ATWT Update Thursday 3/22/07

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/22/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Hughes house)  Casey sits on the couch and remembers the way Maddie broke up with him.  Caseyís thoughts are interrupted by a visit from Henry and Vienna who want to talk to Maddie because they are planning a party.  Casey is surprised that Maddie went to Dwight to visit Eve. 

(Avalon Hotel)  Emily cries as she watches Allison on the porno tape and asks her client if she can keep it.  The client is happy that she enjoyed watching the tape so much and promises to bring her another tape the next time he is in town. 

(Farm)  Meg and Paulís kiss is interrupted by a call from Holden telling Meg that Ethan is doing much better.  Holden admits that he and Paul have had differences in the past but he is grateful to him for saving Ethanís life.  Holden asks Meg if Lily is with her because she left her cell phone at the hospital and he canít reach her at Worldwide because all of the lines are busy.  Holden admits to Meg that he is very worried about Lily because she has been under a lot of stress lately and this business crisis is just going to add to her stress. 

(Worldwide)  Lily blames herself for the babies being sick and admits she should have listened to her mother and checked the baby food company out more carefully.  Craig insists this crisis isnít her fault and they should blame the ladies who own Valleyís Best.  Edith Prisk, the Worldwide lawyer, tells Lily that several of the parents of the children have threatened to sue and if any of the babies die the company could face criminal charges.  The lawyer advises Lily not to blame herself with the press and the best thing for her to do is not to answer any questions.  The lawyer also advises Lily to call Lucinda because she should be there to help her handle this crisis.  Craig asks the lawyer to leave and he will explain al the papers to Lily.  The lawyer leaves, and Lily breaks down and cries for Ethan and all the other sick children.  Lily picks up the phone to call Lucinda but Craig stops her, offering to help her take care of everything so Lucinda wonít have to know about it until after the crisis has passed.  Craig tells Lily to go be with Ethan and he will solve everything and call her if anything major needs to be done.  Lily gives Craig a hug and thanks him for his help and moral support and then leaves to go to the hospital. 

(Farm)  Meg thanks Paul for saving Ethanís life and possible stopping a major e. coli outbreak.  Paul tells Meg she doesnít have to thank him because he was happy that his gift could help people.  Paul is on his way out the door to tell Parker and Faith the good news when he nonchalantly asks Meg if she wants to go some place where they can be alone.  Meg avoids the question and goes with Paul to talk to Parker and Faith. 

(Hughes House)  Henry tells Vienna that his sister Eve killed people and is in a prison mental ward.  Vienna tells him that everyone has at least one crazy person in their family.  Casey tells Henry that Maddie broke up with him before she left because she couldnít handle his gambling problem.  Vienna tells the guys not to worry because Maddie probably needed to have some alone time and didnít want to worry either of them.  Henry promises to let Casey know if Maddie contacts him and Casey promises to do the same thing for Henry. 

(Hospital)  Susan thinks Emily is there to do a story about the e. coli outbreak because she thinks it is an important story.  Susan tries to persuade Emily to tackle the e. coli story and drop the prostitution story.  Emily tells Susan she is curious to know if Alison has contacted her.  Susan tells Emily she got a postcard from Alison, which said she was in Hollywood working as an extra to earn money while she waited to get her real estate license.  Susan senses there is something wrong but is beeped before she can ask Emily any more questions. 

(Will & Gwenís House)  Casey arrives to see if he can find any clues as to where Maddie may be because he thinks that she may have told Will and Gwen where she was planning to go and why she was leaving Oakdale.  Barbara is also outside the door of the house and she begrudgingly tells Casey she got a message on her cell phone from Will saying he and Gwen were going on vacation to Fort Lauderdale and she is concerned because she got a call from the bank about Willís trust fund and must talk to him about it.  Casey tells her he knows where they keep the spare key to the house but wonders why Barbara wants to go in when Will and Gwen arenít home.  Barbara explains that she hopes to find a phone number or a hotel name so she can contact Will.  Casey gets the spare key from the hiding place and they both go inside to look for clues.

(Paulís cabin)  Meg wonders why Paul likes to live in the cabin all alone.  Paul jokes that one reason is his mother canít find him.  Paul tells Meg the real reason is it makes him feel close to her.  Meg makes it clear that the kiss they shared earlier wonít lead to anything else between them.  Paul tells Meg that he still loves and wants her and that will probably never change but if she doesnít want to be with him then he is just happy to sit and talk to her.  Paul explains to her that his gift has made him appreciate the normal moments in his life and stop concentrating on his obsessions.  Paul offers to take Meg home if that is what she wants to do because all he wants is to make her happy. 

(Worldwide)  Craig makes a call to Rosannaís lawyer insisting that he is her husband and he is the only one who has a right to her money because her sister Carly left the country and is wanted by the police in connection with a jewel theft.  Craig also calls Rosannaís banker giving him the same reasons he gave her lawyer and threatening to take all of Rosannaís money out of his bank.  Craig plans to use Rosannaís money once he gets it to settle all possible lawsuits out of court and become a white knight that saves the company from being ruined by this major business crisis. 

(Java)  Vienna makes a guest list for the party but she notices that Henry is distracted by thoughts of Maddie.  Henry is hurt that Maddie didnít tell him she was leaving town.  Henry also thinks he has been a bad brother to Maddie.  Vienna tells Henry he is a wonderful loving man and she knows Maddie loves him very much because he has been a wonderful brother to her.  Vienna explains that before she met him she had a lonely shallow life and now she has him and has made friends with all of the people on this list and she is very happy.  Henry tells Vienna he is very happy to have her in his life also and gives her a kiss. 

(Will &Gwenís House)  Casey calls all of the hotels in Fort Lauderdale and Gwen, Maddie, and Will are not checked into any of them.  Barbara decides that they should both leave since they didnít find anything that would help them contact Gwen, Maddie, and Will.  Casey goes outside with Barbara, waits to see her drive away, and then calls Maddie leaving a message for her to call Henry because both he and Henry are very worried about her.  Casey takes the key and goes back inside the house to search Willís laptop.  Casey figures out that Willís password is Gwenís birthday and discovers that the last web page Will was looking at talked about Michigan.  Casey decides to jump bail and go help Maddie because he fears she might be in big trouble since he had an earlier conversation with Jade at Java in which she hinted Maddie got away with murder. 

(Paulís cabin)  Paul tells Meg that he is doing a lot better then he has ever been and he pours a glass of wine for himself and one for Meg and goes to sit by the fireplace.  Meg grabs Paul and starts kissing him and the two make love.

(Hospital)  Lily arrives and Holden apologizes for their earlier argument and explains that he was just worried about Ethan.  Holden gives Lily the good news that Ethan is going to be okay.  Lily cries and blames herself for those other sick children but Holden tells her that it wasnít her fault because every business deal is risky.  Holden wonders if she has called Lucinda and she tells him she hasnít called her mother yet because she wanted to check on Ethan before she called Lucinda. 

(Worldwide)  Craig gets a call from his lawyer telling him he has control of Rosannaís money.  Craig smiles because his plan is working like a charm.

(Main Street)  Emily calls Alisonís cell phone and discovers it is out of service.

(Paulís cabin)  Meg feels guilty after they make love and Paul tells her he will always love her.  She tells him she loves him too but love isnít enough because they only keep hurting each other.  Paul tells Meg that he will probably never stop loving her and asks her to stay with him.

(Hospital)  Susan tells Lily Ethan will recover and although she canít reveal details of the other children she does tell Lily none of the children have died.  Craig calls Lily to check on Ethan and she happily tells him Ethan will be fine.  Craig tells Lily he is going to use his own money to settle all possible lawsuits out of court so Worldwide will come out smelling like a rose.  A very grateful Lily tells Craig she doesnít know how she will ever repay him.  Craig tells Lily they will talk about that later and that he is happy Ethan is better.  Once Craig hangs up the phone he sits in Lucindaís chair and smiles and tells himself its good to be home.

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