ATWT Update Wednesday 3/21/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/21/07


Written By Elayna

At Worldwide offices, Susan is pleading with Dusty to talk to Emily; he can get through to her because she can’t. Dusty explains that he can’t either because Emily explained in no uncertain terms that she can take care of herself. Susan realizes he was worried to, but Dusty doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Emily walks in and wonders what they are doing? Susan remarks about how scantily clad Emily is dressed. Emily sarcastically replies that this comment is coming from a woman who thinks scrubs are a fashion statement. Emily sarcastically asks Susan and Dusty whom they are talking about? She is sure they have their heads together because of her. Dusty flatly excuses himself. Susan admits that she doesn’t like going behind her back. Emily snips that she thinks Dusty became Susan’s ‘go-to guy’ after Hal died whenever Susan feels she isn’t making good choices. Susan doesn’t think she is being left with too many options. She is dressed like a… as she stops. Emily wants her to finish her thought. What is she dressed like, Emily growls?

At the farm, Faith is questioning her decision again as to whether it was the right thing to let Paul leave with Ethan, especially since there has been no word. Faith thinks they should find Paul now; they should go to the cabin. Parker holds out his cell phone and suggests they start with this.

At the hospital, Lily calms her nerves by tossing a few pills into her mouth and then walks into Ethan’s room. She is sadly looking down at him when Meg walks in. How is he? Lily quietly explains that his fever won’t break. Meg reassures her that a doctor is coming to check on him, but Lily can’t wait. She is a nurse; can’t she do something? She then realizes what she says and apologizes. Meg understands. Can she go check to see if Ethan’s test results are in at the lab? Meg nods.

Faith leaves a message for Lily wondering if Ethan is ok?

Bob comes into the room; he has put a rush on Ethan’s results so they can figure out how to target this infection. Lily is still very worried about how warm Ethan is. Bob understands because it is very important to find out whether it is viral or bacterial. Bob asks Lily to write down everything that Ethan has eaten. He also thinks it wouldn’t hurt to bring in anything he ate to test it. Bob admits that Ethan is showing signs of kidney failure. Where is Holden, he wonders? He is on a business trip, but he is due back today. Bob suggests Lily find him quickly. Lily is concerned with how Bob is acting. Is Ethan critical? Bob nods sadly. Meanwhile, outside the room, Meg finds Paul with a jar of the Valley’s Best baby food. What is wrong? He felt strange earlier when he was at the farm when he saw the jar; he also had a bad feeling that Lily had fed Ethan something that wasn’t good. Paul thinks there is a much bigger problem here then just one jar. Meg and Paul quickly start grabbing the promotional basket of baby food that have been placed throughout the hospital. They hurriedly start dumping out all the jars of baby food. Craig comes outside to see this. What are they doing? They explain that Paul thinks the food is contaminated. Craig thinks that because Paul had a vision, doesn’t mean they should be acting this extreme. Meg tries to explain that this needs to be taken seriously. Craig is not one to hang everything on Paul’s premonition of doom. He doesn’t think Lily needs to come out here and see this circus. He is going to act a little saner then they are by calling Emma. Paul looks at Meg and asks her if she thinks he is acting insane? She grabs a jar and rushes over to a nurse and asks her to get this jar of food tested. The nurse is nervous about doing this without consent, so Meg asks her to run it over to another person who works in the lab that would be willing to do it; the nurse agrees to do that. Paul thanks her for her vote of confidence. Meg thinks they don’t need to take a chance.

Faith leaves another message for Lily. She is getting more concerned by the minute that noone is answering their phones. Parker thinks that since Paul thought Ethan might be sick from the food he ate, then maybe they took him to the hospital? They should head over there, as they quickly head for the door.

Meg and Paul are ordering the janitor to dump out every last jar of baby food. They try to recall where else Lily sent some samples. Paul sees that Parker called. He is worried because of the last time he saw him and Faith, he was taking off with Ethan. They must be out of their minds with worry. He needs to go talk to them. Meg offers to go with him so she can explain the medical side of this. Craig walks over seeing that they are heading for the door. What are they doing now? They have to explain to Faith and Parker what is happening. Craig sarcastically wonders how they will explain how Paul is crazy. Meg looks at him in a disapproving way. He suggests that he can go talk to them while they stay here. Paul snaps back that children don’t like him. Meg and Paul start to leave, as Craig suggests that he will stay behind conjuring up thoughts of doing something heroic to grab her attention. Meg rolls her eyes.

A nurse walks over to Bob and Lily; he asks her about Ethan’s test results? They aren’t in yet, but they are running tests on the jars of baby food per Meg’s request. Lily doesn’t think that is necessary, but Bob agrees with Meg’s suggestion. This sickness Ethan is having could be from anything and everything is considered suspect until it has been ruled out. Lily looks nervous, but assures herself that it can’t be the baby food.

Emily angrily reminds Susan that she is not a child and it isn’t ok for her to pick on how she is dressed. Susan wants Emily to know it is because she worries about her and loves her. Emily wants to know what this is about really? She just wants her to make better choices, especially when it comes to men for example. Emily mumbles under her breath about the fact that she wasn’t the one who married a serial killer. Susan snarls; she was waiting for that. Why isn’t she home anymore? Emily stalls and then tells her that she is working on a story. Why didn’t she tell her about that before? Emily takes a deep breath; it is because it is in the sex trade. Susan’s mouth drops open; Emily bitterly answers that she knew that look was coming. Is that why she got beat up? Emily claims a contact saw through her cover. Susan is worried about what Tom or Daniel will say. Emily snaps that she never sees her son except for when he may come home for the summer. Does Dusty know? Emily nods. He knows it is an incredible story for the Intruder she lies. Susan is furious, as she stomps out of the office and into Dusty’s, with Emily right on her tail. How could he let Emily work the streets? Does he need Ad dollars that badly? What kind of a man is he, Susan bellows? Dusty glares at Emily past Susan’s ranting. Emily tries to intercede before Dusty does. She can’t tell Dusty what stories she can do. She doesn’t need anyone’s permission. Besides, she told him after the fact. Susan angrily reminds her that this kind of job could get her killed. She whips back around to Dusty; she wants him to pull the plug. Emily tells Susan that she can’t ask him to do that. She won’t let herself be in the situation again where she might get hurt. If she does, then she can happily tell her that she told her so. Susan isn’t amused. Her beeper interrupts them, as she leaves to go answer it. She shouldn’t be willing to lose her life over a story though, she says with a parting shot. Emily calls after her that she is being dramatic. She tells Dusty that she is thankful that he didn’t tell her anything. Dusty tells her that Susan and Daniel deserve better then to hear about this. He wants no part of it either anymore.

Meg and Paul arrive at the Farm; they call out Faith and Parker’s names, but they get no answer. They are worried that they took off again, but soon they hear them coming in the door. Faith immediately asks how Ethan is? Meg explains that he is at the hospital because he is sick. Where were they? They admit that they were down at Rte. 23 trying to get a ride because they figured that everyone was at the hospital. Meg and Paul admonish them for trying to hitchhike; it is so dangerous. They explain that noone would stop for them anyway. Faith wonders if they can take them to the hospital? Meg doesn’t think they should go there because Ethan won’t be able to have any visitors right now because he is in intensive care because he is very sick and they don’t know what is causing it. Is he going to die, a scared Faith asks? Meg truthfully admits that she can’t answer that because she doesn’t know, but she does know that everyone is working as hard as they can to make Ethan well again. They will all just think positively for Ethan though. Paul watches Meg comfort Faith and smiles warmly.

Bob is telling a nurse that he wants to make sure the CDC comes to the hospital. Lily becomes alarmed upon hearing this. They don’t know what is causing Ethan’s sickness, so they need to be cautious. Holden races over to Lily. He got Craig’s message. What is going on? Why would they be calling the CDC? Doesn’t he simply have the flu? Lily is scared, but tries to explain succinctly that Paul took Ethan from Faith and Parker after having a vision and brought him to the hospital. Has Ethan been around anyone sick? No. Lily starts to break down when she explains that Ethan’s kidneys are shutting down. What if they lose him? Holden holds her closely and promises that they won’t lose him.

Faith has a thought; if Paul could see that Ethan was going to get sick, then can he see if he will be getting better? Paul admits that he hasn’t seen a vision about that, but he has a strong feeling that he will get better. Why, Faith asks? Paul tries to explain that life sometimes doesn’t go right, but then you get this unexplained feeling that things are about to change for the better. He feels this way about Ethan and about life in general now. Meg watches him explain this and smiles.

Holden doesn’t understand why this is happening. When he left, Ethan was fine. It doesn’t make sense. He shouldn’t have been in that commercial with Lily, he thinks. Lily hopes he doesn’t blame her. He doesn’t, but maybe he was around too many people. Lily explains that she held him for the most part. Holden thinks that he should go get them some tea to calm themselves. After he has left, a woman comes up behind Lily talking with a nurse. She is upset about her child being brought in not feeling well. The nurse explains that they are looking into viral and bacterial issues. Has her baby had any new food recently? The woman explains that she fed her baby the new organic baby food that they were giving away. Lily hears this and seems to go pale. Bob walks up with another woman talking about her baby. Bob explains that the baby food has tested positive for E Coli. The woman doesn’t understand because it is all natural. The woman realizes who Lily is and snaps that the food came from her! The other woman walks over upon hearing the results and is upset too. Bob explains that this so far has infected eight babies. The women demand to know what kind of Company she is running? Lily is definite in her belief that the baby food being the source of the contamination is ridiculous. Bob assures her that they tested multiple jars and they all came back positive. One of the women yells at Lily; she poisoned her child, as Holden is walking back over.

Paul and Meg are trying to coax Faith and Parker into eating. Paul explains that Faith not eating is not going to help Ethan’s situation. Paul tries to explain further that when he has had visions they have been scary, but he has been able to keep the situation from worsening by getting to the intended victim in time. He thinks it happened this way with Ethan. He can’t promise it, but he has a feeling, as Meg smiles again while watching him.

Dusty bitingly tells Emily that he doesn’t want her work at the Intruder to keep her from her real job. Emily explains that she didn’t like how they left things before. Dusty snaps that he intends to drop the Intruder as soon as he can. She likes being a hooker; she made her choice. Emily corrects him; she likes being in control of her life. She is being more selective so noone ever touches her again. Dusty makes a sarcastic noise. Emily bites back that it must be nice to live on such high moral ground. Dusty barks for her to work out her daddy issues elsewhere, as Emily slaps him across the face. She immediately apologizes, but Dusty thinks at least it was honest. He wonders what she will tell Susan when her story never goes to print? She will explain the story got the ax; it happens all the time. Dusty growls that he is happy to see she has another lie covered. He has decided it would be best if they worked different shifts from now on so they see as little of each other as possible. Emily reluctantly agrees. He assumes she wants her nights free? Emily snarls, but answers yes and then storms off. Dusty is surprised by a reporter that hurries over to him wanting a comment from him on the report of an E Coli outbreak at the hospital that is being traced back to a subsidiary of Worldwide run by Lily Snyder. Dusty looks confused but concerned.

Holden is trying to comfort Lily; it isn’t her fault. Lily thinks it is because it was her job. Craig tries to help by offering up his assistance, which Holden is not interested in. Holden asks Lily if she did the background checks? No. Holden thinks they need to look into the processing centers and then make sure they are shut down. Lily doesn’t think they should make such a drastic move. What if the lab made a mistake? The women who are running Valley’s Best have a great track record. A nurse interrupts telling Lily she has an important phone call. She picks up the phone and it is Dusty wanting to know what is going on? He is deflecting questions from reporters on an E Coli outbreak. Is Ethan ok? He is very sick, Lily answers. He apologizes, but she needs to get over to Worldwide to do damage control. Lily is adamant that she can’t leave Ethan, but Dusty is strong about the fact that this could bring the Company to its knees.

Meg hangs up the phone and tells Paul, Faith and Parker that it has been confirmed that the jars were tainted with E Coli. She thinks it is positive that they caught it early. Parker is impressed that Paul nailed it. Parker offers to take Faith for a walk while Paul and Meg offer to wait by the phone for any news. Meg starts to clear the dishes, but Paul stops her; she does enough of this at her work. He starts to bring the dishes to the sink when he has a dizzy spell, which concerns Meg. He explains it is a headache and he will be fine, but she makes him sit and starts to rub his shoulders. He thanks her for believing in him. She had nothing to lose by doing that. He takes her hand and caresses it. He admits that he doesn’t regret a thing he did to Craig and at the hospital. Meg doesn’t want to hear this, but he continues. Does she believe in penance? She isn’t sure she wants to talk about that. He explains that everything he did before was due to revenge or because of fear. When he first started having these visions, he thought they were a punishment, but now he realizes he can get what he wants by them. Meg looks at him skeptically.

Holden tells Lily she needs to go to Worldwide because people trusted her and the product. She needs to get answers! After Holden walks away, Craig offers to drive Lily. Lily decides she needs to do this, as a group of emotional looking women watch her go.

Emily is sitting in a hotel room fixing her make up. There is a knock and Emily opens it to find her John. He grins admitting he brought party toys. Emily looks unsure, but manages a smile. He has a new bootleg video they are going to watch, and she should wear this, as he presents a red scarf. Emily pops in the movie, as the man explains they are going to act out the movie. He also has something else for her to wear. Cheri told him her size. Emily changes and then they start to slowly mimic the video where so far we see a man and the back of a woman. The man then blindfolds Emily. When they are done, he takes off the scarf and Emily now comes face to face with an image in the screen that stuns her. The man assumes she is simply admiring the woman’s beauty. Emily tries to hold herself together. He had the best time, and he is going to make sure he tells Cheri how impressed he is with her. Emily isn’t really listening to him; she is frozen looking at the screen. She asks if she can watch the video again as the man showers? He is thrilled that she is showing this interest. However, once the man leaves, a shocked Emily stares at the image of a young woman sucking on a lollipop, as she utters the word ‘Allison!’

Dusty throws the reporters out of his office, as Lily walks over to him. How much do they know? Dusty answers plainly that they know enough to bury them. How is Ethan? Lily admits that he is not doing well. Dusty shows Lily some research he did. The women started a Company that has had multiple health code violations. She didn’t realize this. This is going to get ugly fast. He wants to get Legal involved. Whatever they tell her to do, she should do. His prayers are with her son, but this is her nightmare, as he walks off. Lily is beside herself; what is she going to do, she cries? Craig comforts her; he will take care of this, and she just needs to take care of Ethan.

Holden is standing over Ethan’s crib looking distraught when Susan comes in. They have ordered more tests because he isn’t improving. Holden is worried, but Susan tries to put a positive spin on it; he isn’t getting worse either, so that is a plus. Holden admits that he feels selfish. Why? He wants all the babies to get better, but he needs for his son to the most. Susan assures him that doesn’t make him selfish, but rather a good father.

Faith and Parker are sitting outside; Faith asks him if he believes Paul? Parker puts his arm around her shoulder and comforts her by reminding her that Paul has been right each time. Faith is appreciative of hearing this.

Paul tells Meg that his words weren’t meant to scare her. The visions are not about making her fall back in love with him. The visions have been about protecting her or someone she cares about. He feels that in a strange way, he is still able to keep her and her loved ones safe even though they aren’t together anymore. If they never get back together then what the visions are giving him, will be enough for him. Meg looks very touched by his words. Does he really think that will be enough? Paul nods. However, Paul and Meg are inching closer to one another as they talk. Meg quietly suggests that he should go, as he agrees, but doesn’t budge. Slowly, they get closer and then Paul gently pulls Meg in and kisses her softly.

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