ATWT Update Monday 3/19/07

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/19/07


Written By Elayna

At the farm, Lily is anxiously awaiting Faith’s answer about where Ethan is? Faith stares at her not saying a word. Emma thinks she is scaring her so she tries to calmly ask if she remembers the last time that she saw him? Faith still seems unable to help. Lily is now in a full-blown panic, as she yells about how irresponsible she has been by not paying closer attention to her brother! She knows he is too young to be left alone! Finally, Faith snaps that he is not alone because he is with Paul.

At the Lakeview, Meg is admiring her necklace; Craig teases her saying that he hopes she doesn’t want to return it now. Her phone ringing interrupts them. She sees it is Paul and pauses; Craig deduces who it is and suggests that she not answer it. She does and instantly Paul wants to know where she is? She tells him she is at the Lakeview and he abruptly tells her that he will meet her there. She tries to protest, as he explains it is a matter of life and death and then hangs up, as he cradles Ethan in his arms.

At home, Maddie is explaining to Casey that she has to go and that is all she wants to tell him, but he is upset and points out that she can’t just take off to points unknown after being gone all night and dumping him with no explanation. Maddie pretends that she doesn’t owe him any explanation. Casey pleads with her to tell him what is going on?

Downtown, Jade is goading Will about the cash he is counting. She doesn’t know what she is talking about, Will counters. She knows that he hit his withdrawal limit today. This is not going to work, she promises. He should use this money for a lawyer instead. How could he be doing Gwen’s dirty work? She left his brother for dead to rot in the ground alone. How can he live with that? If he plays it her way, then he is going to go down with her.

At home, Gwen is packing as quickly as she can. She hears a noise and thinks it is Will, but when she is met with silence, she starts to worry. She grabs a bat and starts to creep into the other room. She stops suddenly and stares. She comes face to face with her smirking mother, Iris. She claims she is here for a visit, but Gwen knows otherwise; she is trying to scare her. She has nothing to say to her; she wants her to leave! Iris oozes fake love; she wants them to try again and to try to be open and honest. As Iris is saying this, she is casually looking through Gwen’s bags. Where is she going? Gwen snaps that it is none of her business. Iris offers to help her pack. Gwen nervously claims she and Will are simply going on vacation. Why doesn’t she look more excited? Gwen says nothing, so Iris tells her that she can always tell when she is lying. She is not acting like she is happily packing for an extravagant getaway, but she looks panicked and frightened because she is running!

Jade tells Will that it is not smart to help Gwen; he will be charged with harboring a fugitive. Will claims she has a vivid imagination. She assures him that the police are going to find proof of her crimes soon. Will pretends that the cash is for a trip to Florida for Spring Break. She reminds him again of Gwen’s supposed crime of leaving Adam in a hole she personally dug for him. He is only guilty of loving his wife right now; deep down he knows that Gwen wouldn’t leave a dog or cat injured and alone, but she did it to his own brother. At some point, he is going to realize that, and it is going to tear him up.

Maddie pauses and then tells Casey that she is going to Dwight. That is in a remote area outside of Chicago. What is there? Maddie tells him that is where Eve has been transferred. She is getting therapy and is on anti-psychotic drugs and she is going to see her. She needs some perspective. Casey is shaking his head no. This makes no sense; her sister hates her. Maddie claims she needs to understand and know why she snapped; she could end up being her. Casey vehemently denies that they could ever become like one another. Eve would want Maddie to believe they are alike, but that can’t be further from the truth. He doesn’t understand what she is thinking these days. Maddie snaps that is because they don’t connect anymore like they used to. Is she still mad at him? No, she just stopped caring. Casey thinks that she just wants to get as far away from him as possible. Maddie coldly tells him that he is right!

At the Lakeview, Henry and Vienna are hanging all over one another, as they skip into her suite, their arms filled with bags. She wants to get lunch before they do anything else; she has worked up an appetite. Then she coyly smiles and tells him that she will give him a fashion show of their purchases, as Henry returns her smile. Vienna suggests that he call Maddie and ask her to join them. Henry is happy to hear this. She teases him further by suggesting an ulterior motive; she can bribe Maddie into telling her things about his past. Henry pretends he was perfect brother. Vienna reminds him that all siblings have their tough and secretive times. Her brothers wanted her to be Joan of Arc. Henry smiles, but then asks if she is kidding? She giggles and blows it off explaining that they got the flames out in time. Henry calls Maddie, but it goes straight to her voice mail. He leaves her a message. Vienna notices his furrowed brow after he hangs up. Is he still worried? Henry explains that Casey hurt her because he was gambling, and then lied to cover his debts and now he is in trouble with the law. She is probably trying to figure out a way to help him; he is worried because she gets afraid to ask for help because she doesn’t think people will understand the choices she is making and that ends up putting her in far worse of a situation then she started with.

Parker and Faith explain that Paul had a vision that Ethan’s life was in danger. Lily screeches about if he mentioned where he was taking him? No, but he asked about if Ethan had eaten. Lily is frustrated and upset. How could they let him take her baby?! She needs to call the police.

Meg explains that Paul is on his way over. Craig jokes that he must have radar when he is with her. Meg explains that he mentioned it was life or death; he sounded the same when he was trying to warn her about the blood drive. Craig wonders if she needs to be dealing with this now? He needs her help. Does it have to be her help? He reminds her how she claims she is trying to separate from him, but she is always there when he needs her to be. He thinks it would be better if she cut him off completely. Meg smirks; she bets he wants that. He is trying to have her slam the door on everyone but him. The last time she saw him, he didn’t want anything to do with her. This must be important. Craig explains that he is so proud how she is rebuilding her life one step at a time, and he thinks she can continue on this route by taking a walk around the lake with him instead. This is her chance to walk away. Meg smiles and seems to be considering this offer when an emotional Paul comes racing in with a bundled Ethan in his arms. Meg sees him and immediately demands to know what he is doing with Ethan? He can explain, but he would like to do it in private. Craig offers to go pay the bill. He quickly explains how he was getting a vision involving Ethan and it was getting worse and worse. So, he grabbed the baby. So he brings him to her? Yes. He didn’t tell anyone. No. This time he has gone too far.

Lily tells Emma that the police are on the way. Emma tells her that Luke has things under control. Should she call Holden? Lily doesn’t want to until she knows more so as not to scare him. She turns her frustration onto Faith again; how could she let this happen? He said something was wrong. She explains that she knows that Paul wouldn’t hurt Ethan. That is not for her to make a decision on. She is not mature enough to know what he is capable of. Why didn’t she come get them? She was busy with the baby food people. Lily frantically screeches that is no excuse because she always has time for her children. Parker intercedes; he wants Lily to leave Faith alone.

Jade tells Will that she put two and two together. She can’t believe that Gwen expects him to clean this mess up involving his own brother. If she thinks she knows the whole truth, then why hasn’t she gone to the police, Will wonders? She hasn’t gone to the police because of him, Jade admits.

Casey can’t believe the words coming out of Maddie’s mouth; with everything that has gone on, she has never deliberately tried to hurt him. Maddie growls that she is too trusting. How can she just leave without saying goodbye? His parents took her in and she was just going to leave. Why is he bringing his parents into this? Why is he trying to guilt her? He isn’t; why is she twisting his words? Now he knows how it feels. A distraught Casey tells her that he loves her. Maddie icily tells him that it doesn’t matter what he feels anymore; they are better off apart and he should start to learn to face that. She walks out leaving Casey open mouthed. Outside, a devastated Maddie sits on the bench as she says to herself, “Sorry Casey.”

Gwen tries to cover by saying that she and Will want to be alone on their trip. Iris continues by saying she supposedly has a recurrent dream where Gwen is calling out for help. Gwen smirks at this. Why is she shaking then, Iris asks? She is making her mad. Iris comments that she looks more panicked and scared rather then angry. Gwen tells her that if she is here to blackmail her over something she thinks she knows, and then she should get to it and stop wasting her time. Iris bats her eyes and feigns innocence. Gwen reminds her that the last time she came around, she wanted money to be quiet about what she thought she knew about Adam, but then she realized there was nothing to tell. Is she sure about that? Iris glances down at her hand. It is good to see her wedding ring back on her finger where it belongs. Gwen has a epiphany; it was she all along! She sent the ring, the flowers; she made the calls and let herself into her house! It has been her all the time! Iris stares back at her with a devious smirk.

Will reminds Jade that they were never anything. Jade thinks they could consider each other friends at least now. She feels that she kind of owes Adam something. Margo is his mother and she deserves to have some answers. She knows it would break his heart to see Gwen arrested though, so she has been stalling. Will finally gives in; can she continue to stall some more then? Jade reminds him that stalling is not going to help in the end because it was only a matter of time before she figured it out and she isn’t even a cop. Jade agrees finally not to say anything to anyone about Adam for the time being.

Iris gives her the innocent wide-eyed look. Why would she want to hurt her like that? Gwen knows her better. She didn’t let it go, went home and used her sick energy to not rest until she figured it out. Iris prompts her; what did she figure out? She knows because she was the one who moved Adam’s body, Gwen spits.

Henry tries to reach Maddie again, but gets her voice mail again. Vienna was hoping to find out all kinds of sordid secrets. In the meantime, can he teach her some ‘American’ games? Henry admits that he has a fondness for poker. Vienna wants him to teach her Texas ‘hold up.’ Henry laughs and corrects her; it is Texas Hold ‘Em. Vienna wants to up the fun; they should play strip poker. He likes how she thinks. He deals the cards; she smiles widely and then tosses two cards aside. She wants to bet all she has for his clothes. Henry grins. She turns her cards over and shows him four aces. How could she have that hand, he marvels? She stacked the deck, she admits, as she tackles him on the bed covering him in kisses.

Faith tells Lily that she knows Ethan is ok, but Lily snaps that she doesn’t know that. Dallas and another police officer arrive and want to talk to the kids alone. Once they go in the other room, Lily cries about what if she never sees Ethan again? Emma admits while she isn’t a fan of Paul, she can’t picture him doing anything to a child. Lily is upset that they are wasting time talking to the kids when they should be out locating Paul.

Meg is admonishing Paul about how even if he has a bad vision, he just can’t go around taking a child without its parent’s permission. Why would he come to her as well?

Meanwhile around the corner, Craig has called Lily. She explains that she can’t talk right now. He explains that he is with Meg at the Lakeview and has seen Ethan. Lily is over the moon; where is he? Is he ok? He seems to be, Craig explains. Paul just showed up here with the baby. Lily demands that he do everything in his power to keep them there; she is on her way!

Paul explains that he has spoken to Holden about this, but he was away on business. Why didn’t he go to Lily? She wouldn’t believe him, and there was no time. Can she just check him? Meg agrees and goes to hold him. She rocks him, as she checks him out and feels his forehead and cheeks. She exclaims, “Oh my God” after she does. What is wrong, Paul asks? He sees Meg’s fearful look and knows he was right. She explains that they need to get him to the hospital immediately. Paul rushes to go get the car, as Meg races over to tell Craig what is happening. He needs to call Lily and tell her to meet them at the hospital; her son is in trouble and needs her.

Jade agrees to not tell anyone about Adam for now. She just wants him happy and she can see that is with Gwen because she can see now that she is whom he wants. He needs to remember that the truth comes out; it always finds a way. She gets that he thinks this is the only way, but people will be going after her, and they aren’t going to forgive and forget this. Will nods; Jade kisses him on the cheek. She is sorry that it had to be like this. She leaves and Maddie rushes over after. She waited until he was done talking with Jade. He explains that she has figured it out. Maddie laments it is all her fault. Will cuts her off; she did what she had to in order to protect Gwen. Maddie asks if he wants her to really come along? Wouldn’t it be easier with just the two of them? No, but they need to get going because he isn’t sure how long it will be before Jade goes to the police.

Iris asks why she would want to go near a corpse? Gwen snaps that there is money involved. Iris answers that there are easier ways to make money. Gwen remarks coldly that may be true, but they all know how much of an aversion she has to hard work. She needs to get to the point. Why would she move the body? Iris pretends to play Devil’s Advocate; if she did move this body, then she did it to help her. Why would she suddenly have an inclination to be maternal? Iris thinks she acts first and then thinks next. She got her fighting nature from her, but that way of thinking is going to get her locked up and she couldn’t take that. She needs her. How can she think she was helping her by torturing her by moving the body and then terrorizing her? She went and hired someone to pretend to be Adam. She knew even this was too sadistic for Jade. Iris answers that she may have gone to college, but she doesn’t think smart enough. She is lucky to have her.

Emma hangs up the phone and tells Faith and Parker that Lily is on the way to the hospital. Faith nervously asks her if they are in trouble? Emma explains that what they did was very serious. How could they let Paul leave with Ethan? They knew he wouldn’t hurt him. They have a rule in the house; Faith recites it, “Noone comes and goes without saying hello and goodbye.” Paul is not mature. You don’t take a child without getting permission. That is kidnapping. Emma starts to tear up; she never should have left him alone with them. If something happens to Ethan, she will never forgive herself, as she rushes off. Faith worries of they did the right thing? Parker is convinced that they did. He trusts Paul. Faith agrees; she trusts him… even more then she does her mother.

At the hospital, Meg is talking with a doctor. She doesn’t know when the infection started, but it seemed to progress quickly. What is the diagnosis? The doctor tells her that it is too early to tell, but he needs to be put on a drip and heart monitor. The doctor rushes off, as Paul worries about his comments being so broad. Meg mentions that Ethan’s fever was so high that it could have caused convulsions. It is important that they got him here when they did. Lily comes racing in demanding to know if Paul is out of his mind! How dare he take her son! What did he do to her son? How come he is here? He needed him, Paul answers. He needed her, Lily counters. She wasn’t around. How dare he put this on her! Meg tries to calm Lily down, as Lily snaps about her defending Paul. Ethan is sick, Meg explains. Lily thinks it is because of Paul. It wasn’t anything he did. He knew something was terribly wrong and he knew there was no time to waste. Ethan is with the doctors. Lily races up to the window and looks at him through it. Through tears, she tells Craig how tiny and still he looks. Craig puts his arms around her. How could she not know something was wrong? She fed him this morning and he seemed happy. Craig promises that it will be ok. How could this be happening, Lily asks repeatedly, as Craig hugs her?

A blind folded Vienna is calling out Marco, as Henry answers Polo. She is trying to find him and then cheats by lifting her blindfold. She needs to ask him a serious question; she doesn’t want him to joke. Henry prepares himself. She wants him to move in with her. Henry thinks that is a major decision. He sleeps at her suite each night, what is the difference? He thinks it might be important to keep his own space. Is he happy? Yes! Isn’t this a big step? He taught her that in poker to win big, you need to bet big. She should never listen to his pearls of wisdom, he teases. She loves him and when he leaves her, she becomes lonely, as she pouts for affect. He kisses her and then makes a decision, they will do it! Vienna plants multiple kisses and hugs on him.

Casey is at home trying to focus on studying when he is bombarded with memories and thoughts of Maddie. He lies down on the couch totally confused as to why this happened to them.

At home, Maddie and Will rush in calling out to Gwen to hurry up because Jade has figured it out and they need to get on the road. They are shocked when Gwen walks into the room with Iris by her side. Iris tells them that they were just playing catch-up and she has a few questions. They should all take a seat because this road trip is going to be delayed for a little bit.

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