ATWT Update Wednesday 3/14/07

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/14/07


Written By Elayna

At the Lakeview, Meg meets Craig for breakfast. No sooner has she sat at the table, does Craig produce a gift box. Meg reluctantly opens it and sees a diamond necklace. Angrily, she tosses it in his coffee and stands up. She thought he was being a real friend yesterday when he gave her that help and the offer for breakfast, but now she can see today that she was really supposed to be his dessert. She turns and stomps out, as Craig watches her stunned.

AT WOAK, Lily is busily running around before her interview on Oakdale Now and Brad is with Luke, who is also helping set up. Luke is being sarcastic about being able to carry boxes. Brad comments about ‘his kind’ not doing labor-intensive activities. Luke glares and icily responds about wondering if Brad thinks all he can do is runway stuff? Brad explains he only meant that Luke is a book type. Does that mean if he took more shop classes that would have made him more of a man, Luke asks? Brad tries to backpedal again; he knows they got off to a wrong start, but he would like to change that. Luke coldly tells him that he doesn’t care what he wants or thinks. Katie, who has heard part of their conversation, walks up and comments about even his family doesn’t like him. The audience will soon learn the same thing all of us already know about him, Katie explains. Brad counters that she doesn’t even know what happened between them. She just went and made a snap judgment without all the facts. That doesn’t surprise him; she keeps making it easier for him to understand why she is alone.

At the Farm, Parker and Faith are helping Emma put together the gift baskets for Lily’s baby food company project. Emma makes small talk, but Faith doesn’t say much in return. Emma asks her why she is being so quiet? She figures the only reason she is here is because her mom wants Emma to keep an eye on her and report back. Emma promises that she won’t do that. Ethan’s cries interrupt them. They can’t figure out why he is so fussy since he has been fed and changed. What is wrong, they wonder?

Downtown, Paul is stopped in his tracks by a feeling of a vision coming on; he steadies himself, as he gets lightheaded. He sees the vision of Ethan in his crib with the teddy bear and a scream ringing out. He is visibly shaken and upset it is happening again, as he pulls out his cell phone and makes a call.

At Tom and Margo’s, Maddie remembers hitting Adam, burying him and then Jade’s threats. Casey’s interrupts her thoughts upset but relieved that she is home. Where has she been, he demands? They have all been worried. Margo has to worry about Adam and now she is worried about her. How does she know anything is wrong with her? Casey admits he told her that she didn’t come home last night and they were worried she was missing as well. Maddie is upset that he involved his mom and tells him so. He doesn’t care; he was worried and he wants to know what is going on with her? He wants a straight answer. Maddie finally agrees to tell him the truth.

At home, Will and Gwen are talking. She is emotional about the fact that she kept what happened to Adam a secret from him. He understands considering. She can’t understand how he could; he was his brother. Will is worried more about Jade going to the police; they could be on their way to see her now. Margo knocking interrupts them; she calls through the door to Gwen saying they need to talk.

A sour Katie remarks about Brad always ready to attack her. He points out that it was her judgmental attack that started it. She points out that he is homophobic. He is not, he explains, there was a misunderstanding. Katie is not surprised he is shifting the blame. They spar some more before Brad tells her that he is leaving so she can be there all by herself believing she is always right. Near them, Lily is praising Luke to the two women from Valley’s Best baby food. Her son is up for an award and is a shoe in. Luke is modest. Brad is listening to this exchange nearby. When the women step away for makeup, Luke remarks to Lily about wishing she hadn’t said anything. Why? He didn’t win the award. Lily is confused; she thought he had the best essay? Why didn’t he tell her before? Luke downplays it; it was no big deal. He alludes to another reason that he didn’t win, but then quickly changes the subject. He tries to play it off by joking about all the other awards he will be up for, such as an Oscar. He then tries to make her smile for her interview. Brad walks over after Lily leaves. Luke isn’t exactly pleased. He noticed that Luke diverted things by making sure Lily felt good before the interview. However, why is he covering up the real reason he didn’t win the award? Luke doesn’t really answer, so Brad presses. Why was he robbed? Luke slowly explains that the teacher didn’t think he was the best to represent the school. Brad pretends he doesn’t get what he means. He rattles off his qualities; he is smart, good-looking, modest and into sports – what gives? Luke tells him what he wants clarification on; the teacher is not keen he is ‘light in the loafers.’ That reason is why he wouldn’t represent the school best, which he should understand, as he walks off. Brad picks up his cell phone and makes a call while talking to himself. His teacher obviously doesn’t know what happens when you mess with a Snyder.

Paul calls the Farm and reaches Faith. He needs to talk with Holden. Faith tells him that he is out of town. Then he needs to speak with Lily. She is at WOAK doing an interview. Does he want to talk with Emma? Paul balks. Where is Ethan? He is near her. Is he ok? He is now. What does that mean? He was crying earlier, but he is ok once she gave him his bear. An anxious Paul quickly mentions that he thought that the teddy bear was gone? Faith explains that he got a new one. Paul is distressed; she needs to listen carefully to what he has to say.

Casey figures Maddie is going to tell the truth about last night, but she explains that there is something more important to talk about. So many horrible things have been happening with them, she starts. Casey takes responsibility for them, but Maddie explains she is to blame too. She just thinks it is too late to fix these things. Casey strongly objects to where this conversation is going. She continues; she doesn’t think they can stay together anymore. Too much has gone wrong.

Will nervously answers the door; Margo rushes in; she is sorry to interrupt, but she was wondering if she knew where Maddie is? Gwen and Will seem slightly relieved it doesn’t have to do with Jade. She didn’t come home last night, and they are all worried. Dallas even told her that Maddie was at the Morgue. She is worried that something traumatic has been triggered in her again. Gwen stands there without talking, as Will offers up information. He is sure she is fine. Margo doesn’t avert her gaze from Gwen. They have been so close; does she have any idea? Will wonders if Maddie is afraid? Margo wonders why? She may be afraid that Margo is angry with her. Margo assures them that learning what Adam did would not make her angry with Maddie. Will then answers that he knows that Maddie likes to be by herself sometimes to work through whatever. Gwen answers that she is probably fine though. If she hears from her, will she let her know? After she leaves, Gwen feels even guiltier. On top of having to worry about Adam, now Margo is worried about Maddie. Will reminds her that Jade has not told Margo of her suspicions yet. He just knows they need to figure this out now because he does not intend to let anything bad happen to her ever again.

A flustered Craig chases after Meg. He is sorry; he made a mistake, but Meg isn’t so sure he did. Friends don’t buy friends jewelry. Craig tries to lighten the situation; should it be cash then? She is not amused. She thought he got her finally. She was tricked into believing in him after yesterday. It has been hard on her and it is important that she do this on her own. She now sees that he played the situation with her mom to his advantage. He promises that he didn’t. Is he marking his conquest? He didn’t know what he was doing; he really did it because of friendship. He was buying a friend in a way. Meg snaps that he feels she can be bought. He has a high opinion of her. He does, apparently better then she has of herself. This friendship is a new area for him, so he is making mistakes. He bought the necklace so she would like him because he didn’t think it would happen any other way, he admits. Meg’s anger seems to thaw a bit now.

Faith is trying to get Emma out of the room. Doesn’t she want to go see Lily on TV? Emma admits that she does, so she starts to go in the other room with Ethan, but Faith offers to look after Ethan so she doesn’t have to bring him. Emma agrees and heads into the other room. Quickly, she tells Parker who rushes and gets Paul, who is waiting outside the door. He sees Ethan with the bear; it is the same as the other one. Faith comments that he is scaring her. He doesn’t mean to. He turns around and sees all the baskets and baby food. What is this for? Faith explains; he picks up a jar of baby food and looks upset.

Lily is finishing up her interview with Brad and Katie. She tells viewers to stop by the Farm for gift baskets and horse rides. When they are wrapping it up, Brad and Katie engage in their normal verbal sparring and then they are off the air. Lily teases them about it, but then she has to rush off with Luke. Not long after they leave, Mr. Ladue, Luke’s teacher, arrives mentioning he received a call for him to talk on a show. He is pleased that they want his opinion. Brad explains that they want to talk also about the winner of the essay contest. They want to hear how he guided and helped him. Brad then acts as if he knows nothing other then what a researcher told him. He heard that the winner was not someone who would represent the school well. Hint, nudge, and wink. The teacher realizes whom he is talking about. Luke Snyder. He didn’t win. Brad feigns confusion; he thought he was a shoe in? He was the favorite, but he wasn’t on board with the image he should be portraying. He had to stop it. Brad acts like he is onboard with that.

Downtown, Henry and Vienna sit on a bench to look over their purchases – all of which are different colors and types of negligees. They tease each other about one for every day of the week. She wants to shop more, but Henry thinks there aren’t anymore shops left to hit. Vienna wants to buy something for Maddie because she seems to need something to cheer her up. Henry comments about how she noticed it too. She didn’t seem to need only some money, but she seemed to have a hard time opening up. Vienna reminds him that she has a boyfriend, and it might have to do with him. She may not want to open up to her brother about her love life. Henry shivers at the thought of that, but Vienna thinks they have probably already kissed and made up by now, as she plants a kiss on him.

Casey cannot believe what he is hearing from Maddie. He thought she had forgiven him? She did, but she just thinks they have too much stacked against them. Casey thinks this is about prison. He realizes it must be too much to ask her to wait for him. Maddie starts to tear up. That isn’t it. He can’t believe that they are going to give up after what they went through last summer especially but also what went on this past few months. A guilt-ridden Maddie just says that she can’t do it. Casey pleads with her to reconsider because he loves her. She just thinks that isn’t enough. A frustrated Casey walks out.

Gwen can’t believe that Will forgives her for what he did to his brother. He tries not to think about the specifics, but he understands why she reacted the way she did. He also gets that she felt cornered because he has been there. She was trying to protect herself and her friend. They don’t have all the facts though. They don’t know if Adam is really dead, what Jade knows, or how much she is involved in this. There is also the slim possibility that it is someone else completely doing this to them. Time is running out and they need to do something. Will makes a decision; he has some money left that he can put together so they can get out of town tonight. Gwen tells him that she can’t go. He doesn’t understand why not? He has to do this because he is protecting her. Again, he is making her problems his own. She can’t have him risking his life for her. He grabs her tightly; doesn’t she realize that before her, he had no life. She cries as she explains that she doesn’t want to ruin his life. He loves her and he will not let anyone hurt her. He couldn’t take it if she was taken from him. It is going to be the two of them. Gwen blubbers out an apology, but Will stops her. Adam did this to her and them and he is not going to let him win. Gwen looks like she is concerned again. Will guesses it has to do with Maddie. Gwen reminds him that she was just trying to protect her from him. She is worried that she is already on the run by herself. Will tells her to call Maddie so she can leave with them. Gwen thanks him. He kisses her and tells her that he will be back after he goes to get the money.

Meg wonders why Craig thinks she doesn’t like him? He simply explains that noone does. He is not telling her this for a pity party either. Meg teases him that he invented that. Craig teases her back by saying he doesn’t know why he is trying to get her to like him because she is a terrible person. She gives it right back jokingly. He just wants to make her laugh, which she hasn’t been doing often thanks to Paul. She tells him in no uncertain terms that if this friendship is to work then he is off limits. Deal? Yes. Can they have breakfast now? Craig jokes that after he can buy her a car and house. Meg can’t help but smile.

Paul is holding the baby food jar when he has a vision of Lily feeding Ethan. Did he eat breakfast already? Yes. He can’t have anymore of this food! They remind him that Lily isn’t going to listen to him since she doesn’t know what is going on with him. Holden is out of town, so he is out of suggestions. They are interrupted when they hear Lily talking with the women outside. Paul is becoming frantic. He pulls Faith and Parker in closely; he needs them to listen because he has a plan.

Brad continues to act dumb with Mr. Ladue. Does the Snyder kid not write well? The teacher admits that he does, but he sees him as subversive. What does that mean? He is polite, but he also is pushing his agenda at the same time. That type of thing needs to be quiet, as he subtly alludes to Luke’s sexuality. He goes onto explain how he was acting at Raven Lake last summer. He was flaunting himself and by the end, everyone knew what he was about. Therefore, frankly no matter how well he writes, he doesn’t represent the school, as it should be. Brad is getting keyed up and is trying hard to hold his emotions in check by now. Finally, he starts to give in. Didn’t a psycho stab a lot of people at Raven Lake? The teacher nods nervously. All he takes away from that experience is that some student is gay. The teacher realizes this interview is not what it seems. He was set up, he exclaims. Brad is getting wound up now. He had no right to get him down here under false pretenses, the teacher snaps! Brad doesn’t care what he thinks; he is going to be sorry that he is taking his skewed views out on his cousin. The teacher is shocked. They are family? Brad is backing him into the wall now raising his voice. The teacher yells that he won’t be threatened. Katie has walked up behind them and is watching this. Brad pushes him into the wall and grabs his lapel; it seems he is threatening him right now.

Gwen is at Tom and Margo’s now talking with Maddie. She wants her to come with her and Will. Maddie is surprised that they want her along with them. Gwen assures her that they do; it was even Will’s idea so she doesn’t want her feeling as if she is a third wheel. They need to get to a safe place tonight. Maddie agrees to go with them. Gwen heads home to pack; Maddie asks her if she can leave a note for Casey? Gwen realizes what this is doing to her, but she reminds her that noone can know. Maddie nods, and sadly turns away.

Lily comes into the kitchen and is happy to find Faith and Parker helping. Where is Ethan? Emma walks in and Lily is still wondering where he is. Emma mentions that Faith offered to watch him while she was in the other room. When Lily sees Ethan is nowhere to be found, she is getting a bit nervous as she asks again where he is? Faith looks nervous, but she isn’t giving her an answer.

Katie races up to try to separate them, as a stagehand helps as well. The man is yelling about a fake interview. Brad keeps lunging at him, as the stagehand holds him back. The man wants to call the police. Katie is more then happy to hand her cell phone to him, as she even suggests that he ask for Detective Jack Snyder. She then looks over at Brad strangely though.

Craig wants to know what he should tell the salesperson about why he is returning the necklace? Meg jokes about him explaining that it doesn’t go with her waitress outfit. Craig thinks she should try it on once before it goes back. Meg reluctantly agrees; she can’t help but like the look of it. Craig compliments the necklace, but thinks it pales in comparison to her beauty. Meg smiles.

An increasingly agitated Lily asks Faith again, what she has done with her brother? Faith nervously stares at her still saying nothing.

Paul races into Al’s Diner with Ethan all bundled up frantically calling out for Meg.

Maddie packs her bags, looks around the room sadly and slowly heads for the door. She opens it and is met by Casey. Without looking at what she is holding, he tells her that he can’t let her go like this. Then he looks down after he sees her face. She is leaving? Maddie answers simply that she is. Where is she going?

Downtown, Will is counting his cash when Jade seems him. Is he going somewhere? He doesn’t answer her. Is he taking care of Gwen with this? He won’t be able to after what she has done. Will just glares at her saying nothing.

Back at home, Gwen is packing as fast as she can. She is racing room to room. Unknown to her, someone in a black leather coat and gloves is watching her through the window. When she has her back to the door, the person quietly opens the front door.

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