ATWT Update Tuesday 3/13/07

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/13/07


Written By Eva
Proofread by Fran

(Worldwide)  Lily is busy getting her gift baskets of Valleyís Best baby food ready for the big product launch at the farm tomorrow.  Craig arrives and compliments her because she has lost some weight.  Lily tells Craig she took his advice and is taking the diet pills again.  Lily also thanks Craig for his creative money shuffling advice to finance the baby food project.  Lily tells Craig that he is the only one who believes in the project and trusts her decisions.  Crag asks Lily not to tell Lucinda that he gave her any advice on how to finance her project.  Craig gives Lily a kiss on the cheek and wishes her luck on the product launch before leaving the office.

(Alís Diner)  Emma arrives and wonders why Meg is working at the diner and has moved out of the farm.  Meg tells her mother that she will probably be disappointed in her again but she was fired from her job at the hospital because a patient died under her care.  Meg explains that she neglected to note all of the patientís allergies on the chart and she was given medicine to which she was allergic.  Emma fails to see how Meg was the only one responsible for the death of the patient but Meg insists that it was her fault and Bob had every right to fire her and take her license away from her.  Emma thinks that even though Meg isnít a nurse anymore she has a good education and certainly is capable of finding a better job than being a waitress.  Meg tells her mother that she knew that she would criticize her because she is unhappy with every decision she makes in her life.

(Woods)  Jade wonders why Maddie and Gwen didnít go to the police if they knew something about Adamís disappearance.  Maddie calmly tells Jade that they donít know anything about Adam but Jade sees that Gwen is nervous and demands that Gwen tell her what happened to Adam.  Jade thinks itís time to go to the police and tell them that Gwen and Maddie have information about Adamís disappearance.  Gwen tells Jade she canít go to the police and Maddie gives her a warning that if she tries to go to the police they will stop her.

(Avalon Hotel)  Dusty finds it hard to believe that Emily doesnít have any self-respect.  Emily sticks to her story that she is working undercover to get a scoop for the newspaper.  Dusty doesnít believe her because he paid off her client who told him her rate was one thousand dollars.  Emily yells at Dusty that she is a prostitute but he thinks a more appropriate name for her is whore.

(Woods)  Maddie grabs Jade to keep her from leaving and tells her once more that she will stop her from going to the police.  Gwen screams at Maddie to stop so Maddie lets Jade go.  Jade tells Maddie and Gwen that she isnít scared of them and she will go to the police.

(Worldwide)  Holden is concerned that Lily may be risking her health by working all the time and not getting any sleep.  Lily explains that the long hours will just be for a little while until the baby food is on the shelves.  Holden thinks that Lily should cut back on her hours at work and spend some time with Faith and help her deal with her eating disorder.  Lily tells Holden she feels useless to deal with Faithís problem because Faith hates her.  Holden tells Lily that Faith doesnít hate her she hates herself and is just taking it out on her.  Holden tells Lily he has also been feeling disconnected from her lately.  Lily gives Holden a hug and tells her she is sorry she hasnít spent time with him but as soon as the baby food project is off the ground she will make time for her family.  Holden worries when he feels Lilyís heartbeat is racing but Lily tells him she is just nervous about the product launch tomorrow.  Holden tells Lily he must go out of town to look at some horses but he doesnít want to leave her alone to handle the house and her job if she feels she canít handle both right now.  Lily assures Holden she can handle things and Emma will be around to help if she needs her. 

(Outside Alís Diner)  Craig thinks Emma was too hard on Meg because she didnít have to admit her mistake to anyone yet she told the truth and watched her career be taken away without once complaining about it.  Craig also tells Emma that Meg feels like she let her family down once again and now it is important to her to do something on her own to prove to herself and her family that she can do it.  Craig tells Emma that Megís attitude deserves respect and he has a lot of respect for her and what she is dong now.  Emma realizes that Craig is right and goes back inside the diner to tell Meg she is sorry about the things she said but she is just worried about her.  Emma also tells Meg she loves her very much and is very proud of her.  Emma smiles and tells Meg she just might be a regular customer at the diner now.  Meg cries a little and gives Emma a hug then she goes to tell Craig about Emmaís sudden attitude shift.  Craig is eating the food that he ordered and canít hide his pleasure that he made Meg happy so she figures out he spoke to Emma.  Craig explains that he only told Emma that she was being too hard on her and explained what happened at the hospital.  Meg gets annoyed and tells Craig that she doesnít want him interfering in her life.

(Avalon Hotel)  Dusty advises Emily to think of Daniel and what he would think if he knew his mother was a prostitute.  Emily tells Dusty that Daniel will never find out because he is far away at boarding school.  Emily tells Dusty that being a hooker has helped her rebuild her self-esteem because when she is with a client she is in charge and in control.  Dusty thinks that Emily isnít being empowered by being a hooker, she is giving up on life.  Emily wants to know why Dusty cares so much about her after everything she has done to him in the past.  Dusty explains that he promised Jennifer he would watch out for her because she saved Johnnyís life.  Emily doesnít hold Dusty to his promise because she thinks it died with Jennifer.  Dusty starts to leave and Emily stops him to ask if he is going to tell anyone her secret.  Dusty tells her he thought she didnít mind being a whore and Emily asks him to stop calling her that but Dusty tells her she earned the name.  Once Dusty is gone Cheri worries that Dusty will make trouble for her business but Emily assures her that Dusty is gone for good. 

(Will &Gwenís place)  Maddie insists to Gwen that she must run away because she is the one who killed Adam, and Gwen shouldnít have to lose Will because of her.  Gwen doesnít like the idea but reluctantly lets Maddie go, asking her to call her once she has reached a safe place.  Gwen begins to cry as she lies on the couch.  Will arrives home and Gwen runs to the door thinking Maddie has returned and is surprised to see Will.  Will persuades Gwen to tell him what is bothering her before it tears her apart.  Gwen hugs Will as she continues to cry and says that he will hate her because what she has done is unforgivable.  Gwen is still sobbing when she explains to Will that Adam got aggressive with her although he didnít rape her but Maddie thought he was going to hurt her so she hit him with a branch.  Gwen continues to explain that Adam wasnít breathing so when they thought they had killed him they buried him in the woods.  Gwen also shows Will that someone left her old ring for her and she got a phone call she thought was from Adam.  Gwen also tells Will that Adamís body is not where they buried him so now she isnít sure if Jade is trying to get revenge on her and Maddie or if Adam is actually dead.

(Lakeview)  Maddie arrives to talk to Henry and asks him to hide her but is distracted by the fact that Henry has a lot of money with him.  Henry canít stop smiling and he tells Maddie that money isnít a problem for him anymore.  Vienna arrives and gives Henry a kiss and is very excited to meet her new little sister.  Henry tells Maddie that he and Vienna are in love and engaged and he has never been happier.  Vienna tells Maddie she wants to take her on a shopping spree to New York and get her a dog.  Maddie decides not to ruin Henryís happiness with her problems so she gives Henry a hug and tells Vienna to take care of Henry.  Henry gives Maddie a lot of cash before she leaves after taking one last look at Henry and wishing him happiness.

(Gwen & Willís place)  Gwen tells Will that she knows she has lost him forever and if he should leave now she will understand him.  Will takes Gwenís old wedding ring, places it on her finger, and holds her tight hoping to calm her nerves.

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