive the copies. Dusty spits that Lily is convinced that he is saving Worldwide. He knows the truth though; he has had it in for Lucinda for years. Craig coldly and quietly asks why Dusty looks so down? Is it because he knows he deserves anything he gets? He poisoned Lucy against him, took his son and shot him in the chest. He must know that he will mete out his punishment; he must know there will be payback for that, and he is right, but not now because this is business. Dusty just glares at Craig. He asks Dusty if he is scared? He should be because unlike Lily, he reads everything he signs; he is meticulous about how he does business. He knows everything about whom he is going to deal with; he knows their strengths, weakness and even secrets. Dusty bites that Lily is supposed to be his friend. Dusty’s cell phone ringing interrupts them; it is Lily. Dusty tells her simply that he is with Craig and he assures him that he has only Lily and her Company’s best interest at heart. After he hangs up, he wonders how Craig lives with himself? He took advantage of someone during a vulnerable time. Craig thinks back to his conversation with Meg when she tells him how proud she is of him and how he is different because of this selfless act. How could he betray Lily for money or just revenge? Craig snaps that he doesn’t know anything about him, but Dusty is sure that he does. After he leaves, Craig’s lawyer comes over with the papers. It was a great time for him to be buying Worldwide stock since it is rock bottom. As soon as he files these papers, the Company will be his. Craig pauses for a moment, but then asks him not to file the papers just yet.

Meg stops Paul and tells him not yet. Paul grins; he is ok with that. However, he will settle for ‘canoodling,’ as he hugs Meg from behind, who in turn smiles broadly, as she falls back into his arms. He asks her if she is coming back to him? She tells him that she can’t read the future, but the present seems right to her.

Maddie is adamant that he can’t stay; he has only been gone for a short time so no one will have noticed probably. Casey explains that he left yesterday. It is too late now. Besides, this is his fault. He stole from his best friend and then when Adam tried to cover, he didn’t stop him. They all don’t agree with Casey’s view of the events. Adam was the one that chose to attack Gwen. Casey explains that he is here with Maddie because he loves her and he wants to help. Will wants to remind Casey what he will be giving up by going with them. He can never go back; he can never see Margo, Tom or Daniel again. Casey realizes this. Maddie doesn’t want Casey giving up his family for her, but he is determined. Does she still love him? Of course she does. That is all Casey needs to hear, as he hugs and kisses her; she is stuck with him. Will reminds them that once they cross the border their lives as they know it are over; they will have to change their looks, their histories and their mannerisms. They will have to start over. Will then thinks they need to get going; they are going to need passports. Casey explains that he knows someone from gambling online that can do that; it will take some money though. Will, Gwen and Maddie pool their money and decide they can do it.

Lily is talking on the phone with Holden in her office; she thanks him for taking care if Ethan while she handles this crisis. An assistant interrupts; she knew she probably hadn’t eaten, so she saved her some food. Lily explains that she appreciates the thought, but she is going to eat with the kids later. She tells the woman to take it home to her family. After the woman leaves, Lily nervously reaches into her purse, takes out some diet pills and pops them into her mouth, just as Dusty walks in. He looks at her funny and Lily seems unsure as to whether he saw anything so she nervously starts to talk. Dusty looks strangely at her and then asks how Ethan is? He is much better she thankfully says, glad he is talking about that. Did Craig reassure him? No. He won’t show him the contract. Lily frowns, but then assumes it is because he might not think it is his business. She also is a little insulted by his lack of faith he has in her. Normally, he would have plenty of it, but she put the Company on the line without informing anyone of what she was doing. He walks over to the phone and picks it up. What is he doing? He is going to call Lucinda. She deserves to know what is going on with her Company. A frightened looking Lily stutters that he needs to do what he feels is right.

Paul and Meg kiss. She tells him that she needs to take things one day at a time. Paul accepts this; what he has learned recently is that today is all you have. The visions reminded him that he has no power. He had to learn to live his life accepting that he had no control. Meg smiles at this easy going and non- Paul like response. She admits, as she looks at the Ouija Board that Holden had one when she was 8 that she was afraid of. Was she scared of the future? Maybe she was. Then he figures they should live in the here and now, as he pulls her in for another kiss. Craig has walked into the porch and watches them unnoticed through the kitchen window.

Will, Gwen, Casey and Maddie sit on the floor in a circle; they each take out their licenses and put a lighter to them. They all watch as each of their ID’s burn in a pan. They seem scared and nervous but determined. They reach for each other’s hands and hold them as they watch their pasts disintegrate into a mound of ashes.

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