ATWT Update Tuesday 3/20/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/20/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Police Station)† Jack is busy doing paperwork when he is informed that a man claiming to be his brother just arrived in handcuffs.† Jack goes out into the bullpen and asks Brad what trouble he is in now.† Katie arrives a few minutes later with a camera crew and explains to Jack that Brad assaulted a teacher who was at the TV station.† Katie wants to film Bradís arrest for Oakdale Now.† Brad takes the microphone and tells the viewers it feels good to get arrested and he is pleased to be able to show viewers of the show the fine work that his brother Jack and the other members of the police force do each day.† Brad asks Katie not to interview Mr. Ladue on camera but always to keep the story focused on his arrest.

(Worldwide)† Emily tells Dusty she forgives him for their argument and is ready to get to work.† Dusty tell Emily he is thinking of selling the Intruder because her night job is too risky for the company.† Emily insists that there isnít a risk to the company because if they arrest her for being a hooker she can just say she was working undercover to get a story.† Emily tells Dusty she has proof of the lie on her computer and nobody will question anything.†

(Will & Gwenís place)† Gwen explains to Will and Maddie that Iris has been the person behind the haunting of both her and Maddie and she did it so she could own her and her plan has worked.† Maddie decides to call the police but Iris stops her by reminding her that if she calls the police she as well as Will and Gwen are going to be put in jail.† Gwen tells Maddie that her mother just wants money to keep quiet but she isnít going to get any money.† Will calms an upset Gwen and sends her and Maddie to Alís diner to get food for their trip.† Iris worries that Will is going to hurt her but Will assures her he wonít lay a finger on her but he is going to make sure she disappears forever.†

(Police Station)† Jack wonders why Brad fought with Mr. Ladue when Brad usually doesnít fight with guys who are smaller than he.† Brad recalls the things Ladue said about Luke and then tells Jack that the guy just rubbed him the wrong way and he lost his cool.† Katie catches up to Mr. Ladue outside and tells him that she is glad he had Brad arrested because Brad makes her life impossible.† Mr. Ladue explains that Brad told him he was going to get a teacher of the year award and it turned out he only had an ax to grind because the gay kid Luke Snyder didnít get an award at school.† Mr. Ladue tells Katie that he wasnít the only one who thought Luke was the right person to represent the school in a state essay contest.† Mr. Ladue asks Katie to keep his remarks off the record and she promises not to say a word to anyone.† Katie goes back inside the station and asks Jack to help her with the process because she wants to pay Bradís bail. †Jack wonders why Katie wants to do this since Brad has made her life miserable at work.† Katie doesnít tell Jack the real reason she just tells him that since nobody knows what happened in the fight she wants to give Brad the benefit of the doubt and hope that he isnít that bad of a person and has some good inside him.† Jack is proud of Katie because she has shown herself to be a woman of character and thanks her for putting up Bradís bail.†

(Worldwide)† Emily thinks Dusty is selling the paper to punish her for her night job and is hoping she will stop being a prostitute and just concentrate on the newspaper.† Emily tells Dusty she doesnít need to be saved by him because for the first time in her life she feels happy and in control of her life.† Emily also tells Dusty she got tired of being used by everyone including his saintly wife Jennifer.† Emily explains to Dusty that Jennifer would understand her choice to be a hooker because Jennifer also tried to please everyone because she wanted to be loved and she ended up settling for a one night stand with Craig because she hadnít found someone to love her.† Dusty points out that Jennifer didnít settle, she found real love with him and was very happy.† Emily thinks that she will never find real love with anyone, so being a prostitute is what makes her happy.† Emily begs Dusty to give her a chance to prove he is right about her and not sell the Intruder.† Dusty tells Emily if she wants to work for the paper she will have to give up her night job.† Emily is angry and thinks Dusty is trying to control her but Dusty tells her she can make her own choice just choose the paper or her night job.†

(Alís Diner)† Gwen advises Maddie to call Casey and tell him the truth before they leave town.† Maddie wants to tell Casey everything but is afraid that Casey will hate her because she killed Adam.† Gwen tells Maddie she was afraid of the same thing with Will but he understood a he still loves her.† Gwen worries that Will is going to give Iris money and he doesnít understand that no amount of money is going to be enough for Iris and she is going to keep bothering them until she gets everything.† Gwen thinks she should go back home and talk to Will so she gives Maddie enough money to pay for the food and a cab back to the house.† Maddie picks up the food, pays, and is about to leave, when Kim stops her because she wants to talk about her relationship with Casey.† Maddie informs Kim that she and Casey have broken up and asks her to check and see that he is okay without telling him that she asked her to check on him.† Once Maddie leaves, Kim gets a call telling her that Brad has been arrested and she heads to the police station.†

(Will & Gwenís house)† Will explains to Gwen that he is going to give Iris his entire trust fund so she wonít tell the police what she knows about what she and Maddie did to Adam.† Will also tells Gwen he made Iris promise never to contact them again.† Gwen doesnít think that Will should make such a sacrifice for her but he tells her he doesnít care about the money as long as they stay together.† Gwen gives Will a hug and sends her into the bedroom to pack.† He also tells Iris to go inside the bedroom to hide from the banker who is a good friend of Barbara.† Gwen asks Iris why she terrorized her and Maddie for so long and she tells her that she was just trying to keep her out of jail because she loves her.† Gwen asks her to just walk away and not take Willís money from him if she loves her.† Iris tells her that it does make her sad to know that her daughter is going to be poor while she is rich.† She tells Gwen that she needs the money to be happy, but Gwen only needs Will to make her happy.†

(Worldwide)† Susan tells Emily that Daniel called to tell her he isnít coming home for spring break because he wants to spend spring break with his roommateís family.† Emily doesnít have the reaction that Susan expects when she tells her she is glad that Daniel is so happy and she hopes he will have fun at the beach.† Emily goes out into the hallway to cry a little and then she calls a client to make an appointment.† Susan tells Dusty she senses that Emily is in big trouble and wishes that someone would help Emily.† Dusty tells Susan that Emily has made it perfectly clear to him that she can take care of herself and she wants him to stay out of her life.† Susan thinks that Dusty knows a secret about Emily and asks him to tell her so she can help her daughter.† Emily comes back in the room and interrupts their conversation before Dusty can say another word to Susan.†

(Police Station)† Brad thanks Jack for posting his bail but he tells his brother he didnít do it.† Brad then thinks of Vienna but Jack tells him the beautiful woman who posted his bail was Katie

(TV Station)† Brad wonders why Katie posted his bail and she tells him Mr. †Ladue told him the whole story about Luke.† Brad tells Katie he knows he shouldnít have hit the teacher but Luke is a good, smart kid who deserved to win that award.† Brad tells Katie that he always seems to do the wrong thing for the right reason.† Katie tells Brad her life has also been the same way so she can empathize with him.† Brad tells Katie he will probably do something to get on her nerves again and she agrees but he didnít deserve to be in jail.† Brad asks Katie not to tell anyone the real reason he hit Mr. Ladue and Katie agrees to keep his secret.† Katie and Brad tell each other it is getting harder to find reasons to hate each other.†

(Will &Gwenís place)† Will signs over his trust fund to Iris and says good-bye to the banker.† Will gives Iris the trust fund document and reminds her of her promise not to contact them again or go to the police with what she knows about Maddie and Gwen.† Iris takes the document and tells Gwen that she was finally good for something.† Maddie arrives and Gwen tells her that Will gave his entire trust fund to Iris so that she wouldnít go to the police.† Maddie wishes that they could have a normal life again and Will could still have his money.† Maddie goes to wait in the car while Will calls Barbara to tell her they are going to Fort Lauderdale for spring break even though that isnít where they are really going on their road trip.† Will and Gwen take one last look back at the house before they shut the door and head to the car.†

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