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Gwen, Will and Maddie sleep on the floor of a run down cabin in Northern Michigan. As they awake and begin moving about after their first night on the run the local Sheriff knocks at the door giving them all a scare. The sheriff introduces himself as not only the local law enforcement but he owns a few rental properties for extra money and the cabin the kids are in is one of his. He inquires as to why they would be visiting the area in the middle of winter but Maddie covers with a story about them being college students making a film. Before leaving the sheriff suggests they keep their doors locked because there are fierce creatures out there both animals and people. Maddie goes for a walk. Gwen thinks Will is sorry now that he has given up everything but he insists he’s not. Gwen rehashes her and Maddie’s involvement in Adam’s death. Will still tries to support Gwen.

Maddie is saddened when she sees Will and Gwen kissing, she realizes she will never kiss or see Casey again. Maddie is mourning the loss of her relationship and the fear of what Casey will think of her if he finds out she killed his brother. Gwen and Will go into town to get breakfast, Maddie doesn’t want to go because she is feeling so down. Shortly after Will and Gwen leaves Casey busts in the locked door demanding to know what is going on. Casey explains he hacked into Will’s computer and that is how he found them but now he wants to know what is going on. Casey promises he will love Maddie no matter what.

Maddie in a moment of weakness confesses that she killed Adam that is why they all had to leave then she tells him the events that led up to the eventual death of Adam. Casey is angry and hurt and yells at Maddie then Will and Gwen when they return. Casey defends Adam thinking Adam would have returned if he could have to help Casey but Maddie tells him that is why they were in the woods that night. Adam was skipping town and Gwen and Maddie were trying to reason with him to return and admit he was the one who planted the bonds. Casey just becomes more angry. Maddie weeps and says “ you said you would love me no matter what” Casey cornered by his own words says “yes I did, but I wish I didn’t” and storms out of the cabin.

Emily settles in at her desk but cannot work because she is preoccupied be Allison’s X-rated movie. Emily reviews the DVD looking for anything in the background that may give her an idea as to where Allison is when Dusty walks in. Dusty attacks Emily verbally pointing out how much he has on his plate with the tainted baby food fiasco and the last thing he needs is Emily bringing this into work . Dusty threatens to have Emily thrown out of the building but calms and tries to understand what Emily is doing. Emily is shaken up by the girl in the movie and claims she wants to locate the girl so she can help her. Dusty knows there is more to the story and tells her she should just leave it alone because “that lost look in her eye” that Emily swears she sees is probably drugs. This worries Emily more.

Emily meets with Cherie to tell her she is leaving the business for a while but Cherie says no way. If Emily leaves she leaves for good. Almost in tears Emily turns to Cherie and asks if you had a sister that was hooking what would you do. Cherie answers with certainty “get her out” Emily thinks for a moment and tells Cherie “I am someone’s daughter and sister. I have to get myself out. I quit” Emily phones Susan not revealing any details but leaves her a message saying she is working on a story and got a lead so she will be going out of town for a while.

Paul and Meg awake after a passionate night together in Paul’s cabin. Over coffee Meg asks Paul why he chooses to live in a cabin with no electricity or amenities when he has a luxurious penthouse back in town. Paul explains that he just doesn’t want to be around people. People give off energies that prompt his visions at first it was scary and bad. Meg tells Paul she has decided she enjoyed being with him and was going to take each day one day at a time. Meg leaves to check on Ethan and Faith arrives with a plate of cookies to thank Paul for saving her brother. Faith is in high spirits and smiling as she talks to Paul about how Lily is always yelling at her. Paul tells her not to take it personally because Lily was just upset about Ethan being missing then sick. Faith confides that she doesn’t believe Lily will return to normal anytime soon because Lily thinks all the sick babies are her fault. Paul has a sweet heart to heart with Faith about giving and getting second chances.

Craig pops in at the farm where Lily and Holden stayed with baby Ethan to give Lily the papers to sign so he can take care of all the problems at Worldwide involving the tainted baby food. Craig reports a grim story about the lawsuits and press coverage to push Lily along in signing the papers without calling Lucinda. Lily wants to and knows she should but the promise of a quick fix by Craig comforts her more than having to face her mother. Lily signs the papers claiming she “trusts” Craig. Relieved, thinking the problems are going to be taken care of Lily prepares to go in to work. Meg arrives to check on Ethan and Craig is pleased to see her but questions where she had been. Craig heads back to Worldwide and Lily tells Meg what a great guy Craig is and how he has saved the day and her family. Lily explains about the legal papers and lawyers and how Craig is going to take things into his hands and take care of the dirty work. Meg is immediately suspicious, knowing Craig doesn’t do anything for anybody if it doesn’t benefit him. Meg and Lily go to Worldwide. Meg visits Craig who is surprised to see her. Meg tells Craig lily told her everything and she woos over him telling how much she cared for him and how he is not what people says he is. There is a look and a tone in what Meg is saying that isn’t as kind as she is trying to make Craig believe. Dusty is trying desperately to get Lily to move on calling Lucinda so something can be put in motion to resolve all the problems surrounding the baby food. Lily is jumpy but tells him Craig is taking care of everything especially the law suits.

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